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How to Use Social Bookmarking Websites

How to Use Social Bookmarking Websites
How to Use Social Bookmarking Websites


Social bookmarking sites can also be used like social search engines. You can search and browse to see popular web pages. Users can comment and vote for web pages they like, making it easy to see what articles are most valuable. Here are the most popular bookmarking sites you need to know and use.

1. Pocket

Pocket is a social bookmarking site that lets you save articles, videos, or stories from any publication or web page. With the paid version of Pocket, you can annotate, highlight, and add notes to pieces you’re reading.

A unique feature of Pocket is that you can pick up right where you left off. It saves your place and brings you right to the section of the article you were reading before closing out. Also, articles are saved in Pocket even if the web page or article gets taken down. You will still have that article in your database.

2. Digg

Digg is a news aggregator site that features articles in science, technology, and current events. With each article, you can like, bookmark, or share on social media. You can also publish your articles on Digg to share with the community. Additionally, Digg curates content by top stories, so you can see what’s trending online.

3. Pinterest (Very Effective)

Pinterest is a social media network that operates as a social bookmarking site. You can create boards and save content to come back to later.

A unique feature with Pinterest is that they collaborate directly with sellers, so you can buy the products you find directly through Pinterest. Users enjoy Pinterest because they can save content and ideas for parties, events, recipes, and gifts.

4. Mix

The mix is a social bookmarking site where you can save content for later. To get started, you choose things you’re interested in, such as travel, pop culture, or food, and then it curates content for your feed.

Additionally, you can also follow people you know or coworkers so the articles they save show up on your feed. This is a great way for colleagues to share resources and see what coworkers recommend reading.

5. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a social bookmarking site that specializes in researching and publishing content for individuals and businesses. A unique feature is how Scoop.it works with businesses.

You can publish on your websites and blogs, newsletters, and social media directly through Scoop.it. It will aggregate curated content for you across multiple WordPress blogs.

Scoop.it will also suggest content for you based on your previous interaction.

6. Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform and a social bookmarking site where you can publish and save posts to read later. On Medium, you can favorite different topics, writers, and publications to personalize your feed.

Below an article, you can clap for it (like favoriting it), and find out more about the author and organization associated with the piece.

7. Slashdot

Slashdot is similar to Reddit in that it is designed as a social news site. It features news stories on current events and industries including entertainment, science, and technology. Users can comment and save each story.

Stories are tagged, so you can filter through and search for stories on a particular topic.

There are more bookmarking sites like Dribbble, Reddit, Folkd, etc. If you search on Google you can find many similar sites.

Effective Tips on How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Content Curation

As a marketer, especially in social media, one of your duties is to curate content to share with your audience. People look to your brand for resources and expertise in your industry. With a social bookmarking site, you can save articles or resources you find online so you never run out of content to share with your audience.

Social bookmarking saves time and gives you the ability to schedule content ahead of time.

2. Organize and Save Resources

A benefit to social bookmarking sites is that you can organize and save content that you want to revisit later. As a marketer, it’s important to keep track of resources that help you develop professionally. Using a site where you can keep these resources organized is helpful, so you won’t lose valuable content.

3. Tag Content

With most social bookmarking sites, you can “tag” content, meaning you can label it. For example, if there’s a blog post that is about YouTube SEO strategies, you can “tag” that content as “YouTube.” Then, when you want to go back and look for that article or you need resources for YouTube, you have a section in your social bookmarking account tagged YouTube.

This keeps the resources you save organized and readily available.

4. Share Resources

Another way to use social bookmarking tools is to share content with your team. As a marketer, if you find an article about social media strategy, you can tag the content as “Social Media” so your social media team can find it. Plus, if everyone on your team has access to the social bookmarking site, they can regularly check in to find the resources they need.

This is helpful for employees to continue developing their career and also share things they learn with their colleagues.

5. Build Backlinks

Social bookmarking sites can be a great addition to your link building strategy. You can use your profile to bookmark resources on your website. However, you shouldn’t only add bookmarks to your site.

