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IGTV: Tips on How to Improve Your Instagram TV Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a video platform (and app) from Instagram. Instagram TV allows you to post videos, increase followers, generate engagement, and promote successfully your business.

First, you have to set up a channel connected to your Instagram account. Users can access your channel through Instagram or the IGTV app. Users who subscribe to your channel will get notifications when you post new IGTV content.

Here are some tips you need to know about how to improve your Instagram TV (IGTV) marketing strategy.

  1. Create Videos ‘Behind the Scenes’

‘Behind the scenes’ posts are pretty interesting and perform well on Instagram. You can show users an aspect of your company they wouldn’t normally see.

Create a video about how your product is made, drive customers (virtually) into the office of your business, or featuring your employees talking about or using your product.

Create a sense of exclusivity by taking users behind the scenes for a ‘sneak preview’ of an upcoming product or update.

Encourage users to subscribe to your channel to see future new products and updates.

  1. Create Tutorial Videos Give customers a clear idea about your product or talk about the benefits of your product by making product tutorial videos. Also, you can collaborate with influencers to create tutorials and increase reach and followers.
  2. User-Generated Content

Let your customers create content. People trust reviews and testimonials from other users. When users see videos of others loving your product, they will want to try or buy the product.

Testimonials from users is a pretty effective and free way to increase your sales!

  1. Use IGTV Ads

Short video ads will appear when users click to watch IGTV videos from the video’s preview in their Instagram feed. These ads will be mobile-friendly, using a vertical format.

  1. Create Relevant Content

Use social media analytics to understand your target audience. Identify where they’re from, their age group, to create interesting, relevant, content.

  1. Share Your Knowledge

You can use IGTV to share information in a fun and visual way. Pick a topic you’re passionate about (your business) and create an interesting video.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t just for traditional Instagram posts. You can also use them throughout in the caption and description text of your IGTV post. Stay away from oversaturated hashtags such as #food, #travel, #business, #follow, #money etc.

You need to use hashtags that are unique and specific – but not so specific that no one can find them.

IGTV can be a fun, effective, and creative way to engage your Instagram (target) audience. With a bit of planning and a long term strategy, IGTV can be one of the most useful tools for your successful social media marketing strategy.

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