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Business Guide: Branding Tips and Techniques [Infographic]

Branding can help you to win your competitors, add value to your business, and generate engagement with your customers. Branding can highlight your products or services and make them unique and valuable.

The Famous founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says about branding: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Effective branding can create an emotional bond in the minds of people. People always are willing to pay more for a branded product than for an unbranded.

Creating a connection with people is very important for your business. Branding can help your business to connect with people and generate relationships.

Building a brand requires an effective strategy. Stats show that 55% of consumers worldwide buy based on a company’s brand values and impact.

Tips for Successful Branding

If you’re thinking to rebrand your business here are some effective tips you need to know.

  1. The big idea

The big idea is the reason why you build a business. You should show what makes you different, what you offer, the benefits, the advantages, etc.

  1. Vision

A vision for your business means that you thinking about the future and you have a plan. A vision may be a big one or maybe very simple like offering an existing product in a completely new way.

  1. Value
Business presentation on a laptop screen

Value means what you stand for and it can be communicated in what you do. Branding and design experts can help you clarify what your business stands for and then they can help you to communicate that effectively.

This might be through graphic design, advertising, the materials used in product manufacture, and so on.

  1. Personality

The way you decide to present this communication – the tone, language, and design, for example – is the personality of your business.

You need strategies and a marketing plan about how to present it to people.

  1. Storytelling

A very effective technique in branding a business is to tell its story. How you start your business, difficulties, mistakes, how to achieve success, etc.

  1. Design and branding

Many people think that a brand is simply a logo or identity. The logo is just the sign (trademark) of a brand, it is seen most frequently by many people.

Effective design is about building a relationship between a brand and its audience, creating a strong emotional connection.

A brand not only conveys its values but it understands the needs of its audience.

  1. Useful Tips to Grow Your Brand

When branding your business, start small and remember to focus on your target audience. It’s very important to show the qualities and benefits that make your branding unique.

Your website is the most important tool to promote and grow your brand. Incorporate your voice, message, and personality into the website’s content.

Also, you need to use video marketing! YouTube, Facebook Video, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram Stories need to have useful content with your unique brand voice and personality.

Important! When you build a brand for your small business, you are the best person to market your brand. No one knows your brand better than you, so it’s up to you to spread the word.

Also, encourage your loyal customers to post reviews, or share your content. They are the best, free, marketers for your business!

One of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and generate relevant targeted traffic to your website is search engine optimization (SEO) and the right, quality, content.

Use social media marketing. Many people use social media networks to purchase from a brand. (about 77% of them!)

Make your research to find more tips and trends about branding. But don’t forget you need to work hard every day. Branding its business, not a hobby!

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Google EAT: SEO Guide to Rank Higher [Infographic]

Google E-A-T is an acronym of words Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness. E-A-T doesn’t directly affect Google search engine results pages (SERPs), but many SEO experts believe that poor E-A-T scores influence rankings indirectly. Because a poor score means poor quality. So your website needs a good E-A-T score to increase your rankings on Google.

Here is a simple guide about Google EAT score and how to rank higher on Google.

“Expertise” – You need to be an expert in your field or niche. Expertise means you need to show your skills. Expertise’s vital for medical, financial, or legal websites. The good news is any site can show expertise if the content is high-quality and useful for users.

“Authoritativeness” – You need to show that you are an authority. You can get this from the expertise you have. If your page is a community or forum discussion, the quality of the conversation drives authority. Credentials are necessary.

“Trustworthiness” – You need to show users they can trust you and your website. Trustworthiness is especially important for eCommerce websites that ask users for their credit card information.

Your site should make users feel safe. You need to have an SSL certificate on your site as at least 70% of first page results are using SSL.

Why E-A-T is Important for Your Website

E-A-T determines a website’s value. Quality raters keep E-A-T in mind when judging how good a site or page provides what they need. They look to see if they’re getting a good online experience and if the content meets their standards.

If the raters feel like a user would feel comfortable reading, sharing, and recommending, then your site has a high level of E-A-T.

Think of E-A-T as the reason why users would choose your site over your competition. E-A-T could have a direct impact on how Google receives and ranks your website.

Google says that a page or site found lacking in E-A-T is a good reason to give a page a Low-quality rating. So if you aren’t an expert, an authority, or trustworthy, your site page could be considered low quality.

You need to create engaging, useful, and accurate content. Also, you have to use E-A-T to meet the needs of both quality raters and actual users.

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Social Media Guide: Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020 [Infographic]

Social media platforms are changing pretty fast. So also fast are changing customers’ expectations. It’s very important to understand how you can react to these changes and how to create an effective social media marketing strategy to promote your business.

Here is a guide about how to avoid the most common social media mistakes in 2020.

  1. You Don’t Create Interesting Content

You need to create meaningful and interesting content. It’s not enough to just talk about your brand, your products, or your services. Customers want to be entertained and to read interesting information.

They don’t want to receive ads and promotional messages from brands. You need to know the type of information that is relevant and useful to your followers.

  1. You Don’t Mix Your Content

Producing the same type of content over and over is a mistake many brands and marketers are often making. It can be hard to find the time to think of something new, and it’s quicker to keep doing the same thing.

