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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: 10 Tips on How to Protect Your Online Business

Cybercrime continues to grow every year. Cyber-attacks and hackers are big trouble for online businesses and internet users. But you can protect yourself and your business against online threats with some little implications.

It’s necessary to keep your online business secure and protected against hackers and cybercrime.

Cybersecurity: Tips to Protect Your Online Business

What is Cybercrime?

Any prohibited activity that happens online is cybercrime. For example, if a hacker gets your personal or online information without consent that is cybercrime.

Some of the most dangerous types of cybercrimes are banking fraud, child abuse, cyberstalking, bullying, etc.

How to Protect yourself and your business from cybercrimes and hackers

Any internet user should follow a set of cybersecurity measures to protect his network from online threats. Whether you’re operating an online business or using the web as a common user, you need to implement security practices to remain safe.

Here are some tips about how to avoid cybercrimes and how to protect your business with cybersecurity practices.

  1. Install An Antivirus Software

These days viruses and malware are becoming smarter and stronger. So it’s important to install antivirus software. A trusted and updated antivirus program is a must to protect your network and your business from modified viruses and malware.

  1. Activate a Firewall

Activating a Firewall is a necessary step to block all kinds of unauthorized access to your network. It blocks shady sites and keeps filtering traffic that arrives on your network. If anyone tries to attempt anything illegal on the network, the attempts will be blocked.

  1. Use a VPN

Remember that cyber crimes are getting more smart and sophisticated. Hackers might use technical skills to access your network for phishing purposes, data theft, privacy breach, etc.

Connecting to a VPN is essential to keep your network traffic encrypted. Using a VPN with a router gets you network-wide protection for a multitude of devices like smart cameras, Xbox, and other IoT devices.

  1. Avoid Unknown Hyperlinks – Malicious URL

Always look carefully at what you click. Many hackers incorporate a payload in a URL. When you click on the malicious URL or download a file, the payload gets to sleep in the system and activates when triggered to easily monitor your browsing activities, passwords, and other confidential data.

  1. Avoid Browser Autofill

If you use a browser autofill, your name, number, email, and address are saved in the browser field.

The information can be easily tracked when your system gets hacked. Always turn off your browser autofill option and don’t provide your personal information everywhere unless it’s important.

  1. Use A Parental Control Software

Using parental control software is an essential tip for kids’ online safety. With parental control tools, you can monitor kids’ online activities. It also helps parents to limit websites that children can access, ensuring a safer and well-protected environment.

  1. Avoid Hotspots for Financial Transactions

Hotspots or public Wi-Fi networks are extremely vulnerable to hackers. Avoid using hotspots for confidential online activities like financial transactions or business communication.

  1. Don’t Expose Your Personal Life On Social Posts

You need to pay attention to social posts. Anyone can browse your social accounts to check your personal life, i.e., home address, pet name, close friends, and much more.

Such information can help hackers guess the answers to security questions protecting your accounts. The best way to avoid such exposure is to make your social posts accessible to close friends only.

  1. Don’t Use Same Passwords

Your account security depends on the password that you’re using. If you use the same password for all your accounts then all your accounts will be hacked if one gets compromised. Try to frequently change your passwords and make them complex by adding numerals, capital letters, or symbols.

  1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Websites and banking platforms are enabling multi-factor authentication. Organizations can also use a digit key that is directly linked with the users’ smartphone. It is the best way to stop hackers and save your sensitive accounts.

Last Tip

The threat of cybersecurity is expected to grow in the coming years. You need to ensure that the information about your business and your customers are secure and protected.

You can protect your business and personal information with the implementation of an external VPN service.

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Videos: 6 Tips on How to Sell Videos Online and Increase Your Passive Income

Many experts predict that video will generate up to 82% of internet traffic by 2022. Also, many people watch over an hour of video content daily. These days video creation is one of the most exciting and profitable industries on the web.

6 Tips on How to Sell Videos Online

Here are some tips you need to know about how to sell videos online and increase your passive income

  1. Why People Love Videos – Effective Visual Presentation

The beauty of video is that it covers a big range of content. You can cover any topic or skill in a video. Many businesses and marketers are using video as a great learning resource.

