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Blogging: 8 Tips on How to Create Attractive Blog Post Titles [Infographic]

Blogging: 8 Tips on How to Create Attractive Blog Post Titles [Infographic]

Blogging is popular these days. But you need to create attractive blog post titles to generate more targeted traffic and also to achieve higher rankings. There are some techniques about how to write attractive and creative titles.

Blogging: How to Create Attractive Blog Post Titles

  1. Title and Content

The title is the first thing that your blog visitors will see. A good headline grabs attention and also helps readers to identify the content and determine if they want to read your blog post.

Typically your blog post title will serve as your title-tag (one of the most important on-page SEO tips). Google uses your title-tag to determine what the page is about. If your content is high-quality and informative Google will rank higher your blog post.

  1. Help Your Audience – Avoid Lies

Respect your audience’s time and experience. You have to help your target audience (Don’t tell lies). If you don’t fulfill the promises made in the title, readers won’t trust your content. Your readers will be annoyed if the content is about a different topic than the title.

Your title is about “how to lose weight fast” and your content is about “a new gym near your home”

  1. Write for People – Not Search Engines

Remember that you’re writing for people. They are your readers and they will buy your products or services if they are interested.

So you need to create titles and content that have a higher chance of piquing their interest.

  1. Optimization

It’s better to use longer-tail keywords because they tend to rank higher. So your blog can rank well in SERPs.

Also, you need to include your target keyword in your title.

  1. Use Interesting Words

You can use language specific to your target audience. Also, you can use common words to trigger curiosity: how-to, tips and tricks, secrets, etc.

You can give your readers a clear idea about your content.

  1. Length Titles

Stats show that 115 characters or fewer are best for social media because it’s tweetable. For search, it’s better 65 characters or less so the entire title appears in search results.

Tip: Cap your title at 10 words maximum. Titles with too many words can be much harder for readers to quickly digest. They will go away!

Also, place your most important words at the beginning of the title.

  1. Use Idea Generators

You can use idea generators but attention! don’t over-used. Example: a) HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator will help you to find interesting topics and titles.

b) The Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor uses your keywords to generate a list of catchy titles to choose from.

You can make your research to find more title generators or blog post ideas. (Pay Attention!)

  1. Use Numbers

Headlines and titles work best when they are very specific. A simple way to be specific is to add numbers to your headline. Reports show that people prefer headlines that contain numbers.

Another tip for using numbers is to try and use odd numbers instead of even numbers. Stats show that headlines with odd numbers get 22% more clicks than headlines with even numbers.

These tips will help you to understand how to write attractive titles that people will click on and will read your blog posts.

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Guide: How to Write Attractive Blog Post Titles [Infographic]

Guide about how to write attractive blog post titles in this infographic. Tips on how to improve your headlines and increase traffic…

Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google infographic marketing profits seo Social Media Starting a Business Startups

How to Write Attractive Headlines To Increase Blog Traffic [Infographic]

Tips for attractive blog headlines in this infographic. How to attract more visitors and increase your blog traffic. Discover the secrets now…

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Email Marketing Tips: How to Create Attractive Headlines

Email Marketing Tips: How to Create Attractive Headlines


Email marketing is all about getting the email receiver to read the message (email) or at least view the product that is being marketed by the email. But You may realize with time that there are not many people who will actually even see your email.

The reason behind this is simple; people delete the email without even reading the email. This basically means that it is not the body of the email and the text it contains which is the problem of people not reading your emails but it is rather the email subject headline which does not tempt the email receiver into reading the email.

There are email marketing tips that you can use so at least your email is read by the email receiver.

The most important email marketing tip regarding the email subject headline is that you must not start with something that is not true. Starting the email with something like ‘You have received payments’ and then when the reader reads the email, he finds that the mail was about the different payment methods will send your email to the junk folder.

The title needs to be something related to the topic but needs to be true. You must understand that the subject heading is what gets displayed first up by email browsers and thus, your email’s subject headline should be able to reflect the theme of the email as well as be something which can add an incentive for the reader to open the mail.

Another email marketing tip would be to start with ‘save money’ and similar phrases. People always look out for such headlines and would at least read the email just so that they don’t miss out on any money saving technique.

The email body though should contain something about money saving as well. You can also start with a question. Questions simply increase anxiousness in the reader and if you can start your subject with a question, then people will at least open the mail just to get an answer to the question.

