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Best Stocks in 2021: Stocks and Opportunities [Infographic]

There is a strong possibility of economic recovery in 2021. But the new year doesn’t promise less uncertainty than 2020, so investors should remain cautious, as always.

Use these companies to think about opportunities and decide if you invest your money or not. Important Tip! Always research and understand a company before you buy its stock.

Here are some highly promising companies that you can buy their stock in 2021.

  1. Tesla

Tesla has enjoyed growth in 2020 and there is a bright future for the Palo Alto electric car maker. Its shares price has skyrocketed more than 650% on a year-to-date basis (one of the top growth stocks of the year).

The company will capitalize on the growing electric vehicle (EV) market in the coming years. Some industry experts believe that the demand for EVs around the world, (particularly in China), would help Tesla to grow its future revenue.

Tesla’s strategy to establish itself as a leading player in the EV market will benefit the company in the coming years. So, for those who want to be a part of its success, this is the right time to invest in this high-value stock.

  1. Nvidia

Nvidia stock value has increased by more than 125% this year (2020). The financial performance of the company has surpassed analysts’ expectations.

The California-based company specializes in manufacturing graphics processing unit chips, which are used in artificial intelligence (AI) and the gaming industry, among others.

AI spending is expected to hit $110 billion by 2024. Also, the gaming industry is booming at a rapid pace. Nvidia will benefit from the boom.

  1. Disney

Walt Disney performed well this year but most of its theme parks stayed closed (Pandemic) and affected its revenue.

But Disney+ streaming platform has performed very well this year. One year after its launch, the video-on-demand streaming service has over 86 million subscribers (Amazing Growth).

The progress of its streaming service will help the company to boost its revenue.

  1. Zoom

Zoom Video Communications stock’s value has skyrocketed nearly 500% so far this year. Millions of people signed up for its online video-conferencing platform (pandemic effect).

The Zoom video platform has a simple and user-friendly interface, which is one of the key reasons behind its recent success. Some people think that its growth may slow down as the pandemic ends.

But video meetings, virtual learning, and online interactions are not going to end anytime soon. Zoom is expected to do well in the coming quarters considering the recent stock momentum and revenue growth.

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding was performing well this year until it experienced a couple of major setbacks. Alibaba is facing scrutiny from the Chinese government (it’s about monopolistic practices).

However, the company’s growth rates still look strong. It is leading the Chinese e-commerce market with a controlling share of 56%. Second in China is, which holds nearly a 17% share of the market.

Alibaba also beat analysts’ expectations in its latest quarterly report. Its second-quarter revenue jumped 30% on a year-over-year basis, marking the strength of its business despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alibaba stock is expected to go up after addressing the challenges it is facing right now.

  1. ServiceNow

ServiceNow stock’s value grows about 96% on a year-to-date basis, as demand for its products and services remained elevated during the year. The software company also reported better-than-expected results in its latest quarterly report.

Its subscription billings for the third quarter came in at $1.08 billion. Also, its big customers, with an annual contract value of more than $1 million, increased 25%

ServiceNow will continue to perform well in 2021. Most analysts have a “Buy” rating for the stock with an average price target estimate of $ 575 per share, suggesting that the company’s share price will go up in the coming quarters.

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Network Marketing: Effective Tips on How to Generate Traffic and Sales

Network marketing, like other types of marketing, is a numbers game. The more people you introduce to your opportunity, the more money you’ll earn. If you want to generate traffic and sales, start working today.

Here are some effective tips about how to generate traffic, sales, and grow your MLM Business.

  1. Write Articles, Reports, or Ebooks.

Internet users are searching for useful information. Use this to promote your business by creating high-quality content and allowing others to reprint it for you. An effective way is to distribute a brandable ebook or special report.

A website or list owner can change to include a reference to their website. It’s a profitable way for them to include information on where the ebook was downloaded from and to include their affiliate link for your products and services. (It’s a win-win).

  1. Use Forums

There are many forums online and you can find one on any topic or niche. Most forums allow you to include a signature line that will be attached to every message. This is a chance for you to advertise your site and your business.

Visiting these forums to post interesting questions and offer your expertise. Provide help to the members of the forum and you get free, targeted, traffic. Of course, how much traffic you get depends on how often you post.

  1. Join Online Networking Sites

Networking sites are designed to make it easy for people to meet others in their industry and to advertise their products or services. They are similar to offline networking events where lots of people come together to talk about business. Online networking sites work the same way.

  1. Use Classified Ad Sites and Traffic Exchanges.

Classified ad sites and traffic exchanges are underestimated, but they work if you know how to use them. If you’re promoting a product or service that advertisers can benefit from then you can generate targeted traffic.

