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Black Friday Tips 2020: How to Increase Your Sales [Infographic]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two important days for online shops and customers. Stats show that 40%-45% of shoppers making an online purchase on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Google and marketing experts say that Black Friday will be even bigger in 2020.

73% of people are browsing more online and 2/3 of merchants are planning to start a cyber week earlier this year.

  1. Make A Plan – Use Keywords

Make a plan and decide on products, discounts, and final price. Your product descriptions should have urgency. Remind people that they have only one opportunity to buy your products. You can use phrases like: Limited time only, In high demand, Sold out soon, Last item, etc.

You can use a keyword search on Google and Google Trends to find some related keywords for your products. Using these keywords in your descriptions will give your e-shop an SEO boost. You’ll get more targeted traffic (and more sales).

  1. Discounts and Products

Most people (shoppers) on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are bargain hunters. They search for the best bargains.

You need to have discounts of 20%-30% off your items to compete. You might need to offer a gift with your products as a little sweetener. Also, you need to have some products at 70%-80% discount to attract more people. They will browse around and also they will buy other products.

  1. Shopping Experience

You need to build effective and attractive Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages to understand your customers where to go to get the deals.

Display discounts on the homepage

Add a countdown banner (a timer that ticks down to Black Friday and Cyber Monday can build excitement and increase sales)

  1. Use Socia Media Marketing

You can use big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract more people to your e-shop.

To create effective social media campaigns you need to choose a quality, attractive, product image, add your logo, and advertising your deals. Start promoting the ad for at least a few days to build excitement.

It’s better to provide your loyal customers with a special offer. You could give them a preview of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and offer them a special discount only for them. (They will love you!)

This is a great way to build trust. Loyal customers are valuable to you and they are your best, free, advertising!

  1. Improve Products’ Images

Big, colorful, product pictures and banner images make your site look good but they can affect load time and your rankings in Google.

The simple solution is to use an image optimizer. These are tools that compress your image into a smaller version, without affecting the dimensions or the quality.

—- Attention!

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Black Friday: 12 Tips To Grow Your Sales [Infographic]

How to increase sales for the Black Friday. Here are 12 tips to grow your sales. The 12 Black Friday tips in this infographic.

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The Black Friday Sales: The Truth Behind The Myth

The Black Friday Sales: The Truth Behind The Myth


Basically, Black Friday Sales is a term, a marketing technique, to spend your money. You can obtain some fantastic deals across a whole range of merchandise both online and offline as this peculiar event has grown, but remember that a deal is only good if you are intending to buy that item, because if you were not then you have paid out for something you did not need.

There are many sellers that want to sell their stock. So they lower their prices on a few of their leading best sellers, just enough to tempt you into their store because once you are there you are likely to spend a little more, or in some cases a lot more.

You can get your bargains either for yourself or for a loved one and you really can save yourself a fortune. But only if carefully do your research, find out what it is you are looking for and note the best current prices then you can surf the net until you find your perfect Black Friday deal.

This term Black Friday is said to be the day when stores online have their busiest period of the year.

Now that Black Friday has been marked out as a special date for deals, everyone shopper and seller can take advantage. Obviously, the shoppers are looking to get a great deal and the seller is setting out to sell his stock so they will be preparing as early as possible for this date.

You can easily see why they do so. If they have a large number of mobile phones it makes sense that to let a small percentage go at ridiculously low prices that everyone chasing the deals. The shoppers want to buy that mobile phone because is very cheap, even if they don’t need it!

The result is that they spend money on useless shopping!

Obviously the higher the price tag the more money can be saved so things like the electronic gadgets, televisions, computers, laptops, hi fi’s mobile phones and video consoles are most likely to have really good discounts in place on Black Friday.

Over the last few years, there have been some fantastic bargains, but you must be quick, if you are shopping online then it is likely that you will come across Amazon because they have many products and very low prices.

Even Smart TV’s, like the High Definition TVs, it may even be possible to get the very latest Ultra High Definition TV in the sale. You should be able to find items for the entire house games consoles like the latest Xbox One and The Play Station 4.

