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Down-Economy: Low-Cost Home Businesses Ideas

Down-Economy: Low-Cost Home Businesses Ideas

When the economy is down, and jobs are being lost, most people think that it’s not the best time to start a home business. But, tough economic times can also present great opportunities to people who are prepared and are willing to take a chance to start a new home business.

Here are some low-cost home business ideas to make money online.

Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing services are in high demand in an industry that keeps growing. Anyone who has an online business needs to know how best to market their website on the Internet effectively, and most will consult an Internet marketing firm for assistance.

That’s where the independent Internet marketing specialist comes in.

As small business owners look for ways to build traffic and increase sales in a tough economy, a knowledgeable Internet marketer can help them gain a strong return on investment (ROI) using cost-efficient ways.

Home Decor Business

If you have an eye for interior decorating and want to run your home business, a home decor business can provide a great, low-cost start-up opportunity for you and it’s a great home business to start part-time on weekends while you’re still employed.

A down economy can often mean a real estate market flooded with homes for sale, including homes held by banks and mortgage companies in foreclosure. A home stager can show clients how to make their homes stand out from the competition and get it sold more quickly.

eBay Trading Assistant

eBay Trading Assistants help people sell their items on eBay. eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client’s homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment.

The Trading Assistant handling all of the details of the sale and collecting a commission once the item is sold.

In a down economy, people are looking for money-making ideas to help pay bills. Selling unused and unwanted items on eBay is one way to that. However, not everyone knows how or wants to put forth the effort to sell the times themselves, so making money on eBay as a Trading Assistant could be a very lucrative business in hard times.

Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant (VA) industry is growing fast and becoming popular for those who want to run their own home business to get started – usually by doing the things they have the knowledge and know-how to do.

Many businesses attempt to cut costs and lay off workers in a down economy, they may decide to outsource some office functions to save money. Additionally, for small business owners who are trying to pull in extra business during downtimes, hiring a virtual assistant can allow them to focus on more profitable activities.

How to Start a Low-Cost Business from Home

Using the knowledge, tools, and resources you already have, you can start a home business today. Many successful businesses were started with little or nothing, except a giant desire and the commitment to make it work, no matter what.

Commitment and tenacity are two of the most important assets to have in ensuring home business success. If you want the freedom and flexibility to work at home as your boss, here are some ideas you can start now for nothing.

eBay and Amazon

One of the great aspects of eBay and Amazon is that you can start by selling many different products and you don’t have to pay anything until after you’ve made a sale.

The trick to success on eBay and Amazon is to find what sells well and at a good profit, and then find a resource for more inventory.


The most successful bloggers invest in a domain name and web hosting, which, of course, isn’t free. However, many of them started their blogs on free blogging sites, such as Blogger or WordPress.

Once they started making money, they bought a domain and forwarded it to their free blog URL. When they made even more money, they bought hosting and moved the site.

Along with affiliate income, you can make money blogging by using ads such as Adsense, through an email newsletter and creating your information products, such as ebooks and courses. All of these can be done free.


While you can offer writing as a service (freelance) you can also write and sell your works. This includes writing books, information products, and home-based courses. People go online for information and they’re willing to pay for it if it’s something they believe they’ll enjoy or that will help them.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to publish your digital or print books for free (or for a fee if you want more services). Plus you can sell them from Amazon’s site.

Make your research to discover more ideas and tips about low-cost business. These days it’s easy to start a work from home business, but you need to have an effective business plan and a successful marketing strategy.

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