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Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future
Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

Elon Musk now looks set to become the sole proprietor of Twitter, after Twitter’s board met on the weekend to vote on accepting his $44b takeover offer.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

According to reports, Twitter’s board ultimately felt that they had little choice but to accept the billionaire’s offer – which means that Elon himself will now be the one setting the rules, and giving the green light on the way forward for the platform.

So what does that mean?

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

Well, no one knows for sure, likely not even Musk himself, who recently admitted that he’s still working through his plans.

But we do have some pretty clear indicators about Musk’s intentions, ranging from restoring ‘free speech’ to combating bots.

Here’s a look at Musk’s key areas of focus, based on his public statements thus far, and how he might go about tackling each.

1. Restoring Free Speech

Free speech has become the main focus of the Musk-Twitter push, with the Tesla owner publicly decrying Twitter’s past actions in silencing certain users.

Musk has also criticized Twitter’s decision to ban former US President Donald Trump, while he’s also had his share of issues related to his tweeted remarks and statements.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

Will Twitter take a different approach to such under Musk’s leadership?

Musk’s main contention here is that taking Twitter into private ownership will enable it to be free in what it allows, as it won’t be beholden to shareholders or advertisers in this respect.

But ads, of course, are Twitter’s key moneymaker – in looking at Twitter’s Q4 21 results, ad sales made up the vast majority of Twitter’s revenue intake.

Musk’s view is that authenticating real people, and giving them a checkmark, will lessen the impact of bots (another of his key focus points), and forcing people to pay for Twitter Blue, at $3 per month, could be the way that he does it.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

But would people pay for Twitter? Does anyone need the app that much that it would justify a $3 per month charge?

Right now, very few people are signing up for Twitter Blue, with the lure of a few custom color options and ‘undo tweets’ really not moving the needle for regular users.

But if Musk cut everyone off unless they paid the fee, maybe that would get more people to pay up – and if a lot of prominent users did end up paying, that would then entice others to sign on, so they don’t miss anything.

At present, Twitter has 217 million daily active users, which, if they each paid $3 per month, would bring in $7.8b in annual revenue for the app. Of course, not all of these users are going to pay, but I suspect also that Twitter is a very important tool for those that do use it, even if its user numbers pale in comparison to Facebook or Instagram.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

If Musk can also add new features, as he says, to make that $3 monthly investment even better, Twitter could become a hub for more engaged, active, and accountable conversation very fast. And a lot of media folk, at the least, would be willing to pay to engage in that group chat.

This is the kind of bet that I think Musk will take, and while it could reduce Twitter’s presence in the social media sphere, by lessening its user base, it could still ensure that it remains a relevant, valuable entity, and potentially a profitable one for the Musk longer term.

And ultimately, that could also be Musk’s pathway to free speech. With every user registered and accountable, and only paying users able to get into the app, that puts more onus of responsibility onto each contributor, while trolls wouldn’t so easily be able to make new accounts just to attack and harass others.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

2. Open Sourcing the Algorithm

Another element of Musk’s Twitter takeover push has been algorithmic transparency and allowing users to understand, and even control, how the system decides what’s most relevant to them.

Twitter’s already exploring through its ‘BlueSky’ initiative, and the concept that regular users could have a better understanding of such systems does make sense – though the complexities may well be lost on us non-coders and regular folk (i.e. the vast majority of Twitter users) who just want to check out the latest tweets.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

A key risk on this front is that by opening up its algorithmic parameters, Twitter would enable users to identify key aspects that they may want to emphasize or not within their experience.

It’s not an easy road, and Musk will have his work cut out on this front, but again, Twitter is already moving on this path, and Musk’s impetus will likely see the Bluesky project develop a lot faster.

3. Eliminating Bots

Musk is also keen to eliminate bots, which, as noted above, a new checkmark system for all users could assist with in many ways.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

Twitter’s been working to address its bot problems for years, though the view is that it could do more, with bot accounts seemingly easy to identify for most users.

The question in the past has been whether Twitter wants to tackle bots, or whether it’s more beneficial for the platform to continue counting them as ‘active users’. With market pressure on Twitter to boost usage numbers, maybe, by turning a blind eye to some of these bot profiles, that help to prop up those figures.

 Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Plans and Future

Going private eliminates that emphasis, and Twitter could, at least theoretically, now take stronger action on bot accounts.

It seems like Musk will be pushing for that, and it’s another area that Twitter has been developing, while a shift to increased accountability for all human users will, again, be of benefit here.

These are the three key pillars of Musk’s Twitter push – or at least, the ones that we know of thus far, and it does seem like these will be the focal points of his platform leadership when he takes over at the helm of the app.

It does seem that we’ll find out very quickly what Musk’s plans are for the app.

More Details – https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/elon-musk-buys-twitter-so-what-now/


How To Improve Your Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy

Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy
Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy


Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

There is a strong possibility of economic recovery in 2021. But the new year doesn’t promise less uncertainty than 2020, so investors should remain cautious, as always.

Use these companies to think about opportunities and decide if you invest your money or not. Important Tip! Always research and understand a company before you buy its stock.

Here are some highly promising companies that you can buy their stock in 2021.

  1. Tesla
Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

Tesla has enjoyed growth in 2020 and there is a bright future for the Palo Alto electric car maker. Its shares price has skyrocketed more than 650% on a year-to-date basis (one of the top growth stocks of the year).

The company will capitalize on the growing electric vehicle (EV) market in the coming years. Some industry experts believe that the demand for EVs around the world, (particularly in China), would help Tesla to grow its future revenue.

Tesla’s strategy to establish itself as a leading player in the EV market will benefit the company in the coming years. So, for those who want to be a part of its success, this is the right time to invest in this high-value stock.

  1. Nvidia

Nvidia stock value has increased by more than 125% this year (2020). The financial performance of the company has surpassed analysts’ expectations.

Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

The California-based company specializes in manufacturing graphics processing unit chips, which are used in artificial intelligence (AI) and the gaming industry, among others.

AI spending is expected to hit $110 billion by 2024. Also, the gaming industry is booming at a rapid pace. Nvidia will benefit from the boom.

  1. Disney

Walt Disney performed well this year but most of its theme parks stayed closed (Pandemic) and affected its revenue.

Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

But Disney+ streaming platform has performed very well this year. One year after its launch, the video-on-demand streaming service has over 86 million subscribers (Amazing Growth).

The progress of its streaming service will help the company to boost its revenue.

  1. Zoom

Zoom Video Communications stock’s value has skyrocketed nearly 500% so far this year. Millions of people signed up for its online video-conferencing platform (pandemic effect).

Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

The Zoom video platform has a simple and user-friendly interface, which is one of the key reasons behind its recent success. Some people think that its growth may slow down as the pandemic ends.

But video meetings, virtual learning, and online interactions are not going to end anytime soon. Zoom is expected to do well in the coming quarters considering the recent stock momentum and revenue growth.

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding was performing well this year until it experienced a couple of major setbacks. Alibaba is facing scrutiny from the Chinese government (it’s about monopolistic practices).

Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

However, the company’s growth rates still look strong. It is leading the Chinese e-commerce market with a controlling share of 56%. Second in China is JD.com, which holds nearly a 17% share of the market.

Alibaba also beat analysts’ expectations in its latest quarterly report. Its second-quarter revenue jumped 30% on a year-over-year basis, marking the strength of its business despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alibaba stock is expected to go up after addressing the challenges it is facing right now.

  1. ServiceNow

ServiceNow stock’s value grows about 96% on a year-to-date basis, as demand for its products and services remained elevated during the year. The software company also reported better-than-expected results in its latest quarterly report.

Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

Its subscription billings for the third quarter came in at $1.08 billion. Also, its big customers, with an annual contract value of more than $1 million, increased 25%

ServiceNow will continue to perform well in 2021. Most analysts have a “Buy” rating for the stock with an average price target estimate of $ 575 per share, suggesting that the company’s share price will go up in the coming quarters.

5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Buy an Existing Website

5 Reasons Why it's Better to Buy an Existing Website
It’s better to buy an established website which is already successful than to build a new website from scratch. The established websites can be a smart move for those who are looking out for a sure income from day one.