One of the most exciting things about selling videos online is that you can pair videos with different kinds of products.

Videos require time and effort to create, but they can become passive income over time.

Videos that rank higher provide solutions or answers to questions. Many people are searching for videos when they are trying to solve an issue. They are searching for solutions and answers.

Don’t forget that people love video because it can provide the most effective and attractive visual presentation.

  1. Advertising, Selling, and Renting Videos – Video Monetization

There is a huge range of ways that you can monetize video content. Here are the three main ways that you can make money.

Video Ads – YouTube

There are quick video breaks before, during, or after a video on YouTube. You need to sign up for an Adsense account.

The issue with this method of advertising is that you need an enormous amount of views to make money.

Paid Sponsorship

This form of advertising is closer to what you’d hear on a podcast. You can do the ad spot yourself within your actual content.

For YouTubers, this can be a helpful source of additional revenue. But it can also be irritating for your viewers. If you don’t have a dedicated audience, it’s difficult to get them to watch these sponsored sections of your videos. They will click away to find a better resource or another video.

Affiliate Marketing

Two popular forms of affiliate marketing on YouTube are reviews and product roundups. Affiliates generate their income with sales, but it requires a large, engaged audience.

  1. Difference Between Free and Paid Videos

It’s important to understand why people pay for content because that will help you to understand the sale process.

Free content tends to give you smaller parts of a bigger picture. If you’re ready to deep-dive into a subject and learn, you need to understand both the macro and microelements.

Paid video content provides more details and is more helpful and professional than free video. It’s like an online course. It’s not a 3-minutes promotional free video. That’s the difference.

  1. Use Social Media

With social media, you can build a relationship with your target audience. Social media gives you opportunities to nurture leads and move them to buy your videos or products.

Facebook and Instagram have prioritizing video content in their algorithms. Having a video focus gives your business an edge over your competitors.

Growing your following on social media also gives you more opportunities to generate more sales.

It’s important to provide value and build a conversation with your target audience as well as talking about your products.

  1. Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (or PPC) ads are one of the effective tools that businesses use to make sales. Social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and search engines (Google, Youtube, Bing) offer paid advertising opportunities.

Retargeting ads are very helpful. They follow customers across platforms and target activities that could generate a sale. Many businesses and marketers are using retargeting ads because they are pretty effective and profitable too.

  1. Build a Community

When you start selling and renting videos, you’re not just selling a product. You’re selling a broader experience- a process.

Most people learn better as part of a community. They love to become members of a like-minded community. If you’re serious about selling video you’ll need to build a helpful community.

Asking viewers to like and subscribe at the end of a video and starting a discussion in the comments are early steps in this process. Helping to create a conversation opens up more opportunities to tailor your content to your customer’s needs, and more chances to sell your premium paid content.

Respond to comments consistently, but avoid going for the hard-sell every time. It’s important to answer questions and help your viewers.

Remember: authority in your niche is key to generate more sales. Guide your audience in a way that makes them feel happy and proud. Don’t forget that a happy and satisfied customer it’s the best, free, ad for your business!

  • Very Important! Your customer is your business, not you! No customers, no sales, no business!

As you grow, stay invested in your audience. Pay attention to the kinds of videos they request, and work to meet those needs, even when it’s not directly related to your core content.

Selling and renting videos online can be a fantastic revenue stream and passive income. There is a lot of space to explore, innovate, and create a successful business.

More Details.

Also, How to transform your content into great videos.

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Blogging: Tips on How to Avoid Writer’s Block

In the blogging world, there is a very common problem. It’s the writers’ block. Many bloggers, even professionals, while sitting down to create the next blog post they stuck and they cannot write either a word! A successful and healthy blog needs new posts at least once a week.

How to Avoid Writer’s Block – Blogging Tips

Here are some effective blogging tips about how to avoid writers’ block and how to generate new ideas.

Find other successful blogs to read and generate ideas for your blog posts.

Ask readers to submit links to their favorite online resources (Relevant to your niche). You will get resources for future posts and you will discover the interests of your readers.

Answer specific questions from readers. It’s a great way to interact with your readers and also it will help you to improve your blog content.

Ask for feedback on a specific problem. You can pose a problem you are having, or one posed by a reader, and request feedback from your readers. Readers love to help and share their experiences.

