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WordPress Tips: How to Find an Effective Hosting Company [Infographic]

Web hosting is very important if you want to build a successful WordPress website or blog. Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve your SEO, increase traffic, and sales.

Here are some useful tips about how to find an effective hosting company for your WordPress website.

  1. Performance

Performance is the most important factor you need to know when you choose WordPress hosting.

WordPress Tips: How to Find an Effective Hosting Company [Infographic]

If you choose shared hosting, you need to install software and optimize your website along with the server to get effective speed and performance.

Managed hosting, takes care of speed and performance for you. You don’t need to install anything, because it is done all ready for you.

  1. Server Technologies

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) powered by PHP, (the most used online language) for dynamic websites, blogs, or structured portal websites. WordPress also needs a database to save all the content you upload to your website or blog.

So WordPress hosting need to have a PHP version 5.7 or higher and MySQL version 5.6 or higher

  1. Scalable Server

Another important factor is the server Scalability. If your server can’t work with high traffic, your website will crash. If something goes viral on your site (a blog post or video) you need to handle the viral traffic.

So you must choose a hosting that allows you to scale your servers either manually or automatically.

  1. Uptime

A website cannot achieve higher rankings when it’s not accessible. (it don’t work) Downtimes are a disaster. Your website drives away customers, visitors, and it affects your Google rankings.

You need to choose a web host that guarantees at least 99.9% uptime. Remember that downtimes can be the difference between success and failure.

  1. CDN Integration

Many people don’t know the importance of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It speeds up the loading speed of your website.

A CDN is made up of different servers. These servers are distributed in many places around the world. CDN optimizes the delivery of content, including web applications and streaming media content. CDN helps your website to become much faster!

  1. Security

Security is very important for your website. In shared hosting providers don’t use the best security measures to protect you from hacking or malware attacks. If there’s an attack and you lose data, it’s very difficult to fix it.

The best WordPress hosts have the best security to protect your servers and your website. They also provide support if you need help.

  1. Support

Support service too often is underestimated by people. They don’t know that many times they will need support from their hosting company.

Very important is the method of communication. Usually hosting providers offer a support system via live chat, email, or through a ticket. You may find the availability of a telephone number of technical assistance, less common, but many times is the best method to solve an urgent matter.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

Do not read only the hosting provider’s home page: it has been optimized to be fast and to generate paying customers.

The reviews of customers are proof that will make you understand the quality of the hosting company. Search on Google for that particular hosting provider, or search on Twitter. (see what their customers say)

  1. Free Backups

You need to have frequent and regular backups. It is the only guarantee that allows you to save your work from an unexpected disaster. Although the best hosting service for WordPress guarantees maximum security and reliability.

So it is better to choose a provider who offers you a free and automated backup service.

  1. Make A Detailed Research

Searching the phrase or keywords “best hosting for WordPress” on Google, you will find many websites. Some also provide you with an in-depth analysis explaining what really is the best hosting for your WordPress site.

Discover now the best hosting company for your WordPress site

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How to Find New Blog Article Ideas Every Day [Infographic]

  1. Get Ideas from Your Readers

Ask your readers what they want or what they are interested in. You need to know what’s their problem, so you can provide a solution. Pretty Effective Tip.

  1. Search on Google for Blog Post Ideas

Google makes content research very easy. Use autocomplete and you can find many popular searches. It’s a quick way to get suggestions, especially for long-tail keywords to optimize your blog posts around.

  1. Discover High Ranking Blog Posts

If a blog post ranks well, it’s good. It’s what people want or need. Attention! don’t copy-paste articles or blog posts. You need to create a similar high-quality, unique, article.

  1. Discover and Share News and Insights

News and insights are very popular and interesting too. You need to make your content unique and add your opinion. Why you think it matters to demonstrate your expertise.

  1. Use Facts or Statistics

People love stats and facts. It’s very easy to create a curated post about the interests or problems of your readers. It’s a numbers game. Search on Goole the new stats, facts, or even trends. Then create a new blog post.

  1. Use Blog Post Headline Generators

Headline generators can help you discover new angles or ideas, shape the structure of your post, and figure out how to approach your overall topic in a specific new and engaging way.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a very easy way to discover what your target audience searching, discussing, interested, in. So you can get ideas about your new, engaging, blog post.

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Work from Home: How to Find a Job on LinkedIn – How to Promote Your Home Business

Work from Home: How to Find a Job on LinkedIn – How to Promote Your Home Business

LinkedIn is a business networking site for professionals. With more than 65 million members worldwide, LinkedIn can help you find career opportunities including freelance work and home business networking opportunities.

Many job openings posted on LinkedIn are exclusive to LinkedIn and are not advertised anywhere else.

Setting Up LinkedIn To Find Jobs

Job seekers who are on the hunt for at-home employment need to maximize their LinkedIn profiles. While a resume under separate cover might be required during the application process, your profile is one of the first things potential employers are likely to see.

Make sure the entire “resume” area of your profile is sharp, relevant for the type of work you need.

