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Mobile Marketing Trends and Apps for 2021 – Why Pandemic Changing The Marketing World

The pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide. But also it affected the world economy. So mobile marketing and apps have also been affected. But coronavirus has helped some types of mobile apps to grow pretty fast.

Here are some trends in mobile marketing and apps you need to know. Digital marketing is becoming mobile.

  1. Mobile Phones and Shopping

Smartphones are very popular devices to surf online and online shopping. During the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are using their mobile phones to shopping online.

  1. Voice Control and Voice Search

Stats show that people unlock their smartphones approximately 80-90 times per day. Because of coronavirus, users are seeking to avoid touching their smartphones so often.

So voice control on mobile-devices is very popular. For the same reason, people are using voice search on mobile devices.

  1. Mobile Ads and Engagement

Mobile ad engagement still growing. Stats show that the level of engagement for mobile ads has risen 17% over the past months. Many businesses have started to use mobile ads to generate more sales and profits.

Trending Apps and Coronavirus

Mobile Games

Many stats show that the use of mobile games in the second quarter of 2020 increased by 45%. (Pandemic Effect)

Games are a very easy way for many people to entertain. So during the lockdown period, many people play games to release stress and amuse themselves.

Remote Working (Work-from-Home) Apps

Because of coronavirus, many companies decided to close their offices and allowing their employees to work remotely. Working-from-home is the new normal. Many people are looking for apps for remote work and online communication with colleagues.

Education Apps

Another type of popular apps is education apps. Many universities have temporarily closed their doors. So many students and teachers are using e-learning mobile apps.

Mobile education apps have become a necessity for teaching and learning from home. (New Normal Education)

Health and Fitness Apps

These days many people are worried about their health and searching for medical care apps, mental health apps (for stress release), fitness apps to help them exercising when staying at home.

Entertainment, Social Media, and Video Apps

There are also entertainment apps that help people to feel part of society (avoid loneliness). YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and others have become even more popular in app stores.

Social media apps also are very popular. Social distancing drives many people to communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues, post content, and share on social media.

Video apps help people to communicate and share videos on social media. They feel a part of the community, forget the pandemic, and avoid stress.

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Businesses and SMS Marketing: Future and Benefits [Infographic]

If you want to become a successful marketer or business owner, you need to know the latest tips and trends in technology. Especially, you need to know about digital marketing effective methods and tools.

Here are some tips you need to know about the future and benefits of SMS marketing and how to grow your business.

SMS marketing is a great tool. Many businesses are using it because SMS marketing can generate amazing reach, engagement, and grow conversion rates.

Marketing SMS have response rates of around 45%-50%.

SMS generates engagement rates 6 to 8 times higher than email marketing.

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

An effective SMS marketing campaign needs to be a part of your marketing plan if you want your business to succeed in this pandemic crisis.

  1. SMS Marketing: What’s the Future?

Yes, indeed SMS marketing is the future!

Many people spend more than five hours per day on their mobile phones. Text messaging app is the most used app on their phones (97% of USA citizens using it at least once per day)

SMS marketing will give your business new opportunities to reach new customers, grow your target audience, and motivate them to take action (More Sales).

  1. SMS Marketing and Personalization

Text messaging is one of the most used features on mobile phones. 94% of people own a mobile device that can send and receive a text message.

Text messages are an easy way to connect with people or customers in a personal way. You can broadcast out a message and have it directly in their mobile device and read within minutes.

SMS works better when it’s personalized. These days it’s very easy to send personal messages. (including their name in the message).

In the future, we’re going to see even more options for personalization.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) already can review a contact’s past interactions and build more personalized campaigns. SMS marketing with the help of AI will change digital marketing forever!

  1. SMS and Customer Support – Important

Customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. Marketers can use the technology that businesses are already using to build their support channels.

Why you need better customer support? Because of your business needs, more referrals, more views, customer loyalty, more sales.

Live chatbots are already used by businesses to help customers navigate the site, answer basic questions, and suggest products.

  1. SMS Marketing and Benefits for Your Business

Marketers are turning to SMS because it’s very easy, low-cost, and generating powerful results. More and more businesses will use SMS marketing strategies in the future.

Here are some benefits of SMS marketing:

Sales Promotions: Text messages are typically ready right away. This makes SMS marketing ideal for time-sensitive promotions. SMS coupons also have higher redemption rates than other channels.

