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How to Grow Your Brand With User-Generated Content [Infographic]

User-generated content is a pretty effective method to grow your brand, build relationships with your target audience, and increase sales. Your brand must stay connected with your audience if you want to capture leads and increase conversions.

These days people don’t like to see ads. They are looking for experiences (something starting before they buy and lasting long after they buy a product or service). Brands recognize the value of these long-term relationships and they are trying to connect with users across social platforms.

You need to make user-generated content part of your marketing strategy. This shows that you value interaction and feedback from your target audience.

People that using social platforms can provide content and they like positive interactions with brands. This type of engagement can make 70% of consumers more likely to convert after they’ve connected with your brand.

You can increase engagement by 30%, using content created by users. It can bring more traffic to your brand’s social media profiles and can increase followers across platforms.

Stats show that 80% of consumers will share positive brand experiences with others. They will become your brand ambassadors. Pretty effective free advertising for your brand.

You need to pay attention to website analytics and social signals to determine the types of content your customers like or need.

You have to be active on the platforms where your audience spends the most time. Both video and live video do well on Facebook, and images grab a lot of attention on Twitter.

Also, share high-value content on LinkedIn, and use stories on Instagram.

You can’t have user-generated content without users, so ask your audience for the content. Encourage them to share positive brand experiences, and keep track of their stories. You can create contests in which entrants share photos or videos showcasing your products, and never be afraid to ask for feedback when people make purchases.

You need to build trust with your target audience. Make them realize that you care for them. Analyze their pain points and engage them in the activities that release their everyday stress. Make them feel that they are important to you.

These tips will help you to create a successful user-generated campaign.

Including user-generated content in your marketing campaigns provides the social proof to build trust between your brand and your customers.

As you gather more photos, videos, reviews, and testimonials, your brand’s presence across the internet increases and you can make an impact on consumers’ lives. Show them that you can help and improve their life.

Also, you need to listen to your customers, watch how people respond to campaigns, and use fresh ideas about how to make user-generated content an effective feature of your brand’s social presence.

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Digital Marketing Tips: How to Create a Viral Campaign with Micro-Influencers [Infographic]

Micro-influencers are known as a low-cost and very effective (high-ROI) marketing solution. Once you have decided to work with micro-influencers for your campaign, you need to build a successful strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

Here are some effective tips about how to create a viral marketing campaign with micro-influencers.

  1. Set Goals – KPI

As with any marketing strategy, yours should decide what you want to achieve and how you will measure success. You need to set goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your campaign.

Some common influencer marketing goals:

Increase brand awareness
Build an audience
Improve engagement
Drive sales
Generate leads

  1. Find the Right Influencers

When selecting micro-influencers for your campaign, you should look for three things: relevance, engagement rate, and authenticity.


One of the most important tips is their relevance to your niche and brand. It is important to know if their followers include your target audience.

Micro-influencers usually have loyal followers who trust their opinions and recommendations. Even an influencer with a small but more relevant fan base can help you to generate more sales.

Engagement rate

You need to check the average number of interactions that occur in their posts. This can also help you analyze who engages with their posts and if the influencer has an engaged community.

If you want to find influencers with real engagement, you can look for them on influencer communities. It allows you to search for influencers by their niches and the number of followers they have.

You can also look at their engagement rates, the types of content they create, and their past collaborations.


Influencers with many followers can ask a lot of money to promote your brand. But a lot of influencers are using black-hat methods to generate more followers. So don’t believe the numbers!

One way to detect fake followers is to look at their engagement rate. You need to check the authenticity of their profiles and engagement by reviewing their social profiles.

  1. Create Content

You can create content and ask influencers to publish it, or you can let the influencers do the work based on your campaign brief.

Influencer-created content

Influencers get maximum creative freedom when you allow them to handle content creation. You just provide them with a guideline and some general direction about the kind of content you expect from them.

Influencer-created content is more likely to be engaging and impactful.

You need to have a review process when negotiating content usage rights with your influencer partnerships. You need to review, analyze, request changes, and approve content before the influencer publishes it.

Also, you can further optimize your influencer campaigns for better performance.

Very Important! influencer marketing campaign success is not really about the number of followers and likes, it is the engagement that matters.