If you join groups related to the kind of work you’re looking for, you’ll not only show employers you’re active in that area but also, you may also be able to invite some of them to join your LinkedIn network through your group memberships and participation in discussions.

Find Work From Home Jobs

One of the things that make LinkedIn ideal for the work-at-home job searcher is that it offers a variety of ways to find open positions, and also, connect with others who can help you in your job hunt.

LinkedIn membership has a couple of options, including a paid version and a free version. The free LinkedIn account is very useful and effective.

Here are some tips about how to find potential work at home jobs on LinkedIn

Search for Jobs Using the Jobs Tab

Click the jobs tab once you’re logged into LinkedIn. At first, the system will automatically generate jobs it thinks you may be interested in based on your profile. But you can use any of the many searches features LinkedIn has to offer to find thousands of more jobs that you might be interested in.

For work from home jobs, including terms like “telecommute,” “remote,” “virtual,” “offsite” and “work from home” in your searches.

Join Discussion Groups

You can join groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your current field, your desired field, or groups related to finding jobs. These groups may provide you with direct emails about job leads and more.

Potential positions may also come up in discussions, so relevant groups are well worth seeking out.

Word of Mouth and Recommendations

As you gain connections on LinkedIn, make sure some of your contacts are aware that you are looking for a work-from-home job. They may have connections they can introduce you to who is currently hiring or planning to hire.

Do not underestimate the power of introductions. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from people who know you.

Don’t forget to let people know about your profile as well. If you have a website or blog, add the LinkedIn Badge to it, so potential employers can learn more about you.

In addition to its free basic account, LinkedIn also has a premium paid membership option that may be of help to job hunters. You can get information on who has viewed your LinkedIn profile and send notes to potential employers.

How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Home Business

LinkedIn it’s a very effective platform to promote your home business, finding a job or freelance work, and connecting with joint venture partners.

If you have a home business that caters to other businesses (B2B) or has a business in which networking for partners or clients is important, you should have a profile on LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn it’s a platform to interact with aspiring professionals and potential partners, to build your client base, and to find referrals.

Learn more about how LinkedIn works.

Create a LinkedIn login, if you’re not already a member.

Create a LinkedIn profile that focuses on how your home business can help other members. Your goal is to avoid a boring profile, and instead to create a profile that attracts people to you.

Consider creating a LinkedIn company page for your home business. You’ll have the opportunity to set up a business page as you complete the resume section of your personal LinkedIn profile. Your company page will be automatically linked to the resume in your profile.

With these LinkedIn basics in place, you can get started on marketing yourself and your home business to other LinkedIn members.

Passive LinkedIn Marketing

Setting up a successful LinkedIn profile requires building connections and attract potential clients, customers, and partners that you’re easy to contact and reference. With LinkedIn you can:

Exposure to people hunting for products or services. LinkedIn’s search features allow others who are looking for what you offer to find your profile and browse your offerings.

Introductions to potential clients. You can view your friends’ and colleagues’ references and connections while researching and messaging potential clients.
Display recommendations from others on LinkedIn.

As part of your public profile, you can showcase testimonials for you and your home business. These recommendations of your work ethic, product, or service can provide credibility that encourages people to do business with you.

Proactive LinkedIn Marketing

You can promote your home business in the following ways:

Post regular status updates. Write about what you’re working on and who you’re working for. Include updates that would be of interest to your target customers and clients. Focus on how you help others achieve their goals.

Participate in groups. Join LinkedIn groups related to your home business and your interests. Discussion participation can help establish you as an expert in your field.

Don’t spam or always talk about yourself. Instead, answer questions and be a resource that people can trust.

Connect with those in your network and other group members. By sending personalized messages, you can connect with professionals that have similar interests or that can help you along your home business journey.

Try LinkedIn advertising. Paid advertising on LinkedIn is an option for getting your home business in front of potential clients quickly.

Upgrade to a paid LinkedIn membership. There are several tiers to choose from that can unlock additional contact options and other perks that may be a good fit for what you’re trying to accomplish with your home business.

LinkedIn offers a free trial of their paid features so you can test before committing.

Adding LinkedIn to Your Marketing Strategy

Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can help you expand your network, find customers, and cultivate a professional reputation for your home business.

Also, it’s very important to add a LinkedIn badge to your website or blog, so visitors can easily find your profile and connect with you.

Earn Money From Home – Awesome Offers for You!

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How to Find and Train a Virtual Assistant

How to Find and Train a Virtual Assistant

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Niche Tutorial: How to Find a Proven Product to Promote


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and best ways to start your online business and make money online. When promoting an Affiliate Offer, you simply recommend a product that provides value to your niche target audience.

This doesn’t require a lot of effort to set everything up. You can do it by directly promoting the Affiliate offer or send the traffic to your Squeeze Page to build your email list.

You can set up the whole funnel in less than an hour to get ready to start sending visitors to your offer.

Many Affiliate Marketers (especially newbies) fail because promoting Affiliate Marketing products require to know some basic steps. If you skip one or more steps, the odds of people buying your recommended Affiliate Products becomes lower.

Here are the 4 main steps you need to know.

