Social Media: Influencer Marketing and Money for 2020

Social Media: Influencer Marketing and Money for 2020

Influencer marketing is growing every day. It’s a very effective and profitable industry, where brands collaborate with social media personalities. This is the reason why it’s so popular.

You need to know the number of followers they have, as well as the views and likes they receive. However, you also need to consider whether or not they represent your niche or category.

It is all about matching the right person; someone who fits in with your brand message and appeals to your target market (audience).

Here are the most effective influencer marketing categories you need to know.

  1. Health and Fitness

No matter whether you want to follow a keto diet, train for a marathon or lose weight after having a baby, you will be able to find an appropriate influencer for you in this niche.

There are many different ways to health and fitness and this is something you will find across all social media platforms as well.

Some are focused on providing general tips for a healthy lifestyle and others are more specific with their topics and advice, for example, they may solely base their accounts on yoga, Pilates, or another workout.

  1. Travel

If you are someone who dreams about exotic vacations, you have probably already seen a lot of travel influencers on social media.

Travel influencers post stunning and awesome photos and videos of all of the places they have visited, and they often give their first-hand experiences.

They will tell you all of the best places to eat, frequent and visit, as well as giving you insider tips and tricks and the best times to travel.

They know the best tips about travel and also how to save money and time!

Of course, travel can be broken down into some other smaller niches as well, for example, camping, student, couple or luxury travel.

  1. Fashion

fashion is one of the most popular and most lucrative areas for influencer marketing today.

Some influencers will focus solely on areas like popular accessories, designer shoes, jewelry, and athletic clothing. The other will focus on general areas of fashion.

Fashion influencers promote products but also, they will post videos, provide styling tips, and work with fashion brands and lines as well.

— Important Tip! Instagram still is champion Influencer Marketing success in 2020.

Instagram is the most popular social media site for the younger generation.

They love its visual nature and that Instagram has developed tools to make the process for influencer marketing easier and more straight forward.

  1. Beauty

Beauty is one of the best and most popular influencer industries.

Most beautiful influencers and their fan base are women. By the way, it’s normal!

Influencers can share reviews, as well as tips and how-to videos.

From nails and skincare to hair care, wigs and makeup; there are beauty influencers that focus on certain niches while many of them will cover the full spectrum of beauty.

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