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Email Marketing: Tips on How to Create an Effective Strategy in 2021

Email Marketing: Tips on How to Create an Effective Strategy in 2021
Email Marketing: Tips on How to Create an Effective Strategy in 2021

Email marketing is essential for small businesses, marketers, and startups. You need to create an effective email marketing strategy to boost your targeted traffic, attract potential customers, and generate sales.

Email Marketing: How to Create a Strategy in 2021

Here are some tips about how to create a successful email marketing strategy in 2021

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for your business. It works better than SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. Email marketing can help you to communicate and build relationships with prospects and customers via email.

Email marketing connects businesses with their target audiences, converts customers, and generates sales.

Businesses can use email providers or autoresponders and marketing automation services to segment (categorize) customers in lists. They can target customers for different reasons, like promoting a new ebook or report, promoting a new product or service, or sharing new trends.

Email marketing is more about communication with leads and customers to increase sales.

With new email and CRM tools, building custom email lists and targeting customers is easy. Marketers and businesses need to create relevant material to engage specific customer groups.

  1. Email Marketing: Why Is Important for Your Business

Email is the most effective tool for lead generation and customer retention.

a. It is the most used and popular communication tool

Email is the most popular form of communication. Social media and all other communication platforms cannot reach the effectiveness of email.

b. You have control of your email lists

Social media have rules for users to follow. If you don’t follow the rules they will block your account. With email, you have total control and ownership of your contact lists.

c. Higher ROI

Email marketing converts better than social media and organic search. It has the highest ROI among marketing strategies for small businesses and is the most effective lead generator.

  1. How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is similar to other marketing strategies.

a. You Need a Plan

Create your plan by deciding your target audience. Without a plan and clear goals, you may spend more money without results.

Track the performance of your email marketing and improve your marketing strategy.

Decide what you will write about for your audience. Also, decide how frequently you will send your emails.

Then you need to schedule your campaigns and posts. Lack of consistency can harm your brand or business.

b. Emails and Templates

Emails need to be scannable and easy to read. Avoid big blocks of text. Nobody will read a long, boring, email. Use visuals and bold text. So you can highlight important details and keep the user engaged.

c. Test Emails (many times)

After creating your emails, test them on different clients and also on desktop and mobile devices. Send them to team members or friends to fix your mistakes and improve your emails.

Test many variables like send times, subject lines, or CTAs to see how you can maximize open and click-through rates.

d. Use Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help to create your schedule. You can set rules to send follow-up emails, offers, or discounts to your list.

When you know your goals and schedule, you can make better decisions and create a successful email marketing strategy.

e. Research and Performance

Research and tracking is the key to success.

ROI is the first metric to track. Track who read your emails, who don’t read, who sign-up, etc.

  1. How to Create an Email List
  2. You need to know your target audience – buyer persona

Buyer personas are important when crafting prospecting emails. You need to know the demographic, behavior, and interests of your target audience.

  1. You need a website

A website is your base or your storefront. the place where your potential customers can reach and engage with your business.

Platforms like WordPress, Wix, etc, can help you to build your website (Free and Paid).

  1. You need an autoresponder – email service

Services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc, will give you a platform to organize, schedule and auto-send targeted email.

  1. You must have an attractive offer – lead generator

Consumers know they have value and will demand equal or greater value give you their email address

Your lead generators need to offer something useful to your target audience. You can offer useful, interesting, ebooks, offer coupons, or free trials with sign-ups.

Last Tip

These tips can help you to create an effective email marketing strategy. But you need to provide value to your email list and avoid over-promotion emails.

These days it’s difficult to gain the trust of people with email marketing because they get bored with email scams, email ads, and junk email.

You need to work hard to succeed.

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Social Media: Positive and Negative Effects in 2021

Social Media: Positive and Negative Effects in 2021

Many people are using social media every day. Through social media, people can connect, can exchange ideas, and news can be spread quickly. But there are positive and negative effects of social media.

Social Media: Positive and Negative Effects

With knowledge of safe, smart social media use, you can avoid the negative effects and improve your productivity.

Here are some positive and negative effects of social media you need to know in 2021.

Positive Effects of Social Media

  1. Social Connection

Humans are social beings. Social media can help you to stay connected with others in positive ways.

  1. Relationships

Relationships can protect your mental health and improve your personality. Being connected with others can ease symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and isolation.

