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3 Tips for a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

3 Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy


These days it’s pretty difficult to find a company that doesn’t use social media at all. But some companies are social media rockstars, while others fail. What’s the ingredient of social media success? One word: Strategy.

Most marketing managers simply publish a post or answer customer queries at random. Those who are savvier understand the importance of having a long-term engagement plan. A strategy

Here are 3 tips for a successful social media strategy

1. Know What Your Customers Like

Knowledge is power, and this could not be closer to the truth when it comes to marketing!

Do extensive research on your industry, competition, influencers, and relevant keywords. Where do they hang out? What topics interest them? Strive to locate your customers accordingly, and find out what they talk about.

Once you have done so, you will know how to reach your customers and their interests. Very Simple.

People will pay attention to things that focus on their interests.

2. More is Not Better.

Many businesses, having created accounts on multiple platforms, building up their presence on every single social media platform. From Facebook to Instagram. Many of these accounts will fail in a matter of months.

B2C marketers tend to use Facebook as their social media platform of choice, while B2B marketers are using LinkedIn (where they have seen a 61% success rate as compared to other platforms).

It’s very important every day, to track your efforts on each platform and adjust your focus accordingly.

3. The Metrics You Need for Your Social Media Marketing

The number of metrics out there is too many! Pageviews, click-throughs, likes, retweets, repins – the list goes on and on. It is therefore really important to decide which metrics define the success of your marketing campaign.

You can help push brand awareness by creating videos, infographics, or writing articles. Very common marketing tips but effective.

It is important to be able to monitor and optimize your strategy. The technology and the online world are changing pretty fast. So you have to know the new trends. So to be able to create a successful social media strategy, for your business.