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Video Marketing: 3 Tips on How to Promote Your Small Business Successfully

Video Marketing: 3 Tips on How to Promote Your Small Business Successfully
Video Marketing: 3 Tips on How to Promote Your Small Business Successfully
Video marketing is one of the biggest trends in social media and mobile marketing. The improvement of mobile technology is making it easier than ever for people to consume and share videos online.

Stats show that video marketing can help you to promote and grow your small business successfully.

Video Marketing: How to Promote Your Small Business Successfully

90% of users say videos help them to buy a product or service

92% of users say if they view an interesting video on mobile they will share it

89% of digital marketers are using video marketing

Click-throughs will increase by 150-300% if you use a video in email marketing

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience and build long-term relationships. You need to use video as part of your small business marketing strategy to increase sales and profits.

Here are some useful tips about video marketing and how to promote your small business successfully.

  1. Storytelling

Video storytelling is one of the best ways to create a lasting impression with online users and consumers. Telling your company’s story helps to build your brand in the minds of consumers and create loyalty. Storytelling will help you to generate engagement with your target audience.

Watching a story through video is far more compelling and attractive to users than reading it in an article. There are many ways to approach storytelling: testimonial, fiction, documentary, etc. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Temporary content

Many marketers think that a temporary video is a bad idea because many users could miss out on watching temporary content. But temporary video content is exploding in popularity and keeps growing.

This makes a temporary video a useful trend to promote your small business.

You need to understand that short, concise, and to-the-point content often does a better job than long, boring, content. This is the reason why Snapchat, Instagram, and even TikTok are marketing gold mines for brands and businesses.

  1. Live-streaming

Live-streaming technology is popular and effective too. It gives to users a behind-the-scenes window into the life of a business or personality.

You can plan an event or business conference and Live-stream it!

The potential to reach your target audience on live-streaming platforms is enormous. You can engage with potential new customers and attract more interested people to your small business.

Last Tip

You need to create a successful video marketing strategy to promote your small business. Companies and marketers who still neglect to use video marketing will lose sales and money.

With storytelling, temporary content, and live-streaming, you can create significant value for your business.

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LinkedIn: 5 Tips on How To Improve Your Business Presence

LinkedIn: 5 Tips on How To Improve Your Business Presence

LinkedIn has been growing over the past few years and keeps growing (total users and active engagement). LinkedIn has reported record levels of engagement. These days LinkedIn is up to 740 million members.

LinkedIn: How To Improve Your Business Presence

Stats show that LinkedIn usage is rising. So business activity will increase and more users will use LinkedIn more often.

LinkedIn has been sharing case studies that highlight how to use its promotional tools and options.

Here are some new tips on how to improve your business presence and grow your company page followers with LinkedIn.

  1. The Basics

LinkedIn advises brands to ensure that they fill in all elements of their company page. Include content and descriptions that convey what their business does and who they’re looking to help.

Include pertinent keywords in your business description. LinkedIn Pages are crawled by search engines and can improve your rankings.

LinkedIn suggests that brands should add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to their blog or website to boost exposure. Also, encourage connections on LinkedIn to follow their company Page by using the “Invite to Follow” function.

  1. Publish Leadership Content

This requires research and creation, but LinkedIn’s key point is that brands should look to publish quality leadership content.

The best way to capture the attention of LinkedIn’s audience is to publish compelling content about industry news, trends, and other relevant topics.

Creating content is easy these days. But creating great content is a challenge. You need to provide your insights and the perspective of what your business offers.

LinkedIn’s advice is to publish “well-researched, useful, and relevant content”. But it will take some time and writing skill, to put together unique, valuable insights for your target audience.

LinkedIn also suggests that businesses need to use its page Content Suggestions feature.

  1. Join Conversations to Boost Awareness

LinkedIn suggests that brands need to engage in relevant conversations on the platform to boost awareness of their presence and expand their connections.

You can use LinkedIn’s Community Hashtags feature. You can choose up to three specific hashtags to associate with your business page.

