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MLM Business Tips: How to Generate Passive Income and Grow Your Business

MLM Business Tips: How to Generate Passive Income and Grow Your Business

If you have an MLM business the first thing you need to do is to start generating leads, you need to attract new people to your business.

MLM Business Tips: How to Generate Passive Income

These days a lot of people are talking about MLM company training, product training, marketing training, but that just attracts the same people or attracts people already in that company.

You need to think about what people are typing into the search engines when searching for a new business.

Then you need to create videos, blog posts, with titles like how to join a new MLM opportunity, how to find a new MLM company, how to create passive income with MLM business, etc.

You need attractive titles and catchy headlines to attract more interested people to your MLM business.

“How to” titles are powerful and they can attract a lot of people.

Here are some tips about MLM business and how to generate passive income

  1. Duplication and Passive Income

The main thing that you need to know is duplication. This is the magic secret in network marketing that allows you to make passive income every month. You earn passive income from what your team is doing.

When you’re working hard, creating content, prospecting, recruiting, emailing, calling leads, promoting, etc, that’s active income because you’re working for it.

Passive income is, for example, if you have an article on your blog that’s two years old, and you still generate leads from it. You still get customers from it. You did not create new content to attract new people into your business.

Same thing with videos. Many old videos (2 or 3 years old) still getting views. But the bottom line is that you want a very simple duplication system that people can implement right away.

  1. Generate Leads

Most MLM businesses have something very easy for anyone who signs up like a Facebook ad, email marketing series, etc. These days most people are on social media and most people have email contacts. So, you need a system in place for everyone who signs up.

When people sign up in MLM business they need to generate leads every day. They need to have an easy marketing system.

So when you sign up as an affiliate, you can share the ad on the internet. All you have to do is copy and paste the ad that works for that particular platform. It could be your blog, it could be Facebook, Twitter, or it could be classified ads.

But the bottom line is you need to generate leads every day. Your downline will see what you’re doing.

When you’re building your business and you’re active and you’re working hard, your team is going to do the same. Not everyone, but people are watching what you do. You will inspire your downline.

This is something that you have to do to grow your MLM business successfully. Just like the big corporations are constantly running commercials, because they want new customers.

But you can automate your business and make it passive. If you look on Google and type in network marketing training, you will probably see articles or videos that are from 2013 and 2014. Those people are still generating leads from those old videos. So it’s amazing!

If you’re serious about making passive income you need to create content, you need to generate leads, and never stop. And then when you get someone new on your team, show them your best lead generation techniques (free and paid).

You need to create a successful marketing strategy to promote your MLM business and also you need to work every day to attract more interested people or leads. The first step to success. Take Action Now!

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Passive Income: 9 Benefits You Need to Know

Passive Income: 9 Benefits You Need to Know

Passive income is the best type of income available to most people. You can continue to earn money day after day after day, without much, or sometimes any, additional effort. Passive income is usually based on a previous activity but sometimes needs nurturing to keep it coming.

Understanding the idea of residual or passive income is easy if you consider the word “residue”. Residue refers to something left behind as a result of something else. Residual income is left after the work is finished and keeps paying over and over again for the work you have previously done, even if you stop working on that project.

Linear Income

Linear income or Earned Income is basically a one-time compensation or payment in the form of a fee, wage, commission, or salary. Linear income is directly proportional to the number of hours being invested or a number of products/services sold. You do something once and you also get paid only once. It is probably the type of income you receive from your job right now.

The vast majority of people work each day and earn a linear income. For most people, the effort they put in is directly proportional to the income their employer pays out. This is not bad, but it is not great either.

The problem with linear income is that if your work effort drops or stops due to sickness, lay off, etc., your income drops as well. Your current check will only reflect your most recent effort. With linear income, No work = no money. Residual or passive income allows you to change the normal flow and make money even when you are not working.

9 Benefits of Passive Income

  1. You can make an initial effort to get a residual income stream started, then do minimal work or none thereafter, resulting in earning more money for little to no effort.
  2. You can have the freedom to choose when and where you wish to work.
  3. You can worry less about getting sick or being disabled and unable to work.
  4. You can have the ever-so-fun feeling of earning income even when you are not at work. It is a great feeling!
  5. You have the ability to increase your income whenever you want by working and creating additional income streams.
  6. You can have all the usual benefits of working from home.
  7. You can have more free time to spend time with your family, friends or go on vacation or create more income streams.
  8. You can do it in your spare time if you choose. Don’t want to work full time? No problem!
  9. You can prepare for future expenses easier. – Ex. Know you want to buy a car in 12 months? Instead of saving your current income to pay for it, you can create a new income stream that will cover the car payments. Same for college or retirement.

Drawbacks of Passive Income

Creating your first passive income stream is often difficult as the payoff can be uncertain and often far away. For all its disadvantages, linear income is predictable, consistent, and usually comes 1-2 weeks after you finish your work.

