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Amazon Guide: 6 Tips on How to Generate More Sales on Amazon in 2021

Amazon Guide: 6 Tips on How to Generate More Sales on Amazon in 2021

Competition is pretty high on Amazon. Every seller or marketer is looking to create a new strategy to reach more customers and generate sales. It’s not easy to succeed as a seller on Amazon but it’s not impossible.

Amazon Guide: How to Generate More Sales on Amazon in 2021

Here is an Amazon guide and some useful tips about how to generate more sales on Amazon in 2021.

  1. Photos and Images

An important tip you need to know when selling on Amazon is to use images that depict your products accurately. It’s mandatory to show the product you’re selling. Make sure that your pictures are well shot.

Don’t add elements that are irrelevant to the product. The images you upload will help your customers decide on whether or not they should place that order, and your job as a seller is to convince them.

Shoot your products on a white background and upload high-resolution images. Remember these words: appealing, eye-catching, and simple.

  1. Product Titles

Your product titles should reflect what you are selling. It’s important! Your product titles need to catch your customers’ eyes. Irrelevant titles are a big mistake.

Make sure you follow these rules:

Don’t use promotional phrases that may cause misconceptions (50% off, best-seller, free shipping)

The title length must be less than 80 characters

Make sure to use abbreviations for measurements

Use the standard system of measurement based on the country you are selling in

Don’t use many keywords in the title

Remember that overloading your product titles and descriptions with many keywords will affect your listings. (The Amazon algorithm does not only focus on keywords of your listings but also focuses on images and reviews).

  1. Use Product Reviews

If you want to improve your Amazon ranking, you need to ask customers to write reviews about their experiences with your products. Product reviews affect how your product listings appear on search results.

Important tip. Don’t ask only for positive reviews (it’s against Amazon’s policy). Also, don’t give your customers rewards or incentives just to get 5-star reviews (you will be banned from Amazon).

  1. Don’t Create Many Accounts

Thousands of seller profiles were suspended by Amazon during 2020. They have created many accounts. You may wonder why other sellers create multiple accounts. Some are “black hat” sellers who use seedy tactics to get ahead of the competition. Also, many sellers keep multiple accounts as backups in case of suspensions.

Never underestimate Amazon. They will find your violations and will ban you permanently from the platform.

  1. Competitors and Strategies

Keeping an eye on competitors is an important strategy. (Some sellers may even hire an SEO expert to get ahead of the game). You need to know that some of your competition utilize black hat techniques that can affect you directly.

Common black hat techniques on Amazon:

Spammy reviews on product listings

Bogus infringement claims

Hijacking product listings

Selling counterfeit products

If you want to secure your account, make sure you register on Amazon Brand Registry. This is a program that helps sellers protect their accounts from counterfeiting and hijacking. Plus, it gives sellers access to search tools, proactive reports, and brand representation.

  1. Optimize Your Account

Amazon account optimization can provide huge benefits to your brand. Your Account Health page shows different performance goals you’ll need to accomplish as a seller. It contains key performance indicators or KPIs that will help you to improve your store on Amazon and generate more sales.

Indicators and numbers

Order Defect Rate
Valid Tracking Rate
Late Shipment Rate

You want the lowest numbers possible on these particular metrics. Inspect your items before packing and shipping them out and remember to update your customers in case of delays on their orders.

Don’t forget that keeping these numbers low helps prevent account suspension. You need to check your Account Health page once a day and make sure that your account follows the rules and regulations of Amazon.

Last Tip

You can find many strategies on how to start selling on Amazon or how to generate more sales. It’s essential that you always follow the rules and regulations implemented by Amazon, and remember to keep an open line of communication with your customers.

The most effective tip. You need to provide exceptional service to your customers.

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Marketers Guide: 8 Marketing Tips To Succeed In 2021

Marketers Guide: 8 Marketing Tips To Succeed In 2021

Marketing and the online world are changing pretty quickly. It’s essential to know new tips and trends to become a successful marketer and grow your business this year.

Marketers Guide: Marketing Tips To Succeed In 2021

Here are a marketer’s guide and useful marketing tips to succeed in 2021.

  1. Strategies and Budget

Most businesses these days don’t have big budgets to invest in expensive marketing strategies. You need to create marketing strategies that are low-cost and profitable.

First, you need to know your target audience. Then you need to fill their needs. You can use social media platforms, YouTube, Quora, forums, etc. Then you can provide high-quality and informative content to promote your business and attract more interested people (Potential Customers).

  1. Use Social Media Ads

87% of social marketers already use Facebook ads. Also, many marketers are using paid ads on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Social media platforms are popular and effective. Many businesses and brands know that paid promotion (Ads) is a must if you want to get visibility.

