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Chatbot Technology: 7 Tips on How to Avoid Mistakes and Improve Your Business

Chatbot Technology: 7 Tips on How to Avoid Mistakes and Improve Your Business

Research shows that this year (2021), 83% of businesses will adopt chatbot technology. Also, 72% of customers prefer to deal with a chatbot because of the quick response.

These stats explain why companies and brands are beginning to invest in chatbot technology. However, chatbots are still a new concept for many businesses. It’s important to know how to use chatbot technology successfully.

Chatbot Technology: How to Avoid Mistakes and Improve Your Business

Here are some useful tips about chatbot technology, how to avoid mistakes, and improve your business.

  1. You Do Not Have a Strategy or a Plan

The current trend in the business world is to adopt new technologies. But you don’t create a proper strategy or a plan for the technology you buy. Think about it much like you would any other strategy.

A chatbot on your website’s homepage can guide visitors appropriately. It can also help respond to queries promptly. When setting up the chatbots, use the strategy to achieve successful results. Don’t use a chatbot because it’s trendy.

  1. You Do Not Develop an Audience Persona

Any marketing guide will tell you to develop an audience persona before implementing any strategy. The same goes for the use of chatbots. You need to understand your target audience very well.

Learn how they communicate. The way you communicate with teens will be different from how you talk to adults. Some people just searching for information.

Others may need help with making purchases. You need to have different buyer personas. Chatbots need to communicate with each persona appropriately.

  1. You Don’t Know the Performance of Chatbots

Chatbots are very useful, but you will need someone to oversee the performance of the chatbots. Maybe they cannot handle all the queries that your customers may have.

The chatbots may also bombard customers with too much information. This can lead to frustration, and you may lose some of your customers. It is essential to pay attention to the effectiveness of chatbots.

  1. You Don’t Humanize Your Chatbot

Your chatbot has no distinct personality and sounds more robotic than human. You have to create a persona so that customers find it easier to engage with.

Give your chatbot a name and let your brand value and voice reflect in it. What do you expect from a customer service agent? They should be knowledgeable and easy to talk to. It is impossible to have a good experience when you feel like you are talking to a machine or a robot.

  1. You Don’t Use Simple Messages – You Don’t Test It

You need to use simple messages if you want to increase engagement with customers. Focus on simple, short, and precise words. It also helps to ensure that the customer is getting the right information.

It is crucial to test the system. Do not launch chatbots without first testing them. Use a Q&A that covers all possible questions. You could also redirect the customer to sections on your website (your team), that can provide the necessary information.

  1. Don’t Over-Use Chatbots

You may think that having chatbots on every page of your website helps, but you will confuse your visitors. It could take their attention from the messaging.

Don’t use chatbots on a landing page. Instead, you need to have a powerful Call to Action (CTA). It guides visitors to take a specific action you want.

A chatbot on the FAQ page is useful and makes sense. People who come to that page are looking for information or answers. Having a bot there will help them get feedback faster.

Also, you can have a page on your website for chatbots. You get more value and functionality, which is great for users.

  1. You Do Not Use Analytics

It is important to analyze the performance of chatbots. You get insights that you can use to improve the functionality of your chatbots.

Search for completion rates and customer satisfaction. Also, check for feedback on speech and engagement. Chatbots should improve the customer experience. It’s essential to use analytics. So you know what’s work and whatnot.

Last Tip

Chatbot Strategy and Benefits

Chatbots are a great way to improve and grow your business. But also they are a challenging process. If you want your chatbot strategy to be effective, it’s important to know how to use your chatbot.

Is your goal to acquire new customers? or provide your sales and marketing teams with a bit of extra support?

By automating time-consuming processes, handling queries, and helping your customers, chatbots will become an essential asset to your business in 2021.

Chatbot technology has many benefits and advantages. But you need to create a successful chatbot strategy, avoid mistakes, and help your customers.

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Digital Marketing: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Digital Marketing: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

These days digital marketing and the online world are moving fast and consumer interests and behaviors are changing. Marketers can no longer use the same old marketing methods. You need to know new trends and strategies about digital marketing if you want to succeed.