Let’s not forget the kitchen appliances, and the large fridge freezers, are usually big-ticket items so if you are likely to need one you may as well wait to see if you can grab that bargain.

If you enjoy coffee, then look out for the deals on Espresso Machines. You will see all manner of bundles too; you are likely to get a complete coffee making sets including the grinder, the maker and the beans and creamers all packaged in one deal.

You can make some really good savings but planning ahead is really important. If you buy using a list then you should enjoy some savings but if you go in without a plan it is more likely that you will spend far more than you intended.

Don’t forget too that some stores offer store cards so if you have one you can enjoy even more discount.

Digital Cameras and Photographic Equipment are almost certainly going to feature a strong presence in sales. Look for the smaller digital cameras or bundles offering combinations such as the bigger Digital SLR Cameras plus a couple of lenses, memory cards, cleaning equipment, flash, tripods and don’t forget the Bag too.

The best rule is to create a list of what you need and don’t buy every low price useless product.

The Truth Behind Black Friday Bargains

We are inundated with reports that tell us how incredibly important those days are for the recovery of our economy. Are you in a buying frenzy because you fear there will be a scarcity of the products you hope to purchase?

Are you terrified that the greatest sale in history will evaporate before your very eyes if you don’t buy that “something” this very minute? Can you resist these “sales of the century” without a guilty conscience?

Welcome to the wacky world of frenzy shopping. Retailers and shops waiting for the lucrative (hopefully) Christmas holiday.

Black Friday signifies more than the end of the useless Thanksgiving holiday, which only benefits restaurants and supermarkets, it represents the last hope for retailers to recover from a year of lackluster sales.

Gifts, parties, new electronic toy launches, corporate bonuses (or not), the competition is very high on Black Friday. The stores parlayed for the best starting times: 5:00 am, 4:00 am, 3:00 am, and the winner was -12:01 am. Why wait one minute longer than necessary?

And so, the games began with the roar of a crowd of desperate shoppers seeking deep discounts and once-in-a-lifetime bargains. The pressure to “buy” and “buy right now” will be kept on the vulnerable consumer until the end of January, when the after-Christmas sales offer “deals too good to refuse.”

5 things to remember before you go shopping. The truth you need to know!

1. The sales will increase exponentially until Christmas Eve and will escalate even further after Christmas.

2. There is no scarcity of products. This is an effective marketing technique and has no basis in reality.

3. Avoid the “mob mentality.” In other words, if you are standing with a crowd while you wait for the doors to your favorite store to open, you will get swept up in the buying frenzy.

Remember, there will be more than one iPod on this planet for you to purchase at a great price. The mob will run over you and/or knock you out to snatch the desired item from your hands.

4. Do not buy with your emotions. Prepare a list of gifts you hope to purchase.

5. Do not buy something just because you think it’s a good deal. Have a budget and stick to it.

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Black Friday Every Day: Start Your Online Business

Black Friday Every Day: Start Your Online Business


We all know that the “Black Friday” has become one of the most popular days of the year. This is the day that retailers in many countries offer unheard of sales that drive millions of shoppers to stores for shopping. You can find practically anything you want at a reasonably good price. Black Friday is the one day when you as a consumer you can find great deals and discount offers.

Customers are so excited about this highly anticipated day it sometimes causes normally avoidable altercations between people trying to get the first or the last iPod, Xbox, or the new iPhone.

Black Friday can get pretty dangerous; but still, millions head out on that Friday to try to take advantage of the great deals. To many customers, the risk factor of Black Friday is well worth it.

The sad thing for consumers is that Black Friday is only one day. It is true that there are a couple of other days out there that you will be able to save on gift shopping. But, what if I told you that there was a way to enjoy Black Friday sales every single day.

Well, there is a way! What I am revealing is not utilized by many consumers. but if it was, would save them a ton of money in the short and long term. The way to have Black Friday every day is simple, it is wholesalers.

