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Pinterest Guide: How to Get More Followers and Make Money

Pinterest Guide: How to Get More Followers and Make Money
Pinterest Guide: How to Get More Followers and Make Money

Pinterest is a fantastic and very effective social media network to increase traffic, followers, and sales for your business. Here are 12 tips you need to know how to get more followers on Pinterest and increase your sales.

  1. Social Networks

One of the quickest and simplest methods to get more Pinterest followers is by attaching your Pinterest account to your current Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeter. So, every new item you pin will be shown to your followers on these social sites.

Since you already have established relationships with members on these websites, they will follow you on Pinterest.

  1. Pin Buttons on Your Content

Integrating Pinterest buttons into your content, pages, of your website can boost your articles on Pinterest. The pin buttons provide a visible memory for individuals to interact with your articles. They will promote your content to their followers. More traffic more sales.

  1. Create Boards on Pinterest

The boards on Pinterest are very effective because on each board you have similar articles. Like a marketing board, SEO board, Blog board, etc. So your visitors will search for interesting boards, not articles.

  1. Pin Regularly

You have to pin every day. But not too much and not too little. For best results, you can pin between 5-20 new items a day, with regards to the variety of active Pinterest boards you have.

  1. Board Name

Giving each board fun and exclusive, but easy to understand, the name is an important part of gaining new followers.

  1. Create Your Own Pins

Create your own new pins based on articles you discover on other internet websites or from resources you are familiar with that have not yet been presented on Pinterest.

  1. Follow Other Pinners

On Pinterest – as on Tweets, Google+ and Facebook – following other customers is a great way to get your articles across a much bigger network of individuals. To discover other pinners look for a few of your industry’s general keywords and words on Pinterest and take note of the customers that appear to post the most articles and have the most supporters.

Follow these customers yourself and repin some of their articles – many will return the benefit by following you back. You will get more followers

  1. Increase Your Boards

When you have plenty of different boards across a wide range of subjects, you are developing more opportunities for individuals to follow you. While it’s a wise decision to develop boards that are appropriate to your website or business, consider developing boards on your personal passions and activities as well to reach more people.

  1. Pin Newsworthy Content

It’s essential for your business and you to be an expert in your market – not just someone who repins articles from other individuals. Try to be the first to develop pins for news items within your market. You could even create boards for new products that are launched in your niche.

  1. Use Pinterest to Create Tutorials

People love tech tutorials. On Pinterest, you could develop a “step-by-step” tutorial. Create lessons on subjects that you know will interest folks and you will gain trust and sales.

  1. Keywords

One of the common methods that new Pinterest customers use is by searching the website for interesting keywords to find new pinned articles or boards. It’s essential to include appropriate keywords and words into your pins.

  1. Use Excellent Pictures

Pinterest is a visually-focused website, the images you use in your pins will gaining new followers. The great images will attract more people and will increase your traffic pretty fast.

How to Make Money with Pinterest

Pinterest Virtual Assistant: Make Money from Home

Pinterest is a very popular social media website for business owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. The problem is it’s time-consuming. There are tips and tricks to learn to get pins seen and repinned. If you know Pinterest well, you may be interested in becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant.

There are plenty of bloggers and business owners looking for someone who understands the Pinterest social media well. Here’s all you need to know about how to be a Pinterest virtual assistant and make money from home.

Manage Your Own Pinterest Profile

Don’t worry too much about a website at first. Focus on the social media platform that you want to work within. Make it clear that you know what you’re doing by creating the perfect Pinterest profile. This is more than just putting up a few pretty images.

Your pins need to convert. They need to be repinned regularly and you need to be part of group boards. Your descriptions need to be good and convert viewers into customers or clients.

You can set up a different account to the one that you currently have. However, you will be working from scratch. Create a business profile.

Create Your Virtual Assistant Website

Create a good website for your business. This needs to follow the same branding as your Pinterest profile. It’s essential that you use the right keywords, which means finding out about the keywords your target audience is using to find someone like you.

Make sure your website has all the legal and professional requirements. These include your Home Page, About Page, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Contact Page. Make it easy for people to get in touch or learn more about you.

Your website helps to build trust. If you worked with someone who didn’t have a website, you’d question their professionalism, right?

Make Your Pinterest Assistant Services Clear

There are two ways of selling your Pinterest services: either as an account manager or an assistant. You want to be a Pinterest virtual assistant, so you need to make this service clear.