You should also use your personal name when sending the mail or your company’s name. People like to think that they are getting emails from real people and using your own name will help in making them trust you.

You should also be conversational in your text of the email and must always write a subject title that is in accordance with the email’s body. You should also never overpromise in your email’s subject title to build trust with the reader.

In this way, if you follow these email marketing tips then you are sure to succeed in your email marketing campaign.

How to Create Attraction Marketing Email Campaigns

The first thing you must identify when composing an effective email copywrite is who is your target audience. This is the most important step you need to know before you can proceed.

In the following steps below you will discover a simple process that will allow anyone to dominate their email copywriting skills to create overpowering attraction email marketing campaigns.

Before you start your email marketing campaign, Ask these inquiries to yourself:

– Who is searching for what?

– What does your prospect want or need?

– Identify the pain of your prospect?

– Find out what your rivals are doing?

– Know what other options are available in the marketplace?

– Would you trust yourself with the offer that you are composing?

– Find out the market niche that your target audience is attracted to?

Create An Attractive and Irresistible Subject Line That Creates Curiosity

The main purpose of sending an email message is for the prospect to open the email and engage in reading your material. If your messages are not getting opened you can not make money.

The Subject Line is your magic wand which will say to them Take It Now!

There are many messages which neglect to understand that the title exists to stand out the reason, and that is To Get Your Email Opened. On the other hand, there are many creative ideas you can insert in your subject line to master this art.

Each one of them will have its own unique mysterious and curious driven appeal to attract the audience like magic.

a) State a compelling benefit that piques their curiosity – “You Can Generate Hundreds of Leads With This Free System”

b) Pique their interest by creating curiosity – “How This Former Homeless Guy Has Uncovered the Secrets of Success”

c) Create a Subject line from a News perspective – “Discover The Latest Tips In This Video”

d) Create immediate gratification – “With This Latest System, You Can Begin Earning Immediately!”

Write no less than 25 Subject Lines which you can use in your next email campaign. Then challenge the top two subject lines to a split contest using a simple tracking system.

Create An Emotional Campaign

Purchasing choices are generally dependent upon Emotions; that is the reason you will frequently see individuals purchasing what they want rather than what they need. So, when marketing anything to anyone, you should anticipate which feelings you want to press.

For instance: When offering health supplements, you could press the “dread of disorder” emotion, with a subject line that reads “A Natural Way to Save Your Eyesight.” or you could hit the “resentment” catch with a headline that says: “Is Your Tap Water Making You Sick”.

Different emotions can incorporate feelings, for example, interest, voracity, conscience, vanity, trust, fear of lack or security.

What’s in it For Your Prospect? (The Benefits)

You need to write about every possible benefit that you are offering to your prospects. Don’t get confounded between features and benefits.

Features portray the product you are offering; benefits depict the outcomes of utilizing the product. Benefits relate and engage the prospect’s emotions, so your messages must Always be benefiting determined, as Emotion drives sales.

A general guideline to implement when you are creating a list of benefits for your product, is to ask yourself “What can my product or service accomplish for my client?” Then you essentially compose your sales copy telling your prospect Exactly What`s In It For Them.

You can then let them know how much better their experience will be once they start to utilize your product or service, how much better they will enjoy and feel etc.

Create Trust With Your Audience

– Provide legitimate testimonials.

– Include supports from other Industry leaders.

– Include a way for your prospect to effectively contact you.

Sort Paragraphs and Visual Content

Long and congested words and paragraphs are frustrating to the general audience. Usually, when the audience begins to read these long paragraphs they begin to skip and skim over your sales letter, so you have to split it up into effectively read sentences and passages.

The result is this: Split your sections into two to four sentences. Likewise, utilize some diverse subheadings all around. You can utilize indicators, visual cues, circles and so on, to give your message more stream and musicality. The images make your message more attractive to the eye, and more Easier to read.

Guarantee! Your Product or Service

You basically Must offer a surety with your item in today’s markets. The stronger your insurance, the more attractive your offer will be.

Don’t spend too much time contemplating what kind of certification you can offer. You can offer anything from 24 hours to 12 months.

Provide A Call To Action

You need to have a call to action. You need to drive your customers to the next step.

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