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The Secret Of How to Improve Your Life : Goals and Manifestation (Law of Attraction)

The Secret Of How to Improve Your Life: Goals and Manifestation (Law of Attraction)
The Secret Of How to Improve Your Life: Goals and Manifestation (Law of Attraction)


As you begin to set and achieve goals your self-confidence will grow pretty fast. But where do you start and what will make your goals worthwhile? How to improve your life?

Here is the secret of how to improve your life. Set goals and manifestation.

An excellent place to start when you’re considering the goals you want to pursue is taking some time to consider whether or not the goal that comes to mind is your own goal.

If you want your goals to be truly worthwhile, then focus on performance goals and not outcome-oriented goals.

Performance goals ensure that the success or failure of your goal comes entirely from within you. Outcome goals depend on factors outside of yourself over which you have no control.

Goals can help you focus on your acquisition of knowledge. They can help you organize your time and resources to get what you want out of life. Take responsibility for your life by setting goals and watch how you begin to feel happy and satisfied. You can truly be the designer of your own life.

Manifestation and Law of Attraction

It’s not often that we come across a “law of attraction” type of product that helps you spiritually. Most of these products are concerned with wealth creation and living an abundant life.

But… we also live in a world where people are confused about life and find no real purpose in it. While having money is great, where is the satisfaction?

Despite there being so many religions, people are feeling more lost than ever before. They feel like something is missing in their lives.

So, our curiosity was piqued when we came across Manifestation Magic and one of our reviewers said that it helped him spiritually. Nothing whatsoever on the sales page mentioned anything about spirituality.

It seemed to be all about wealth. So why did it work?

We decided to take a closer look at the program…

What You’ll Find Inside:

Before looking at the benefits of Manifestation Magic, let’s look at what you get – and you do get a lot.

– Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)
– Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track
– 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.
– The “Push Play” Audio App
– 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
– Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System
– Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System
– 2 Surprise Bonuses – The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs
This package sure doesn’t hold back. We were quite surprised to receive so much content for a reasonably low price.

Manifestation Magic is a complete system that’s more comprehensive than most books in this genre… BUT… content alone isn’t enough.

There is still one VERY IMPORTANT question that must be answered…

Will Manifestation Magic Help You?

1. Actions that matter: The biggest problem we had with books like The Secret was that all you had to do was think positively to see results. This Pollyanna approach to manifesting wealth sounds good but rarely works.

Manifestation magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work – but it’s necessary to work.

2. Builds a strong foundation: The reason why Manifestation Magic works and has positive testimonials is because of the science behind it. You’re gently taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This is crucial.

The reason it helps you with your spiritual life is that it improves your self-esteem. You discover that you are worth more than you realize.

Manifestation Magic is not only about wealth. It fixes the underlying and fundamental issues in your thinking that is sabotaging every aspect of your life in one way or another. It helps you to find your purpose in life.

It’s very difficult to do this solely with books because we are creatures of habit. So, by listening to the audios, we can delve deeply into the mind and fix the inconsistencies that are sabotaging our efforts. Manifestation Magic does this better than any book we’ve seen.

3. Consistency: By asking you to listen to the tracks daily, Manifestation Magic builds patterns of thought and habits without you even realizing it. You’re becoming more positive and your thinking is elevated to the next level.

4. Clearing out the trash: No amount of positive thinking can work if you’re still stuck in your old patterns of thinking. It’s like applying nail polish on a rash to hide it.

You must treat the problem. Manifestation magic has “Energy Orbiting” audio sessions to clear abundance blocks in your mind. By clearing the old obstacles, your path will now be clear to manifest miracles without your attempts being impeded.

5. All-Encompassing System: On the surface, Manifestation magic looked like just another run-of-the-mill self-help product. We were so wrong.

There are audios, a QuickStart guide and about 14 bonus audios that will help you with your wealth, love life, spirituality, etc. It’s so much more than a wealth attraction product and it lived up to its promises.

6. Easy to use: There’s no denying the fact that it’s easier to listen to audios rather than force yourself to think and visualize positive images when your life around you is in shambles. Manifestation Magic is a very practical and down-to-earth program that understands that you need to make changes WITHIN before you can make changes in your life. The canvas must be clean before you can create a masterpiece. We loved the audio tracks with the gentle pulsating sounds!

7. Genuine Testimonials: The official sales page has reviews from customers who have tried the product and seen changes in their life. That’s social proof that the audio tracks deliver on the promise.

8. Instant access: This is a digital product. You’ll get instant access to it and can start changing you’re immediate. No shipping costs or delays.

9. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: This point alone shows the abundance mindset that Alexander has. He has so much faith in his product that he has given you enough time to test out the product and make changes in your life.

If it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back. We’re guessing that you won’t because Manifestation Magic will add magic in your life. Still, it’s a risk-free purchase.