  1. Communication with Friends and Family

Social media can help you to communicate with friends and family even if they are in a different country or continent.

  1. Join Communities or Groups

Through social media, you can join groups or build communities that share the same interests.

  1. Raise Awareness

Social media can be an effective way to raise awareness of your interests or problems.

  1. Express Yourself

With social media, you can express yourself and your creativity.

  1. Find Helpful Information

With careful use and trustworthy sources, social media can help you to find helpful information.

  1. Fun and Entertainment

Social media can be fun. You can read jokes, play games, answer quizzes, and view fun or inspiring videos, etc.

Negative Effects of Social Media

  1. Unknown Lasting Effects

There are no long-term studies about the lasting effects of social media on mental health or personality.

  1. Overuse and Anxiety

Research has shown that social media overuse may increase depression, anxiety, and isolation.

  1. Depression

Social media can lead people to feel that everyone else is living a better or more exciting life, which can increase feelings of anxiety and depression.

  1. Feelings of Inadequacy

Typically, others share highlights of their lives on social media. These “fake” posts don’t show the realities and the problems of their lives. You may think that everyone else is better than you or they have a perfect life.

  1. Isolation and Loneliness

Social media use can keep us connected to others, but heavy social media use can increase feelings of loneliness.

  1. Lack of Face-to-Face Connections

Social media connections are not a substitute for real-life interactions and relationships. Many people, worldwide, think that social media it’s real life but it’s not!

  1. Cyberbullying

Teens and children are affected by cyberbullying via social media.

4 Smart Tips for Social Media Use

  1. Cutt Down the Time You Spent on Social Media

You need to pay attention to your social media use. You can use methods to track and cut down the time you spent on social media. Avoid overusing social media. You will lose the real world.

  1. Avoid Using Social Media Before Bed

Avoid the blue light from screens (laptop or mobile phone) before bed. You need to protect your healthy sleep patterns.

  1. Spend Time Offline

Real-life connections can boost your sense of belonging, sense of community, and allow you to feel compassion or sympathy for others.

  1. Remember the Realities of Social Media

You need to remember that social media is not an adequate reflection of most people’s lives. Social media can be a great way to connect with others, but comparisons can be unrealistic and can lead to negative feelings or depression.

Last Tip

With smart, mindful use of social media, you can get benefits and opportunities. Social media can connect you with others, stimulate healthy discussions, and offer interesting and entertaining information.

Social media can boost positive feelings, thoughts, and emotions if you know what to do. Avoid social media over-use.

Important Tip. Don’t believe everything you read on social media. You need to research the sources. Double-check the information and then decide if they are trusted and secure.

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SMS Marketing: 12 Tips and Benefits You Need to Know in 2021

SMS Marketing: 12 Tips and Benefits You Need to Know in 2021

SMS marketing or text marketing is a simple way to communicate with your potential customers or your target audience.

But even these days SMS marketing is the most underutilized marketing strategy for businesses.

SMS Marketing: Tips and Benefits in 2021

Stats show that many people prefer getting offers or discounts via SMS.

Here are some tips and benefits you need to know about SMS marketing in 2021

  1. Reach More Customers (Target Audience)

Many people are using mobile devices these days, one of the benefits of SMS marketing is that you can reach more potential customers. With an effective SMS marketing strategy, you can reach easily your target audience.

Just make sure that your SMS content is relevant and related to what they need and what you offer. (Discover their needs and provide solutions).

  1. Better Than Emails (Higher Open Rate)

Another benefit of SMS marketing is that SMS has a higher open rate than emails or other advertising options. Emails get lost easily in the spam folder.

With today’s prevalence of mobile phones, SMS marketing doesn’t ignore. Most people love SMS messages because they get offers, discounts, giveaways, etc.

  1. SMS and Other Marketing Strategies

If you’re using other marketing strategies like social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing, etc. SMS marketing can help you to improve your marketing strategies.

You can create reminders for events or products through various channels. Social media allows you to share posts via text, so it’s very easy to integrate SMS into your social media marketing campaign.

  1. SMS and Communication

With SMS you can build a long-term relationship and communication with your customers. SMS is a personal message from your business to your customers, allowing you to communicate directly and easily and make yourself accessible and trusted to your target audience.

SMS marketing is an easy, and fast way to communicate with your customers or your target audience.