Micro-influencers offer the best combination of broader reach and relevant engagement. They have fewer followers, but their audiences are loyal and highly engaged.

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Social Media: How to Make Money with Instagram and Grow Your Brand

Social Media: How to Make Money with Instagram and Grow Your Brand

Instagram it’s a very popular social media platform. Also, it’s an awesome opportunity to grow your brand and generate more sales. But it is necessary to build a relationship with potential customers and be more attractive than the competition.

If you want your brand to stand out, it is necessary to have a solid strategy, understanding the characteristics of users, and creating a dynamic and attractive approach.

Here are some tips about how to make money with Instagram and how to grow your brand.

  1. Spy the Competition

If you want to create quality content for Instagram is to stay tuned in trends related to the market you are in. This is not limited to the most talked about subjects, but also covers the most popular post formats and the triggers that motivate users to engage on a page.

A pretty effective, the relevant idea is to closely monitor (spy) the competition. If they engage your audience more than you do, you need to identify why. So go to your competitors’ profiles and observe their posting dynamics.

The secret may be in the details. You will notice that, in some cases, content very similar to yours gets more results. What is the reason for that? One of the answers may be in the time when the materials are posted.

Periods of greater activity on Insta represent a greater chance for interaction by the public.

Also, it is very important to find the hashtags that attract the most audience. For this, in addition to observing the competitor, you can use tools to find the keywords most searched by your target audience.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Your Instagram profile should represent the image you want to represent your business. Therefore, take some time to edit it and make it suitable for your company’s values and visual identity. To begin, it is essential to create a business account.

Also, add a bio that is both brief, clear, and informative. You can describe your brand’s activities or insert a phrase that represents the company’s ideals. It is also important to insert the URL of your website or your online store, to increase the volume of accesses.

Be sure to offer your main contact options for visitors to ask possible questions. Remember that Instagram is an excellent customer service channel. The more qualified this service is, the greater your results will be.

  1. Interact with Your Followers and Generate Engagement

Important Tip. The number of followers of your Instagram account, if not accompanied by good practices, is nothing more than a vanity metric. It is useless to have many followers if none of them are interested or interact with your posts.

The metric that matters for an Instagram strategy is the level of engagement. The percentage of followers that interact with your content, whether through likes or comments.

So, if you want to sell more on Instagram, try creating publications that encourage user engagement. Remember not to let your page look like a product flyer. Give value and help your followers. Build relationships. That’s Social Media!

An interesting feature is a live broadcast. These events are attractive and generate a sense of urgency and exclusivity in the followers, who are encouraged to interact with questions and other comments.

The idea is to strengthen the relationship with the audience and make your brand a reference in the minds of consumers.

Use sweepstakes

Another very interesting tip to attract an audience engaged with your profile is to hold sweepstakes. You can offer items, exclusive content, event tickets, and more. It is important to know the interests of your target audience, so you can generate more engagement.

Use Influencer Marketing

People tend to believe what is said by friends, family, and influencers than the ads of companies. Influencers have a highly segmented audience that values what they have to say. They can create trends pretty fast and easily.

You need to identify the influencers who operate in your niche and offer partnerships (marketing), which may include a specific payment or simply the free availability of your products.

Just keep in mind that the influencer must reflect the values of your brand and have a lot of followers relevant to your target audience.

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Digital Marketing: How to Boost Your Business with Quora

Digital Marketing: How to Boost Your Business with Quora

Quora is not the best known social media platform, but it’s growing every day and it’s a very effective site. Also, it’s a great resource for researching and improving your campaigns – or even you can create your ad campaigns.

Quora has over 300 million monthly unique visitors. Quora focus on providing answers and can help you in research and outreach efforts.

Here are some tips on how to boost your business with Quora.

  1. Content Source

Quora is a content source for those who know the benefits of content marketing.

The platform covers tens of thousands of topics and many industry experts regularly share their insights. This can be great for researching what people want to know about your niche and informing your content.

If many people are seeking answers on certain questions, then you can provide answers and solutions to these people. You get targeted traffic right away!

  1. Boost Your Brand

Quora can help you to boost brand awareness and attract blog readers. You can use segments from your blog posts to answer questions and link back to your post if the reader wants to dive in beyond your short “teaser” answer.

Quora is also a platform where you can build your brand presence, and in the process, improve your SEO performance through backlinks.

