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Social Media Marketing: Tips on How to Generate Targeted Traffic [Infographic]

Social Media Marketing: Tips on How to Generate Targeted Traffic [Infographic]

If you want to generate targeted traffic with social media, you need to create helpful and informative content to attract your target audience. A very simple but very effective strategy. Forget hard-sales and promotion. You need to be helpful and not promotional.

Here are some effective tips about how to generate targeted traffic with social media marketing.

  1. Help People. People don’t want to buy your product! People want to solve a problem that they have. Make sure that your product and your website are focused on solving that problem (or problems).
  2. Publish high-quality content regularly. It’s better to post 1-3 amazing posts every month than 4-6 mediocre posts. Dedicate the time to write amazing content. You need to create high-quality articles to attract more interested people.
  3. Use effective titles for your content. Especially if you want amazing Social Media traffic, you need to find titles that trigger emotional responses.
  4. Create a quality eBook and embed links to your content. A good eBook is not 10 pages long, it’s 50-100 pages of expert content.
  5. Give free stuff away. Free software works wonders for traffic. Attention! A Free 30 Day Trial is not free. Lite (free) versions of the software are pretty effective and excellent sources of traffic.
  6. Write informative, interesting, content that your visitors want to read. Discover the interests of your target audience. (Amazing Results)
  7. Think about something that will go viral – informative infographics, funny content, a brand new concept, etc. Then create a killer article or video and publish.
  8. Research the keywords you want to target (use Google Trends or Google Keyword tool) and use them within your articles. It’s very effective and you will generate organic search traffic and higher rankings.
  9. Stop being so serious when writing content for the web (have some fun). Visitors want to be entertained and informed too.
  10. Use the 80 – 20 rule. Creating amazing content is only 20% of the work. Your main job (80%) is promoting it. You need to spend 80% of your time getting the content out there in all ways possible.

Publishing the content and hoping for traffic is not a successful strategy.

  1. Build relationships with people who would be willing to share your content. They are searching for great content. So provide them the quality content they need.
  2. Create and upload relevant presentations to SlideShare – Scribd (Embed links to your website)
  3. Find directories or forums relevant to your niche and submit them to.
  4. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok gets most visits via smartphones. Also, Google loves mobile-friendly websites. You can rank higher on Google.

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Augmented Reality: Why AR is The Future of Online Shopping [Infographic]

Augmented Reality: Why AR is The Future of Online Shopping [Infographic]

Augmented Reality is when you project a virtual world onto a real-world environment and offer an amazing experience to the user. AR is creating a new and pretty engaging shopping experience for online customers.

This virtual experience can be perceived via your smartphone or with smart glasses. The AR is driving online shopping to the next level of the interactive customer journey.

The effects of AR shopping experience are more effective, more friendly, and more satisfying for customer experience.

The smartphone AR shopping already has high satisfaction and effectiveness. The AR experience is not only limited to the customer’s journey but it also supports customer support.

Here are some reasons why augmented reality is the future of online shopping

  1. Decisions and Satisfaction

AR help your customers to make better decisions and shopping more often online. Also, AR generates better satisfaction and reduces the possibility of returns. Customers know that the product will fit properly.

  1. Marketing Strategies and Advertising

AR will change the retail marketing strategies too. Online shops will use a try-before-you-buy strategy. It’s one of the best ways to attract customers. Online and off-line shops will create holograms that offer more information and provide unique brand experiences.

AR will also change online advertising by offering new interactions and ad formats to stand-out and attract more people. Instead of 2D images or videos, brands and marketers can run 3D social ads and remarketing campaigns.

Interested customers can view the product in a 3D option and visualize the product in a real-world environment directly from the landing pages.

AR also opens new sales opportunities in the form of virtual events, where retailers and brands can set up virtual promotions and virtual product presentations to generate excitement and invite customers to exclusive, holographic-based sales events.

  1. Branding

AR is already used by big retail brands like IKEA, Nike, Sephora, Pepsi, and many more. These brands are using AR content to build smart, interactive experiences for their customers. AR and innovation is the future.

With the help of AR, they generate brand awareness, customer loyalty, and increased revenues.

This new wave of amazing shopping experience is also growing the expectations for online customers. Stats show that 50% of customers will shop at a retailer that offers an AR experience.

Also, many reports show that 100 million customers will interact with an AR environment online or in-store. (2020-2021)

For retailers, marketers, and business owners, this is the right time to invest in Augmented Reality.

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SMS Marketing: Tips and Advantages You Need to Know [Infographic]

SMS Marketing: Tips and Advantages You Need to Know [Infographic]

If you have a business and you want to promote it successfully then you need to use effective SMS marketing. Through SMS marketing, you can send a short text message to your customers and include a link to your website where they can find offers, giveaways, or discounts.

Many people (if not all) are checking their mobile phones pretty often. Stats show that 15% of people are checking their phones more than 20 times an hour.