Create a contest. Giveaway prizes for specific user involvement.

Write about current events or news, and their effect on your niche. Maybe new government policies, a new Google algorithm, the failure or success of a large company in your industry, etc.

Discuss a popular service or product and why it’s popular.

Read the news and see what’s happening. Sometimes 10 minutes of the evening news is enough to generate new ideas for your posts.

Go out. Visit a park, a movie theatre, or even go for a walk. Get out and enjoy some sunlight. Talk with people.

Connect with bloggers in your niche and review each other’s blogs.

Read a review about a new service or product that many people talk about

Address a common myth and explain if it’s fact or fiction.

Use Google trends to discover popular keywords or phrases that people are searching online.

Use sites like Quora or Yahoo answer to find popular questions and answers.

Think about your readers their needs and wants. Provide solutions and value.

Solve real problems that you identify in social media or ask your newsletter subscribers what they want to read about.

Sometimes, you are stuck because you are not prepared to write on a subject as well as you should be. If you don’t have enough information on your subject it will become difficult to write a quality article or blog post.

If you worry too much about making your writing perfect, you will never write anything at all.

Read every day. Writers are readers. Good writers are good readers. Great writers are great readers. Very Simple!

Quotes from Authors about Writer’s Block

“I don’t believe in writer’s block. Just pick up a pen and physically write.” — Natalie Goldberg

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.” — Anne Tyler

“The wonderful thing about writing is that there is always a blank page waiting. The terrifying thing about writing is that there is always a blank page waiting.” ― J.K. Rowling

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.” — J. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Writing quality content or blog posts it’s not an easy task. It takes years of practice, knowledge, and passion.

Trying to do everything on your own isn’t the best solution. Collaborate with other bloggers or writers and build a successful team.

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Content Marketing: Stats and Tips for Marketers [Infographic]

Content marketing is a favorite technique (method) for marketers. They are using content marketing strategies for search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing. These days 72% of the marketers are investing in content marketing.

Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is about high-quality content and storytelling. Video marketing is the best tool for your content strategy. 68% of people prefer watching videos about a product than reading.

Podcasts are the next on the list after video marketing. Podcasts now reach 100 million Americans every month. The advertising revenue from the US podcasts will reach about to $1 billion in 2021.

Blog and articles are the best mediums you can use for your content marketing strategy. Companies with a blog have seen a 97% increase in their lead generation. Blogging gives you more additional benefits to grow your business.

These days are more important than ever to create an effective content marketing strategy to generate leads and sales.

Here are some tips about content marketing you need to know.

  1. Video

Video content became essential for any content and social media strategy. Video has proved to be a crucial tactic for content marketing.

Visual content keeps audiences engaged longer than any other type of content and gives brands a chance to communicate with their consumers through Q&A sessions, product demos, expert interviews, and behind the scenes footage.

When utilized in a “live” format, the level of interaction and engagement is highest.

Google loves video, so video content will help you to boost page rank. (Higher Rankings)

  1. Interactive Content and Personalization

Another content marketing tip is interactive content. (quizzes, surveys, and polls). Your potential customer has the chance to interact with your brand, and you can build a relationship.

When you provide this content type, it allows your brand to personalize the content. Content personalization is very effective because you provide to each person relevant content tailored to their needs.

  1. Quality Posts

A common misconception of content marketing is the need to create and post content constantly. The successful content strategy is to create quality posts.

Your content needs to be consistent, high-quality, and engaging.

  1. Share

The best content marketing strategy is a sharing strategy. This means using all channels to uplift each other to create brand awareness. One example of content integration is sharing a blog post as social media content, video content, or via emails.

This is a great way to promote your content strategy and make sure blogs are getting views as they increase rankings each month.

  1. Evergreen Content

Long-lasting relevance is key to success (even these days). Stats, trends, and tips can lose momentum fast and people will lose interest. Also, the search engine will remove your content from page one once it loses its “freshness”.

Evergreen content is the recipe to succeed.

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Instagram: Marketing Strategies and Tips to Grow Your Business in 2021

Finding the best Instagram marketing strategies and getting a better engagement rate is something that businesses and marketers are looking for.