It’s better to buy an established website which is already successful than to build a new website from scratch. The established websites can be a smart move for those who are looking out for a sure income from day one.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to buy an existing website.

1. You will have to do less hard work

Since you are thinking of buying an established business online, you don’t have to design or coding the website to get started with the business. You can revamp the acquired website whenever you want, it is not mandatory to do it immediately as it still makes sales.

You will not have to pay anything from your pocket as you will make money from the first day.

2. Save time and money

It is the best way to own and run an existing business rather than building a website. It’ll be a great idea to take advantage of someone who wants to sell the website instead of spending effort, time and money on creating the entire set up from scratch.

5 Reasons Why it's Better to Buy an Existing Website
5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Buy an Existing Website

3. Existing websites have already traffic.

Most of the existing website will get traffic from SEO rankings, Social media, or Marketing campaign. With the help of some marketing skills, you can easily monetize the existing traffic that you are getting on the website without any effort.

4. An established website has a customer database.

Generating a customer database with potential customers can be difficult and time-consuming as well. Those websites that are doing well will have a ready-to-use customer list. Once you acquire the ownership of the existing business, you will be provided with the access to the lists of customers so that you can contact your customers directly for offers, and promotions.

5. An established website offers revenue from the first day.

We all know that there is no instant success in any new business. However, it can be quite profitable if you are buying a website that will offer revenue from the very first day. Here you will only have to focus on how you can expand the business while accelerating the flow of income.

How to Sell your website

A lot of business owners are getting involved in forming their own e-commerce business where they can sell products or services and make a profit. Maybe out of passion, you have developed a website with an idea of starting a business from home. After a point of time, you might think to sell your website and start something new for your business.

You will be looking for a good marketplace to sell your website. However, the next step can be a challenging part as you will have to evaluate your own business. It is an essential aspect to evaluate your business website and find out how much is your website worth or it can be sold for.

How you can find out the worth of your website and how can sell your website for a higher value.

The website only makes value if it has the potential to provide a good return on investment. The buyer will only invest in those websites that can make sales and offer better revenue.

You as a seller and the customer is a buyer will obviously have a different mindset about the website. The buyer who will be investing in your website might expect a quick payback and he will decide the amount based on the risk.

Each and every aspect comes under consideration while evaluating a website such as the development and maintenance cost of the website, domain fees, traffic, monthly sales and profit, the amount spent on promotion and ads, etc.
How will a BUYER evaluate the website?

5 Reasons Why it's Better to Buy an Existing Website
5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Buy an Existing Website

Most of the buyers are willing to pay a higher amount of what the business is generating but it is determined by the amount of risk involved. The lesser is the risk, the higher amount will be spent by the buyer for a website.

Factors involved in evaluating a website:

• Consistency in earnings
• Business growth
• Automated systems
• Revenue streams
• Traffic and ranking

Here’s how you can maximize the value of your website:

1. Estimation and paperwork: It is necessary to have all your assets, profits and expenses calculated.

2. Simplify your routines and other processes: It is necessary to ensure all the processes are functioning excellently. It will be a great idea to cut down unnecessary expenses.

3. Try differentiating whatever you are offering: You will have to look for a way to differentiate your business from the other competitors. Try figuring out what makes you stand different and exclusive from other and showcase it to your buyers.

4. Organize your business: keep things organized so that it attracts more buyers. It’s a great idea to make your business more organized while fixing any kind of problems. An effective and profitable website have more value.

The 7 Key Emotions to Increase Your Sales

The 7 Key Emotions to Increase Your Sales
72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits in 2018. How to Make Money Online Free Ebook
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The buying behaviour of customers is connected their emotions. People buy with their emotions and then justify that decision with logic. Your website and online sales pages need to use the right words to stir up emotion in your readers.

There are 7 key types of emotional factors that make customers buy products and services. Once you understand these emotions, and then relate to your products and services in a way that makes your prospects feel those emotions, it will get them to take action. Use the key emotions the right way and you will increase your sales.