These days mobile phones and SMS marketing are the ideal solutions for marketers and businesses. Text messaging can open an effective line of communication with customers, clients, and your target audience.

Why SMS Marketing is Pretty Effective for Your Business?

  1. SMS Marketing – Engagement and Sales

SMS marketing is a pretty fast solution to generate engagement and increase your sales.

Text messages get opened and read almost immediately after they’re sent. People read 98% of all SMS messages, but only 20% of emails. People love the SMS but not the emails. (They don’t like to get tons of unuseful or junk emails)

On the contrary, mobile messaging lets you get instant feedback from customers.

If your offers are attractive enough for your customers, they will buy your products or services. SMS marketing is a very profitable and useful investment for your business.

  1. SMS Marketing and Personalization.

People feel overwhelmed with all the information, content, or marketing messages that they receive, especially those that aren’t relevant to them.

SMS marketing allows you to reach customers directly on their mobile devices (there is a personal touch). But you need to customize your message based on what you know about them, including the links they’ve clicked, where they’re located, their past purchases, their interests, etc.

  1. SMS Marketing and Fast Delivery Messages.

SMS marketing campaigns are pretty straightforward. After creating your message and choosing your contacts, your message gets pushed and delivered to customers straight on their mobile devices.

You’ll have sent your message about your brand, product, or service to your target audience right away.

Tips for Effective SMS Marketing

Grow Your List of Customers

Important! you need to give customers a way to opt-in to or opt-out of your SMS campaigns. (like subscribe or unsubscribe)

Include your company’s name in text messages

The messages you send out will typically show a number code or shortcode assigned to your business. Or you can have your company name within your text.

Track your campaigns

The platform that SMS marketing service providers use allows you to track how many of your messages have been received, who’s clicking your links, what links they clicked, response rates, and so on.

You can use these insights to determine if your messages are effective or if your campaigns are not successful. You need to know how to improve your campaigns and your messages.

Advantage of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a pretty effective digital marketing strategy. It works great for many businesses that want to communicate with customers in a fast, easy, and personal manner.

These days more and more companies using it to generate sales and grow their business.

In 2018, the market size of SMS marketing in the United States was valued at $3.5 billion (the annual growth rate of SMS marketing is estimated at 20.3% from 2019 to 2025).

Forecasts and reports for 2023 estimate that there will be 3.5 trillion SMS business messages sent during this period.

It’s your turn to start using SMS marketing to reach your target audience and grow your business.

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Leadership: The Habits Of Successful Leaders [Infographic]

Leadership: The Habits Of Successful Leaders [Infographic]

Stats show that 94% of employees with great leaders feel passionate about their job. You need to know that leadership can be learned if you invest some time to discover the secrets and the habits of successful leaders.

Leadership is a broad category. You cannot describe it with a single definition, but there are a few common characteristics of great leaders: charm, innovation, open mind, passion, and vision.

Here are some habits of successful leaders you need to know.

  1. Read Often or Every Day.

Successful leaders know the benefits of reading. Reading often or every day makes you smarter, it improves mental clarity, reduces stress, increases your knowledge base, grows your vocabulary, improves memory, improves your ability to focus and concentrate, increases writing skills. Reading is a great source of free entertainment!

The learning you gain from reading increases your potential to succeed.

  1. Challenge Yourself

The more you challenge yourself to succeed, the greater your confidence to do it again. Challenge doesn’t only help to grow your skills and knowledge, it helps to grow the belief you have in yourself.

You cannot grow your skills when you drive on auto-pilot. To become a great leader, you must make it your habit to focus on a high level or difficult tasks that will get you to success.

  1. Health – Body and Spirit

Great leaders take care of themselves on four levels. (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). If you’re sick the whole-of-you cannot function at the levels of peak performance you desire. You cannot succeed if your body and your spirit are not very well.

Make it a habit to exercise regularly, to eat a balanced diet, and get enough sleep.

  1. Learn From Other Successful Leaders

Leaders, many times, tend to be over-achievers and are often critical of themselves when they make mistakes. To avoid this trap, successful leaders need to learn from other successful leaders.

Getting advice from the person you admire (leader) allows you to manage successfully the stressful obstacles you are facing.

The concept is very simple. All leaders need leaders.

  1. A Plan for the Next Day

A pretty important tip of a leader is to plan the next day. You may have certain things or tasks to do, but you will not be organized and may lose your focus on tasks or details. You will spend time and effort without results.

Planning the next day you can start your day in an organized flow, allowing you to get more done in less time.

  1. Write or Read Your Goals Every Day

Many leaders write their goals down and then re-writing them every day. Other leaders read their goals once per day. Making it a habit to have your goals in front of you can increase your ability to succeed.

The basic idea is to keep refreshing goals in your mind as a way to ensure you’re on the right path.