When you running or promoting a business, you can’t ignore the importance of using Instagram and how it affects business growth.

Also, there are a lot of successful businesses on Instagram that don’t even have a website! They are just smart enough to use the best strategies and Instagram tools to enhance their growth on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Strategies And Tips In 2021

Here are some effective marketing strategies and tips about how to grow your business with Instagram

  1. Benefits of using Instagram for a business

If there is a way to present your products visually, then you shouldn’t ignore Instagram! Be creative about sharing eye-catching photos or videos on Instagram and grab users’ attention.

Here are some of the benefits of using Instagram for a business

· Attracts new customers

· Drives more website traffic

· Gains follower trust

· Increases brand awareness

· Helps to earn money

· Converts followers to customers

· Enhances brand loyalty

  1. Instagram marketing strategies and tips

If you decide to use Instagram for your business, you should set short term and long term goals.

· Building brand awareness

· Selling products

· Gaining a lot of followers

· Connecting with people

· Showcasing products or services

· Building community

· Showcasing the company’s culture and values

· Advertising to potential customers

· Sharing company news and updates

  1. Smart Tips

Running a business can be time-consuming, but you don’t need to do it all yourself! Use Instagram tools to help you.

There are a lot of Instagram management tools and account managers that can assist you in getting real Instagram followers, scheduling posts and stories, finding top hashtags, monitoring your account, and more.

You shouldn’t neglect Instagram features such as Instagram reels, IGTV, polls in the Story, and more!

Using all the available opportunities to promote your Instagram account will accelerate your account’s growth and the number of your clients.

If you sell physical products, use the Instagram shop feature. The shop feature allows users to purchase products right from the Instagram feed.

  1. Use your Instagram bio to drive more traffic and sales

Instagram bio is important to motivate and attract new users to follow you.

Optimize your Instagram bio, and use the proper call to action to convert your followers.

Try to follow the tips below to optimize your Instagram bio:

· Use a proper profile picture which is sized appropriately

· Talk about your business and what it’s about

· Include a link to your website or shop

· Add call to actions

· Use emojis

  1. Know your audience

Targeting everyone on Instagram is a big mistake! Everything is made for a purpose and someone special.

For example, if you are going to sell shoes for women, you cannot target men!

Generally, it would help if you considered the following factors:

· Age range

· Gender

· Job title

· Location

  1. Host a Giveaway

Everyone loves getting products for free which also presents an opportunity to show off your products to new users who in turn can introduce your products to their followers and friends.

You should consider several things when hosting a giveaway.

· Follow your account

· Mention 3 of their friends on your giveaway post

· Share a story on their account and tag you

· Repost your giveaway post on their account

· Use your brand’s hashtag on their Story or post

  1. Instagram Useful Tips

A single simple action can double your growth on Instagram. Let’s look at a few more Instagram marketing tips.

· Be active and consistent

· Set goals

· Use hashtags – Targeted hashtags

· Write catchy captions

· Share high-quality photos

· Answer comments and direct messages

· Plan your posts and stories

· Track your growth

· Collaborate with other brands

· Share videos and IGTV

· Share eye-catching photos

· Use Instagram stories

· Offer discounts

  1. Instagram Stories Almost half of the active users of Instagram post engaging stories every day. These stories stay for 24 hours and you can to build trust with the customers or followers

You can use Instagram stories in multiple ways such as to announce happenings of business, the achievements of the brand, doing a behind the scene session, and much more.

You can post photos, videos, texts, music, and a lot more creative content in the form of stories visible to the other Instagram users on the top of their feed.

65% of people have revealed that they become more interested in a brand or a product after seeing it on the brand Instagram stories.

Also, you can use poles and doing a “Q and A “session on Instagram stories to connect with customers. Such interactions increase the brand-customer relation.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers help in creating brand awareness amongst their followers. So you can increase sales and grow your business. 70% of the US marketers’ budget is getting used to the influencer marketing strategy.

Influencers post about a brand, product, or service and the brand attract a huge number of potential buyers and also get new followers through the influencers post.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Master the strategies to reach your goals and become popular worldwide.

If you are using Instagram marketing strategies and tips you can create a great opportunity to broaden your online reach and grow your business in 2021.

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