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SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website
SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website


keyword optimization is one of the most important tools you need for your website. Keyword optimization or keyword research is the act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best word to your products, services or campaign in order to target and drive traffic from search engines such as Google to your website and your business.

Here are the tips on how to drive traffic to your website.

Choose the right keywords

The first step of reaching the top of search results is identifying the right keywords. It can either be a single word or entire phrases. The most searches on the internet are made in the form of a question. Therefore, before you start writing down the keywords, you need to decide which keywords you want to focus on. These are the words people would type into the search engines in order to find your website, blog, service, or product.

1. Start with customers

Think about who your target audience or customers are. What are they likely to type into the search bar when they are looking for answers where your services can help them? Why not ask existing customers what they would search for?

2. Know the competition

It is important for you to choose words that many of your target audience might be typing into search engines, they should not be words that bigger companies with a big budget will compete for.

3. Use Google tools

Google has several good tools which can aid you to find what is popular to search.

On Google Trends, a public web facility based on Google Search engine shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages including a list of popular searches.

You can also enter keywords and see how popular they are, compared with other phrases and ideas on similar terms – in order to choose the one that most are looking for.

You can also find keywords using Google’s “Keyword Planner”.

SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website
SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Customise Your Content

Once you have successfully chosen your keywords, there are a few other things you need to do in order get your site ranked high on search engines. One of such things is content creation. You have to create and distribute relevant and valuable content that attracts and engages your well-defined target audience. Content marketing helps us to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers.

1. Quality Text

Use keywords in the title and also, include the keywords in the body, the much higher up it is in the text, the better it is for your ranking.

However, be careful not to use your keywords too much. Google may interpret your site as a nonsense page which is only trying to attract traffic and you go down in search results. Your content should feel natural and interesting. Which of course is also important for your visitors.

2. Have Photos

Rename even your photos with your relevant keywords. This will make it possible for search engines index them and you can get hit even in image search. If you have the opportunity to enter an alternative text for each image, do not let go of such an opportunity.

Get Links from Others

The most important thing for search engines is to deliver good and relevant results, remember that’s their primary business. Therefore, priority is given to websites that Search engines deem others rate high or think is good. An example is sites with links and many visitors who stay long to engage with the site. Therefore, this is really important too:

1. Make sure to get a lot of visits to the page

Ask family and friends to visit your website. Get the link or URL out there as often as possible, for example, you make a video, put it up on YouTube and the links there – but incorporate all the content on your site and link to it there.

2. Ask others to link to your site

Ask business partners or customers to link to you, perhaps in exchange for a link back or share interesting tips in your field and let others get put up pieces of contents with a link to you.

3. Share your site on social media

Sharing your website and contents on social media is extremely important. It can provide visits to the website, more traffic, attention and higher rankings

4. Get visitors to share

Get others to share your site and contents on social media, using “share” buttons. AddThis is one of the free tools allows you to instantly share or bookmark pages with one easy-to-use tool.


SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website
SEO Guide: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Website Tips

1. Use Google Search Console

The Google Search Console (aka Google webmaster) is an amazing tool which offers many tools that will aid you to thoroughly analyze your site. From this analysis, you can work on problem areas to make your site rank better on Search engines especially Google

2. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly,

With a good percentage of the world’s population owning mobile devices these days, it makes sense to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Mobile users also expect a good mobile experience when they visit a site.

3. Fast Load Pages

A site that takes a long time to load will rank lower on search engines. Google has indicated in the past that site and page speeds are one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

Page speed is also important to user experience, the slower your site/page speed the more likely you will have high bounce rate and lower average time on your site. Some of the great tools which can help you with your site speed are Google Pagespeed Insights and GTmetrix.

4. Use Google AdWords

Business regardless of size wants to be found on the first page of Google. Getting seen by customers at the exact time they are looking for your information, products, services, deals. That is intent marketing (marketing based on someone intending to find your products), and it’s profitable.

Many businesses use Google AdWords to create effective advertising campaigns to market their products and services, drive traffic to their website, and ultimately, increase sales.

5 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

5 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
All the online businesses need traffic to succeed. If a website does not get a flow of traffic, it will fail to make sales and money.


All the online businesses need traffic to succeed. If a website does not get a flow of traffic, it will fail to make sales and money. So, It is important to take some steps to drive traffic to your online business website.

Here are 5 effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

1. The visitors want always fresh, unique and quality content on a website. Usually, visitors visit a website for information and sometimes buy stuff if they need it. You should have high quality and unique content on your website.

