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WordPress: 8 Reasons Why Your Startup Business Needs A WP Site

WordPress: 8 Reasons Why Your Startup Business Needs A WP Site
WordPress: 8 Reasons Why Your Startup Business Needs A WP Site

WordPress it’s the best platform for your new business website or startup. With WordPress, you can start and promote your new online business site.

WordPress: Why Your Startup Business Needs A WP Site

WordPress offers you a free domain to start your website or blog. Also, it offers many page builders, themes, plugins, and more useful features to design, improve, and scale up your Business.

Here are some reasons why your startup business needs a WordPress site

  1. Startups and Online Presence

Startups these days need an online presence like a blog, a website, or an online store. You don’t have to find or hire a web designer to build it from scratch. WordPress can help you to build your website right away.

WordPress offers what you need to create a new business site

Easy to manage
Search engine friendly (SEO) and integrated for social marketing.
Maintain proper navigation and organized content.

You can create sophisticated and professional sites with WordPress. It is cost-effective and also you will save time and effort.

  1. Reliability

WordPress is supported by a community of professional coders, testers, and developers. WordPress is the leading CMS on the internet.

WordPress use secured technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript, which follow the practices set by the search engines like Google and others. WordPress is reliable and effective to start your new website or blog.

  1. WordPress – Free and Open-Source

You can get a free domain from WordPress. This can help you to plan your Business for free. Just like Wikipedia and Ubuntu, WordPress is also free and is open-source. No one owns it.

WordPress is licensed under the General Public License, GNU. This makes WordPress free for use by anyone to build websites as many they want.

Also, WordPress provides many free updates, free WordPress themes, and plugins (free and paid).

  1. You Can Create Many Types of Websites

With WordPress, you can create many types of websites for your Business, such as:

Business websites or blogs
Portfolio websites.
Online shops.
News sites.
Membership sites.

WordPress started as a blogging platform but these days WordPress can build and handle websites for forums, apps, eCommerce, and more.

  1. eCommerce and WordPress

WordPress has a popular plugin (WooCommerce) to build your eCommerce site. With WooCommerce, you can easily start selling any product or service online.

Like WordPress, WooCommerce is also open-source and can be operated with other plugins.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Sites

These days the number of people that accessing the internet from their mobile devices is higher than people that using laptops and desktops. Even Google supports mobile-friendly websites.

WordPress technology is compatible with mobiles. WordPress offers you many themes (free and premium) that scale automatically to the user’s screen size. With WordPress, it’s very easy to create a mobile-friendly website.

  1. SEO-Friendly Website

WordPress is search engine friendly. You can build websites using WordPress that is a search engine and SEO-friendly. WordPress can help to create a search engine optimization (SEO) website.

Also, many plugins will help you to create a successful SEO strategy.

  1. Security and WordPress

Security is the major concern for any website. WordPress is a safe platform and many big organizations are using WordPress.

No platform is 100% safe. But with WordPress, it’s relatively safe. A team at WordPress constantly monitors security threats.

The WordPress community reports security issues quickly. Security updates are released promptly.

Security Tips

As a user, you need to choose a reliable host, use strong usernames and passwords, use quality themes & plugins, and keeping WordPress updated regularly.

It’s important to install security plugins and maintain backup regularly. In the hands of a responsible user, WordPress is a secure platform.

Last Tip

WordPress can help you to build an effective website for your startup business. WordPress is user-friendly. WordPress can be extensible with the use of various plugins.

Most importantly, you can migrate from WordPress to your own or other platforms if it’s necessary.

WordPress isn’t stagnant. It is dynamic and with continuous upgrades, making WordPress the best platform for a startup business website.

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WordPress: 5 Reasons Why Is The Most Popular Platform

WordPress: 5 Reasons Why Is The Most Popular Platform

WordPress is a popular platform. These days WordPress powers more than one-third of the world’s websites. WordPress is free and easy to use for experts but also beginners.

Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Platform?

In recent years, many bloggers, writers, and business owners have shifted their websites from other platforms to WordPress.