On the Hire Me page of your website, detail the types of services you offer. You’ll need to:

• Make Canva images (or similar) for Pinterest
• Know how to use automation services like Tailwind.
• Understand group boards and how to find them
• Write converting descriptions
• Monitor the accounts for any comments

As an account manager, you’ll also need to watch the analytics and understand more about the profile settings and promotion.

Market Your Skills

Now that you have your website and Pinterest profile set up, it’s time to start marketing. You can use Pinterest for this, but you want to be where your target audience is likely to be. They could be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or search on Google for assistant jobs.

Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Many people are searching online to find virtual assistant jobs from home. There are lots of factors that affect a person’s decision in picking for a job to apply on, some of these are: if the skills and traits they possess are fit for the job, hourly and monthly salary rates, and the difficulty of the jobs that clients mostly give.

Here are three jobs that you can do as a virtual assistant.

  1. Graphics Designing

Clients need virtual assistants that can make graphic designs. Visual planners make visual ideas, utilizing PC programming. They build up the general format and generation outline for different applications, for example, notices, ads, magazines, and corporate reports.

As a graphic designer, you should have your client’s vision realized. It’s tied in with satisfying their needs in a way that is proper for their business.

  1. Social Media Manager

Online businesses need a VA to manage advertisements and customers’ inquiries on social media sites. Numerous companies have seen a magnificent advantage in social media marketing. You know how Social media drives traffic, leads, and sales.

The social media manager is an exceptionally energetic, imaginative individual with enthusiasm for associating with present and future customers. Connects with customers daily and transforming fans into customers.

  1. Content Writer

Content writing is very important for websites. The site content has to be quality, valuable and useful to website visitors. You need to know about SEO and the utilization of keywords to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

As an online worker, I always remember that there is a wide variety of online jobs and services a virtual assistant can offer. If you are still starting in this kind of work, don’t think much of the salary but think of every job you receive as your training ground to be a better virtual assistant.


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Pinterest Effective Tips: How to Boost Your Business and Generate Sales

Pinterest Effective Tips: How to Boost Your Business and Generate Sales

If you’re not promoting your business on Pinterest you’re missing out on traffic, visitors (traffic) and profits. Pinterest is second only to Facebook as a visual network. Pinterest, with over 200 million active users is a very effective visual bookmarking tool where people look for new and creative ideas.

The idea you bookmark is called a pin, and add pins to different boards that you create so all the information you save is organized, so it’s easy to find later when you want it.

Plus, every pin you post on your Pinterest boards includes a link to your site.

Any business could utilize Pinterest to grow their brand recognition, gain exposure, improve website traffic, social media engagement and generate more sales. Very simple but pretty effective for your business.

Stats About Pinterest You Need To Know

• 93% of Pinners use Pinterest for planning purchases.
• 87% of Pinners have purchased something because of Pinterest.
• 72% of Pinners access Pinterest to determine what to buy offline.
• Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites is from Pinterest.
• Millennials use Pinterest just as much as Instagram.
• The median age of Pinners is 40, but most active Pinners are below 40 years old.
• Approximately 50% of Pinners have a yearly income of $50K.

Why Pinterest is Very Important for Your Business- Visual Search Engine

Pinterest, more than any other social media platform, can be utilized to improve brand recognition and generate more sales.

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine that can be used through the computer, mobile devices, and any other internet-capable device. What is special about this network is it is an image only network.

Members can create and share their collection of photos and or boards of specific photos on this network.

Each user will be able to create their own boards by adding websites, pictures, and other things that interest them or pertain to their specific business.

Different types of photos will be split up into categories such as healthy vegan recipes, blogging, marketing, fitness, photography, beauty items, fashion, dating, or whatever you like!

Pinterest offers a unique way to market your business because you are promoting everything through rich high-quality photos.

You can be very successful on Pinterest if you use the right combination of keywords matched with awesome photos compelling headlines and designs linked to your website.

New Tip! Pinterest Now Requires PIN TITLES!

Now you need to create pin titles. Make sure to keep SEO and keywords in mind so your titles can help Pinterest distribute your Pin and encourage Pinners to click and visit your site!

The good thing is that if you forget, Pinterest automatically will grab a snippet from your description but it’s best if you choose a distinct, catchy headline. Attractive headlines generate more traffic!