What are Subliminal Messages and NLP?

Subliminal messages have been around for decades. Terms such as ‘self-hypnosis’, ‘binaural beats’ etc. have been used to describe audio tracks that gently work on reprogramming your subconscious mind while you sleep.

These tracks are easy to use because they require very little effort on your part. All you do listen to them when you’re in a sleepy and more suggestive state.

NLP refers to neurolinguistic programming and it was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. NLP is used to change your behavioral patterns by altering your neurological processes. It’s akin to creating new outcomes by changing your habits.

What makes Manifestation Magic so powerful is that the audio tracks that come with this program infuse both subliminal messages and NLP. That makes these tracks even more potent and effective.

Any downsides to this product?

There are a few downsides. No product is perfect… and thankfully, the only 2 cons we could find were just minor issues.

1) Can only be purchased online You’ll not be able to purchase this product from a bookstore. It’s a digital product and you need a computer and an internet connection to access and download it.

The product vendors intentionally made it this way so that they could keep the production costs low and make it affordable to the masses – and help as many people as possible.

2) Audio tracks may not be suitable for everyone

Some people may find it difficult to listen to the tracks because the frequency may be jarring to them. This is a very small minority – but it happens.

The good news is that you just need to contact the support team of Manifestation Magic and they’ll mix a new audio track for you with a different frequency that you can easily listen to – and they will do it for FREE! Excellent customer support here.

Should You Buy It?

Definitely! This product delivers what it says on the tin. You’re backed by a guarantee and you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It bridges the gap between visualization and results. The audios will accelerate your results if you’re already practicing daily visualization. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

There must be activated if you wish to see results. Listening to the audios is the action that you must take to change your life fast and manifest the health you wish to see.

To become an oasis of peace in a mad world, you need to remove negative thoughts and actions that you’re accustomed to. Manifestation Magic with the Chakra Power System will help you to discard the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down.

Your thinking will be elevated to the next level and you will finally feel good without constantly worrying. There is immeasurable power in being peaceful.

Give the audio tracks a try and you’ll never look back.

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Content Marketing Strategy: How to Curate Content and the Benefits for Your Business

Content Marketing Strategy: How to Curate Content and the Benefits for Your Business
Content Marketing Strategy: How to Curate Content and the Benefits for Your Business


Content marketing is very popular and effective. Many businesses are trying to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. But creating a lot of content on a regular basis it’s pretty difficult.

Content is still the King and businesses are always on the lookout for new content. That’s when curated content comes in.

Big and small businesses can benefit from curated content. Here is a content marketing strategy you need to know. How to curate content and the benefits for your business.

What is the Curated Content

Curated content is content from other sources that you share on your social media platforms. It is something that corresponds with your brand and you consider it a valuable piece of information for your target audience.

Content curation means collecting, categorizing and sharing valuable pieces of content on a specific topic.

The Advantages of Curated Content

When creating your social media strategy, you already know who your target audience is and what topics are interesting for them. Now you need to start collecting and sharing relevant content that corresponds with your brand and is useful and informative for your followers.

Content curation might help you grow the network of bloggers, influencers and businesses in your field. When sharing content, always give credit to the original source. They will notice you sharing their content and might return the favor.

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field curated content can help you with that. Focus on trusted sources and stories that you’re going to share.

Attention! it’s necessary to choose wisely what you post. When sharing somebody else’s content, always add a short original text. Provide context. Give your audience your view on the matter. Comment on it.

That way it brings even bigger value and emphasizes your expertise in the field.

How do you know what content is worth sharing? Well, you have to read it, of course! Even if you’re posting content that somebody else created it will represent your brand and who you are, once it’s on your feed.

So, even if you’re using a trusty source, always read the content before posting it.

Collect, categorize, share!

Before you subscribe to all the newsletters available, here’s what you should do. Write down a list of all the topics that are interesting for your target audience and will bring them value.

These topics should be connected to your business. Maybe try coming up with topics around your keywords. One thing is retweeting interesting content, but dumping random content all over your social media and considering that a job well done is something completely different.

To stay on top of all the possible sources that you can use, you need to start collecting and categorizing the information. When you know what topics you’re going to focus on, it’s time to start the sorting process.

There are many paid and free apps and tools that can help you do that efficiently.

Great content is now more important for brands than ever before. It’s not easy because there is too much information everywhere.

It’s difficult to keep on top of everything, to stay up-to-date with news and share some of it with your follower base.

Curating a library full of valuable content that you can share with your audience will save you a lot of time with content creation.

Your audience will notice that you’re not only publishing promotional and hard-sell posts but you’re providing them with valuable content. You will become a trusted source for your target audience.

