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LinkedIn Stories: How to Promote Your Business for Free [Infographic]

LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform for marketers and is the perfect platform for professionals. LinkedIn users now can create stories with the LinkedIn Stories app.

Storytelling is a classic and very effective way you can connect with your target audience. LinkedIn Stories are visual status updates that last for 24 hours. The stories appear vertically and automatically plays the next Story once you have viewed the first one.

You can post a video or photo and you can add simple elements such as stickers and texts. (like Instagram Stories)

These days many people prefer to view stories than reading status updates. (people love visuals)

Important! You need to use Stories to reach a wider audience.

The good thing about Stories is that gives users a chance to see the person behind the brand. This is useful for entrepreneurs and businesses who would like to attract more people and build relationships with potential clients.

How To Use LinkedIn Stories

  1. Share Profesional or Useful Tips

You need to know that Stories doesn’t change the ‘professional’ nature of LinkedIn. The Stories feature should be used to build a professional network for your brand (and business).

You can show projects you are working on. You can share updates or real-time reports.

You can show your office and things that help you stay productive. People are searching for ways to improve their office.

You can share behind the scene process. People love to see this exclusive (behind scene) content.

You can share professional and useful tips about how to multitask or how to be more productive.

You can also share your interests, your opinion, or side projects you like.

  1. Share Real-Time Updates

You need to show your target audience that your brand is made of real people.

Show people behind your brand and show these moments in real-time. This way you can create a better connection with your target audience.

These stories will help to make your brand or business more human.

  1. Use Q&A Live Streaming

This is a very effective strategy and many businesses are using it on other social media platforms. Live-streaming Q&A is a very popular and interesting way of sharing content on many platforms.

Invite your target audience to submit questions. They can post their question in the comment section or through direct messages.

  1. Share Brand News

Stories can help you to generate the hype you want around a product launch or an upcoming event. Your audience will view your story and if they like it they will share it with their friends.

  1. Share Testimonials Stories (Real Stories)

People trust recommendations given by other people they know (friends) more than any marketing strategy or ads.

So testimonials are a great way to share content on LinkedIn Stories. If you are selling a product, software, or service, encourage your target audience to share their experience.

LinkedIn Stories are a great way to connect with a more qualified and interested audience. So you need to use stories to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy and promote your business.

Stories these days are a trend and also, they are a free, popular, effective way, to grow your business.

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business google infographic marketing Social Media

LinkedIn: Facts and Stats You Need to Know [Infographic]

The LinkedIn platform is known as the “professional social networking site.” LinkedIn is a pretty good social media platform to discover leads. Stats show that LinkedIn is 278% more effective at generating leads than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Also, LinkedIn is very popular among college students. Further research into these LinkedIn statistics revealed that 54% of college graduates in the US are LinkedIn users, while the site engages with only 9% of people whose education doesn’t surpass high school.

Many marketers are using LinkedIn. 80% of marketers said that LinkedIn is a very good source of leads, with 45% of marketers saying they have sourced at least one customer from LinkedIn. That number increases for B2B marketers, who report that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn.

A primary reason that LinkedIn users are active on the platform is to find a job. With more than 20 million companies listed on the site and 14 million open jobs, it’s no surprise that 90% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

A study found that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site.

Content Strategy

LinkedIn allows you to share different types of content. Articles, which can be posted on your profile, links to your website, slideshows, and video are among the most popular types of a content LinkedIn users post.

Content on the LinkedIn feed receives about 9 billion impressions per week, but only 3 million users share content every week. This means that only about 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly users share posts.

Stats show that “how-to” and list posts performed best, especially those with titles that had 40-49 characters. Additionally, it found that posts with five headings had the most views. Also, long-form content performed the best.

Images can improve your posts’ popularity. A visual content strategy is pretty effective.

LinkedIn has now made it possible to upload native videos. So LinkedIn users can see a more “human” side of businesses, making the brands behind them more approachable and popular too.

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18 LinkedIn Stats You Need to Know [Infographic]

LinkedIn stats you need to know in this infographic. How to create a successful social media strategy for your business…
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LinkedIn: The Power of the Employee Influencer [Infographic]

stats and insights which highlight the benefits of employee advocacy for boosting your digital marketing efforts. Why LinkedIn Engagement is Valuable

The power of your employees should be a consideration for all brands – employee-posted content not only generates more reach and response, but its also seen as more authentic, and therefore, more likely to inspire action. (and Sales)

Really, you only need to think about your own social media behaviors in this regard. Are you more likely to stop and read a post from a brand, or someone you know who works for that company?

Here is a collection of stats and insights which highlight the benefits of employee advocacy for boosting your digital marketing efforts.

LinkedIn’s most recent stats show that it now has more than 600 million members which do not directly equate to active users.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business profile or expand your personal network, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. When used well, LinkedIn can help you raise brand awareness and boost traffic to your business.