Providing Coupons to Customers: Customers can send a quick text message and receive a reply that includes the coupon code in minutes.

Virtual Gift Cards: There are some virtual gift cards that you can send through a text message and allows the customer to collect a real gift in the store.

Product Launches: You can quickly tell your customers when you launch a new product or service.

Product Verification and Password Confirmation: Some APIs can be used to integrate a mobile phone number verification using SMS, Voice Call, and Missed Call on iOS, Android, and Online.

Appointment Booking and Reminders: SMS messages can be used by consumers to book their appointments. It can also be used to send automated reminders via text message.

Alerts: If your business needs to quickly notify a group of people then SMS is the best solution.

Customer Support: SMS messaging can help customer support pretty fast.

Surveys: Text messaging can be used to create surveys for your customers. You can ask questions and collect answers.

Arrivals & Check-Ins: Instead of waiting in line to speak to a person and check-in, customers can simply send a text message to let you know that they’ve arrived.

These are just a few of the many benefits that businesses already get via SMS

  1. Why Businesses Need to Use SMS Marketing Right Now

You already know that it’s very important to win your competitors. So you need new ways to attract and engage your target audience, increase customer retention, and increase your sales.

If you start using SMS marketing now, you’ll have a great advantage. You can create a successful SMS marketing plan and win your competitors without spending money and time on past technologies. The Future Is Yours!

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Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

These days pandemic (Covid-19) has changed networking and our lives. With platforms like LinkedIn and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter there are many opportunities to meet new people and grow your business.

Successful networking online is about how to use the right platforms, generate engagement, and attend the right virtual events.

Here are some effective tips about successful online networking.

  1. Use The Right Online Networks And Make Connections

The right online network can help you to focus your search. These platforms can help you to connect with your niche and grow your business or find more profitable opportunities.


Most people on LinkedIn are professionals. That means that the people you connect with on LinkedIn have the power to help you if you connect with them in the right way. (effectively)

If you create an active personal brand on LinkedIn, you can generate successful connections.


Meetup is mostly about events. It’s perfect for connecting with local communities.

The advantage of Meetup is that it isn’t only online service. It has both online interaction and offline participation. You can search for groups and choose which fit your interests. If you join a group, you can attend their events.

Meetup is also ideal for skill-based professional networking.

  1. Social Media Networking – Platforms

Social media is a pretty effective opportunity to grow your brand. It has incredible reach, making it perfect for online networking.

Social media has many advantages to networking. You can learn and use top trends, connect with your target audiences, and drive attention to your work and grow your brand.

You need to know which social media networks are more effective and how to optimize them for your business or career.


Instagram is a very useful platform to connect with B2C companies and brands.

You can use “DMs” (Direct Message) for networking. Start by following a brand’s page (so you know what they post). Then send a message to the brand about what you think could be improved on their page. This way you’re adding value (help them), and not simply sending them a compliment.


One of the most famous social media platforms. With 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook (July 2020), it’s the perfect platform for online networking.

A great advantage of Facebook is its live feature. You can shoot videos live and get comments in real-time. This is great for journalists, politicians, business leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on a trending topic. (Pretty Effective Tip)


It’s perfect for instant connection. Twitter allows you to send out tweets and generate engagement. A great feature is Twitter threads. They allow you to connect one tweet with another and create a narrative.

For example, if you want to discuss the upcoming election or a new trend and your tweet goes over the 280 character limit, simply break up your commentary into a Twitter thread.

Virtual Networking Events

Virtual events are here and keep growing. Many stats show that by 2021 video, (including web conferencing), will generate 80% of Internet traffic. So you’ll need to start using video and virtual networking events. You need to use Zoom or other video conferencing tools.

These days pandemic drives people to discover more useful and effective online solutions for their lives and businesses. Online networking is one of them!

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Small Business and MLM: Profitable Niches You Need to Know

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If you plan to start a small online business or a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, you need to search and discover profitable niches or sub-niches.

Here are some profitable niches you need to know.

  1. Health

The health niche is one of the most popular and profitable niches. Perhaps one of the most effective tips is to sell products like essential oils or keto diet methods. Also, health supplements and herbal remedies are very popular products you can sell.

  1. Unexpected Profitable niche: Children’s Products

If you’re looking for unexpected profitable niches you might try children’s products and toys.

Children’s products cover a lot of things — from electronic tablets, toys, to picture books — you can find a profitable sub-niche.