Use social bookmarking as you normally would, bookmarking other resources you come across, but sprinkle in a post or two from your site. While social bookmarking shouldn’t be your sole link building strategy, it can round out your current strategy.

6. Drive Traffic to Your Site

Social bookmarking sites can drive traffic to your site. If people bookmark your post and vote for it, it will show up in searches, and lead to traffic to your site.

Besides sharing your posts on your social bookmarking profile, you also want other people to bookmark your content. To make this easy for users, you can add social bookmarking buttons to your blog so readers can bookmark your content with the click of a button.

7. SEO

Search engines often list results from social bookmarking sites. When a site is bookmarked on a social bookmarking site, a link is made and indexed by search engines. This earns credibility with search engines.

Content that is voted for and bookmarked a lot by users on social bookmarking sites tends to show up higher in search engine results.

Social bookmarking can help develop your team and keep your marketing skills sharp in an evolving industry. Plus, it can also be used as a strategy to gain more traffic and credibility with Google.

Make your research to discover more tips and tricks about bookmarking websites. Don’t forget the Knowledge is Power!


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Artificial Intelligence: The Benefits for the Business and Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence: The Benefits for the Business and Our Lives
Artificial Intelligence: The Benefits for the Business and Our Lives


Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, is the intelligence exhibited by the machines. The machines will become capable of working and reacting like humans.

The researchers are trying to create AI with the ability to perform almost every perceptive task. It’s the future of the internet and business.

The individuals with an interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, can opt for a career in this technology. With the scope of this technology expanding every day, the demand for machine learning engineers, machine learning researchers, and AI Developers are also going to increase and career opportunities.

It has started to become a part of our daily life and holds the capability to change our life by its day to day services. There are several major sectors that have already started the use of AI like healthcare, automobiles, language processing, mobile apps, etc.

Many big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple have identified the value of this technology and are planning to invest more and more to advance their machine learning technologies.

Here are the benefits for the business and our lives.

1. Problem Solving: This is the most basic and effective application of AI, where it can be used to solve critical and complex problems, just like human beings.

2. Medical Science: In medical science, AI is used to create virtual personal healthcare assistants that can perform research and analytics. Healthcare bots are also being developed to provide customer support and assistance, 24/7.

3. Data Analytics: AI can be applied to improve data analytics, evolve algorithms faster with the transactional data and deliver new data insights, thus improving business processes.

4. Aerospace Industry: Almost every activity performed to manage air transportation is based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. There is numerous software used in air transportation activities, most of which are using AI.

5. Video Games: With the evolution of AI, video games have advanced by providing gaming bots who can act and play like real players and you can get the game started without waiting for other players to play with you.

6. The AI technology can also be used in hundreds of other applications such as speech recognition, image processing, vision systems, handwriting recognition, etc.

In spite of all its advantages and applications, it is also a major concern that AI can be a potential threat to the existence of human beings. Intelligent systems if went in the wrong hands can act as a major source of destruction.

Where autonomous vehicles can be a major perk of this technology, autonomous weapons can be a potential threat. However, with proper care and control, we can use this technology in a positive way and can use it to shape the future of mankind.

Artificial Intelligence and Mobile App Development

Smarter Apps:

Today we can take up the artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and embed them into a typical app experience so that the users can enjoy smarter applications.

The evolution of Artificial intelligence in apps is also compared to the earlier days of the Internet which was started with static web pages before the arrival of browser-based tools.

Today there are several enterprises across the globe and the data scientists have been trying to provide value to the developer groups that are trying to make advanced software to meet the business objectives. The goal was to build a collaborative community.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU):

For most of the design experts, artificial intelligence starts up with the natural language understanding (NLU) where the smartphones and other devices can receive direct input.

Google Now and Apple’s Siri are some of the best examples and there are many more applications like that. Recently a development firm tried to build a cloud-based server and it promised to allow anyone with basic programming knowledge to create NLU interfaces; that too in more than 20 languages.