But, unfortunately, most people are using LinkedIn wrong. Simply copy and pasting your latest blog posts for promotion is not the way to generate engagement, leads, or sales.

Why LinkedIn Engagement is Valuable

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site out there, which means if you have a B2B business, or cater to other professionals in a specific industry, it could be the ideal platform for growing your business.

In the past, LinkedIn was often discounted as a worthwhile platform due to a lack of active users – for example, in 2017, when LinkedIn hit 500 million members, data showed that only 50% of them were active at least monthly, and that was actually a significant improvement over past years’ activity levels.

In 2018, however, LinkedIn made significant changes to both the user experience on its platform and its algorithm, and those have led to significant spikes in user activity.

In November 2018 LinkedIn had reached 590 million members: an 18% increase from the year before. LinkedIn also reported that this number is continuing to grow at a rate of more than two new members per second.

LinkedIn Tips

Make sure you maximize your profile page content for search results, focus on engaging messaging for viewers to encourage connections and don’t be afraid to seek out endorsements and recommendations to help you establish yourself as a thought leader.

Post consistent and valuable content at least once per day to actively engage your audience, focus on text posts, with hashtags and no external links, but be sure to mix in native videos as well.

Join groups and interact with others to create value and experience reciprocity – and don’t forget to grow your connections and authentically mention influencers.

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LinkedIn: A Great Social Network for Your Business

The LinkedIn is a great network for professionals and it’s very important for your online business too. LinkedIn has many wonderful attributes and a ton of possibilities.


The LinkedIn is a great network for professionals and it’s very important for your online business too. LinkedIn has many wonderful attributes and a ton of possibilities. You may have a LinkedIn account but, perhaps, you are not leveraging it as much as you can or should be.

If you haven’t done so already, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete. People will check out your profile and you want to make sure that they are able to get to know you through your profile, want to connect with you, and interact.

Manage Your Clients with LinkedIn

You may consider your LinkedIn profile a detailed business card. However, it is so much more than that and if you are not aware of all (or most) of its potential, it is time for you to become educated about all that LinkedIn has to offer.

The fact is that everyone needs to manage their clients, whether you use some sort of sophisticated tool to accomplish that or not. LinkedIn can definitely do that for you. You just need to figure out how to make it work for your business.

When it comes to online social networks, LinkedIn is the best for professionals. You probably have all sorts of valuable connections that you may not even be aware of. One of the great things about LinkedIn is that after a person has created a profile, they are generally reachable for eternity.

You will most likely find that to be a really great (and helpful) feature. In fact, not only does that information stay the same but it also gives you other valuable information that you will find useful. It tells you when your LinkedIn connections are having birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.

You may be surprised at how far a simple birthday or anniversary wish will go in your relationship with the other person when it comes to your solidifying your relationship with that person.

There are two versions of LinkedIn: one that is free and one that costs money. In some cases, the one that costs money is superior to the free one. However, in the case of LinkedIn, the free version is perfectly acceptable and the chances are really good that you can get everything that you need from the free version without missing anything.

Ask Help from LinkedIn

It’s very common many times to have a question and you don’t know who to ask. You may not have the resources for that particular issue and you are not sure what to do. Well, LinkedIn can certainly help.

If you have a question without an answer, all you need to do is post it to your LinkedIn connections. The chances are really good that at least one or two people will respond to you. You may not get the answer that you are looking for but the responses that you do receive may bring you closer to the answer that you need.

You will see that people are generally willing to help you if you need them to. All you need to do is ask. Of course, there will be many people who just don’t know the answer to your question. However, there will also be many people who can offer their help to you.

LinkedIn is not only an amazing social network but it is also a wonderful way to manage your customer relationships and it has tremendous capabilities that can really bring your business to the next level. It allows you to connect and stay connected with your valuable online connections.

It not only helps you to gather valuable information but it also allows you the ability to make the most of that information and to use it effectively for your business. You should learn about all that it can do and take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.

Share Your Content on LinkedIn

Creating amazing content is a necessity for your business. One important thing to remember is that the content that you share will not necessarily be identical on every social network.

As you know the top social network for professionals is LinkedIn. The content that you share on LinkedIn must be very effective for the people with whom you interact because you not only want those people to read what you are posting, you also want them to share your content.

If that is going to happen, you will have to make sure that your content is high-quality, compelling, valuable, educational. You have a responsibility to give your target audience members what they want so that you can get what you need as well.

If you share valuable content, you will have proven yourself as the expert who you know you are, they will come off as looking really good, and their friends and colleagues will have amazing content in their hands.

When it comes to sharing valuable content on LinkedIn, there is another positive result that will come from that as well. It will help you to build up your network of contacts, which are very important for your brand and your business.

Here are 4 Tips on How to Create Awesome Content

Write Effective Titles

Help Your Target Audience

Write Unique and High-Quality Content

Build Relationships