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3 Benefits of Online Directories: How to Generate Targeted Traffic

3 Benefits of Online Directories: How to Generate Targeted Traffic


Online directories (business directories or business listings) are an easy way for businesses to build links and drive targeted traffic to their site.

Here are three benefits of online directories you need to know.

1. Targeted Traffic and Relevant Reach

Directories typically index businesses by niche, location, or category, and often include reviews.

When a person uses an online directory, they want to locate a business that is relevant to their needs. A directory makes it very easy for people to find pretty fast what they need.

By having your business listed in a directory, you’re increasing your site’s visibility, and your sales too.

2. Trusted Links – SEO and Rankings

Boosting your site’s SEO and rankings is a very effective tip of having your business listed in an online directory. Online directories are trusted sources and are typically high-ranking sites, themselves.

3. Cost-Effective

Many online directories like Bing Places, Yelp, and Foursquare, allow businesses to submit their information to their index for free. Some online directories do charge a listing fee.

Trusted, high-authority links are a marketing investment and a great tool for your business.

How to Find the Right Directory for Your Business

As with all other marketing tactics, you need to have a strategy for link building on web directories.


Relevance – and reaching your target audience – is crucial to getting the most out of an online directory. Relevance is also a factor that search engines consider when they crawl sites.

Choose a directory that is relevant to your niche, and the chances of reaching your target audience and boosting your SEO will be much higher.

Domain Authority

When you’re deciding between online directories, consider domain authority.

It can be more helpful to get an inbound link from a site with high domain authority. You can check whether you’re listing your business on a trusted, well-established directory by checking the domain authority using a tool like Ahrefs, Alexa, or Moz.

The higher the domain authority of a website, the more likely it is to rank on SERPs.

Features – More Details

Some online directories go into more detail than others, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want a simple listing (name, address, phone, and web URL), or a listing that features photos, reviews, and ratings.

Taking advantage of directories with more features will be worth the extra effort.

By listing your business on a directory with added features, you’ll encourage your customers to provide feedback and ratings as well, which is helpful to boost site authority and SEO.

It’s crucial to stay consistent if you want to create a successful link building strategy, and it’s also important for the reputation of your business.

While the use of web directories may be easy to overlook in favor of other marketing trends, listing your business on a relevant online directory is one of the best – and easiest! – things you can do for your business and website.

The benefits of online directories are very useful for your business. Take action now to grow your business.


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3 Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Startup Business [Infographic]

3 tips for a successful startup you need to know in this infographic. How to create effective marketing strategies for your startup business…
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3 Tips on How to Make Money with Quora: What You Need to Know About

3 Tips on How to Make Money with Quora: What You Need to Know About


Quora is the most popular question and answer platform. It’s very simple, people ask questions and the writers, answering their questions. Quora is among the top 150 websites in the world. The Quora community is growing very fast.

Important. Quora doesn’t pay for writing Answers.

If you want Quora to help you, start Answering Questions of your interest and earn reputation and traffic to your website. When you do that, experts at Industries start noticing you.

3 Tips on how to make money with Quora

1. Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to make money online. There are millions of bloggers in the world but not everyone is successful. But only 7-8% of bloggers are making real money.

The Secret! You Need Targeted Traffic!

Traffic is everything. Without traffic, it’s impossible to make big money with your blog.

You can use Quora to drive massive targeted traffic to your blog. You need to find questions which you can answer. Take your time and write a high-quality answer so that you can get Upvotes and Views.

More Upvotes and Views will eventually mean more targeted traffic to your blog. At the end of your Answer, link a relevant post of your Blog. Also, add the URL of your blog in your Bio.

So this is what Quora is great at! It helps you in finding the audience who you look for, and later send them to your blog. The traffic from Quora is considered best for making money with Affiliate Marketing which is the most profitable way of making money online.

2. Sell your e-Books with Quora

Thousands of people are searching for solutions on Quora. They want to get the solution to their problems. If you can write an e-book that solves their problem, they will not only buy it but will recommend it to others as well.

Once you have published your book, go on Quora and find topics related to your Book and Provide Quality Answers. In the body & at the end of your answer, add Link to your e-book.

Also, you need to use your e-book’s link in your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. as it will help others to know that you have published a book.

3. Sell Your Services with Quora

You can sell services like Link Building, Freelance Writing, SEO, Video Editing, Marketing, etc. Quora can help you only when your Answers reflect your knowledge in your Expertise.

Many Experts and Newbies read answers on Quora. If they found your Answers helpful, there is no reason why they can’t contact you for their project. Many people have hired through Quora and are still making money. Remember, the key to utilize Quora is “High-Quality Answers”. Take your time and write quality answers reflecting your knowledge.

Also, with Quora, you can influence more people and generate traffic for your social media account, Youtube channel, online shop, etc. As you see Quora is a very effective tool for your business if you can write quality answers and give solutions to people.


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3 Content Marketing Trends in 2019

3 Content Marketing Trends in 2019


More than 64per cent of SMEs expressed that their current marketing efforts weren’t delivering results. However, out of the 36per cent who found success, 2 in 5 of them had invested in content marketing and the success was attributed to quality content, a well thought out content strategy, and the right investment in content distribution channels. Investments in marketing should continue by SMEs as competition intensifies with bigger brands.

Content marketing trends will continue to adapt and evolve in 2019; giving companies opportunities to sustain their success. As B2B marketers, to stay ahead of the game in the constantly evolving landscape, look out for these three predictions in content marketing.