Choose Your Niche

This is the first and most important step to success. If this step isn’t done correctly, everything else almost won’t matter. You need to choose a niche that is proven to be profitable and with high demand.

This will definitely increase the odds of other people buying your products or Affiliate Products that you recommend.

Attention! Not all niches are the same in term of demand and profitability. This is a very common mistake most marketers do. They think that they can just go ahead with any niche and start promoting right away.

Most proven profitable niches are Health, Wealth and Relationship. However, there are many other niches that are profitable and with high demand. There are five main factors to consider when choosing your niche:

Passion: It is far better to choose a niche that you’re passionate about. This helps you to continue to take actions after each failure. Loving what you do is a great weapon to have to make your business successful.

However, this by itself isn’t enough because you need to choose a niche that’s profitable as well.

Evergreen: It means niche that is always demanded and never gets old. Wealth, health and relationship are great examples of evergreen niches. That’s because at all time people look for ways to make money, become healthy and find a relationship or maintain it.

Whatever niche you choose, it’s far better than it’s evergreen to keep profiting from your products not only for a certain amount of time.

High Demand: This is the most important factor to consider for product creation. The niche should be on demand by others in order to make sales. No matter how great your product is, if not high demand, it will barely make a few sales but not a sustainable business that you may maintain and scale up.

Specific: Choosing a broad niche isn’t going to bring you targeted traffic. This is because you didn’t make it clear which segment your chosen niche is. For example, if you make a product and only indicated that it’s about wealth, this is a wide topic to talk about.

Because wealth could be Internet Marketing, Forex, Real Estate, Physical Business, and the list goes on. By only indicating that it’s about wealth, you’ll get traffic from all these segments and most won’t need what you provide.

However, if you specified it’s about Affiliate Marketing, then more targeted people will see your offer and you’ll more likely make sales and get sustainable income online.

Digital Product: Some niche or products are highly demanded but can’t make Digital Products out of it. For example, T-Shirts are highly demanded, people buy T-shirts every day. However, if you make a Digital Product about it will it be as much demand? Who wants to watch or read about T-Shirts?

People like to wear them. But Affiliate Marketing is a product that can be is highly demanded if done as Digital Product.

Make Money From Home

Build Your Platform

This step is a great way of marketing yourself and becoming an authority (expert). Using this step, other people see your work and know that you know what you’re talking about, not just someone who’s only willing to promote products to make sales.

There are four great platforms to use:

WordPress: Every successful Internet Marketer has a WordPress website or blog. WordPress is an easy to use website creation tool and mostly the easiest way of creating websites nowadays.

It just requires some steps to make your website ready to be live. You can create any type of webpages using WordPress, one of the most common ones is a blog. Internet Marketers create a blog to create content that provides value to others and may also promote products.

Facebook: You can take advantage of this huge platform by creating a page creating content that gets you tons of visitors who may turn to your ongoing customers. Your content will be ranked high because of the power of Facebook online.

People like searching for Facebook Pages related to their needs and this creates a huge opportunity that you may take advantage of.

YouTube: YouTube is the most popular video website. The great things about videos are that they create more engagement than text or audio. People enjoy watching videos and they learn more on video tutorials than reading reports or blog posts.

This is a huge opportunity for you to keep creating valuable videos on a regular basis. This helps you to rank your videos higher and thus get more visitors to watch your videos.

Also, there are many other social media platforms you can use to promote your products or services. Make your research to discover the sites that prefer most of your target audience. So you will know how to reach them pretty easy.

Grow Your Audience

As you know, traffic is the bloodline of any business online and without it, there is no business.

Here are five powerful traffic sources:

Social Media: This is a great way to get traffic online. Almost everyone uses at least one Social Media platform which is a great opportunity to work on. But this of course requires some work by creating content on a regular basis on matters that other people need to know about.

PPC: Stands for Pay Per Click is an internet advertising model which directs traffic to a specific website. You create an advertisement (text and/or image) that when visitors click it redirects them directly to your website. If used correctly, you get highly targeted traffic for your business which increases your sales and income consistency.

Blog: As we said above, blogs are very powerful in term of branding yourself and becoming an authority. You get free highly targeted traffic and you get them to trust you and buy products from you because they’ve seen that you can provide them value with each product you provide.

YouTube: Video Marketing is a very powerful weapon to use nowadays and so you may take advantage of it. You can create some informative tips, product reviews, ongoing tutorials and much more using the power of YouTube. You get free highly targeted traffic and people will enjoy watching your videos and learn from you.

Promote Products

This step provides you a great way of getting sales online either by selling your own product or promoting other people’s products.

Here are the websites that provide great products to promote: This is one of the most popular affiliate websites online. It has a product of almost all niches online which helps you to choose the niche you want to make your business on and choose products that are proven to sell. This is another great affiliate website to consider, but only if you’re in money making a niche. All products there money making techniques so if you’re in a different niche you can just skip this website. Similar to but with products of higher prices generally. This website is very useful because it shows products that didn’t launch yet. This allows you to be more prepared to promote the product you choose and will have less competition because most people promote launched products. It shows products of warriorplus, JVzoo and some other affiliate websites.

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