The fact is that the mobile application developers had a very limited exposure for conversational computing and natural language understanding. Previously, NLU was treated as an expensive solution with just a few companies knowing to write such applications.

But experts say that even wider apps could benefit from artificial intelligence; it may be retail apps which tell merchants about the kind of shoes or dresses the people want to buy.

Artificial Intelligence certainly can’t be seen as a small thing when it comes to the development of smarter applications and hence the developers are still behind AI which has been giving them great results.

Artificial Intelligence will change the internet, the business, and our lives. The Future is Now!

Psychology Secrets For Successful Sales

Psychology Secrets For Successful Sales
Different approaches should be taken when selling products or services to a man when compared to a woman. As they say that men are from mars and women from Venus both of them think very differently    


When a man decides to buy a car he looks out for the latest model, speed, mileage, etc. But when a woman goes out to buy a car she will choose a car depending on the color. She would like it match it either with her work dress or accessories like watch and will be concerned whether there is enough space to store her necessities. Because their psychologies differ so much, they should be convinced to buy a product using different methods.

Presentation is also very important. The salesperson talking to a male client doesn’t have to concentrate much on looks and cleanliness. It is okay if he doesn’t have the required documents on hand and his sleeves are folded up. But when the same salesperson is referring to a female client, he should be spotless from head to toe. He should comb his hair properly, have manicured nails and even his shoes should be well-polished. The salesperson should be prepared with all the necessary documents before hand and shouldn’t go rushing in front of the customer. Women seek perfectionism.

Words should be spoken with extra care in front of a woman customer. Women are better listeners and they will analyze each spoken word. A lot of emotion should be involved in the talking because women are drawn to emotions immediately. Like when selling clothes to a lady, tell her how you will feel bad for her if she has to sweat badly in the summer due to her nature of job. Pick a nice cotton dress for her and ask her to try it. The customer will be highly touched and will take less time to buy the product. Seventy five percent of the job is done if she is won emotionally.

Next important point is to never stop talking in front of the female customer. The moment the salesperson stops talking, she will start thinking deeply about the product and will start examining every detail of the product and will give a second thought to the product. Women have the capability of multi-tasking. They will be able to listen as well as read the manual at the same time. So keep her involved into many things at a time. A man lacks the talent of multi-tasking. If a male client gets involved with something else, stop speaking immediately because he will be unable to concentrate on both the things and it will lead him into a confusion state.

Another point to be taken care of is, it’s not a good idea to have a woman salesperson when a male client is to be handled. Women talk a lot and men are bad listeners. The woman salesperson will go on and on about the product and the man will just nod his head without getting any meaning out of it. They will not able to express properly whether they are getting the point or not. But on the other hand, a woman client can easily express how much she has followed. Even if they don’t speak it out, her facial expressions will tell it all. So when a salesperson is dealing with a female customer, he or she should watch out for the client’s expressions. If she shows any state of confusion or dislike, try taking a different approach.

Men clients can be made to understand about the product by simply drawing the outlook of the product using a simple pen and paper. Men have a good capability of visualizing the three dimensional images of the product which is being referred to. But women are not so good that. To present a clear picture, the sample or the actual product should be shown to her.

Complimenting a male customer is a very good idea. He will be over whelmed and will take it in a good sense. But a woman is a careful listener, so any compliment should be given with extra care. Any fake compliment will be immediately detected.

Use words, which initiate immediate action, like ‘Limited time offer’, ‘Offer ending soon’, and ‘Offer till stocks lasts’ are really motivating. The customer gets the impression that the offer will end really soon as the products are limited edition and he should go out and buy it at the very first chance. This works well specially with customers who have an interest in collecting antiques, collectibles and anything which are not easily available

Another example is giving out free sample to the targeted customers. Again the mistake made here is that companies distribute samples of poor quality or rejected products. This certainly lowers the customers liking towards the product and he will assume that’s the way the product is actually and won’t go ahead to buy it.

Psychology is a great tip for your business. If you use it right, very soon you will increase your sales.