Here are some reasons why WordPress is the most popular platform.

  1. It’s Flexible (Easy and Free)

WordPress hosts professional websites but also is an effective option for beginners and new bloggers who just starting. Unlike other top websites with less-user friendly features, WordPress helps people with no prior knowledge of coding or programming. (WordPress has a big community to help users).

It’s free to install and ready to be used in a few minutes without any technical know-how knowledge.

New users only need a domain name and a web hosting account to start their new website.

  1. Free Themes And Templates

WordPress has many free website templates and themes. You can find great themes for every kind of website. (From simple blogs to professional websites). These themes can be easily customized through an options panel that allows the user to change colors or backgrounds, upload logos, along with creating beautiful sliders without using any complicated code.

WordPress provides the flexibility to purchase designs or themes made by independent third-party designers.

  1. Safety and Security

Website safety and security are essential for every website owner. WordPress is a safe and secure platform to run your website, as it was created with security as the top priority in mind.

More than 10,000 websites are blacklisted by Google every day. WordPress is audited frequently by hundreds of developers to assure its protection from any kind of malware.

These days business websites are at risk of scams and WordPress provides them a secure place to function.

  1. You Can Use Various Media Types

To attract a larger audience towards your content and keep them engaged, you’ll need to do more than just post information. People tend to read posts that have eye-catching pictures or videos alongside them.

WordPress is not only limited to writing a text about a particular topic, it also provides you the freedom to upload pictures, audio, and video files. It has a built-in media uploader for this purpose.

You can even share media from other websites, like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, just by adding the URL in the post editor.

  1. SEO Friendly

WordPress is open-source for content management. WordPress allows users to write and publish content, even if they don’t know about HTML and coding languages.

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. It has many SEO plugins (Free and Paid) to optimize your website. SEO plugins will help your website to get higher rankings on search engines.

Some Helpful Tips for Beginners

  1. Online Classes

If you are a beginner, before creating your first website and connecting it to WordPress, it’s better to learn tips and tricks about WordPress. For this reason, beginners are encouraged to take a course or online class before start.

You can find WordPress online lessons with educational videos and resources of information. Also, you can join for free WordPress community or forums to help you.

  1. Domain and Hosting

Get started by selecting a domain name for your website. Then get it registered and download WordPress. Create content and publish your new content.

Keep updating your website regularly and publish your new work. Don’t forget to use the WordPress support system when necessary.

  1. The Cost

WordPress is free to use. If you’re looking for a platform to reach your audience, then you’ll need to host your website or blog first, which can be costly. Publishing your website usually comes with a cost that ranges between $6 to $40 (or even more) per month.

Last Tip

WordPress is a useful and popular platform for website owners and bloggers. Every day, the number of WordPress users is growing because it offers a user-friendly, secure, supportive environment.

WordPress is a free, popular, and effective platform. If you’d like to create a new blog or website, start with WordPress. If you are a beginner learn from online tutorials and start creating content right away.

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Backup Software: Benefits and Advantages You Need To Know [Infographic]

Backup Software: Benefits and Advantages You Need To Know [Infographic]

Backup software will help you to create copies of files and databases. It’s the best way to secure your data. All the original content will get stored in the software and at the time of emergency, you get to access it.

Backup Software: Benefits and Advantages

Here are some benefits and advantages of backup software and why it’s important to backup your data.

  1. Access and Stored Files

A great benefit of using backup software is access to files. In the backup software, all the necessary details are stored, and within the duration of a few seconds, you can get it back.

Also, if you are using a cloud storage system you can get access to your data from anywhere. You need only an internet connection.

  1. Antivirus Protection

Backup software comes up with antivirus protection. These days there are many dangerous internet viruses and they can destroy your computer or website.

A virus may affect all the documents and files on your computer. The data backup software comes up with antivirus protection to save your data.

  1. Power Failure Protection

Sometimes because of power failure, the file on which you are working might get lost, or your PC has stopped working. So you cannot get access to the files stored in.

Backup software will save your files.