1. Anger

It might seem odd to want your potential customers to be angry. But, you can stimulate anger in your sales duplicate by making them angry about what is happening to them with regards to their problem. You can then focus the anger they feel toward the situation to drive them to buy your solutions.

2. Fear

Evoking fear gets results. There are a number of ways to stimulate feelings of fear. One of them is fear of missing out. Place emphasis on the risk of not buying your offer. For instance, the price is going to increase, or you’re only making it possible for 10 customers to buy the product or service.

3. Disgust

You want your audience to feel disgusted about the problem and not the solution. You can guide them toward your solution and the information you provide to lift the disgust and make a big difference in their lives.

4. Contempt and Controversy

Generally, this is reserved for political ads. Using contempt in your descriptions and marketing can cause some controversy. But, sometimes controversy can be a popular element that gets people talking.

5. Joy

When you sell joy, you’ll want to focus on the benefits of your products as much as you can. Focus on not only the product’s benefits now but also on the joy your buyer will feel later.

6. Sadness

You can use sadness in several ways. For example, this is used with fundraising for pets. They show you pictures of a lot of sad pets and then, of course, you have to get out your credit card to help those animals.You can use sadness by showing the sadness of people before they bought your product or used your service.

7. Surprise

It’s challenging to use surprise in copy-writing but surprise can get the attention of your audience, which will help keep them engaged. One way to surprise people is to deliver more on what you promised. By doing this, they’ll recommend you to others because it was something that they were not expecting.

It’s very important to give value and solutions to your customers. Treat them right because they are your business not the products or services you sell!!


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Guide: How To Build Your Home Based Online Business

Guide: How To Build Your Home Based Online Business
72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits in 2018. How to Make Money Online Free Ebook
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Many people want to build a home based online business but worry as they might think that they do not have the technical skills or any knowledge of how the online business actually works. These thoughts are common, but there are no rules and regulations as to who can or cannot set up and online business from home.

All of the reasons for not builfing a home based online business can be easily overcome if you are willing to learn and have the determination to build a sustainable and long term successful online business.

Don’t forget! Online business is a Real Business not a hobby. You need to work everyday and also you need a successful business plan to grow your online business.

Why to build a Home Based online Business?

Everybody has a different reason why they want to set up a home based online business. Many people need some extra income to help pay for the increasing cost of living as regular wages and salaries do not go up. Other people may have been forced to leave their jobs and need to generate extra income to support themselves and their families.

But why set up a new business on the internet?

It is a well know fact that more and more people are using the internet to buy products and services. The online sales growing everyday. If you have a home based online business that can tap into this online-buyer market you have a world wide audience, rather than just a local or passing trade audience that you get with a traditional ‘bricks and mortar business’.

Also, when you are starting a home based internet business, your set up costs are less than that of a traditional offline business. You will have an element of business costs for your online business, but they will not be anything like the traditional costs of premises, staff, utilities, equipment and infrastructure that you will incur with a physical premises.

The five tips for long term and sustainable home based online business

1. A Solid Online Business Model

Your home based online business should have three key components. Firstly, products that provide you with recurring income, where you sell it once and you get paid every month. Second, products that you sell on behalf of product merchants that pay you a commission, also know as affiliate marketing. Third, high ticket items that means you earn more money per sale.

2. A Customer Building Strategy

This means building a list of potential customer’s emails with the help of autorepsonder software so that you can build a relationship with them. Also you need to have something that you can give away in exchange for a potential customers email address. You give value to your subdcribers to gain their trust.

3. A Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is where you offer your prospects something of value to them for free (like a video or a free report) in exchange for their email address and name. Once the prospect is in your marketing funnel they go through as series of stages towards the buying process.

4. Free and Paid Website Traffic

When you set up a home based online business you need to be able to drive traffic to your website. If you have no traffic you have no business.

5. Education and Training

The internet has changed the lives and income of many people and it is vital that you are able to keep up to date with current trends. By learning from those who have gone before you it will save you many hours of frustration with home based internet business and will help you to avoid wasting money on online marketing strategies that do not work.

Make your research. Discover the famous marketers on your niche and study their methods and tips. Save time and money!

72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits in 2018. How to Make Money Online Free Ebook

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