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How Website Speed Impacts Your Conversions [Infographic]

How your website speed affects your conversion rate. The stats you need to know about website speed in this infographic. How to increase your conversions…
Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google marketing profits seo Social Media Starting a Business Startups

5 Tips on How to Increase Page Speed and Conversions

5 Tips on How to Increase Page Speed and Conversions


Increasing website page speed is one of the biggest challenges for website owners and marketers. It’s too technical for marketers but it’s crucial for almost all aspects of marketing performance.

There is a direct correlation between page speed, bounce rate, and visitor retention. Also, Google’s official statement is that page speed is part of its ranking algorithm. It helps your online visibility and higher rankings on search engines.

Monitoring and improving website page speed should be the highest priority for any website.

Here are some stats you need to know.

Impact on on-page engagement: Sites that load in 5 seconds (compared to those that load in 19 seconds) increase their conversions about 70%

Impact on conversions: Studies in the UK show that 67% of online shoppers will abandon their carts on slow websites. Improving a page’s load time by one second can result in an increase of between 10% and 20% in conversion rates.

Impact on customer loyalty: Roughly 80% of online shoppers who have trouble loading a site say they won’t return to the site to buy again

Discover 5 tips on how to increase page speed and conversions.

1. Reduce Redirects

You will have more HTTP requests on your site if you have many redirects, and this could result in reduced page speed. Broken links also should be fixed, as these can have a massive impact on user experiences.

Netpeak Spider is a great tool to quickly find redundant redirects, broken links and redirect chains. Run the tool and then fix what it identifies, including:

Fix internal linking to point to the working URL (i.e. the https version), even if the old URL properly redirected to the new version.
Get rid of redirect chains — they are a series of redirects that bring you from one version to another. All those extra steps slow down your site.

Impact on conversions: Broken links and redirects may prevent many of your site users from following your sales funnel. Make sure to monitor and fix broken links and redirects in a timely manner.

2. Use a Content Distribution Network – CDN

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) consists of multiple data centers, each of which makes a copy of a specific website. These copies are stored in multiple geographic locations, providing users with more reliable and faster access to the website.

This tip is especially important for global businesses that receive a lot of traffic and conversions around the world.

Impact on conversions: A slow website will make your overseas customers give up on your website entirely. Monitor and improve your global performance with a Content Distribution Network.

3. Remove Render-Blocking Javascript

When looking at your website structure, refrain from using render-blocking Javascript (i.e. Javascript that prevents your page from rendering, i.e. loading), especially external scripts that have to be fetched before being executed.

The script that doesn’t need to be rendered immediately should be made asynchronous or deferred until after the first render.

This is especially important for the above-the-fold part of your page (the part that a user sees first).

Impact on conversions: Most traffic and conversion analytics platforms are installed using a Javascript code. Make sure yours aren’t slowing your website down. Finteza is an independent analytics company whose Javascript has no impact on your site performance — their event tracking doesn’t use any code at all!

4. Leverage Browser Caching

When users visit a website, the website builds a cache that contains information about Javascripts, images, stylesheets and more. This is done so that when a visitor comes back, the entire page doesn’t have to be reloaded.

This improves page speed, as it saves on time spent having to send multiple HTTP requests to the server. It also reduces the bandwidth and, as a result, the overall cost of site hosting.

Impact on conversions: It is a well-known fact that return customers bring the highest revenue, so this method ensures your return visitors receive a better experience.

5. Improve Server Response Time

Many factors can affect server response time, including the volume of traffic, the type of software used by the server and the hosting solution used.

As a general guideline, the server response time should be less than 200ms. This can be achieved by looking at different performance metrics and paying attention to things such as slow database requests, lack of memory or slow routing.

Impact on conversions: By monitoring your server performance properly, you’ll know whether there are any issues preventing people from interacting with your site properly (e.g. downtime, slow-downs, etc.)


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Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons Ecommerce google infographic marketing profits Social Media Starting a Business Startups

How Website Speed Impacts Your Conversions [Infographic]

How to increase website conversions. How your website speed can affect your conversion rate. The stats you need to know in this infographic.
Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons Ecommerce google marketing profits Social Media Startups

Smart Tips to Maximize Your Conversions

It’s true that some websites convert better than others. The reason is that they have an effective call-to-action on their website pages. You can have the best copywriting in the world but if you don’t have effective calls-to-action on each page, you won’t get the sale.


It’s true that some websites convert better than others. The reason is that they have an effective call-to-action on their website pages. You can have the best copywriting in the world but if you don’t have effective calls-to-action on each page, you won’t get the sale.

It’s important to have call-to-action for prospects at every level of interest. You can offer Free Giveaways

Offering a free download or trial is a great way to build trust with people who are just getting to know your brand. You could offer a free video, downloadable report, MP3 audio, checklist, or an e-book.

Here is some example calls-to-action links or buttons to get people to join your mailing list or experience your product, service.

Sign up for FREE
Join Free for a Month
Try for Free for 30 Days
Start My Free Trial
Find Out First
Sign up NOW
Get it Now!

Building Trust

When people are interested but want more information before making a decision, it’s smart to offer options that let them delve more deeply into working with you without the risk.