Residual income will require dedication and work. This is why most people never bother to develop a residual income stream. They don’t reach their expectations in time so they quit before they even really begin. Others have estimated that this usually happens somewhere between 1 and 12 months.

One of the first things you need to realize is that success and a better financial situation will not happen just overnight. Apparently, it usually takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months to start seeing results of your work with residual income — depending on the type of the business model, the opportunity, compensation plans, and other factors.

Know this going in, but also consider that once you start seeing results you will never look back. Your motivation, your excitement, your satisfaction, your determination, and ultimately your income will all skyrocket.

Examples of Passive Income

  1. Rental from property How to get it: Purchase a home, apartment complex, office building or other real estate and charge people to live or work there.
  2. Royalties from publishing a book, singing a song, being involved in a movie or from licensing a patent or other form of the intellectual property How to get it: Write a book and get it published. Get a song on the radio. Produce or act in a movie/T.V. show/commercial. Invent some cool gadgets. Make a neat software program.
  3. Earnings from a business that does not require direct involvement form the owner or merchant; How to get it: Create and grow a business and then sell it to someone else or have a manager run it for you.
  4. Pensions How to get it: Work at some job for a long, long time and then retire.
  5. Percentage of the revenue from a company that drills on your property. How to get it: Buy some property, hope it has cool stuff like oil/gold/diamonds underground, and then let a company start drilling.
  6. Interest income or dividends. How to get it: Buy a bunch of stocks/bonds or leave a bunch of money in a savings account.

How to make Residual Income Online

  1. Create and Market Your Own Information Products – the web is a great place to sell an eBook that makes life easier for people.

Why sell an ebook?

A. Cheap and easy to make. B. Takes a short amount of time – you can create an eBook in a day or two if you really want. C. Self-publishing your own information products is a great idea. The main advantage is that as a publisher you get 100% of the profit, versus a small percentage of royalties through traditional publishing companies.

Also important is that you get to decide when, where, and how to market your product. Complete control.

Write articles – In addition to writing articles that generate affiliate sales, you can write for various websites and share in the income your article generates. ex. include, eHow, ReviewMe, etc.

  1. Creating software products – if you have an idea for a software product that will help people do something faster, better, easier or teach them something, then go for it.
  2. Referrals – create a network of people. Ask for a commission every time you refer someone to a product or business.
  3. Become a Reseller – resell other people’s services/products.
  4. Advertising commissions – if you have a website/blog/newsletter/ebook that attracts lots and lots of visitors you can offer to place a banner or link on your site for a fee that you collect each month.
  5. Create a membership site – if you are knowledgeable about a subject, you can charge a monthly fee to gain access to your membership site. More subscribers = more money.
  6. Affiliate Programs – Join affiliate programs. Companies arrange such programs to compensate affiliates for promoting their products and services.

Affiliate Programs with Residual Income

The concept of affiliate marketing is very easy. You simply join with a merchant as an affiliate, promote their products on your website/blog/newsletter, etc., and receive a commission when someone buys something from them.

The company you join with creates, maintains, supports and provides the products, tracks the sales and gives you a commission for each sale. Your job is to drive traffic to the pages/site that promotes affiliate products.

The more traffic, the more commissions. It is like word-of-mouth advertising except you get paid for the referral.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income

The customer gets useful information and buys a product or service with more knowledge than they normally would have. The business gets a new customer they would not have had otherwise. The affiliate makes money.

Note: There are two ways to get residual income in affiliate marketing

  1. Promote products that include an option for residual income
  2. Get your affiliate pages into web searches where people can find them on their own

If you have an affiliate program where you constantly have to find customers to buy your affiliate’s products, you are back to a sales job with linear income. To avoid this, find companies that will track clients for multiple sales over a long period of time so you can get recurring commissions.

A few companies will pay you as long as the customer you found for them buy products or services. Also, try to get ones that offer multiple tiers of sales so that you still get paid if one of your affiliates makes a sale.

Building multiple passive income streams is a great way to prepare for the future. You never know if you will be laid off from your regular job, get too ill to work, have an unexpected expense, or just get too tired of your job.


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Passive Income: How to Make Money With Online Courses

Passive Income: How to Make Money With Online Courses

Many people every day are searching online to find information and learn new things. This need for information and instruction has created a great opportunity for you to get paid for your knowledge with online courses.

Some people have done this by creating a blog or writing books. online courses are another method of selling what you know. Online learning is expected to reach more than $240 billion by 2021. (Global Industry Analysts)

Many people don’t think they know enough about a topic to teach it, but the truth is, you don’t have to be an expert to create and sell an online course. You simply need to know more than most.

The topics you can cover are vast including art or photography, personal development, music, gardening, cooking, marketing, technology, and more. Many people have grown their income and their brand with online courses.

