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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Free Tools You Need to Know

Affiliate marketing is a very popular business but you need a successful marketing strategy to earn money online. Marketing is time-consuming, especially if you want to do it well. The good news. There many free online tools that you can use to simplify the process.

Here are some free and effective marketing tools you need to know and use.

  1. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Your headline is the most important factor when it comes to open rates. The Coschedule Headline Analyzer does help you to create the best headline. It’s very simple. Paste in your title and assess the analysis. The higher your score, the better your headline.

  1. Content Idea Generator

Before you can write a killer headline, you need some fresh content ideas to promote your affiliate offers. That’s where Portent’s Content Idea Generator can help you. It probably won’t answer all of your content needs. But you might be surprised by the content ideas that can generate.

  1. Pexels

If you need to find effective or attractive images (photos) for your blogs or social media posts can be a nightmare. That’s where free image sites like Pexels can be a great solution.

Just type your subject into the search bar and select from thousands of potential pictures, images, or even videos! Most people are more attracted to images than words, so getting the right pictures is very important.

  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

SEO is a very important tool for your business and your website. Without SEO you cannot rank high on search engines. SEO it’s the best way to generate free organic traffic and attract more interested people to your website or affiliate program.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool it’s free and pretty effective. Use it to perform SEO audits and improve your SEO strategy.

  1. LinkTrack

LinkTrack helps affiliate marketers to keep track of their links. LinkTrack is a simple, useful, and effective tool for any affiliate marketer. It’s very difficult to monitor all your affiliate links without it!

  1. Google Analytics
Digital Laptop Working Global Business Concept

Google Analytics is very important to track the progress of your website. Also, Google Analytics doesn’t just show you where your visitors have come from, but everything that they do on your site. If they like your site on not. So you know how to improve your website and how to attract more visitors

Earning money with affiliate marketing isn’t very difficult. But it can take time and you need to know tips and trends to succeed. It’s a very good idea to look around and find out what tools there are available to help you.

There are some great options that won’t cost you a penny. Learn from successful affiliate marketers. It’s very simple!

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