  1. Use Your Existing Content

Most marketers today understand that they need to produce large volumes of content to increase their targeted traffic. But they often focus on creating new content and overlooking the value of their existing content.

You can reuse your existing content and create videos, slideshows, or even e-books.

  1. Brand Advocates and Recommendations

People look for recommendations from their friends before buying a product or service. Your customers and followers are a powerful resource to help you reach new audiences and generate conversions.

It’s better to create campaigns to incentivize them to spread your message. Create offer rewards for referrals. Or you can create a branded hashtag and encourage your audience to use it.

  1. User Experience

Creating a message that speaks to your target audience is the first step to success. But you need to create an excellent website user experience (UX) to improve your marketing strategy and generate sales.

So you need to optimize your UX to drive traffic and sales. It’s essential to improve site speed, navigation, and mobile-friendly website.

  1. Authenticity and Relationships

People don’t like salesy content. Brands and businesses need to develop better strategies to build authentic, long-term, relationships with their target audience.

One of the best ways is to create live content. Host a live podcast, stream Facebook Live videos, webinars, etc. Many people like the live content and they feel happy and a part of your business.

  1. Use Influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way to broaden your reach on social media and the web. Collaborate with influencers in your industry to reach a new audience. Gain followers and improve your online presence.

You can also use micro-influencers to promote your business.

  1. Strategy Analysis

All the marketers know the importance of analysis to optimize their strategies. Top marketers don’t rely on past performance to improve their strategies. They make adjustments to their strategies in real-time based on the latest insights.

You need to analyze the performance of your marketing strategy and you need to improve it right away.

Last Tip

You have to know about new technologies, tips, and trends to create a successful marketing strategy. Take action now. Adopt new tips to succeed as a marketer in 2021. Important Tip. Never Quite – Never Give Up!

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Podcast Guide: 7 Tips on How to Create Podcasts to Promote Your Business – (Audio Promotion)

Podcast Guide: 7 Tips on How to Create Podcasts to Promote Your Business – (Audio Promotion)

If you know the value of content for your business then you understand the value of podcasting. Creating a podcast allows you to reach a brand new audience: people who might never find your text content because they prefer the audio content format.

A podcast is an excellent way to build a new target audience from scratch and position yourself as an authority in your niche or topic.

Podcast Guide: How to Create Podcasts to Promote Your Business

Also, podcasts can drive traffic back to your website.

  1. Podcast are Popular Content Platform

Podcasts are a popular content platform because they’re easy to consume. People can listen to podcasts on the go, in the car, and even at work.

Also, podcasts can be listened to on any device. Your audience can listen on their smartphones, desktop, or tablets.

Podcasts allow you to create an engagement and a connection with your audience. They’re hearing you talking to them, one on one.

you can build a more personal relationship with your audience. Because of this level of engagement, people even listen more closely to the ads. Stats show that 63% of listeners purchased a product or service after hearing it advertised on a podcast.

  1. How to Start a Podcast

Learning how to start a podcast begins with identifying the theme or topic. Each episode should be relevant to that topic.

It’s very useful to have a consistent episode length so your listeners know what to expect.

  1. Create A Podcast Description – SEO Effect

It’s essential to create a description for your podcast. You need to use many relevant keywords. This will help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your podcast listings. (Apple Podcasts is a search engine. So many people will find your podcast through a search)

  1. How to Record a Podcast

It’s simple. All you need to do is plug in a USB microphone and open the audio recording software on your computer.

Your microphone is the default device for your recording software. Simply click the record button in your software of choice and talk.

There’s no need to stop or pause the recording, even if there are mistakes along the way. You can always edit the recording later using the same software.

  1. Submit Your Podcast

Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
Google Play Store

There are many directories where you can list your podcast. You can distribute your podcast across as many channels as you’d like.

  1. How to Launch Your Podcast

If you want to get noticed by Apple Podcasts you need to launch your podcast in a way that you receive listens and reviews immediately. Also, launching your podcast this way will help you grow organically, too.

Make the launch of your podcast an event and generate buzz around it. Create a landing page for your podcast, letting people know what you have planned. Use social media and talk about your podcast. Use your website or even YouTube ads.

Building a small audience pre-launch is essential because you can create a snowball effect.

  1. How to Grow Your Audience

Ask your listeners to leave a review on Apple Podcasts and to subscribe. Having more subscribers and more reviews can help you get more listeners.

Use this tip on your website, on social media, and in emails.

A successful strategy to encourage reviews and engagement is to reward the listeners. Ask your listeners to leave a review on Apple Podcasts and give a free e-book (app, giveaway, etc) to one or more listeners. (Listeners love to leave a review since they can get something for free).

Another important tip is to be consistent. If you plan to create a new podcast every week, do it at the same time and on the same day. You need to have patience and you need to put out regular content to show your audience that you’re serious.

