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Guide: How To Be A Better Blogger

Guide: How To Be A Better Blogger
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Blogging is a very effective tool for businesses. It’s very low-cost, requiring only a domain and a hosting account.

If you’ve been blogging for some time and you’re not experiencing the site visitors or income numbers you’d like, here are a guide to help you about how to become a better blogger.

1. Update Your Content Frequently

You might not post every single day but you can be certain that your readership will fall off it if you only post once per month. Readers like new content and they will go where they can get it.

If you’re having difficulties with time to write new content, hire a freelancer to produce content material for you on a regular basis. Outsourcing makes it possible for you to free up your time for other tasks that require your attention.

2. Network With Others

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are excellent ways to link up with new and existing business partners, customers and prospects. Once you develop a network of people with similar business likes and dislikes, you can post things to everyone on your network.

Not only will they pass it on if they like it, but their social media connections will see it on their page too.

3. Take Notice Of Your Readership

When people comment on your blog, they normally want you to respond to them. Some ask questions and some just want to let you know that they agree or disagree with what you’ve written. Make the effort to communicate with them.

4. Mix Up Your Content

Don’t just limit your content to text. Content can be read, watched and listened to. You can create Infographics or do a video blog post. Video blogs, sometimes called a vlog, are a great way to increase engagement and speed up brand awareness. A video is shared and engaged with more often than text. People love the visual content.

5. Keep Your Adverts To A Minimum

Advertisements are a way for bloggers to make money with their sites. But if you post too many, website visitors will be put off. You want your content to be the most important attraction. If the ads match with your blog niche, that’s good but only place a couple at the top of the page if you want them to be clicked regularly by visitors

Blogging Tips

Writing a Blog post is very important for all businesses to get their message out there and also to keep themselves in the public eye.

People will usually not be ready to buy at the time they see your blog but your presence will have been noted in the back of their mind.

This hopefully will lead to them recalling your brand and considering your offer when they do require what you are offering.

Keep Blogging

By keeping a visible presence online in the way of posts and articles will add to your credibility and will make it easier for you to get through doors.

People are naturally very skeptical about purchasing from someone new, so seeing your articles regularly will keep you in good stead and people will trust you and see you as an expert in your field.

Remember, people do need to see an ad or blog an average of 7 times to consider your offer or to take you seriously.

Where To Blog

There are a few free online blogging platforms for you to start blogging on.


Social Media



How To Blog

Your blog needs to be one of 5 things to be successful and keep people interested.

Informative – Inform them of the benefits and features of your offer. It may be just what they need to make their life complete! Remember most people don’t realize they need something until it is shown to them

Educational – Post “how to” guides to show people how to do things which they have no experience of.

Inspirational – Inspire people to take action on something they keep putting off

Entertaining – Light-hearted humor or good reading

Promotional. – not too much but do promote your brand.

Creating a Blog Post – Some Basics

A good post will be between 300 – 900 words. Google prefers posts of this length and will index them easier.

Keywords should be at the beginning and end of every post.

Use Headings – I.e H 1, H2 Etc

Use good Headlines to capture attention. (Emotional Marketing Value Analyzer will help you.)

Think of your audience and what problems you can solve for them.

Give a free Ebook, free report. Give value and help your clients.


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