You will gain their trust and they will advertise your business for Free! (Word of Mouth Effect). Also, you will increase your targeted traffic and sales.

A pretty effective tip for your business.


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The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019

The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019
The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019


The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019

1. Mediterranean Diet

It’s generally accepted that the people in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans from cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

The secret is an active lifestyle, weight control, and a diet low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat and high in produce, nuts, olive oil, and other healthful foods.

The Mediterranean Diet may offer a host of health benefits, including weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, and control. By following the Mediterranean Diet, you could also keep that weight off while avoiding chronic disease.

There isn’t “a” Mediterranean diet. Greeks eat differently from Italians, who eat differently from the French and Spanish. But they share many of the same principles.

Working with the Harvard School of Public Health, Oldways, a nonprofit food think tank in Boston, developed a consumer-friendly Mediterranean diet pyramid that offers guidelines on how to fill your plate – and maybe wineglass – the Mediterranean way.

Because this is an eating pattern – not a structured diet – you’re on your own to figure out how many calories you should eat to lose or maintain your weight, what you’ll do to stay active and how you’ll shape your Mediterranean menu.

The Mediterranean diet pyramid should help get you started. The pyramid emphasizes eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil, and flavorful herbs and spices; fish and seafood at least a couple of times a week; and poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt in moderation, while saving sweets and red meat for special occasions.

Top it off with a splash of red wine (if you want), remember to stay physically active and you’re set.

Red wine has gotten a boost because it contains resveratrol, a compound that seems to add years to life – but you’d have to drink hundreds or thousands of glasses to get enough resveratrol to possibly make a difference.

2. DASH Diet

The DASH Diet, which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, is promoted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to do exactly that: stop (or prevent) hypertension, aka high blood pressure.

It emphasizes the foods you’ve always been told to eat (fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy), which are high in blood pressure-deflating nutrients like potassium, calcium, protein, and fiber.

DASH also discourages foods that are high in saturated fat, such as fatty meats, full-fat dairy foods, and tropical oils, as well as sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets.

Following DASH also means capping sodium at 2,300 milligrams a day, which followers will eventually lower to about 1,500 milligrams. DASH Diet is balanced and can be followed long term, which is a key reason nutrition experts rank it as U.S. News’ Best Overall Diet, tied with the Mediterranean Diet.

Starting DASH doesn’t mean making drastic changes overnight. Instead, begin by making whatever small changes seem most manageable to you. For example:

Add one vegetable or fruit serving to every meal.
Introduce two or more meat-free meals each week.
Use herbs and spices to make food tastier without the salt.
Snack on almonds or pecans instead of a bag of chips.
Switch white flour to whole-wheat flour when possible.
Take a 15-minute walk after lunch or dinner (or both).

For more guidance, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute publishes free guides. They’ll help you determine how many calories you should eat for your age and activity level, tell you where those calories should come from and remind you to go easy on the salt.

3. Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian is a marriage of two words: flexible and vegetarian. The term was coined more than a decade ago and in her 2009 book, “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease and Add Years to Your Life,”

Dawn Jackson Blatner says you don’t have to eliminate meat to reap the health benefits associated with vegetarianism – you can be a vegetarian most of the time, but still, chow down on a burger or steak when the urge hits.

By eating more plants and less meat, it’s suggested that adherents to the diet will not only lose weight but can improve their overall health, lowering their rate of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and live longer as a result.

Becoming a flexitarian is about adding five food groups to your diet – not taking any away. These are: the “new meat” (non-meat proteins like beans, peas or eggs); fruits and veggies; whole grains; dairy; and sugar and spice

A five-week meal plan provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. You can follow the plan as it’s outlined, or swap recipes from different weeks to meet your preferences.

Breakfast choices are around 300 calories, lunches 400 and dinners 500. Snacks are about 150 calories each; add two, and your daily total clocks in at 1,500 calories.

Depending on your activity level, gender, height and weight, you can tweak the plan to allow for slightly greater or fewer calories. Follow the Flexitarian Diet at your own pace: Jump in and try most of the recipes, sticking to the meal plan verbatim for five weeks. Or take it slowly, and test one of the recipes every once in a while.


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Thinking Outside The Box: Why You Need Innovation to Grow Your Business

Thinking Outside The Box: Why You Need Innovation to Grow Your Business
Thinking Outside The Box: Why You Need Innovation to Grow Your Business


When innovators talk about thinking outside the box, they mean coming up with creative ways to solve problems – new ways to look at things. How do they do it? How can you do it too? We first have to ask what the “box” is. Then we can look at how to get outside of it.

The “box” is the normal way of doing things and looking at things. It is the assumptions that almost everyone involved is making. The best way to start thinking out of the box then is to identify and challenge all the assumptions that makeup thinking inside the box.