3 Key Trends You Will See in 2019

Artificial Intelligence Drove Content – Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) supports innovation in European digital journalism. In 2017, Google invested more than $800,000 in the Press Association’s initiative to generate news stories solely through the use of AI.

In this initiative, while journalists will be involved in spotting and creating stories, AI will be used to assist with massively increasing local stories that would otherwise be impossible to provide manually.

While content and creation and ideation are still not fully automatable, technology can be leveraged to understand your target audience better, map the content they are consuming and create content which they are looking to consume.

New Formats of Content – With a consumption of content increasing on mobile platforms, the need of the hour is to develop a content strategy that is more refined and creates better customer engagement. Short case formats, Infographics, Videos are all new formats and are using motion graphics and animations in ways never imagined before.

However, companies need to continue investments in the highly sought formats of ebooks, white papers, blogs are optimized for mobile platforms will see success in their omnichannel marketing strategies.

Interactive Content – The internet of things (IoT) has brought content to us through voice-controlled technology.

Through a deep understanding of consumer demographics and the way they want to use content, voice-activated software like Alexa and Siri are rising phenomenally in importance.

In order to experiment with this fairly new trend, brands need to consider if their audience is an adopter of voice-enabled devices if they can consistently produce high-quality audio content and if they are looking for a new channel to reach their audience.

ALigning Trends with Strategy

Many of the content marketing trends such as those listed above are already impacting our lives. Keeping abreast of the trends and aligning the objectives of the business with the evolving needs of the consumers, identifying the right partner who can help brands achieve such desired outcomes is what will result in a successful content marketing strategy for SMEs.



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The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019

The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019


The 3 Best Diet Trends in 2019

1. Mediterranean Diet

It’s generally accepted that the people in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans from cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

The secret is an active lifestyle, weight control, and a diet low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat and high in produce, nuts, olive oil, and other healthful foods.

The Mediterranean Diet may offer a host of health benefits, including weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, and control. By following the Mediterranean Diet, you could also keep that weight off while avoiding chronic disease.

There isn’t “a” Mediterranean diet. Greeks eat differently from Italians, who eat differently from the French and Spanish. But they share many of the same principles.

Working with the Harvard School of Public Health, Oldways, a nonprofit food think tank in Boston, developed a consumer-friendly Mediterranean diet pyramid that offers guidelines on how to fill your plate – and maybe wineglass – the Mediterranean way.

Because this is an eating pattern – not a structured diet – you’re on your own to figure out how many calories you should eat to lose or maintain your weight, what you’ll do to stay active and how you’ll shape your Mediterranean menu.

The Mediterranean diet pyramid should help get you started. The pyramid emphasizes eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil, and flavorful herbs and spices; fish and seafood at least a couple of times a week; and poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt in moderation, while saving sweets and red meat for special occasions.

Top it off with a splash of red wine (if you want), remember to stay physically active and you’re set.

Red wine has gotten a boost because it contains resveratrol, a compound that seems to add years to life – but you’d have to drink hundreds or thousands of glasses to get enough resveratrol to possibly make a difference.

2. DASH Diet

The DASH Diet, which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, is promoted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to do exactly that: stop (or prevent) hypertension, aka high blood pressure.

It emphasizes the foods you’ve always been told to eat (fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy), which are high in blood pressure-deflating nutrients like potassium, calcium, protein, and fiber.

DASH also discourages foods that are high in saturated fat, such as fatty meats, full-fat dairy foods, and tropical oils, as well as sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets.

Following DASH also means capping sodium at 2,300 milligrams a day, which followers will eventually lower to about 1,500 milligrams. DASH Diet is balanced and can be followed long term, which is a key reason nutrition experts rank it as U.S. News’ Best Overall Diet, tied with the Mediterranean Diet.

Starting DASH doesn’t mean making drastic changes overnight. Instead, begin by making whatever small changes seem most manageable to you. For example:

Add one vegetable or fruit serving to every meal.
Introduce two or more meat-free meals each week.
Use herbs and spices to make food tastier without the salt.
Snack on almonds or pecans instead of a bag of chips.
Switch white flour to whole-wheat flour when possible.
Take a 15-minute walk after lunch or dinner (or both).

For more guidance, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute publishes free guides. They’ll help you determine how many calories you should eat for your age and activity level, tell you where those calories should come from and remind you to go easy on the salt.

3. Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian is a marriage of two words: flexible and vegetarian. The term was coined more than a decade ago and in her 2009 book, “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease and Add Years to Your Life,”

Dawn Jackson Blatner says you don’t have to eliminate meat to reap the health benefits associated with vegetarianism – you can be a vegetarian most of the time, but still, chow down on a burger or steak when the urge hits.

By eating more plants and less meat, it’s suggested that adherents to the diet will not only lose weight but can improve their overall health, lowering their rate of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and live longer as a result.

Becoming a flexitarian is about adding five food groups to your diet – not taking any away. These are: the “new meat” (non-meat proteins like beans, peas or eggs); fruits and veggies; whole grains; dairy; and sugar and spice

A five-week meal plan provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. You can follow the plan as it’s outlined, or swap recipes from different weeks to meet your preferences.

Breakfast choices are around 300 calories, lunches 400 and dinners 500. Snacks are about 150 calories each; add two, and your daily total clocks in at 1,500 calories.

Depending on your activity level, gender, height and weight, you can tweak the plan to allow for slightly greater or fewer calories. Follow the Flexitarian Diet at your own pace: Jump in and try most of the recipes, sticking to the meal plan verbatim for five weeks. Or take it slowly, and test one of the recipes every once in a while.


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