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Effective AI Tools for Your Content Strategy: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Effective AI Tools for Your Content Strategy: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


Content strategy is an art and a science. Successful marketers are great at the art part.

Even if you have a useful strategy, you spend tons of time on keyword research, topic selection, and performance tracking.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a major help on the science side of the content strategy equation.

AI-powered tools can help you create content strategies that are actually backed by data, not gut instinct, in a fraction of the time and at scale.

Here are some effective AI tools for your content strategy. Discover the benefits of artificial intelligence for your business.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot’s Content Strategy tool uses machine learning to help marketers discover new content ideas that perform well and validate those content ideas in the most efficient way possible.

The tool offers suggestions about which topic clusters to pursue based on competition and relevance. It also automatically performs competitive research on those topics to make sure they’re worth spending time on.

The result is a machine-assisted content strategy that takes a lot of guesswork of building successful content campaigns.

2. Concured

Concured uses artificial intelligence to show marketers exactly what topics drive engagement and what to write about next.

The result is an AI-powered Content Strategy Platform that automates content audits, topic research, the creation of data-driven content briefs, content promotion, and performance tracking.

3. BrightEdge

BrightEdge is a global leader in SEO and content performance marketing that blends search intent discovery, optimized content creation, and performance measurement into one integrated solution.

The solution uses AI to discover what people are searching for and help you create a content strategy to capture traffic and consumer interest.

4. Crayon

Crayon uses machine learning to give you competitive intelligence on exactly what your competitors are doing online. You’ll be able to see how the main pages of a company’s website change over time, which in turn reveals insights about their content strategy, targeting, and messaging.

This kind of information can be a goldmine of ideas for your content marketing efforts. Just search your top competitors or brands you admire using Crayon and get ready for a torrent of inspiration.

5. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI-driven assistant for building content strategies. The tool will show you exactly what terms you need to target to compete in certain topic categories. It’ll also surface topics you may need to target if you want to own certain topics.

6. Vennli

Vennli is a content intelligence platform that helps marketers be more relevant to customers in messaging, content strategy and marketing communications.

Vennli gives you the power to measure your content metrics over time, so you can track performance at scale. And it offers smart recommendations on how to improve content effectiveness.

Make your research to find more effective AI tools. Then test the tools and choose the best for your business and your content marketing strategy.


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artificial intelligence Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google marketing profits seo Social Media Starting a Business Startups

Social Media Marketing Tips: 7 AI Tools You Need to Know About

Social Media Marketing Tips: 7 AI Tools You Need to Know About


Believe it or not, machine learning and artificial intelligence are already at work in your life in a many ways. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that makes predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and gets smarter as new data becomes available.

In turn, our lives as consumers become more personalized and convenient.

The same thing is happening in marketing.

Artificial intelligence is enabling brands to personalize at scale, transforming the buying process for customers and leaving competitors in the dust.

For social media marketers, this means using AI for informed decisions about what to write in posts, when to publish them, how much to spend sponsoring them, which colors and images to use, and much more.

Here are 7 AI Tools You Need to Know About – How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. CRM Platforms

The CRM and automation platform you’re using already have AI-powered features built-in or the option to directly integrate AI-powered tools.

Schedule a call with your rep to ask about turning those features on. Some may require an upgraded package, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

2. Chatbots

Many companies have chatbots set up on their website as customer service and sales tools. However, just because it has “bot” in the name does not mean it uses artificial intelligence.

Chatbots that aren’t using AI require marketers to do most of the heavy lifting, which can be very overwhelming. Instead, look for chatbots that have AI baked in and can think through all those branching rules for you. This means asking vendors how exactly they’re using AI and machine learning.

3. Yext

When it comes to monitoring reviews online, Yext gets five stars.

Digital knowledge management company Yext processes vast amounts of data (i.e. customer reviews left on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.), understands what’s being said within it, and then prioritizes what you should respond to.

This way, you can manage your online reputation through monitoring, analyzing, and responding to customer reviews.


Every email you send is a chance to have a one-to-one conversation with your subscribers. Sending personalized emails to millions of contacts is a marketer’s dream. is making that dream a reality with personalized, automated newsletters. Using AI, the system pays attention to what content you engage with the most, then adapts which stories are included in the next email you receive.

Combine that with send-time optimization and now you’re giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

5. Pattern89

Social media ad spending shouldn’t be guesswork.

