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Email Marketing in 2020: Stats and Tips to Improve Your Strategy [Infographic]

Email marketing is a pretty effective tool to grow your business. Also, it’s an easy way to reach your target audience and increase your sales. Here are some tips and stats you need to know about how to improve your email marketing strategy.

  1. Brief Subject Lines

Stats show that subject line between 28 characters and 38 characters work better (open rate 14.8%)

  1. Use video on Your Profile Page

Publish a video on your profile page and you will get a 127% increase in email inquiries with a boost of 138% in click-through rate.

  1. Online Marketing – Email Marketing

More than 70% of marketers are using email marketing. It is affordable, effective, and responsive.

  1. Email Marketing and ROI

A well-implemented email marketing strategy can increase the ROI of 122% or even more.

  1. Use Segmentation

You need a target-oriented and well-segmented email list. It will deliver 18-22 times a better revenue rate than a general blast of emails to all prospects.

  1. Send Emails at the Right Time

As a smart marketer, you must choose the time wisely to get a maximum open rate for your email campaign. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to send emails between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

  1. Video Content Generate More Engagement

Reports show that this year (2020), about 85% of online engagement will be generated with video publishing. So it’s pretty important to use video content.

Email marketing has shown excellent results for marketers and businesses. It is essential to understand the importance of email marketing and how it can help you to connect with the right prospects (target audience) in the right way.

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