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Black Friday Tips 2020: How to Increase Your Sales [Infographic]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two important days for online shops and customers. Stats show that 40%-45% of shoppers making an online purchase on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Google and marketing experts say that Black Friday will be even bigger in 2020.

73% of people are browsing more online and 2/3 of merchants are planning to start a cyber week earlier this year.

  1. Make A Plan – Use Keywords

Make a plan and decide on products, discounts, and final price. Your product descriptions should have urgency. Remind people that they have only one opportunity to buy your products. You can use phrases like: Limited time only, In high demand, Sold out soon, Last item, etc.

You can use a keyword search on Google and Google Trends to find some related keywords for your products. Using these keywords in your descriptions will give your e-shop an SEO boost. You’ll get more targeted traffic (and more sales).

  1. Discounts and Products

Most people (shoppers) on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are bargain hunters. They search for the best bargains.

You need to have discounts of 20%-30% off your items to compete. You might need to offer a gift with your products as a little sweetener. Also, you need to have some products at 70%-80% discount to attract more people. They will browse around and also they will buy other products.

  1. Shopping Experience

You need to build effective and attractive Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages to understand your customers where to go to get the deals.

Display discounts on the homepage

Add a countdown banner (a timer that ticks down to Black Friday and Cyber Monday can build excitement and increase sales)

  1. Use Socia Media Marketing

You can use big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract more people to your e-shop.

To create effective social media campaigns you need to choose a quality, attractive, product image, add your logo, and advertising your deals. Start promoting the ad for at least a few days to build excitement.

It’s better to provide your loyal customers with a special offer. You could give them a preview of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and offer them a special discount only for them. (They will love you!)

This is a great way to build trust. Loyal customers are valuable to you and they are your best, free, advertising!

  1. Improve Products’ Images

Big, colorful, product pictures and banner images make your site look good but they can affect load time and your rankings in Google.

The simple solution is to use an image optimizer. These are tools that compress your image into a smaller version, without affecting the dimensions or the quality.

—- Attention!

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