One of the major liquor brands was faltering years ago, and they couldn’t seem to boost their sales. Promotions, lowering the price, getting better shelf placement – these were the “in the box” solutions. Then someone challenged the assumptions, by asking “What if we stopped the promotions and just raised the price?”

The price was raised as an experiment, and sales soon doubled. As it turns out, some types of liquor are bought quite often as gifts. Buyers don’t want to buy the most expensive one, but they also don’t want to seem cheap, so they won’t buy products that don’t cost enough. Now imagine what happens to your profit margins when you raise the price and double the sales. That’s the power of thinking outside of the box.

Ways To Get Outside The Box

Challenging assumptions is a powerful creative problem-solving technique. The difficult part is to identify the assumptions. If you are designing a new motorcycle, write down assumptions like “speed matters,” “it has to run on gas” and “it needs two wheels,” not because you expect to prove these wrong, but because challenging these can lead to creative possibilities. Maybe the time has come for an electric three-wheeled motorcycle.

Another way to get to creative solutions is to “assume the absurd.” This is either fun or annoying, depending on how open-minded you can be. All you do is start making absurd assumptions, then finding ways to make sense of them. The easiest way to do it is by asking “what if.”

What if a carpet cleaning business was better off with half as many customers? It seems absurd but works with it. Hmm…less stressful, perhaps. More profitable if each customer was worth three times as much. Is this possible? Commercial jobs that involve large easy-to-clean spaces (theaters, offices, convention halls) make more money in a day than houses, with fewer headaches. Focusing on getting those accounts could be the most profitable way to go – not so absurd.

Another way to more innovative ideas is to do your thinking out of the box. Get out of the house or the office. Look around at how others are doing things.

Innovation: How to Grow Your Business

If you’re running or managing a business and want it to be around for a long time, you need to spend a good part of your time innovating. That’s because, in a fast-moving world, where people expect things to get better and better, and cheaper and cheaper, innovation is your route to getting ahead of your competition.

Here are 7 ways to create and use innovation.

1. Create An Innovative Climate. Lund University in Sweden has defined three conditions needed for a climate of innovation. They are trust, dynamism, and humor.

2. Develop Washing-Up Creativity. According to the Roffey Park Management Institute, most flashes of inspiration come to people when they are away from work and not forcing their conscious brains to find solutions to their problems.

For some, ideas come while mowing the lawn or taking the dog for a walk or playing golf or waiting at a railway station. For Isaac Newton, it was an apple on the head while sitting in the garden. For Archimedes, it was in the bath. For others its, while doing the dishes; that’s why Roffey Park calls these flashes of insight: washing-up creativity.

3. Make New Connections. Making new connections between existing features of your product or service is a popular way to innovate. Akio Morita, chairman of Sony, said that he invented the Walkman because he wanted to listen to music while walking between shots on his golf course. His team simply put together two seemingly incompatible products: a tape recorder and a transistor radio.

4. Find Out What People Need. Necessity is a great spur to innovation. Take, for example, writing paper. The Chinese had already made paper from rags around the year 100 BC but because there was no need for it, nothing came of it.

When it did reach Europe in the Middle Ages when writing was all the rage, the supply of rags and worn-out fabric soon dried up. That’s when a French naturalist discovered that wasps made their nests by chewing wood into a mash that dried in thin layers. Within 100 years, all paper was made using the idea of wood pulp.

5. Test, Test, Test. Product testing is the way most inventors and organizations go about innovation. It may not be the quickest route to success, but it is often the surest. Jonas Salk, for example, discovered the polio vaccine by spending most of his time testing and testing and continually finding out what didn’t work.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the filament light bulb, recorded 1300 experiments that were complete failures. But he was able to keep going because, as he said, he knew 1300 ways that it wasn’t going to work.

6. Adopt and Adapt. One relatively easy approach to innovation is to notice how others deal with problems and then adapt their solutions to your own. It’s known to adapt and adopt.

Its what watchmakers Swatch did when they realized that the more reliable their watches became, the fewer people needed to replace them. Their solution? Borrow an idea from the world of fashion and collections by turning their watches into desirable fashion accessories. Now people buy Swatch watches not just to tell the time but because it’s cool to do so.

7. Take Lessons From Nature. If you want to be inventive, you can’t beat nature. The world of nature gives us an endless supply of prototypes to use in our world. Take Velcro, for example. Velcro was patented by Georges de Mestral in 1950 after he returned from a hunting trip covered in tiny burrs that had attached themselves to his clothing by tiny overlapping hooks. De Mestral quickly realized that there was an ideal technique to fasten material together. A whole new way of doing things was suddenly invented.

The history of the world is the history of innovation. Thomas Kuhn called each acceptance of an innovation a paradigm shift. For once innovation becomes accepted, the world has changed forever and can never go back to the way it was.

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