When visitors find interesting and useful content on your website, they will surely spend more time on your website, bookmark your website and also buy from your products. Posting lots of valuable information on your website, you will be considered as an expert in your subject. Also, this way you can convert easily the visitors to customers.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO is a very effective way to attract targeted traffic. find and utilize niche keywords and phrases and place on your titles and in the rest of the content on your website.

Usually, a visitor search with keywords or phrases and your website will show up and will rank high when search engines find those keywords on your website, and this will drive more traffic to your website.

3. You can write useful and interesting articles on your subject and submit articles. Articles submission is a powerful tool for driving traffic to website or blog. Make sure to have a resources box or author’s biography on your all articles and put your website’s URL.

If your articles are interesting and useful, people will read it and may want to visit your website, so write more reliable and valuable articles and submit articles on various articles submission directories and you will more drive to your website.

4. Viral marketing and email marketing are a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. You may give away free e-books or short reports with a link to your website. Build a blog and have a link to your website on it.

Put your website URL as a signature on your business mail or free email accounts from G-mail or Yahoo. These techniques will surely drive more traffic to your website.

5. Make a nice video about your website or products and post it on YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Today many webmasters use video marketing to drive traffic to the website. Post your website link on that video description, interested people who have viewed your video may become interested to visit your website.

Website Traffic Tips You Need To Know

More website visitors mean more customers, more sales and therefore more revenue!

Brand. Building your brand by coming out with a well-designed, efficiently developed, highly optimized website.

Use social media. Engaging your customers through social media marketing which of course should be consistent. Daily postings are necessary of course but it should contain catchy and relevant insights while actively participating in the community;

Create a blog. You can publish high-quality, original articles, videos or infographics on your blog. This way you can grow your business, increase your traffic, and your sales.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO. You have to optimize your business site and its content so it can easily crawl on Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. As you know people use the search engines to discover what they need.

Fast and mobile-friendly website. This a must in the development of websites as most customers now use mobile devices to access the web. Also, the Google love the mobile-friendly websites and you will achieve higher rankings pretty fast.

Websites should be accessible and viewable on varied mobile devices even on the smallest smartphones.

That is why website developers should guarantee that your website is technically optimized and made highly responsive to load better and faster. This will definitely attract more customers as your website is found on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP).

Now you know the effective ways and the tips to drive traffic to your website. The first step to success. Take Action Now!

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Make Money

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Make Money
You must be creative and you have to know the latest tips and tricks on how to drive traffic to your blog and make money.


Creating and running a blog is a must for businesses and marketer today. You must be creative and you have to know the latest tips and tricks on how to drive traffic to your blog and make money.

1. How to drive traffic to your blog.

The first step is to learn how to optimize your blog for search engines (SEO). Using an SEO plugin in like All In One SEO or Yoast will make your life easier and your blog much better. These plugins will optimize your blog for search engines and you will achieve higher rankings faster.

Also, you can drive traffic to your blog and build backlinks with article marketing, social media marketing, forum posting and commenting on other blogs.

2. Exchange Links

You can exchange links with other blogs that are involved in the same topic as you. This blogging tip has been used by some of the top bloggers because they know that search engines will increase your rank based on the number and the quality of links pointing back to your blog.

3. Update your blog on a regular basis!

Updating your blog at least 2 or 3 times a week so that your readers have constant new content to keep them involved.

Post a new article or make a new video and post it to your blog occasionally. This blogging tip will keep your customers actively reading and re-reading your blog on a weekly basis.

4. Check your posts for grammar and spelling.

In order to make money blogging and look like a professional doing it, prospects will not accept bad grammar or massive spelling errors.

5. Be Original

Prospects and readers don’t want to read the same ole rehashed jargon over and over, so give them something new and refreshing. Allow your personality to come through as you write your post, some people say that you should write like you talk.

Your blog posts have to be high-quality, fresh and informative. Give value to your readers and visitors and they will come back again.

7 Tips for your blog content

1. Blog Posts Titles

Compelling titles entice your reader to the content that follows. Research shows that 80% of people will read headline copy but only 20% click to read the content of the article. For this reason, having a clear idea of your message must shine through in your blog title.

2. Length of Blog Posts

Research says that an optimal blog length is 2250 to 2500 words. If your subject needs to be short and to the point, try to write at least 500 words as blogs index better after that count. Additionally, blogs are about information both written and visual, so words can be replaced by images or video. When using images or video, be sure to credit the creator and add a description to be referenced on the blog.

3. Write About a specific topic

Each blog should address a specific topic that interest your readers. When writing a blog post, don’t concentrate on the length. Instead, focus on the message you wish to communicate with the reader. It is better to read something that has value than a long blog that never gets to the point.

4. Build Trust

Let your blog visitors value the content you are creating. Be sure to do your research, provide current statistics, and reference factual content. The goal is to build a trust with your audience so they will return for more information.