Before you start creating your own online course, it helps to look at the pros and cons.


Several new online course platforms are available to sell your course. Also, many of the tools and equipment needed to create a course are very simple to use, with professional-quality results.

You can create courses to sell as an addition to your existing business. If you offer a service, you can design and offer an online course for people who would rather learn and do the work on their own instead of hiring a freelancer.

Creating and selling online courses can offer you a passive income stream. You only have to create a course once, and then you can sell it over and over. Additionally, because your course is online, you can have students from all over the world without any additional effort.


Quality online courses usually offer students a variety of content delivery methods such as text and video, which can take time to create. Users expect to be able to have the course in a format to access on their phone or laptop, with video and audio files.

When designing your online course, you’ll need to choose an online service to host your product. This could be your own website, or it could be a hosted service such as Udemy.

Attention! Keep in mind that if you choose Udemy or a similar site, you don’t “own” the market or the platform, Udemy does.

Like all other money-making ventures, your success depends on the need for your course, and your ability to attract your target market. It’s worth putting the time into keyword and trend research to focus on what’s trending now and what people want to buy.

How to Create an Online Course

  1. Choose a Course Topic

Make a list of things you know about. Maybe it’s a skill related to your job (i.e., how to use Evernote or how to be productive working at home). Do you have a hobby you can teach others about, such as golf, fishing, yoga, etc?

  1. Do Market Research

You don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a course that no one will buy. Many people might want to know about your topic, but the question is; are they willing to pay to learn it? Before you invest time in your course, research who the best buyer for it would be, and whether or not they’re ready, willing and able to buy it.

  1. Outline Your Course

If you’ve determined there is a market willing to buy your course, the next step is in determining what you’ll put in the course. By the nature of a course, the content you provide should go deep into the topic and cover all important aspects.

A course isn’t like a blog post, which often just skims the surface.

To help organize your course, think in terms of modules and lessons. A module would be the overall subtopic, with the lessons providing the details of that subject.

For example, if you have a course on starting a home business, you might have a module on business plans. Your lessons in that module would include “How to determine your USP” and “How to identify your target market.”

  1. The Methods to Deliver Your Lessons

There is an expectation that online courses will offer a variety of teaching methods, such as text, video, worksheets, checklists, infographics, audio, and anything else that delivers information.

The trick is in determining what format is best for what you’re trying to teach. In some cases, you might offer two methods for one lesson. For example, if you were teaching a course on how to use a software (Windows), you might have both a step-by-step text instruction and a video tutorial on how to install and set up the software.

  1. Create Your Lessons

It is the most time-consuming aspect of creating an online course. You need to create a logo that appears in all lesson content. Proofread your text lessons and watch your videos to make sure there are no errors.

  1. Determine How You’ll Sell Your Lesson

You can create a website or blog to host and deliver your lesson. There are membership site scripts and WordPress plugins that can help you set up a system for selling and delivering your course.

You can use an online course service, such as Udemy or SkillShare. Pay from these sites varies. For example, Udemy’s instructor pay depends on how the sale was generated (through its marketplace, an affiliate, or directly from you).

The benefit to these resources is that you simply upload your course and the sites take care of selling it to their members/market, including payment processing.

The downside is that they own the market and platform. Plus, you’re competing with other course providers, which can mean the need to reduce the price of your course. (Competition)

Also, you can sell your course on more than one platform. Even so, be sure to read the terms of service before offering your course on multiple platforms.

  1. Market Your Course

Important Tip. You need to promote your course. Even using a service like Udemy, in which students can find you by perusing the Udemy marketplace, you want to do your own marketing.

Start by creating a marketing plan that includes who your market is, where you can find them, and how you can entice them to check out your course. Great course marketing options include social media, PPC advertising, and article marketing. There are many other free and low-cost marketing options as well.

Creating and selling online courses can be quite lucrative if you’re able to provide a great course and reach your target marketing. Plus, with easier to use and more affordable resources to host your course, there’s no reason to avoid becoming an online instructor.

While it can take time to create your online course it can become a profitable source of passive income for you.


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Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Passive Income

Many people are starting their online business and making passive income with affiliate marketing. Passive income is the means of earning income without having to be tied up to a 9-to-5 job. Even as you sit, or sleep, you are earning money or passive income. Additionally, affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting goods and services on your website or blog and make money online.

Here is a guide on how to make passive income with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing and Hard Work

Yes, affiliate marketing is a type of passive income, but before you can start to earn money, you need hard work and effort. Don’t forget that affiliate marketing is a business. Without hard work, you can not succeed.

Affiliate Promotion

One of the most common ways to become an affiliate marketer is to promote products and services on your social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

If it isn’t your forte to post videos of yourself, you can go for other ways instead, such as by writing on your website about these products (Article Marketing). Other than that, you can also choose to send emails to your followers or subscribers about products that you are reviewing (Email Marketing).