Tips and Tricks

The images all need to have titles, descriptions & hashtags, as well as alt tags to be optimized correctly to stand out against your competitors.

Pin some images and subjects that you like, repin something that someone shares with you, and then follow other companies that are relevant to your niche.

Anytime someone repins an image with a link that you have, it is going to point back to your site for others to see.

And this is great for growing your traffic, building your engagement and boosting your bottom line.

Also, It’s important to make sure that you follow all Group Board Rules.

Interacting. When you see other pins, take the time to comment on them as well. The more comments and engagement, the more likely that a potential customer will see you and come to look at your profile.

Customers on Pinterest will only click on high-quality images and be attracted to headlines that fulfill the information they seek as well.

You need to create pins about your own business, blog and or things relating so that other customers can see your work, and pin it on their boards.

Once you have built up a following on Pinterest, use it to your advantage to get more views and more pins to your boards.

Search engines like Google will notice content that is fresh because it gives out social signals to the search engine.

When you have a strong social media presences on Pinterest, search engines take notice and push your profile higher above others in relevant search terms associated with your profile.

Also, take the time to see how other businesses are promoting themselves on Pinterest and take note of how you can apply the same tips to your business so you can achieve similar results.

Benefits of marketing on Pinterest.

With pins, repins, connections, and comments you make on this site, you will be able to drive more traffic to your business.

More traffic, means more sales, and more sales means more revenue!!

With Pinterest, you can convert someone who is just browsing through pictures into a buyer.

Pinterest allows direct links to sales pages. Putting pictures of your products on the site with a link to where one gets it can make it very simple for a shopper to purchase your item.

You can connect your Pinterest site with your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts so each of your pins will be posted on those networks as well. You can easily do this right through Tailwind.


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Affiliate Marketing Business: How to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Business: How to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is a referral marketing type. When you refer a new customer to a business that has an affiliate program, you get paid. For example, if you’re an Amazon or Clickbank affiliate and you recommend a product, when people buy that product through your affiliate link, Amazon or Clickbank will pay you a percentage of the sale. (Commission).

The Pros and the Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

Low start-up costs: Most affiliate programs are free to join. Since the affiliate company takes care of providing the service or product, there is no inventory or supplies for you to worry about.

No product creation or service provides. The company takes care of everything. All you have to do is deliver the clients and customers.

Fast to join. Most affiliate programs have a simple sign-up form and then you can start posting links and ads within a few minutes. Others might have more stringent acceptance into their programs.

No shipping or hassling with returns.

Like any online business, you can make money 24/7 while you sleep or play.

No special license or training is required, but it helps to know how to market and the best ways to promote affiliate programs.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

It can take time to generate enough referrals to make any significant amount of money.

Success comes from generating targeted traffic. If you don’t know you’ll struggle with affiliate marketing.

Many Internet affiliate programs require that you make a certain amount of money (threshold) before they will release any funds to you.

Some programs have advertising restrictions, such as not allowing you to buy PPC ads under certain keywords or prohibiting email marketing.

How to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest businesses to start. While most successful affiliate marketers have a website or blog, you don’t actually need one. To get started:

Choose a niche. Most successful affiliate marketers focus on popular niches to promote a product or service. If you already have a website or blog, that can be your niche.

Research potential affiliate products and services that fit in your niche or with your website. Don’t simply choose a program for profit potential. Check out the program to ensure its quality and that it has a good reputation.
Decide how you’ll promote the affiliate products. As mentioned, the easiest way is through a website or blog. Other successful affiliate marketers set up a squeeze page designed to build an email list, and then promote affiliate products to subscribers.

Of course, your list should provide other non-sales information as people don’t want to be sold all the time. Some affiliate marketers don’t use a website at all, and instead use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Many affiliate marketers use a combination of several marketing tactics.

Learn Internet marketing and begin sharing your website, blog, squeeze page or affiliate links.

Attention! Affiliate Marketing Needs Hard Work

There are “gurus” and programs that suggest affiliate marketing is a set-it-and-forget-it system to turn the Internet into a cash machine. While affiliate marketing can be done part-time, it’s not automatic. It requires research and a plan.

You have to know and understand your target market (audience) and you need to reach them so they can click on your affiliate links.

Also, you need to give value, help, and solutions to your target audience to gain trust. If they don’t trust you they will never buy from you. Very Simple!


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