You need to create attractive ads to generate more traffic and even sales.

  1. Run a Contest.

People love contests because they like to win a prize for free. So a contest can be a great traffic generator. The key is to choose a prize that will attract people from your target audience.

If you make the grand prize a new laptop or a new smartphone you’ll attract many people worldwide. Get more targeted traffic by choosing something that your target audience is interested in.

To start promoting your contest do a search in Google for Contest Directories and you’ll find many places to list your contest for free.

  1. Use a Powerful Signature on Your Emails.

Every time you send an email you have the potential to get a visitor to your site. Simply create a signature that is automatically added to every outgoing message. Use the signature to briefly explain what you do and add a hyperlink to your site.

  1. Use Social Media and Influencers

Social media are very popular and also they are a pretty effective tool to promote your business. Create interesting posts and videos about your business. Talk to your followers about the benefits of your business or products. Interact with your followers and answer their questions.

Also, you can find influencers to promote your business. It’s better to collaborate with micro-influencers. They have loyal followers and you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

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Social Media Tips: How to Monetize Your Instagram Account and Earn Money [Infographic]

It’s very important to monetize your Instagram account. Instagram is very popular, so there are a niche market and a target audience for you. If you monetize effectively your account you can earn money online.

Here are some effective tips about how to monetize your Instagram account and earn money online.

  1. Grow Your Target audience

If your target audience size is low you cannot generate sales. You need to grow your reach, organically, to have an impact and earn money.

You need to measure the performance of your Instagram account using analytics. So you can discover top-performing content and hashtags in your niche and use them to grow your target audience (Followers).

Also, if you want to generate sales, you need to create and share compelling and effective content.

  1. Build Engagement

The effective tip to build engagement is to create content that solves the problems of your target audience.

You need to know the number of people liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts. If you have an “engaged” community, it’s very easy to generate sales.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to improve the discoverability of your content. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags. It’s important to use effective hashtags to create targeted traffic.

  1. Post Content Regularly

You need to post content and engage your followers regularly. It’s important to create a posting schedule. The more you post on Instagram, the faster your audience will grow.

  1. Post Quality Content

One of the most important things you need to do is to improve your content quality. Always use high-quality images. Also, you can use video content (Stories or IGTV are pretty effective).

  1. Build Relationships with Other Content Creators

It’s important and useful to build relationships with other content creators from your niche. You can ask them for a shoutout on one of their posts. Or you can engage with them and their followers on their posts.

  1. Teach What You Know

People follow you on Instagram because they love your content and they are looking to learn from you. So, it’s very important to teach what you know. You will become an expert in your niche or topic.

Also, you can create useful and informative courses to promote on Instagram.

  1. Create Videos

Explainer videos, DIYs, testimonials, are very popular types of video. You can create normal videos or Instagram Stories, but if you want to stand out, it’s better to use IGTV. Many brands and businesses are looking to partner with content creators on IGTV. It’s a great opportunity to make money and grow your target audience on Instagram.

Search online and discover more tips about how to monetize your Instagram account. It’s very important to take action now!

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Top Remote Jobs in 2021: Well Paid Remote Work Jobs You Need To Know

The world of remote work or remote jobs is growing pretty fast (Pandemic Effect). Now it’s very easy to work from anywhere. Stats show that over 8% of Americans work from home and the numbers are increasing.

Benefits of Remote Jobs or Remote Work

Many people are liking the freedom and flexibility of working remotely. A remote job can save you time and money by eliminating costs associated with working in a traditional workplace.

Some types of remote workers, like, freelancers can set their own schedules, others prefer to receive a salary and benefits from an employer while still working remotely.

Here are some well paid remote jobs you need to know. Maybe in the future, you will decide to become a freelancer or remote worker.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual designs using computer applications or software. They can work remotely (from home) to create layouts, logos, fonts, advertisements, even websites. Also, they can make improvements based on client feedback.

People who enjoy being creative and love design are the best for a career in graphic design.

  1. Travel Agent

A travel agent makes travel arrangements, provides advice about vacations, and business trips for clients. Many travel agents work remotely with the help of phones and the internet. They can coordinate flights, hotels, and entertainment for their clients.

Remote travel agents often work for large travel agencies in multiple countries. Being a remote travel agent is a great job for people who enjoy interacting with others and love travels.

  1. Remote Tutor

Remote tutors can teach students of any age in any subject. They often use video chatting applications and teaching software to connect with students all over the world in one-on-one or group settings.