Also, interacting with your viewers on a very personal level and build relationships, makes you more effective as an affiliate marketer.

Also, you can work in the field of affiliate marketing as a digital agency. What you do instead is to act as the middleman of the affiliate marketer and the company by connecting these two.

Apart from the salary that you may receive, you might also get commissions. (Earn extra income)

Niches – Topics

As much as you would like to cover a wide range of products to talk about or promote on your site, it is still to your advantage if you are more specific. That way, your viewers and followers know what to expect from your website or social media account.

When choosing a particular niche for your affiliate marketing site, experts recommend keeping in mind the following pointers:

Choose the niche that is profitable and in high-demand
Choose the niche that you are most comfortable talking or writing about, and selling

Research – Knowledge

First, research the product before you promote or review it. There is no use in promoting a product or a service that is foreign to you. In-depth knowledge is vital for you to also provide a comprehensive review or write-up about the product, aside from the honest feedback that you are going to give.

Apart from studying the details of the product, you should also take the time to study the current demand for them. You might just end up wasting all your effort in promoting products that no longer even have a strong demand.

As much as possible, work with products and companies that are in demand, whether in the present or the next couple of months.

High-Quality Content is King

Just like other websites, posting excellent and relevant content is key for you to drive more traffic to your site. For example, one of the basic tricks for you to remember is to always incorporate keywords into your content.

This is one of the evergreen SEO techniques that will stay effective for many years to come. When you have these keywords, you are increasing your page ranking as you will start to land on the top pages of search results.

Don’t forget that search engines, Google, love fresh and high-quality content. So you can achieve higher rankings and increase your targeted traffic.

This means that you have a greater audience. Hence, brands will learn to trust you even more because you have a steady following of viewers who can purchase their products as well.

Make your research to discover profitable niches and products. Then start creating high-quality content to promote your affiliate marketing business.


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Passive Income Tips: What You Need to Know About – How to Make Money Online

Passive Income Tips: What You Need to Know About – How to Make Money Online

Passive income is an evergreen topic for many people worldwide. People always are searching for tips, guides, tricks, to increase their earning and enjoy financial independence.

Passive Income: What you need to know about.

Passive income simply means residual income, that is money that comes to you over time from a work you have done in the past or something you are doing now that doesn’t require much of your time and effort.

Here are some effective passive income ideas to make money online.

Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for people who do not have a product of their own to take another person’s product or service and promote it at a profit on every sale they make (Commission). This is one of the easiest ways to start earning passive income.

eBooks: if you have an idea that can solve a specific problem, Kindle (Amazon) publishing provides an easy way to put it in book form and publish it. Book publishing has never been so easy.

It’s free and profitable. If you can write your book, edit it, create an appealing cover and write a good description for your book, you can start earning money pretty soon.

Cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency is a popular source of creating residual income. There are two ways basically for making money with cryptocurrency. That is trading and mining. The good thing about this system is that you can trade from your mobile.

Network marketing: network marketing or multi-level marketing is one of the oldest businesses around, a system where you start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Big companies have been using it to get hot products into the market and individuals have been using it to rise to great heights and earning both passive and massive income for themselves.

Freelancing: There are many websites like up work, fiver, people per hour, etc, where people go to get various kinds of digital work done for them (Outsourcing). You too can start earning money right away if you have one of the skills that are required on daily basis from these websites e.g. writing articles, book cover design, blog posts, assistants, website development, etc.

Blogging: Mant people (Bloggers) are still earning from blogging even though the market seems to be saturated. There are more tools that make it easy for anybody to create a blog and make money online.

Blogging is a good way to start earning passive income but it’s not the quickest way to build passive income. It is also important to note that it is one of the surest ways to build a reputation (Become an expert) and a longer-lasting stream of residual income if you do it right.

E-commerce: Today anyone can set up an e-commerce shop and start selling digital products online with WordPress and woo-commerce plugins.

Dropshipping: Selling physical products through well-established e-commerce platforms like Aliexpress and Amazon. You don’t have to do any difficult work, just research the top-selling products and promote them on your custom-built e-commerce shop.

Mobile apps: More and more people are using their smartphones to search online. If you have an idea that can solve a problem then there is an opportunity for you to earn residual income.

You don’t need to be a programmer to create a mobile app. You just have to come up with the idea and outsource the job to a programmer to get it created.

Video channel: YouTube is now the second most popular website in the world. If you love the video, then there is an opportunity for you to earn passive income. YouTube with its AdSense program and partner program allow creators of video content to earn money on the platform.

If you want to start earning passive income in 2020 then you may want to consider one of these as a starting point to build your residual income streams.

Anybody can start building wealth at any time from anywhere today. All it takes is to have the right ideas and desire to take action on what you know or learn. It’s up to you. Take Action Now!


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