Nobody wants to listen to or follow a podcaster that is not consistent and truthful.

You can create a successful podcast today. Start looking on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts for podcasts that are already doing what you want to do. If you already have an external microphone, record a short episode today, introducing yourself and your podcast idea.

Start promoting your business with podcasts. A different but interesting idea.

More Details.

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Business Guide: Branding Tips and Techniques [Infographic]

Branding can help you to win your competitors, add value to your business, and generate engagement with your customers. Branding can highlight your products or services and make them unique and valuable.

The Famous founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says about branding: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Effective branding can create an emotional bond in the minds of people. People always are willing to pay more for a branded product than for an unbranded.

Creating a connection with people is very important for your business. Branding can help your business to connect with people and generate relationships.

Building a brand requires an effective strategy. Stats show that 55% of consumers worldwide buy based on a company’s brand values and impact.

Tips for Successful Branding

If you’re thinking to rebrand your business here are some effective tips you need to know.

  1. The big idea

The big idea is the reason why you build a business. You should show what makes you different, what you offer, the benefits, the advantages, etc.

  1. Vision

A vision for your business means that you thinking about the future and you have a plan. A vision may be a big one or maybe very simple like offering an existing product in a completely new way.

  1. Value
Business presentation on a laptop screen

Value means what you stand for and it can be communicated in what you do. Branding and design experts can help you clarify what your business stands for and then they can help you to communicate that effectively.

This might be through graphic design, advertising, the materials used in product manufacture, and so on.

  1. Personality

The way you decide to present this communication – the tone, language, and design, for example – is the personality of your business.

You need strategies and a marketing plan about how to present it to people.

  1. Storytelling

A very effective technique in branding a business is to tell its story. How you start your business, difficulties, mistakes, how to achieve success, etc.

  1. Design and branding

Many people think that a brand is simply a logo or identity. The logo is just the sign (trademark) of a brand, it is seen most frequently by many people.

Effective design is about building a relationship between a brand and its audience, creating a strong emotional connection.

A brand not only conveys its values but it understands the needs of its audience.

  1. Useful Tips to Grow Your Brand

When branding your business, start small and remember to focus on your target audience. It’s very important to show the qualities and benefits that make your branding unique.

Your website is the most important tool to promote and grow your brand. Incorporate your voice, message, and personality into the website’s content.

Also, you need to use video marketing! YouTube, Facebook Video, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram Stories need to have useful content with your unique brand voice and personality.

Important! When you build a brand for your small business, you are the best person to market your brand. No one knows your brand better than you, so it’s up to you to spread the word.

Also, encourage your loyal customers to post reviews, or share your content. They are the best, free, marketers for your business!

One of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and generate relevant targeted traffic to your website is search engine optimization (SEO) and the right, quality, content.

Use social media marketing. Many people use social media networks to purchase from a brand. (about 77% of them!)

Make your research to find more tips and trends about branding. But don’t forget you need to work hard every day. Branding its business, not a hobby!

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Google EAT: SEO Guide to Rank Higher [Infographic]

Google E-A-T is an acronym of words Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness. E-A-T doesn’t directly affect Google search engine results pages (SERPs), but many SEO experts believe that poor E-A-T scores influence rankings indirectly. Because a poor score means poor quality. So your website needs a good E-A-T score to increase your rankings on Google.

Here is a simple guide about Google EAT score and how to rank higher on Google.

“Expertise” – You need to be an expert in your field or niche. Expertise means you need to show your skills. Expertise’s vital for medical, financial, or legal websites. The good news is any site can show expertise if the content is high-quality and useful for users.

“Authoritativeness” – You need to show that you are an authority. You can get this from the expertise you have. If your page is a community or forum discussion, the quality of the conversation drives authority. Credentials are necessary.

“Trustworthiness” – You need to show users they can trust you and your website. Trustworthiness is especially important for eCommerce websites that ask users for their credit card information.

Your site should make users feel safe. You need to have an SSL certificate on your site as at least 70% of first page results are using SSL.

Why E-A-T is Important for Your Website

E-A-T determines a website’s value. Quality raters keep E-A-T in mind when judging how good a site or page provides what they need. They look to see if they’re getting a good online experience and if the content meets their standards.

If the raters feel like a user would feel comfortable reading, sharing, and recommending, then your site has a high level of E-A-T.

Think of E-A-T as the reason why users would choose your site over your competition. E-A-T could have a direct impact on how Google receives and ranks your website.

Google says that a page or site found lacking in E-A-T is a good reason to give a page a Low-quality rating. So if you aren’t an expert, an authority, or trustworthy, your site page could be considered low quality.

You need to create engaging, useful, and accurate content. Also, you have to use E-A-T to meet the needs of both quality raters and actual users.

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