Some tutors create their own lesson plans and others have a specific program. Remote tutoring jobs are great for people who love teaching and want a job with flexible hours.

  1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers create written content for clients. Content can include technical, marketing, blogging, creative writing, even magazines. People who have skills and love the written content are the best for a freelance writing career.

  1. Digital Marketer

Digital marketers have to work with email, social media, and web content to attract customers (traffic) for their clients. They often manage a client’s entire web presence, including their website, SEO strategy, social media, blog, and advertising strategy.

They can work remotely as long as they have internet access. Digital marketers need to learn many skills that they can apply to small businesses and large corporations or brands.

  1. Sales Consultant

Sales consultants analyze a company’s sales techniques and make suggestions for improvement. Many companies hire remote sales consultants, especially if they work within a niche market that requires special expertise. These days sales consultant jobs are in high demand.

  1. Technical Support Engineer

Technical support engineers help solve technical issues for clients. This is a profitable career for people interested in network systems, troubleshooting techniques, and operating systems. It’s important to have excellent customer service and communication skills.

  1. App Developer

App developers create, program, test, and maintain applications for mobile devices, computers, and web browsers. They often work independently or on small teams, allowing them to work remotely.

App development is a fast-growing and well-paid remote job that can provide additional benefits, such as stock options or profit shares (especially in startup business).

  1. Software Engineer

Software engineers build software (from video games to network systems) based on client needs. Software engineering is one of the highest-paying and most popular remote jobs these days. Their ability to use computer science to solve problems can increase their salary. They are a necessity for all businesses.

Make research and you can find more remote jobs. The online world is changing pretty fast and technology too. Pretty soon more people will work from home. Pandemic generated many opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s up to you to decide your future job or work.

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YouTube Marketing: Tips on How to Improve Your Videos and Make Money with YouTube in 2021

YouTube Marketing: Tips on How to Improve Your Videos and Make Money with YouTube in 2021

YouTube marketing is very effective but often overlooked by brands and social media marketers. Video is one of the best-performing forms of content in terms of engagement.

Videos are great for your social media profiles, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, your website, your landing pages, and any other platforms or tools you are using.

Here are some effective tips about how to improve your videos and make money with YouTube in 2021.

  1. Create a Brand Account on YouTube

With a Brand Account, many authorized users can log in. Even if you don’t need this right now, it’s a good option as your business grows. With a Brand Account, you can also manage multiple YouTube channels.

  1. Learn Your Target Audience

Use Analytics to get data, like where the majority of users live, age range, and viewing preferences.

With a YouTube channel for business, you have access to an Analytics tab. Use this tab to learn about your YouTube audience. Monitor watch time and demographic stats.

Identify the content your audience likes and then create new, interesting, and engaging video content.

  1. Trending Videos

Take a look at YouTube’s trending videos. There’s a lot of things you can learn from these videos. Are these videos high-production, or are they shot on the go? What is the common length of these videos? Do they add special effects or text overlays?

  1. Video Optimization and SEO

YouTube is a video search engine. You need to know tips about titles, keywords, descriptions, and other factors. Also, there’s the YouTube recommendation algorithm, which determines 70% of what people watch.

Optimize your videos so that they can show up in search results, get more views, and subscribers.

  1. Use Attractive Headlines

Use relevant keywords. Check what words people use to find your channel in YouTube Analytics. Take a look at Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. Discover popular keywords that you can use in your headlines.

  1. Create Thumbnails

Create effective and attractive thumbnails. You can show the result or a before and after thumbnail. This builds anticipation and curiosity: People will watch to see how you reach the final result.

  1. Description

YouTube shows only 300 characters above the Show More button. So users need to click on to see your full description. This is where you should add more context to your video. For example, if you feature several products, provide links to them.

Add links to your website and social channels. You can even include an auto-subscribe shortlink. If your video is long, create a “table of contents”, so viewers can easily jump to sections.

  1. Cards and Watermarks

Cards, end screens, bumper ads, and watermarks are effective clickable CTAs you can add to your YouTube videos. These elements help your videos drive actions and keep people on your channel.

  1. Use Channel Trailer

YouTube channel trailer is an opportunity to preview your channel. Channel trailers auto-play when an unsubscribed visitor lands on your page. So it’s best to assume they’re new to your page, and it’s a great opportunity to attract more people to your channel.

  1. Last Tips

Improve and increase your YouTube presence. Also, have a plan to publish new video content regularly

Create different types of videos to attract a wider audience (More People – More Views)

You need to invest time to engage with your viewers and to boost engagement with your videos

Optimize your channel and your videos for the YouTube search engine to boost your reach and grow your channel.