  1. Take Action – Take Risks

Successful leaders know that growth and change can only come from doing what is unfamiliar and new. Personal and creative growth cannot become a reality of comfort.

The majority of people stay in the comfort zone because change is scary. Comfort zone can keep you so stuck in the fear of creating change, that you end up staying where you’re feeling unfulfilled or unhappy.

Get out of your comfort zone and take action, take some risks. You may not win but you will at least learn. Live Your Life!

Important Tip – Awesome Rule

There is one awesome leadership rule: Look at the Positive Side of Any Situation!

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Digital Marketing News: Technology Trends You Need to Know [Infographic]

Digital Marketing News: Technology Trends You Need to Know [Infographic]

These days digital marketing, the internet, and technology are changing pretty fast. Also, customers’ interests and behaviors are changing too. Marketers and businesses can not use the same old marketing methods that don’t work anymore.

Here are some effective digital marketing new trends you need to know.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – AI

If you don’t know 2020 it’s the year that many businesses have started using artificial intelligence (AI) to create successful digital marketing strategies.

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns. AI uses data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are not a new trend but they will continue to be an important part of digital marketing. This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to chat in real-time with your customers or site visitors.

Stats show that:

The top benefits of chatbots are 24-hour service (67%), instant responses to inquiries (58%), and answers to simple questions (57%)

65% of people prefer messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business.

By 2022, chatbots will help businesses save over $8 billion per year.

80% of businesses use chatbots in 2020.

Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they are responsive 24/7, give answers right away, and never lose patience. These virtual assistants offer outstanding customer service.

  1. Personalization Marketing

It’s very important to personalize your marketing. (that means personalized content, products, emails, and more).

Personalization stats you need to know.

68% of consumers are very annoyed with generic advertising blasts

85% say that they like to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences

92% say that they find personalization marketing attractive and appealing

  1. Visual Search

Visual search can take the user experience to a new, pretty effective, level: People can upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results. Also, Google Lens is a visual search engine by Google, which recognizes objects and landmarks through a camera app.

Stats show that visual search is pretty effective.

65% of Millennials are more interested in visual search capabilities than any other new technology

Images are returned for 21% of search queries on Google

Marketers and businesses can use the visual search trend to attract more customers and give them the perfect product.

  1. Interactive Content

One of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends these days it’s interactive content.

In 2020 there is a shift from traditional text-based content to dynamic, engaging content that offers users an awesome experience. So think about:

Quizzes and polls

Augmented reality ads – Virtual reality

360-degree videos

Stats show that 95% of buyers are searching for more interactive content. People like it not just because it’s fresh and original, but because it makes them feel more connected to brands and more involved in the buying process.

Interactive content is more engaging, more memorable, and more effective to generate sales!

  1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is to use data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning to identify patterns to predict the future. It is becoming more and more sophisticated in many industries.

It’s used for segmentation and individual personalization. It helps marketers to improve customer loyalty.

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps are websites that work as mobile apps. They offer the functionality of a native mobile app – fast load times, push notifications, working offline, etc. – you can use them for Android and iOS.

So developers can create web apps for any device that works just like a mobile app.

  1. Quantum Computing – The Future of Computers

Quantum computing is a new technology based on quantum physics theory.

A classic computer would read every book in a library in a linear fashion. A quantum computer would read all the books simultaneously. Quantum computers can theoretically work on millions of computations at once. Amazing!

How can marketers use quantum computing?

Improve mobile data coverage

AI becoming more human-like (Google AI is developing quantum algorithms that will improve machine learning)

Create low-cost, more effective, ads.

  1. Better Analytics

Modern marketing and metrics go hand-in-hand. The problem is that the customer journey is more complex now. We live in an omnichannel era where the average consumer engages a brand on up to six touchpoints before making a purchase.

With multiple channels to manage and a myriad of ways to market your products and services, the job of analytics tracking is becoming a pretty difficult mission. So, many companies and marketers are looking beyond the basics of Google Analytics. They need a new, most effective, solution.

  1. 5G Technology – New Mobile Technology

One of the most significant digital marketing trends of 2020 is 5G technology or the fifth generation of mobile technology. This update is a new era of digital communications.

5G technology will transform how we access online content, from digital marketers, businesses, organizations, to the average user.

  1. Neuromarketing – Awesome Future!

Neuromarketing sound like a sci-fi movie. But the reality is that this technology is growing quickly and will become a very important, effective, tool for marketers pretty soon.

Neuromarketing is a strategy that analyzes measurements of a person’s brain activity and nervous system to determine which types of content they find engaging.

It examines and studies specific neurological reactions that trigger emotions or responses that are linked to purchasing. You can use this information to optimize your content and improve your strategies. So you can improve your marketing campaigns.

You must keep looking ahead and learn about new technologies, trends, tools, and strategies to grow your business and your revenue. Take Action Now!

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