Many children’s products, such as picture books and baby toys, are very useful for kids and low-cost.

  1. Weight Loss

Weight loss programs and products are always in demand. Weight loss programs that promote healthy a lifestyle are especially popular because many people worldwide want to lose weight.

Bombshell Leggings

Weight loss is the perfect niche if you want to have a lot of products and services. You can offer everything from ebooks, recipes, training classes, yoga lessons, keto diets, etc.

  1. New Profitable Niche: CBD Products

It’s estimated that by 2025, CBD products will generate $16-billion in sales. It’s time to try the CBD market while it’s still new and you can build easily your CBD business.

CBD oils and edibles have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and they are the perfect niche for a small business or a new MLM business. As long as you follow the right strategies you can make a lot of money.

  1. Beauty – Evergreen Woman’s Dream

You might think that the beauty market has been oversaturated by MLM businesses or affiliate marketing business. But it’s not true!

While there are several well-established beauty MLM businesses out there, there are plenty of sub-niches still worth to try.

  1. Make Money Online

Yes, it’s an old, over-promoted niche. But it’s the classic, high-demand, niche. Many people worldwide are searching for new ways to make money online. Attention! there are many scams and fake business or promises. Important! You need to search for reviews before join or start a business.

  1. Personal Development

These days people are looking for something deeper than only a work to live. They want to improve their life and their personality. They are looking for a fulfilling life.

As a result, personal development is a huge and booming niche! Also, it could be very effective to help others to completely transform their lives.

  1. Dating & Romance

Dating and romance is a very huge and profitable niche.

From pick-art artists to dating coaches, to teaching people how they can have a happy marriage, to how you can deal with divorce, there are countless ideas you can create a successful business.

Finding true love is a huge goal in everyone’s lives. People are willing to pay a lot of money if you can help them. Many people are desperate and want true love to change their lives. They want to live their dream! (Again! Attention for scams and fake stories!)

  1. Hobbies

Hobbies are great and profitable because there are a lot of people that are hyper-interested in the niche.

For instance, skills like playing the piano or guitar, golf, gardening, etc. These are all niches with many fans that are willing to spend.

Make Your Research and Read Reviews

Searching for the perfect niche for your business can be very stressful. There are many different types of MLM companies, specializing in everything from clothing to skincare, diets to essential oils, or dating and relationships. If you have a passion, there’s probably an MLM company for you!

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Work From Home: How to Make Money With Membership Sites [Video]

Many people think that they can make money from a membership site only from the monthly subscriptions. But this is not true, there many ways to earn money with membership sites.

Important Tip. You have to realize that your members are customers. You need to help them. They are your business!

Here are some tips you need to know about how to make money with membership sites.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very effective way to make money and works pretty well within the membership site model. Because you’ve built trust with your members. They know that you offer quality, help, and value.

Choose affiliate offers that are relevant to your membership site’s niche.

It’s all about relevance. A Simple Marketing Principle

Ebooks, video courses, trends, tips, and informative reports will add value to your members and boost your sales.

  1. Sell advertising

You can charge a small fee per month to your members or advertisers to display their display ads on your site. You can display advertising in the sidebars and just under the header of your membership site.

Create an “Advertise On This Site” link on your site pages. You can talk about advertising in your newsletter, forums, PR, etc.

  1. Offer Coaching

Many people will want or need more help (know-how) or knowledge on certain topics.

You can offer exclusive one on one coaching for members who want that extra help. You can charge this as a one-time fee or as an additional monthly subscription.

  1. Sell Your Products

You can make sales by creating products around interesting and profitable topics and offering them to your members.

For example, if you’re running a membership site on weight loss you can create a special report about easy ways to lose weight or how to lose weight in a week. You can also sell the same report at a higher price to non-members to drive traffic back to your website.

For even greater results, you can sell the reported licence so other people can sell it to their lists and thus promote your membership site that is mentioned inside the report.

The ideas are limitless. You can make money with special reports and grow your business.

  1. Sell Your Content – Articles

Once you’ve built a good amount of content within your site, you can start using the content for other purposes. Package up your articles on a specific topic and sell them as a special report.

You can create PLR products with your content. It’s a very easy and effective way to make money and get new members for your website.

So you can create several streams of income from your membership site and attract new members. Your success is to make money with membership sites and grow your business. First Step To Success. Take Action Now!

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