That’s right, wholesalers. All you need to do is find a great directory of wholesale distributors. If you decide to purchase from wholesale companies, you will never have to pay retail prices again.

In other words, anytime that you purchase any type of product you will always be paying a nicely discounted price. This goes for things such as sporting goods, clothes, electronics, jewelry and more. In many cases, some of the wholesale prices that you will pay will be a lot better than those found even on Black Friday.

How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals – Online Reviews

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days during the year. So if you’re motivated this year to grab some of those fantastic deals, you need to know how to get the best deals. Be prepared and do a bit of research starting at the beginning of the month.

See something you like, remember it as it will surely be in the sale a few weeks later. You will see a significant drop in prices which saves money on shopping. Do your research early to find reviews of products you are interested in. Everyone uses the internet for reviews these days.

This is the prime time to get the best deals for Christmas presents. A lot of online retailers now offer Black Friday sales, but the best deals are usually in store as it is common for stores to offer a higher discount if you purchase in store.

Most stores even offer an extra discount if you shop before 11 am, but be prepared to wrap up in warm clothes and wait in line.

The upside of buying online is the stock is usually higher as you can purchase from the warehouse and merchandise you order may even be pulled from stores to fill your order. You can also compare prices when you shop online, use price comparison websites to help you.

If you really want to get the best deals, a sure fire way to be one of the first customers in the store is to camp out overnight. Many really dedicated people tend to put up tents and wait in line overnight to make sure that they are there as soon as the store opens to get the best deals.

Look for coupons in magazines and newspapers. A lot of stores will put extra discount coupons in print, but you must bring them otherwise you are not eligible for that deal. Start looking for those coupons early, as many stores will start printing them a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

** Black Friday Every Day: Start Your Online Business **

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Video Marketing Trends and The Effect of Black Friday

Video Marketing Trends and The Effect of Black Friday


Video marketing trends is a phenomenon of the 21st century. Previously, videos were just used to promote a certain product using visuals and sound effects. Today, internet marketers use successfully the video to create effective and profitable results for their businesses.

Here are the video marketing trends you need to know

1) Viral Marketing Videos

A Viral marketing video many times is an entertaining or funny video that has a unique angle which makes people want to tell others about it. These videos have amazing marketing potential and can create an exponential growth of followers in a short amount of time.

With video sharing sites with millions of viewers like Youtube, videos have the ability to reach a wide target market easily compared to years ago.

2) Educational Marketing Videos

Educational marketing videos are very popular because they teach people. They offer value and solutions to people. Internet marketers recording live seminars of themselves teaching others.

3) Sales Copy Videos

Instead of having a 20-page long sales copy, you can use a 10-minute video. Many internet marketers having a sales copy page with just one video and an “Add To Cart” button. The fact is, no one likes to read. This internet marketing trend shows that videos convert better than traditional text copies.

4) Video Streaming Sites

Video streaming sites have become the biggest marketing tool in internet history. You can now upload videos for free without having to worry about storage space of bandwidth. The social element of these sites allows viewers to post comments, video responses and create discussions and share videos.

The video marketing trends are a very effective way to promote and grow your business. You can generate targeted traffic and sales pretty fast.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Because of this video, marketing is very popular for businesses and marketers. Here are the benefits of video marketing you need to know.

1. Reach Larger Audiences

Many people spend a lot of their time watching videos online. Because of this, using promotional videos can help in getting the attention of potential clients and reach a larger audience. These videos can help the interested customers to visit your site and check the products you have.

2. Videos and SEO

It is true that most search engines, such as Google, love the videos. Because of this, it will be a lot easier for owners to draw the attention of clients to their site with the use of video marketing. Don’t forget that Google has bought the famous YouTube.

3. Easily Accessible

The videos can be easily downloaded in cell phones and other portable gadgets. This makes videos very accessible and easy to spread to people.

4. Become an Expert

It is necessary for a successful marketer to establish an authority in the industry in order to get the trust and reliability of the clients. With the help of video marketing, you can become an expert in your niche.

… Last the Black Friday Effect – A Great Opportunity if You Love Video Marketing

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