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5 Tips On How To Become a Successful Video Game Tester

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A professional video game tester is a dream job. Most gamers would love to play great video games and get paid for it. Most gamers think that paid video game testing is out of reach and will remain a dream forever. Well, it’s not a “dream” and anybody can be a paid video game tester with the right amount of experience and guidance.

There are 5 awesome tips on how to become a successful video game tester.

1: Make Your Research and Find The Testing Jobs.

Video game tester jobs are not going to fall from the sky. Instead of just sitting around and waiting, be proactive and actually chase those high paying testing jobs.

Make a beeline straight toward the game developers and present your case, no matter how poor or excellent it might be. Let them know who you are, what you do (game tester), and why you would make a great addition to their team/project.

They should know about what games you play frequently, what consoles you own, what communities you are apart of, and any websites/blogs you own or help operate. It will help with landing you a job.

2: It’s not a Hobby with Pay, It’s a Career With Benefits!

You have to keep in mind that developers pay video game testers as part of a job. They are not paying testers to merely enjoy video games at their own expense. Therefore, when you land a testing job, don’t simply play it to have fun; play it like you are earning a paycheck. You shouldn’t make “fun” your top priority while testing video games.

If you take each and every testing job seriously, you should have a much more successful game testing career.

3: Know What To Expect

The biggest part of being a professional video game tester is knowing the golden rule; which is “You are paid to test games, not to play them.” There may be a fine line between the two, but any real game tester will tell you that the difference is definitely there.

The subtle difference between testing and playing is, well, work. A game tester will have to do actual work, such as filing reports & filling out questionnaires; as opposed to a regular game player, who will just relax and play the game at a leisurely pace. Admittedly, the work isn’t back breaking, but it is work nonetheless.

Really isn’t all that much work involved with video game testing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious profession.

4: Build up a Network of Reliable Contacts.

Networking is a crucial part of professional video game testing. Although it is quite possible to have a prosperous career without a reliable network, having one just makes things easier.

A network of contacts can actually help your career in many different ways. The biggest thing it can do is give you heads up about new job openings and testing assignments that have been announced. Also, some of your contacts can even act as valuable references when applying for testing jobs. And, as if those two things weren’t enough, your network can give you the inside scoop on what’s going on behind closed doors.

5: Don’t Give Up.

The unfortunate fact is that you are not going to land a video game tester job whenever you want one. As a matter of fact, it may be weeks or even months before you land your first testing job. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have what it takes; it just means you have to keep trying & giving it your best.

Get Paid to Play Games Now!

How to Become a Video Game Tester

Imagine waking up and being excited to go to work. Imagine getting paid for what you love to do. Discover exactly what you need to do to become a video game tester.

The first thing is to contact game developers. Most of the companies that produce video games do not post ads in the daily classifieds or online like most other companies do.

Search online for “a list of video game companies”. There are hundreds of companies that create video games that need beta testers. All you have to do is find these companies and present yourself to them. Make sure you are professional though, don’t just email them and say you want to test video games.

Create a resume. It might sound silly, but if you have a resume about your gaming experience then you will look much more professional and you will be more likely to get hired to test video games.

The next thing you need to do is follow up. Follow up with the companies that you talk to and let them know what systems you own and that you are available to start testing games immediately.

You will eventually get your first game to test and what you will also want to do is continue contacting companies to test games for. It is a good idea to spend a few hours a day contacting companies asking to test games even if you already have plenty to test. You don’t want to run out of work.


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