Digital marketing trends can help you increase your site traffic, generate leads, and grow sales. Also, you need to avoid common mistakes.

Digital Marketing: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid in 2021 and also how to create a successful digital marketing strategy.

  1. You Don’t Use An Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing. Email Marketing campaigns can generate more sales than other digital marketing strategies.

Your business should run email marketing campaigns to build relationships with your customers and increase sales.

  1. You forget Your Old Customers (Not Engaging with Them Anymore)

It’s important to hold on to your old clients and customers. The fact is that they already know your brand and they will buy from you again in the future. This is why using digital marketing, retargeting marketing, and other strategies need to remember and help your old customers.

As you know in the world of business “Repeat customers and old customers are your business”

  1. You Avoid User Generated Content (UGC)

Customer choices, interests, and behaviors have changed. What they are looking for is what other customers are saying about the brand. This helps them to decide about a brand, products, or services.

UGC is something that brands should use. This can be on their websites and social media profiles.

  1. You Don’t Have An Online Shop – eCommerce

Consumers expect every brand to have an online shop. If you don’t have the budget and the resources to go for a standalone store, you can always use Instagram Shop or platforms like Amazon or eBay to redirect your customers to a platform from where they can buy your products or services.

These days eCommerce is popular, effective, and profitable too. Pandemic has increased the sales of online shops!

  1. You Are Not Ready For Challenges

No one could have prepared the world for the pandemic. What the pandemic has made clear is that businesses should prepare for challenges. Having a Plan B, C, or even D, is essential to not only earn money but also to ensure business growth.

This also means planning for new digital and tech trends. (AI, AR, VR, and Data Analytics)

  1. You Don’t Know About Cybersecurity And Infrastructure

Cyber attacks are a danger even for the biggest organizations or brands. Small businesses that lack cybersecurity infrastructure and resources are far easier to get attack from hackers.

Data and financial details are very sensitive. So cybersecurity is very important for your business.

  1. You Don’t Use Data Management and Analytics

Data is very important for your business operations. You must start using data in the most productive ways. You can hire an expert to help you. Investing in data management is like investing in the future of your business.

Digital Marketing in 2021: What You Need To Know

Digital Marketing is a field of expertise. What works today might not have the same impact tomorrow or the next month.

Creating and using a new strategy will help you to win your competitors. The adoption of new technology and digital tools is the top priority for businesses and brands.

The year 2021 promises a great future for businesses. Digital marketing strategies are important but you need to eliminate the mistakes and also you need to discover and use the new trends.

Businesses need to understand that all their customers are online. It is very simple. You need to be present in an online place where your target audiences are and present your products or services to them.

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Social Media: 3 Effective Tips on How to Avoid Scams

Social media usage get an incredible growth because of the pandemic. But unfortunately, this presents an opportunity for scammers, too.

Stats show that that the number of people losing money after getting scammed on social media has tripled in the last year (2020). People are looking for ways to avoid identity theft or other scams on social media platforms.

Social Media Tips: How to Avoid Scams

Here are some useful tips on how to avoid scams or hackers on social media.

  1. Types of Social Media Scams

There are many types of social media scams. The term is quite vague and can cover any type of scam you can find on social networks.

Types of common social media scams

● Phishing scams. Links sent to you via messages or published by fake pages may go to websites that are not secure. You might have accidentally given up personal details or even money.

● Romance scams. Some scammers go in-depth. They may pretend to be someone else and try to convince you to send them money, playing with your feelings. They may do the same thing to collect details from you to sell or use for credit card applications.

Dating apps have made romance scams even more prevalent. You need to pay more attention to dating apps.

● Quizzes. When you see quizzes on social media, you might think they are harmless. But these are common methods to get your personal details and they can be used to harm you.

● “Stuck” scams. People might use social media as a way to pretend to be a relative or friend. They pretend that they need help (Money) because they are stuck abroad or in financial trouble.

Unfortunately, these are just some of the types of scams. But there are even more inventive techniques to steal your information to make a profit.

