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Video Marketing Guide: Why Is Very Important For Your Business

Video Marketing Guide: Why Is Very Important For Your Business


Many small businesses now realize that video marketing is something that they can implement easily, but for some reason, they still aren’t doing it. With the benefits that video marketing can offer a business, this could be a fatal mistake.

Many business owners simply do not understand how to use video marketing effectively. If you could start creating some videos about your business, you could win your competitors.

The Good News

The concept of video marketing has grown in popularity in recent years. People love the video and they don’t need expensive cameras and other technology parts to create a video. Simply they use their mobile phones!

Why Video Is So Powerful

Video allows your business to capture the imagination of your prospects, and be completely honest and transparent about the products and services that you are offering.

Video also gives you the opportunity to enhance your reputation in the process. It can of course, also allow you to demonstrate in a few seconds on video, what would potentially take longer to explain in audio or in print.

Video marketing has now emerged as possibly the fastest, most efficient and persuasive mode of online marketing available.

The large corporations are now using it, the small and medium-sized business community still appears to be lagging behind. They still do not know that video marketing can attract more interested people and more sales.


Fortunately for you, this is great news for your business as your competitors don’t use video marketing.

One of the keys to the success of video marketing has been the popularity of the YouTube website. Since the creation of YouTube, a number of other videos sharing sites have emerged on to the scene, however, YouTube remains the one that is the most popular.

In fact, such was the success of YouTube that Google purchased the site.

Video Marketing – The Future

Video marketing is the future. From the viral videos of the comedians to the powerful short clips from giants like Apple, the online world is definitely getting more visual.

Attention! Stay away from the usual “gurus” and “get-rich-quick” types and looking at what’s really working and happening is something that isn’t often done by many marketers. Because these marketers are usually part of the guru stream themselves.

In trade journals and marketing conferences, professionals are talking a lot about video. It’s the current “big thing” to capitalize on and is usually done hand-in-hand with social network marketing.

What Works in Video Marketing

Whatever your size or budget, there are some fundamental things that appear to work with video online. First, you need quality videos, but don’t over-emphasize it. Studio-quality production is a requirement for successful video marketing.

The quality video has several elements: picture clarity, good sound, effective content, and short duration.

The longer a video is, the less likely it is to be watched all the way through. Optimally, a best online video that gets noticed and goes viral is almost always of commercial length from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Some exceptions occur, of course, but 5 minutes appears to be about the limit.

Content is still King on the Internet, though, so above all else, be sure your video is useful. keep on topic and deliver good information.

What Doesn’t Work in Video Marketing

Many Useless Videos

Most have two things in common: they over-emphasize the “news” appeal of whatever they’re attempting to sell and they often put too much or too little effort into production.

If your customers wanted the news, they’d turn on CNN. If they want low production values, they’ll watch cable access. Be realistic with your production values, but don’t be so cheap that you attempt to make your video presentation using a 1Mp camera made in 1990 and your PC’s internal microphone.

The Future of Video Marketing

Video it’s here to stay. It’s only going to get better, in fact. So every marketing strategy, no matter its goals, will have to incorporate video in some way. That might be direct, indirect, or both.

Video marketing is definitely an integral part of the overall marketing strategy for future sales. Broadly, it’s a part of the Web 2.0 revolution. Create your video marketing campaign Today!


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