Amazon: Tips on How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon: Tips on How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has a profitable affiliate program (Amazon Associates) but still has a fairly low payout compared to other affiliate programs. The positive point is that Amazon has a vast product line, a huge customer base, and credibility. So you can find something to promote and make money.

Important Tip. If you want to make money with Amazon you need to research, work, and marketing. You can not create a successful online business without work! Many marketers (Beginners) has failed!

Pros of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is a highly visited, well-known name that people use and trust every day.
It’s free to join.
Amazon has many tools to help you sell specific items or a category of items.
There is a good reporting system so you know what’s getting clicks and what’s selling.
You can receive direct deposit payments into your bank account.
Many products to promote
Amazon offers good customer service to its buyers. (Very Important)
Even if your visitor doesn’t buy the product you referred to, if they buy something on that visit, you earn a commission.

Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

The commission rate is relatively low compared to other affiliate programs, 6-10% depending on the items.
Their cookies only last 24-hours. That means if your referral doesn’t buy within 24 hours, you won’t get credit.
You’re not allowed to send Amazon affiliate links in emails. That includes blog posts that get sent as an email.
If you have a U.S. site and are promoting products in the Amazon U.S. store, you won’t get credit for referring someone who ends up buying the product from outside the country (i.e. Amazon UK).
Payment options are only through direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift card. There’s no PayPal option.
Minimum payout is $100, which isn’t that much if you make lots of sales, but a lot of you’re only earning a few dollars a month.

How to Promote Amazon


Blogging is probably the most effective way that affiliates make money with the Amazon Affiliate program. How to make money with your blog.


Writing content for your blog or website about buying a product available on Amazon. Now more people are searching online to buy products. So a food blogger can link to cooking tools, a photography site can link to cameras, etc. They will buy because they trust Amazon. (Branding)

Reviews of new products

People want to know about items before they buy, especially if they’re new. Reviews are a very effective way to promote products or services.

Promoting special offers

This step requires that you watch Amazon for special promotions on products that fit in your website’s topic area. (Blog Niche)

Social Media

You can use social media to share your blog content with affiliate links, or you can directly share your affiliate links.

YouTube Videos

You can offer much of the same types of content on video as you do on a blog, such as reviews. The advantage of video is that you can give tutorials and other visual content that better help potential buyers decide to buy the product you promote.

People love videos and videos work much better than text.

Also, Amazon provides ad scripts that you can run on a blog or website.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon is a great way to make money online. But you need to know the problems of your target audience. So you give them solutions and help. Very Important Marketing Principle!

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Amazon Gift Cards: Tips to Get Giftcards and Save Money

Amazon Gift Cards: Tips to Get Giftcards and Save Money

There are many ways to find Amazon gift cards online. Here are a few tips you need to know about how to get amazon gift cards and save money.


The best place to get free Amazon gift cards is straight from

The site regularly sends targeted offers to current- and potential-Prime subscribers. Many times they offered a free $10 gift card if you sent someone a $50 gift card via text.

They also offer promotions like “spend $25, get $10”, etc. These are most often found in their grocery and personal care, health sections of the site. Check their gift card section online to see if any current offers are listed. Be sure to check back regularly.

  1. Credit Card Rewards

If you use a credit card that offers cashback you might be able to get Amazon gift card offers with your earned rewards. Sometimes, you can even get bonus redemptions with certain partner companies, Amazon is one of them.

Check out your credit card company’s rewards portal to see where you can redeem your points.

  1. Online Surveys

If you like online surveys, it’s possible to make a decent return on your time. Sometimes, the return comes in the form of Amazon gift cards.

Companies like MintVine, Crowdology, etc, will pay you for your time and effort, offering you daily survey opportunities and various options. You can pick and choose the surveys that most apply to you and your family, and also sort them according to length and earnings.

  1. Get an Amazon Credit Card

An Amazon credit card is another good way to earn Amazon-specific rewards.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa® is a great cash-back card, especially if you spend a fair amount on It offers a $70 Amazon gift card bonus and a 5% back for every dollar you spend on the site. There is no annual fee, and you’ll also earn 2% cashback at drug stores, restaurants, and gas stations, and 1% back everywhere else.

There’s no minimum redemption amount, so you can start using earned rewards whenever you’d like. And, of course, you can use rewards on, just like you’d use a gift card.

  1. Ibotta

If you aren’t using apps like Ibotta to earn free money when you shop, you really should start. It’s easy. It’s free. And you can earn yourself some money for Amazon (or anywhere else).

Ibotta sends you cash rebates for things you buy at certain stores. You can also go through the site to buy on and earn credit that way. Once you’ve accumulated enough earnings, you can cash them out through Paypal or opt for gift cards (like those for

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