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Web Design: Tips and Stats You Need to Know in 2020 [Infographic]

Web Design: Tips and Stats You Need to Know in 2020 [Infographic]

If you want your website to succeed and to grow your business, it’s very important to know tips, trends, and stats about effective web design. You need to run your business in the right way. You need to attract leads or customers and also you need to create a pretty effective website.

Here are some useful web design tips and stats you need to know in 2020.

  1. Web Design Stats

40% of people will leave a website if it doesn’t look appealing or attractive

87% of website users believe the mobile version of a website should be just as good as the desktop version

There are 4.55 billion internet users globally

58.7% of all websites are in English

The average user spends 2 minutes and 20 seconds on a website

47% of B2B buyers will leave a website if there’s no contact information available

  1. Design and Stats

97% of negative feedback on a website is about design

78% of web design companies say their client’s biggest weakness is a poor web design

65% of companies have reported a mobile responsive website increases sales

50% of internet users expect a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds

95% of people who are familiar with website design will not return to a website if they believe the design has degraded

  1. UX Web Design and Stats (User Experience)

87% of customers will trust a company based on other customer’s reviews

90% of consumers will return to a website to shop if they had a great experience

Conversion rates can be boosted by 76% by reducing the load time of a website from 8 seconds to 2 seconds

74% of consumers learn about a new company or business via a blog

Only 55% of companies conduct UX testing

76% of users will return to a mobile-friendly website

UX investment can have a 100% ROI

  1. First Impressions Stats

96% of first impressions are related to website design

40% of people will stop visiting a website if it’s unattractive (Bad Design)

The slower the load time of a website, the higher the bounce rate

55% of visitors want to see information about the company’s business on the website

72% of small businesses don’t have a call-to-action button

  1. Mobile Design Stats

People spend an average of 5 hours on their smartphone per day

18% of U.S. internet users use their phone exclusively to go online

45% of users will not engage with a website that isn’t mobile-friendly

70% of companies now use mobile marketing as part of their marketing strategy

50% of global eCommerce revenue comes from mobile

54% of all internet traffic is mobile

94% of small businesses are mobile-optimized

It’s estimated that by 2023, the global number of mobile devices will reach 16.8 billion!

As you see effective website design it’s a necessity for your business growth. So take action now. Improve your website design and increase traffic and revenue. Win the competition now!

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