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TikTok: How to Plan a Successful Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform. Also, it’s a very popular social platform for young people. Many brands and businesses have decided to build a presence on TikTok.

But they are not sure what they should do. TikTok is new and many brands and marketers are still unsure about the opportunities it offers.

Here are some tips about how to plan a successful marketing strategy on TikTok.

  1. Use Hashtags

Like many other social media platforms, TikTok users prefer to use hashtags to search for video clips. Some of the benefits of using TikTok hashtags are:

To improve and increase the reach of your content

To reach your target audience and get more followers

You should include relevant hashtags on your videos, but you should avoid the most popular generic hashtags.

  1. Follow TikTok Trends

Another way you can use hashtags as part of your marketing strategy is to know the trending hashtags. Then you can create and share videos that relate to these trending hashtags.

  1. Find TikTok Influencers

Many people have become influencers on social platforms. Usually, they build up a reputation for the quality of the content they share. It’s very effective for most businesses to build productive relationships with the people who influence their customers.

TikTok has a new generation of influencers. They are people who can attract teens and tweens.

  1. Comment Regularly

TikTok supports frequent user engagement. Comments are a pretty excellent way to generate engagement. You can build up conversations with your potential customers.

TikTok ranks comments by the number of likes they receive.

  1. Post Often

Also, TikTok rewards frequent posting. The more videos you post to TikTok, the higher your follower rate will be.

  1. Make Interesting Videos

Important. TikTok’s videos can be up to a minute-long. You want your videos to be visually appealing.

You need to include a clear description of what your video has to offer to your audience.

Writing a good description is also essential for SEO purposes. You want Tiktok to know what your video is about when it indexes your clip and hopefully suggests it to your preferred audience.

Remember to include your most important keywords in your descriptions, but they need to make sense and not just be a random collection of words.

Also, you can use videos you have made for YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, but remember to make them fit within TikTok’s one-minute time limitation.

  1. Use TikTok Ads

TikTok now has an advertising system and you can advertise on the platform. They offer three types of ads:

In-feed native ads. You can add website links and Order Now buttons on the ad. They are skippable ads, and you can use them in multiple ways.

Hashtag challenge ads. The user is served a banner ad that takes the user to a page of instructions and rules of the featured challenge. You can use it to target specific consumers.

Brand takeover ads. These ads use a mix of images, GIFs, and video clips that link to a landing page or hashtag challenge.

You need to balance the type of content you share on TikTok. Most of your videos need to entertain or inform your audience.

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