5. Content Need to Be Useful and Informative

Content should be useful and informative to your audience no matter if they are a client or not. If you don’t give value, help or solutions to your readers they will never come back to read your posts.

6. Call to Action

Triggering an action is always a great way to end a blog post. Having them “Act Now” or “Learn More” about your services or product is a great way to close a blog. Also, this way you can increase your sales.

7. SEO and Regular Posting

Posting on a regular schedule increases reader loyalty and click through. Different types of content will enable a larger keyword index link for SEO. Additionally, backlinks and long tail keywords will increase your blog’s indexing. This will drive more traffic to your website and you will make money.

5 Effective Low Cost SEO Tips

5 Effective Low Cost SEO Tips

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. A well optimized website will achieve higher rankings on search engines and more profits for the marketer.

But to tell you the truth, you can essentially get information on low cost SEO anywhere in the Internet. But only several really show you how to work out an affordable search engine optimization endeavor. And those few that really inform include this article.

1. Link exchanges

One cheap SEO method that can get you best results is through link exchanges or linking to and from other web sites. Depending on the websites that you would like to exchange links with, this tool could even cost you nothing at all. Contact the author or owner of the web site you want to have a link exchange with.

2. keyword rich articles

Writing truly informative and keyword-rich articles is one surefire way to make your Internet business more visible than ever. It’s either you write your own articles or you get them from article directories that allow you to post these articles on your website as long as you keep the resource box or the author’s byline in tact. Just don’t stuff your articles with keywords that even idiots would get bore of reading them. The readability and freshness of your articles will still be the basis of whether your writers will keep on coming back to your website or not.

3. Catchy Domain Name

What better will make your target visitors remember your website but with a very easy-to-recall domain name. Something sweet and short will prove to be very invaluable. Registering your domain name is not for free. But creativity is.

4. Easy site navigation

Providing easy steps in navigating your site is one way to make your visitors become at ease with your site. This, in turn, will improve the flow of traffic to your website.

5. Mobile friendly Website

The search engines like Google love the mobile friendly websites because more and more people everyday use their phones to search the web. You will lose traffic and money if your website is not mobile friendly.

Low cost SEO tips very often need to change because the search engines change their algorithms. So you have to learn the latest news about SEO and how to achieve higher rankings.

Affiliate Marketing: Secrets and Strategies

Affiliate Marketing: Secrets and Strategies
Discover the Secrets of Affiliate Marketing. Download Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training


Every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. Sometimes they think it is a magic formula that is readily available for them. Actually, it is more complicated than that. It is just good marketing practices that have been proven over years of hard work and dedication.

Making money from affiliate marketing is an art. Only writing a great product review or promoting a great product will not work to make any sales from your affiliate links. But you have to do many other things to make money from your affiliate links.

Most of the Blog and website owners think that writing a great product review will work. But this is not enough. You need a perfect Affiliate Marketing Strategy and work on it to generate sales from your links.

Here is a Great Affiliate Marketing Strategy .

1. Take Time to chose a product to promote and write down a unique, and informative product review. This is very important for your success. Many people read reviews before buy a product.

2. Become an Affiliate of ClickBank, Commission Junction, etc.. Generate an affiliate link for your product and put it on your review page and publish it on your website or a blog. If you are not the owner of any website or a blog then you can post your review on Squidoo, HubPages, blogs, forums, etc..

Remember, all you need to do is publish your web page containing your affiliate link anywhere on the web and drive targeted traffic towards it.

3. Link Building: This is very important. The only thing you have to do is drive web traffic towards it (the more the better). For this, you have to create and publish the content on other popular websites on the Internet and then put a link of your affiliate page.

Examples are EzineArticles, YouTube, eHow, etc…

4. Social Media: Try Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon, to drive more traffic towards your affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Secrets of Successful & Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Everything about affiliate marketing revolves around the one basic principle and that is:

“To make money from affiliate marketing, you have to drive more targeted traffic towards your affiliate links.”

The more targeted traffic you drive towards your affiliate links, the more sales it will generate and the more money you will make. It is this simple.

Very important is the proper mindset. You have to understand the principle and develop a mind frame and stick to it. That’s it. This is all you have to do to make money from affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to be a popular product review writer for this. Nor do you need to be the owner of an Authority Blog or a Website. Of course, if you are an owner of a successful blog or a website, it will be easy for you to make money from affiliate marketing because you can leverage your existing readers base.

The strategy and secrets given above does not really sound very difficult to do, if you think about it. It just requires a little time and an action plan on your part.


Discover the Secrets of Affiliate Marketing. Download Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training