  1. How to Protect Your Privacy and Avoid Scams

Luckily, you can protect yourself against identity theft and social media scams. Don’t forget that people don’t need your card details to scam you. Identity theft is more complex, and they might make a lot of money applying for finance in your name.

Useful Tips

● Use antivirus software. Effective antivirus software can help you a lot. There are also software solutions for identity monitoring or even managing your passwords.

● Don’t share personal details. On social media, a lot of people are sharing personal details. Do you know and trust everyone on social media? The answer is probably “no”. Don’t share personal details.

● Use secure passwords. Special characters and mysterious passwords are a must. Don’t make it easy for someone to access your accounts, it is better to use two-factor authentication. You can even use a secure password manager if you struggle to keep track.

● Verify who is contacting you. If someone reaches out, you should always check who it is and whether or not they are legitimate.

● Avoid public Wi-Fi networks. Public and unsecure networks may provide a way for scammers to track your activity and steal details.

  1. General Safety Rules

Create strong passwords, and make sure you set up a different password for each social media account. Install Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication (2FA) and enhance your security.

Stay away from fake accounts. Some platforms allow anyone to follow you, but you can always block them or ignore them if you don’t know them in real life. Fake accounts may want to scam you, so don’t click on suspicious links.

Also, you don’t have to open every direct message (DM) or answer every question.

When it comes to your phone, make sure to use a password to protect it. Always use antivirus software on your computer. Regularly update your browsers and operating systems.

Also, it’s important to read the privacy policies of platforms you’re using and customize your accounts to hide personal information.

The threats or scams on social media are very common, and you need to know how to avoid them. Also, you can report anyone or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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Coronavirus and Stress: Useful Tips on How to Avoid Stress and Improve Your Life

The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to grow and affect all the world. Logically, you begin to feel more stressed. Information is rapidly changing and can be confusing, overwhelming, and even scary. You may experience fear, stress, and anxiety.

Here are some useful tips to avoid coronavirus stress and improve your life.

  1. Nutrition: Fruits and Vegetables

If you are stressed, the central nervous system releases adrenaline and cortisol, which affects your mood. Also, stress can kill the appetite, but the release of the hormone cortisol can cause fat and sugar cravings.

Research also suggests that high cortisol combined with high sugar consumption may prompt the deposition of fat around our internal organs. A diet high in a variety of nutrients can both protect health and provide more physical energy.

You need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Massage and Stretches: Relax

Because stress causes muscles to tense, being stressed out can create tension headaches, backaches, etc. You can avoid these symptoms with stretches, massage, or warm baths. You can try progressive muscle relaxation to reduce anxiety and improve mental health.

  1. Meditate: Benefits of Meditation

Many reports show that mindful meditation can reduce psychological stress and anxiety. To get started, set aside five minutes in a quiet place to sit and breathe. Focus on the present moment. Free your mind and avoid negative emotions.

  1. Sleep Better: Activity and Relaxation

Daytime stress affects nighttime sleep. Try to have a consistent sleep routine that allows time to wind down before lights out. Meditation and relaxation can help with insomnia.

Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the late afternoon and evening. Blue light can suppress the sleepy hormone melatonin (checking social media may ramp up your emotions.) Also, physical activity can improve sleep, especially for middle-aged adults.

  1. More Physical Activity:

The activity can not only improve sleep, but it can win stress. Studies show that working adults who participated in moderate physical activity had not much stress as working adults who did not participate.

Physical activity may also help to avoid the negative effects of stress, including the impact of stress on the immune system.

Adding physical activity needn’t be expensive or complex: A 30-minute walk or a dance session in the living room can do the trick.

  1. Go Out To Nature:

Studies have found that green space improves mood. Effective Tip. Even nature videos can speed recovery from stress. Nature can calm your mind.

  1. Keep Your Common Activities: Humor and Laugh

When life gets overwhelming, people often leave their common or pleasure activities first. Even when time is tight, look for opportunities to do something for yourself, whether that means reading a novel, singing, dancing, or watch your favorite comedy on tv.