Here are several calls-to-action that build trust and desire:

Learn/Discover More Here: Offer a link to pages that expand upon your offerings or share a link to an FAQ page.
Schedule a Free Consultation: Giving a free session allows you to show prospects the opportunities they have and the value you can provide.
Contact Me/Us Today: This gives individuals a way to address any questions they may have and get in contact with you. This serves as an excellent way to find ways you can help them.

Directing Next Steps

For hot prospects who are ready to take action, you want to create calls-to-action that make it easy to work with you and provide them with clear “next steps” for them to take.

Here are some examples:

Get Started Today: Tell visitors who are ready to purchase how to get what they need now.
Add to Cart: Show shoppers how to put something in their virtual shopping cart and keep browsing.
Buy Now: When people are ready to check out, make it easy to pay.
Get x% Off Choosy buyers may be looking for a discount. Offering a percentage off discount if they buy may motivate them to take the next step.

Every page on your website should include a call to action to engage buyers to take the next step in their journey.

Be creative, be clear on what you want the user to do and test which calls-to-action are most effective in order to get ideal results.

How to Increase your sales conversions

Every page on your website needs to guide your visitor to the next step.

Obviously, your sales page leads visitors to click on the secure shopping cart order form so they can buy from you.

Your special report download page guides visitors to enter their name and e-mail address and hit “Submit” so they can be added to your mailing list.

But what about your “About Us” page (which contains your bio), your “Media” page (which lists all the major outlets in which you’ve been featured), and your “Contact Us” page?

Here Are 3 Easy “Calls to Action” to Convert More Website Traffic into Sales on the About Us, Media and Contact Us Pages

1. On the “About Us” page, after your bio, add a powerful client testimonial praising your expertise and your measurable and specific impact on the client’s bottom line. Then add the line “Ready for these kinds of results? Click here to get started now!” (This links to the contact page).

This call to action, in fact, can be used for any page that does not have an obvious “next step.” Just make sure the testimonial ties into the page content.

2. Your “Media” page should not just be a collage of logos. It should contain short videos of your TV appearances, audio clips of your radio interviews or featured-expert interviews.

It should also include links to your articles that got published on the top websites. Let the world see that you are an expert.

3. The Contact page, by definition, is a call to action. It needs to take your visitor by the hand and lead them through the next step.

It should not just be a page that displays your mailing address, phone number, and main corporate e-mail. Rather, it should lead with a paragraph that congratulates the reader for their decision to take action. Then, it should explain the process of getting in touch with you. It should also describe what someone should expect once they contact you.

Next, guide them through a simple web form that asks specific questions. This way you can do your homework and present prospects with a specific response and action plan. Make sure to keep this form as brief as possible, and only ask questions that directly inform how you and your visitor would do business together in the near future.

Having a web form, rather than just a link to your e-mail address, guides your visitor to take a specific action. This raises their level of commitment to you and increases your chances that they will buy from you.

Make sure that every page on your website provides a roadmap for your visitor with a specific call to action. This is the only way your prospects will reach the destination that you prepared for them. it’s the only way you will increase your website sales conversions.

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Article Marketing: 4 Tips to Generate More Sales

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The internet marketers everyday are trying to increase their sales and grow their business. This is the reason why they need to consistently promote their website and products or services online. They want to reach their target market and to attract more traffic or visitors on a daily basis.

One of the best internet marketing tools is the article marketing. This is proven to be the most effective when you’re trying to generate organic traffic or qualified visitors. This is the key for higher conversions and more sales.

There are 4 very effective article marketing tips to generate more sales:

1. Increase the open rate.

Before you can get more people to click through your resource box, you need to get them to open and read your articles first. This can be achieved by talking about topics that are extremely important or very interesting to your target audience.

Talk about issues, problems, or goals that are related to what you sell so you can easily attract those people who are most likely to buy from you. Also, use catchy titles as this can surely make a huge difference in your open rate.

2. Educate your readers and not selling the products that you offer.

Although your main goal is to secure more sales, talking about the products or services that you sell on your articles will not help. Keep in mind that people are reading articles because they’re looking for information. It is your job to give them what they want. Simply, help them and gain their trust.

Offer them with solutions to the things that they’re going through, provide expert information to answer their questions, and offer guides to help them reach their goals. It’s important to give value, solutions and help to your readers.

3. Offer great reading experience.

It’s crucial that you’ll get your audience to read your articles until the end. Aside from making them very informative, it will also help if you make them entertaining and pleasurable to read. Make your articles relatively short (400-600 words) and easy to skim through.

Make use of simple terms and short paragraphs to promote better comprehension. Then, write using conversational tone. This is important in convincing your readers that there’s a human being behind your articles. Ask questions, insert jokes, tell stories, and offer examples when and as needed.

4. Use effective resource box.

It’s important that you get more readers to click the link on your resource box. The higher your clickthrough rate, the better your chances of making a sale. Ensure that your resource box is well-written and that your call to action is very compelling.

While keeping it brief, tell your readers who you are and what you can do for them. When inserting the links of your website, make use of anchor texts instead of absolute URLs.

Don’t forget to offer giveaways like reports, ebooks, or short newsletters. It is very common in the field of internet marketing that people are most likely to respond to your call to action if you give them something useful for free.


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