  1. Operating System Failure

If your PC stopped working because the operating system has failed, you don’t need to worry about it. The backup software comes up with the recovery of files with operating system failure, and it will help you to get back your files easily.

  1. Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive Failure is one of the most common issues these days. In case the hard drive you have started to malfunctioning, then there might be a chance your data may get lost.

The data backup software will help you to keep your data safe. In case you have saved your data over the software, you can get access to it.
Cloud storage available globally

Also, the data backup software will allow you a cloud storage option. Cloud storage is available globally. You need to know how you can operate it and your data is saved on it.

  1. Schedule Backup Option

Data backup software comes up with the scheduled backup option. The data will get saved on the software automatically, and you will get access to it.

It depends on the choice of the users whether they wish to check out the data. (once in a month or every week). They can see that the data is updated regularly.

Attention! Don’t invest your money in backup software, which is not easy to use and trustworthy. Ask help from experts to find the best backup software.

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Website Speed: 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Load Time [Infographic]

Website Speed: 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Load Time [Infographic]

The speed of your website is important because it can affect your user experience, your bounce rate, your rankings, Your SEO strategy, and more.

If you run an eCommerce website, page speed is crucial for attracting new customers. These days a faster website it’s a necessity if you want to remain competitive in 2021.

Website Speed: How to Improve Your Load Time

Here are some stats and tips you need to know about website speed and how to improve your website.

Your website needs to load in less than two to three seconds (according to Google). If you have an eCommerce website, it should load for less than two seconds or you will lose potential customers.

  1. Mobile vs. Desktop: Page Load Time Stats

A fast user experience is important for mobile device users. The time people spend on their mobile devices increases every year. So businesses must have fast load mobile pages.

In 2017, Google analyzed 800,000 landing pages across several countries and industry sectors. In conclusion, the majority of mobile sites were too slow. They found that the average time it took for a mobile landing page to load was 21 seconds. Also, 50% of visitors are leaving a page or a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

  1. Load Time and Customer Behavior

Most marketers and website owners know that page speed affects user experience. The load time of your website has a direct impact on consumer behavior. The longer it takes for your page to load, the higher your bounce rate will be.

If you run an online business, a slow load website means a higher bounce rate, loss of traffic, and loss in conversions.

People today want information fast and they don’t have the patience to wait. The average GenZ (Generation Z) attention span is eight seconds, and the average Millennial attention span is only a few seconds higher.

If your website is slow your customers will leave and they will search for a new faster load website. (Your competitor website).

  1. Load Time and Revenue

Purchases aren’t the only form of conversions. Conversions can also happen in the form of email sign-ups, submitting a contact form, or a survey.

Your website load time has a huge effect on conversion rates and your total revenue.

A great website experience is what converts your customers. If your page load time is slow, they’ll bounce. These days, speed is money.

  1. Load Time and SEO

If your website is slow on mobile, you will lose rankings. However, many people are still not making it a priority. Many SEO experts talk about how important load time is to rankings and traffic.

A study ( found that there was no correlation between speed and first page Google rankings.

But Google says this affects the slowest websites. Website speed affects other ranking factors such as bounce rates and time on site. It’s estimated that the average page loading speed for the first page on Google is 1.65 seconds.

If you have an extremely slow webpage, you won’t get the first page of Google.

  1. How to Test Your Website Speed – Tools

The first step to improve your page load speed and website performance is to test your page speed. There are a lot of tools available online that can help you to test your website speed.

PageSpeed Insights: This is a tool created by Google. It shows you the speed of your site and includes suggestions on how to improve it.

Test My Site: Another tool by Google, this tool allows you to test your mobile site speed.

GTMetrix: This is another site speed tool that allows you to test how fast your website will load.

Pingdom: Pingdom is a popular website monitoring service that has a free website testing tool.

WebPageTest: This tool allows you to run a free speed test from several locations around the world.

Last Tip

Start by testing your site speed. Then begin making improvements. Small improvements to site speed can improve your rankings, your SEO, your traffic, and even sales.