Humor and laughter can benefit both mental and physical health. Humor is the best medicine!

  1. Reframe your thinking: Emotions and Thoughts

One of the most effective treatments for stress and anxiety is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. You need to understand that our thoughts influence our emotions, which influences our behaviors. (We are emotional creatures!)

Reframing your thoughts can help manage your emotions, reducing feelings of stress.

Tip: If you think and imagine worst-case scenarios, stop and put your mind elsewhere. Avoid negative thoughts and use humor to improve your life.

  1. Ask a Doctor:

If you feel overwhelmed and self-help isn’t helping, look for a psychologist or doctor who can help you learn how to manage your stress effectively. Change your environment and change your thoughts.

The coronavirus is very big trouble and dangerous but it’s not the end of the world. You can win the pandemic if you think positively, use humor, and protect yourself and your family. Positive psychology is your great advantage to improve your life. Start Now!

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SEO Tips: Mistakes to Avoid and How to Get Higher Rankings [Infographic]

Many website owners very often are making SEO mistakes. Most of the time they don’t know about SEO best practices or they don’t understand them correctly.

SEO is changing pretty fast. What worked a few months ago may not work today. It’s very important to know the latest SEO tips and trends.

Here are some effective SEO tips about how to avoid mistakes and how to get higher rankings in search engines.

  1. You Don’t Use a keyword Research Tool

Some people believe that it’s not right to use a keyword research tool. But this is a big SEO mistake.

A keyword research tool like Semrush, Ahrefs, or the Google keyword tool will help you to discover what people are searching for. Very simple.

  1. Page Titles and Descriptions are Not Effective or Attractive

The title of a page is a very important SEO signal. This is what search engines and users read first when they try to understand what a page is about.

If you don’t have a meaningful title you will minimize your chances of ranking high on Google (and other search engines) and you will drive visitors away from your web page or website

How to write SEO titles:

Titles should max 60 characters.
They have to describe what the page is about.
They need to include keywords but not keyword stuffing.
They have to be unique for each web page.
Titles are shown in the SERPs (search engine results pages) so they also need to be attractive to the user

Meta Description Tips

A good meta description can increase your click-through rates (CTR) and if your content delivers what is promised in the description, it will increase your conversion rate.

Descriptions should be unique (between 150-160 characters), non-keyword stuffed, and attractive to the user.

  1. You Don’t Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your website or business.

Most stats show that social signals are a ranking factor and also social media is a free and effective source of traffic.

You need to find which platform is best for your target audience and try to build authority and trust by following the leaders in your niche and sharing informative, quality, and useful content.

  1. You Don’t Promote Your Blog Posts

Promoting your blog posts is very important. It will take a lot of effort and persistence. People and search engines love to find fresh and quality content. It’s up to you to create useful content and also you need to promote it.

  1. You Don’t Have A Consistent Publishing Schedule

Is very important to have a consistent publishing schedule. Consistency can help you to improve your SEO strategy and you can generate more traffic.

  1. You Don’t Use Internal Linking

Many website owners don’t create internal links because they don’t know that internal links are good for their SEO strategy.

Internal linking is when you link from a page to another page on the same website.

Internal links are great for SEO and also helps search engines to discover pages from your website. Also, internal links give extra information to users about a particular topic.

  1. Slow Loading Website

A faster website will bring more traffic (higher rankings), will generate more sales, and more page views. Don’t forget that search engines and people (target audience) love the fast loading websites.

  1. Images Are Not SEO Optimized

Don’t use too many images. Avoid overloading a page with images.

Not using ALT text. ALT tags help search engines understand what an image is about.

To create an ALT text SEO optimized, make sure that it includes some of your main keywords.

  1. You Don’t Use The Tag Correctly

The title is the H1 tag.

The mistake that many websites make is that they use more than one H1 tag.

If you have more than H1 tags and don’t know how to fix it, you can ask a programmer to help you.

Make your research to find more tips about SEO and how to fix your mistakes. You can find an SEO expert to help you if you don’t know.

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