Marketing software Pattern89 uses machine learning to optimize bid, budget, and channel management for your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads—at scale.

You can think of this tool as your social media assistant. It makes creative and spending recommendations to help you reduce costs and increase revenue.

6. Persado

Social media marketers know the best way to engage with followers is to create authentic relationships. This can be a bit challenging online.

Persado. This marketing language tool uses AI and machine learning to produce language that resonates most with any given audience, segment, or individual.

It creates emotional profiles for every customer segment by analyzing past campaign responses. From there, it can customize content for your audience while incorporating your brand’s unique voice.

7. Phrasee

Another AI-powered language tool social media marketers should use is Phrasee.

This tool optimizes email subject lines to get brands more opens, clicks, and conversions.

Take action now. Start using smart AI tools and create a very effective social media marketing strategy for your business.


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artificial intelligence Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google marketing profits Social Media Starting a Business Startups

How AI and Humans are Changing the World: Technology will Replace Tasks, not Jobs.

How AI and Humans are Changing the World: Technology will Replace Tasks, not Jobs.


Many people believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace our jobs but it’s a myth. The new technology is going to replace tasks, not jobs. Just like email, computers, and the internet elevated employees to new proficiencies in past decades, AI’s purpose is to increase worker proficiency by eliminating time-consuming tasks.

Always a lot of people are afraid of new technologies and the progress of science. They don’t have the knowledge and they don’t like changes in their life or work. But the technology is here to change the world and nobody can stop it!

A famous example from the 19th century. A group of English textile workers wants to destroy newly invented textile machines for fear they’d lose their jobs. Their fear was unfounded, however, as instead of being replaced, the machines made it cheaper to produce fabric, leading to more customers, and more demand for workers.

Technology like AI is giving us a unique opportunity to rethink how work is done, and how people use their skills and talents to complete critical tasks. AI works by applying pattern recognition to categorize structured and unstructured data, to flag anomalies and make recommendations.

It can take care of the repetitive tasks so that all employees — from the back office to the CEO — can focus on higher-value projects that help them stay competitive.

For example, chatbots are already being used to alleviate the pressure of increasing customer inquiries. Chatbots can be set up to answer the most basic requests of customers, such as delivering order status updates, scheduling appointments, answering common user questions, and providing simple automated services during the hours when a business is closed.

For B2B organizations specifically, it can take over many of the lead nurturing tasks that happen at the top of the sales funnel – allowing humans more time to interact with prospects during the critical decision phase of the sales process.

Artificial intelligence takes over many of the time-consuming tasks and augments data-driven research by more quickly finding patterns and making recommendations, while human intelligence supervises, guides and manages.

So people will do their jobs faster, better and smarter. Automation replaces useless redundancy and decreases the amount of data an employee must wade through to accomplish an assignment.

The artificial intelligence will improve all industries and verticals– back-office tasks such as payroll, administration, invoice approvals, etc. As we’ve seen with the increasing use of chatbots, more businesses have come to understand what processes they are able to streamline, and executives and employees alike have become more comfortable working alongside automation programs.

A recent Deloitte survey of business executives concluded that more than 80% of executives gained a financial return from AI investments. Automation can create economic growth, reduce prices and increase demand while also creating new jobs that make up for those that disappear.

We’re seeing this in the ERP market especially; many software vendors have recently created their own versions of digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana – or are creating applications that allow users to have a conversation with their ERP software through one of these bots.

These consumer chatbots can also streamline tedious employee tasks such as scheduling appointments, directing payments, following up on invoices – all from within a conversational interface. Soon you may be asking Siri, Alexa or Wanda to find the best deal and book your flight for an upcoming business trip!

It is more important than ever to prepare yourself, your team, and your organization to develop a strategy to leverage artificial intelligence. And keep in mind – AI, when used correctly, is about empowering people to do more and better than humanly possible.

The future is here! The artificial intelligence is your helper, not your enemy! Take action now and don’t look back!


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Modern Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

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Modern Artificial Intelligence Infographic

The history of Artificial Intelligence isn’t a long one, around 60-70 years, but the advances in recent years have been huge. The Modern Artificial Intelligence Infographic shows how technology coupled with studies of the human brain have aided in making AI a reality, and a reality we can use every day.

Machines are already intelligent, but we fail to recognize it. When a machine demonstrates intelligence we counter it by saying ‘it’s not real intelligence’. Therefore Al becomes whatever has not been accomplished so far by a machine.