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Content Scraping: What Is Content Scraping and 8 Techniques You Need To Know

Content Scraping: What Is Content Scraping and 8 Techniques You Need To Know

Content scraping is a process that you can get data (extract) from various websites (with or without owners’ permission). It can be manual or automatic. Automatic content scraping is ideal because the process is fast and efficient.

Content Scraping: Techniques You Need To Know

There’re various techniques that you can use for content scraping. Here are some techniques you need to know about content scraping. How to scrape content from websites or web pages.

Also, you can outsource content scraping if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

  1. Copy-Pasting

Copy-pasting is the old, classic, manual content scraping technique. These days many people preferring automated techniques. Copy-pasting requires lots of effort and is more time-consuming than automated techniques.

Website owners often have defense mechanisms only for automated scraping techniques. That makes it easy to scrape content with this technique and go unnoticed. But automated techniques are better because they’re fast and cost-effective.

  1. DOM Parsing

DOM (Document Object Model parsing) is an automatic content scraping technique. This technique is ideal to get a more in-depth view of a website. You can do it by parsing a website’s contents into a DOM tree and using a program to retrieve the data efficiently.

This technique defines a website’s structure, style and also shows the content of XML files. You can extract part, or all, of a site’s content. The best thing is that this process is quick and simple to implement.

  1. XPath

Another automatic web scraping technique you can use is XPath. XML path is a query language that makes it easy to understand XML documents.

This technique uses various parameters to choose nodes that it extracts. Also, you can use it together with DOM parsing. You can also configure it to extract and transfer the entire website or part of it to a destination site.

  1. Google Sheets

Another popular technique is the use of Google sheets. This technique is effective and fast. It’s one of the most used techniques. The essential function that Google sheets have is the IMPORT XML.

You can scrape as much data as you need from any website.

Advantage of Google Sheets. It can help you to detect any scraping bots deployed on your website. That makes it a great defense mechanism against scrapers.

  1. Text Pattern Matching

You can use the text pattern matching technique to get content from sites. Many scrapers find it effective in data extraction because it is fast and reliable. It uses the UNIX grep command that searches for a string of specified characters in a certain file.

Text pattern matching is popular with website owners that understand various programming languages. It uses popular languages like Perl or Python, to scrape websites. This technique is equally fast and reliable for content scraping.

  1. Web Scraping Software

There’re lots of software you can use for content scraping. Many of them are effective whether you’re looking for specific data or scraping entire webpages. But you need to choose what works for you carefully.

The downside with web scraping software is that websites have defense mechanisms against them. You’ll get blocked if trying to scrape content using such software. But you can use a SOCKS proxy as a potential solution. Proxies can help you bypass these restrictions and access the data you need.

  1. HTML Parsing

This technique is popular among website owners who want to scrape competitor sites. This technique can help you to divide content and determine whether it is syntactically correct or not.

A document gets termed as an HTML file if it is in HTML syntax at the end of the process. This technique can help you with resource and text extraction and screen scraping because it is fast and robust.

  1. Vertical Aggregation

Vertical aggregation is another reliable automatic content scraping technique you need to know. Companies create aggregation platforms to target specific verticals. The platforms require large-scale computing power to extract huge data volumes (sometimes run on the cloud).

The automation of bots created through these platforms makes this a reliable method. The entire process requires no human intervention but depends on their knowledge about the intervals they’re targeting. The best thing about this technique is that it is highly efficient and reliable.

Content scraping as a practice is used by many companies. (It can happen with good or bad intent). Many people are using it for malicious intent but many businesses are using it to access crucial data and become better.

Content scraping has never been a straightforward task. You need to employ the best techniques to get reliable and trustworthy data from it.


Don’t breach terms of service. Twitter and Google forbid content scraping from their Web properties. The last thing you want is to commit an illegal action. You will lose your credibility and reputation.

Avoid a breach of terms. You need to read a website’s terms of service to ensure they do not prohibit or forbid data scraping.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. You will lose your ranking, or worse end up penalized by Google. It’s not worth the risk of violating a website’s copyright or ToS.

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