How to boost your brand with Quora

Becoming an expert in a specific topic or niche by answering questions

Building a following through Quora’s social networking features

Driving people back to your site where they become regular visitors

Providing solutions is one of the best ways to build your brand image and become an expert in your niche.

  1. Backlinks

Quora rewards those answering questions in two ways:

Payments if you’re part of their partner program

Backlink opportunities

Anyone with a Quora account can answer questions, and including a reference is the easiest way to drop a link in your answer. So, it makes sense to include your blog’s content as a source when answering questions in your niche.

Backlinks, as you know, are one of the most important factors for Search Engine Optimization. Getting a few backlinks from a high authority site like Quora can improve your backlink profile.

  1. Online Presence and Traffic

Your business needs to be present on the channels that your audience use and Quora is one of those channels. It’s a very effective tip to build a profile to help people to find you.

Fill in the relative details of your Quora profile

Add an enticing bio and call-to-action to a landing page

Interlink to your best work (answers) and favorite topics

You can turn Quora into an asset for your online presence. Your activity on Quora will get noticed by its community – great answers will get seen on this platform.

Quora has many benefits for your business. You can create an effective digital marketing strategy providing answers, giving value and help to the community.

Also, you will generate traffic, trust, leads, backlinks, and boost your brand for free. The results are amazing! Start Now!

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Affiliate Marketing: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Affiliate Marketing: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence has many benefits for your affiliate marketing business. Advertisers, marketers, and business owners want to succeed in matching highly-converted offers with the right audience, run effective campaigns, generate leads, and make money.

Only using AI technology marketers can achieve this automation. Even the most skeptical marketers realizing that without AI they would be left behind the competitors, are leveraging AI in their campaigns.

The Benefits of AI for Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Quality Data Analysis

The success of affiliate campaigns is directly connected with the data from the previous campaigns. The more versatile and all-embracing, the better. But the effectiveness is not about the volumes alone.

It is also about speed. Both data volumes and analysis speed are responsible for the final quality. Before, marketers could have collected mountains of unstructured data as well, but they would need days or even weeks to analyze it properly. While in the meantime, they were also getting new data.

Working with unstructured data now is much easier – it no longer takes weeks for humans to analyze. Now, AI can identify data patterns and match people with offers in a matter of minutes.

Effective and Profitable Ad Campaigns

With the insights collected from the previous ad campaigns, marketers are likely to succeed in their future campaigns. Based on knowledge received from the different variables, relations between brands, target audience engagement with creatives, advertisers have a great deal of data to rely upon.

Improved Mobile Ads

With improved data quality, the future of mobile ads is much more promising. Despite the high amount of mobile traffic, mobile advertising faces several challenges connected with regulations on the collection of customer data and promotion distribution, and the inability to measure the performance.

But, AI can solve this puzzle by pulling data from different users, monitoring their internet over time, and enabling smart placement of ads and other promotional content.

Artificial Intelligence in Affiliate Marketing

Chatbots – An Effective Communication Channel

With a massive amount of requests that companies receive every day, it’s challenging to pay equal attention to everyone. Knowing that a significant part of customer queries is generic, many companies shift towards using chatbots as the first interaction with a customer.

When you know your customer’s challenges and questions, you can automate a good portion of your communication. All the basic queries are taken by bots. Chatbots are gaining high popularity.

Smart Links

Smartlink, or also AI Smartlink, is a powerful monetization tool that allows affiliates you work with to get only one link for all offers. Smartlinks work by using the ML algorithm that decides which offer is shown for each specific user.

The algorithm takes data about a user, analyses all the information received to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to be converted.

Fraud prevention

With fraud becoming more and more of a challenge, marketers can’t fully protect their campaigns with rules-based fraud prevention methodologies. Under the AI fraud prevention methods, dozens of campaign metrics and connections between them are analyzed by machine learning algorithms.

The decision to stop specific traffic comes from the machine learning algorithm, what in turn, ensures a high level of fraud detection accuracy.

Several years ago, we used to say that AI is the future, but now AI is already our present. Artificial intelligence will change the marketing area and our every day lives.

— An investment in knowledge pays the best interest- Benjamin Franklin

You can get access to a range of free courses as well as paid courses.

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