You can then interact with these topics to boost exposure for your brand presence on the platform.

  1. Know Your Audience – Use Analytics

LinkedIn suggests using analytics tools to view data about the demographics and traits of your page audience.

You can identify which of your posts and updates are driving the highest engagement. With these insights, you can optimize your page for better audience alignment. You can provide the type of content they find most valuable.

  1. Encourage Your People

LinkedIn says that companies should encourage their employees to ensure that they’re linking to the company page from the work experience section of their LinkedIn profiles.

You can increase exposure and page admins should also look to re-share their employees’ best posts, notify employees of the most important Page posts to share, and help employees with a shout-out from your Page.

That’s another consideration to boost engagement and awareness.

Last Tip

These tips can help you to create a more effective plan to improve and grow successfully the LinkedIn presence of your business.

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YouTube: 5 Tips on How to Create Backlinks to Your Videos

YouTube: 5 Tips on How to Create Backlinks to Your Videos

As you know YouTube is the best video platform. But if you want to improve your Youtube video marketing strategy you need to create backlinks to your YouTube videos.

YouTube: How to Create Backlinks to Your Videos

Backlinks are hyperlinks that interlink one website to another. Backlinks are used for search engine optimization to achieve higher rankings.

Here are some tips about how to create backlinks for your videos.

Backlinks are important because they will help you to rank higher and generate more organic traffic. When your YouTube video gets a backlink from a credible website or source, your YouTube video will start to appear in relevant searches and will attract more interested people.

Backlinks also can generate referral traffic to your YouTube videos. Every time people are using a backlink linked to your video, your traffic and views will increase.

Remember that great backlinks are relevant, credible, anchor text, and are from a high-traffic page.

Tips on How to Create Backlinks To Your Videos

There are two types of backlinks you can create: dofollow and nofollow links. Dofollow links are genuine links that offer information to the audience. Remember that search engines ignore nofollow links.

How you can create backlinks for your YouTube videos.

  1. Guest Vlogging

Guest vlogging is similar to guest posting. Guest vlogging is a great way to get backlinks from popular YouTube channels. Also, you can collaborate with other YouTube video creators and attract more attention and traffic to your videos.

  1. Embed YouTube Videos To Your Blog

If you have a blog you can embed YouTube videos and increase your visibility. This will help you gain more views on your videos and boost your channel’s ranking and popularity.

  1. Share on Social Media

You can share your videos on social media. You will attract your target audience and generate more views by putting your video links in your stories, feed posts, or bio. Then, you can submit your links on different social media platforms for social bookmarking.

  1. Use Comments

Comments can help you to share your links on other groups and threads related to your channel’s niche. Comments with strong links grab attention and generate backlinks to your video.

When commenting on other brand’s videos, you can also collaborate with them. So you can expand your audience and generate targeted traffic.

  1. High-Quality Content

You need to create high-quality video content to get more views and generate engagement. You can create explainer, how-to, tutorials, DIY videos, etc. With high-quality video content, you will achieve higher rankings, popularity, and traffic.

Last Tip

These tips will help you to create backlinks to drive more traffic to your YouTube video channel and improve your video SEO strategy. Start with optimizing your YouTube channel and uploading excellent video content.

Important Tip. Don’t forget to include your links in your video’s description.

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YouTube: 5 Tips On How to Promote Your Videos for Free

YouTube: 5 Tips On How to Promote Your Videos for Free

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and also the second larger search engine. But it’s very competitive.

So getting views and subscribers for your video channel is difficult, but it’s not impossible!

YouTube: How to Promote Your Videos for Free

Here are some useful tips on how to promote your YouTube videos for free

  1. Create High-Quality Video Content

You need to create high-quality video content. Next, think of creative ways to improve your video marketing strategy. You need to attract more interested people to your video channel.

Give them a reason to subscribe to your video channel.

  1. Create Attractive Titles

It’s important to create attractive video titles. YouTube SEO is to rank your videos. Use relevant keywords and look for words and phrases that are relevant to your video. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, YouTube Autosuggest, etc.