It’s very important to design a good mix of different types of content.

Decide what types of content you want to produce. Video and infographics is a great way to keep your content fresh and interesting.

  1. You Don’t Know Your Customers

If you know and understand your customers you can create content that will be pretty attractive and effective too. Using analytics available on social media platforms can give you valuable insights into who your customers are and how they behave.

Also, it’s very important in building relationships with your customers. That’s the true meaning of social media.

  1. You Don’t Optimize Your Posts for Each Platform

You need to optimize your content for each platform, even if you’re posting the same ideas to each social media platform. This means adjusting text length, the style of writing, the focus of the content, and the images, too.

The best image sizes can vary from platform to platform, so make sure that you’re double-checking those requirements before posting. Simple mistakes are often the most common. Always check the spelling and grammar in your posts.

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Twitter: A Useful Guide to Grow Your Business [Infographic]

A basic understanding of the Twitter platform can be the key to success. Twitter is a lot like Facebook and Instagram. It ranks and prioritizes posts according to the developed algorithms, which will allow you to go viral.

But you need to know that Twitter makes constant changes in its algorithms. So you have to research and learn the new trends, tips, and techniques about Twitter algorithms and effective marketing strategies.

Twitter is a powerful platform to increase your business’s brand, get targeted traffic, and reach your target audience. Here is a useful guide about how to promote your business with Twitter.

  1. Marketing Strategy

A Twitter marketing strategy is just like any other social media strategy. It’s about the content you create, publish, and distribute to engage your followers. The content you publish should attract new followers, get new leads, and grow brand recognition.

  1. Research for Effective Practices, Trends, and Tips

This is a very important step that needs to be done continuously. Discovering the best practices, trends, and tips you can keep your engagement high.

  1. Customize Your Profile

First, you need to customize your profile to attract more followers. The last thing you want is someone turning away from your Twitter account and turning away from your business.

  1. Give Value and Help

You should always keep your buyer personas (Target Audience) in mind, and make your readers feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Your content should entertain or educate the audience. Also, remind yourself that the purpose of Twitter is to connect and spark conversations. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets.

  1. Content Optimization

You can optimize your content on Twitter using effective and relevant strategies.

Hashtags are an easy and common way to spread your content, but you want to be careful about how many you use. Too many hashtags and your business may come across as spammy. Don’t overuse hashtags. Stick with one or two relevant hashtags per tweet.

You should also be doing hashtag research if you want to attract more interested people. See which hashtags your audience is already using when talking about your brand, and then adopt them yourself.

92% of companies Tweet more than once a day, 42% Tweet one-to-five times a day, and 19% Tweet six-to-10 times a day. It’s important to know that your audience isn’t on Twitter just to listen about to brand. So avoid useless or over-promotional content.

Experimenting with the time you send Tweets out is very effective to reach more people. A lot of businesses Tweet in the morning, at lunch break, and early evening, because that’s when their target audience is online.

  1. Engagement

It’s pretty effective to engage with your audience on Twitter by tagging them in posts, responding to their comments, or even hosting fun giveaways to get your audience involved. They will feel satisfied and they will advertise your brand for free!

  1. Social Listening

Social listening can help you to create the type of content your followers want or searching for. Improve your customer experience by interacting directly with customers, and improve your marketing strategy to attract more followers.

It takes time to build a loyal Twitter audience, but it’s not so difficult as you think.

  1. Free Marketing and Sales

It’s a great platform for free marketing and sales. You can interact with your customers and start a word-of-mouth promotion. If your customers are positive about your business, they are the best free advertisement for your brand!

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Guide: Tips on How to Write Effective Web Content [Infographic]

Effective web content must engage, inspire, and attract the right users right away. Here are some tips about how to write effective website content.

You need to have a clear idea of what information your users are looking for online and the problems they have. By providing that information or those solutions, you gain long-term, loyal customers.

  1. Be Conversational

Social media has changed the way we communicate with our users or customers. You need to create content like you are directly communicating with your audience. They are real people with questions and problems that they are attempting to solve.

Provide answers and solutions throughout your content. Be the authority that helps them successfully travel their customer journey – and they will easily convert into a devoted customer!

  1. Generate Credibility

To generate credibility you need to include firsthand experience and successful results with similar clients or customers. Make your knowledge and expertise clear.

Attention! don’t oversell or make promises you can’t keep. Keep it simple and real, and you’ll get conversions.

  1. Use Keywords and Answer the Question

Users search for content by entering specific keywords into a search engine. Provide them with the answers to their search, and they are more likely to convert. Quality, relevant information inspires trust.

  1. Use Powerful Headlines

Your headlines are very important to reach your target audience. Use keywords in your headlines to attract more interested people.

  1. Use Images

Images also help highlight your key messages, but make sure that your images do not look like ads! Users often abandon pages that bombard them with sales pitches. Images that readers can relate to, such as people, animals, or things that visually support the written content work best to emphasize your story.

Pretty Important – Think Like A Reader

It is all about the readers’ response, so think like your readers and give them what they want. Give help and solutions to your readers and they will advertise your business for Free! Pretty effective tip.

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