You can also look at the keywords your competitors are using. Keep your video’s title short and interesting.

  1. Keywords, Tags, and Description

Your YouTube video description has a 5000-word limit. You can describe your video in detail and include links to your blog, social media platforms, and website.

YouTube tags can be used to avoid keyword stuffing. Start with using your primary keyword as your first YouTube tag. Then, continue with your secondary and complementary keywords. Tags will help to rank your videos higher on YouTube.

  1. Audience engagement

Build audience engagement to promote and grow your video channel. Your YouTube community can help you promote your videos for free. They will share and recommend your videos to their friends and social media.

Users on YouTube will like your videos and subscribe to your channel. When a user comments on your videos, engage with them by replying. If you ignore your subscribers they will ignore you and your videos.

  1. Create Attractive Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are the first thing users will see when reaching your videos. If you don’t have a thumbnail, YouTube uses a random snapshot from your video as a thumbnail.

To promote your videos and get more views, you need to create attractive thumbnails. Use bright colors, less text, and effective elements.

Last Tip

Use these tips to promote your videos for free on YouTube and grow your channel. You can also promote your videos on different social media to get more viewers and followers.

Also, you can use promotional services to grow your YouTube video channel and reach your target audience pretty fast.

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Mobile Wallets: 6 Tips About Future of Payments

Mobile Wallets: 6 Tips About Future of Payments

Mobile wallets are already here and they will become more popular in the future. These days there is a massive shift from physical to digital payments.

Mobile Wallets: The Future of Payments

E-commerce and mobile payments are changing the way people find and pay for products and services online. Also, technology is changing the way payment processors accept and secure payments.

Here some tips about mobile wallets and the future of online payments

  1. Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are one of the trends of mobile payment technology. Mobile wallets provide speed, convenience, and security.

Stats show that mobile payments are growing fast and the future is bright.

  1. Mobile Applications and Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are popular because they are easy to use. You can download the mobile wallet app on your phone or mobile device, add your payment details and use the mobile wallet as a payment method online. It’s pretty easy.

Also, mobile payment technology includes user authentication and security features. You don’t need to enter credit card details or present a physical credit card at the checkout.

These user-friendly apps are changing the way you will pay for goods, products, and services.

  1. Security

Security features will ensure that consumers continue to use mobile wallets in the future.

Many mobile wallets offer dual authentication for use. Usually, a PIN will be required when making online purchases with a mobile wallet. Many smartphones have biometric authentication to ensure that only authorized app users can make purchases on the phone or smart device.

  1. Physical Payment Cards

The growth of mobile wallets means fewer payments with physical payment cards. Credit and debit cards remain the main method of cash payment. Stats show that 70% of Americans use at least one credit card.

Mobile payment applications and other forms of digital payment are reducing the need for physical payment cards.

The mobile payment processors of the future will handle a variety of payment options, including cash, traditional cards, and mobile wallets.

  1. Mobile point of sale – mPOS

Credit card processing is portable too. Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices are wireless devices that mimic traditional cash registers and point-of-sale terminals.

mPOS devices provide merchants an easy and wireless way to receive payments. The flexibility of mPOS allows merchants to carry out transactions wherever their customers are. There is no need for a central point of sale.

mPOS is the future of mobile payment technology. Reports show that there are 27.7 million mPOS devices in 2021.

The flexibility of mobile payments and mPOS systems creates a new wireless economy.

  1. Social Media and Shopping

These days people like to use their phones. They want to browse Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok. With so many people on social media, it’s natural for businesses to market to a new worldwide broad audience.

Social shopping is when social media users find a product or service they like on social platforms. They don’t have to leave the app to find a business. They can simply click the Buy Now button and start shopping right away.

This social media shopping experience requires a flexible, secure, mobile payment processor that can integrate with the mobile shopping cart and social media technology. This social shopping integration is a necessary feature for the mobile payments of the future.

The Future

The future of mobile payment technology is about mobile wallets and mobile point of sale (mPOS).

Mobile features represent the future of payments, payment processing, and payment gateways.