  1. Cost-Effective

It’s cost-effective to send a text to your customers. Even when sending to lots of people, the cost isn’t high. Generally, it’s more affordable than purchasing Facebook ads or Google ads.

SMS marketing a good choice for businesses or marketers. Especially if you are searching for ways to start advertising without spending a lot of money.

SMS marketing is an inexpensive and effective communication method.

  1. SMS Rules

SMS provides customers an easy exit strategy if they are no longer which to receive promotional messages. The opt-in and opt-out function is very simple, typically just responding to a text with a specific keyword that removes them from a messaging list.

This helps your customers to feel better and safe with your brand.

  1. SMS and Return On Investment (ROI)

SMS marketing has a greater ROI. For instance, you can attract more customers by sending a text message about a great deal or a new free offer. Just ensure to provide complete details about your deals or free offers.

It’s important to ensure that your SMS marketing is aligned with your marketing strategies.

  1. SMS and Customer Engagement

SMS marketing provides your customers a way to engage with you and your business. It also allows them to feel that your business is trusted.

It makes your business be more a part of their lives rather than a one-time-opportunity.

  1. SMS And Speed

Your business will have to adapt to the speed of modern business. SMS marketing has zero lead-time, enabling communication to be delivered and created to the target audience within a few minutes.

  1. SMS and Personalization

Personalization marketing is the new trend. SMS can help you to create personalization strategies. This kind of personalization may be built around their name, demographic, or behavior.

They may even be location-based, creating messages based on various regions, cities, or stores.

  1. SMS and Loyal Customers

You can build loyal customers and engage with them through SMS marketing. So, you can provide information about your company and offer your customers targeted opportunities. Fill their needs!

It makes your customers feel appreciated and happy. If you give more you’ll get more!

  1. SMS and Exclusivity

SMS subscribers will give you access to their telephone number and that means responsibility and great power. You need to make them feel exclusive and privileged.

You need to create useful messages to suit your client base and have a better understanding of your customers.

Last Tip

SMS marketing works best if you know your target audience or customers and what they need or like. SMS marketing can help you to grow your business and increase your sales pretty fast. So, Take Action Now!

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Instagram Stories: 6 Tips on How to Get More Views and Followers

Instagram Stories: 6 Tips on How to Get More Views and Followers

Instagram stories are one of the easiest ways to show your visual content and build strong relationships with your followers or target audience.

Here are some effective tips about Instagram Stories and how to get more views and followers.

Instagram Stories: How to Get More Views and Followers

Also, Instagram story views can help you to get featured on the Instagram explore page.

  1. Be Unique And Creative

You can upload any type of video in the Instagram stories feed. Many people are uploading their content in the Instagram stories section. So the competition is high. So you need to be unique and creative to attract many followers.

  1. Use Analytics

Instagram provides analytics. With the help of analytics, you can understand your target audience and improve your content marketing strategy.

Here are some useful stats that Instagram insights will provide to you.

The number of impressions for a particular story.
The number of clicks in a link.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can help you to reach larger audiences. When someone searches for a certain hashtag, Instagram displays the stories at the top of the page.

Instagram stories allow up to 10 hashtags per post. You can use up to 5 to 6 hashtags per video to increase visibility and video engagement. Also, you can use hashtag stickers in the stories feed to increase the views of your videos and boost engagement.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers

Instagram stories are an amazing feature for increasing conversations and driving traffic to your blog or website. Stickers can help you to boost your interaction.

Here are some types of effective IG stories sticker:

Question Stickers – You can use Instagram question stickers and post your answer on this channel. You can encourage your audience to ask questions relevant to the video posted on stories.

Emoji Slider – Emoji slider is a great option to receive quick Instagram story views from your followers and maximize audience interaction.

Countdown sticker – It is a useful feature if you promote a new brand or product on Instagram. It can also help to promote your contests. It will remind your audience about how much time they have to enter contests.

  1. Audience and Engagement

It’s important to make sure that your content is relevant to your target audience and improve your online presence. Consistency is a necessity to keep your audience engaged.

Posting stories every day is the best strategy to build a relationship and encourage viewers to become followers. Also, you should track your audience’s activity, like when they are active on Instagram.

  1. Highlight Your Instagram Stories

The Instagram highlight section is one of the most useful features to promote your stories and reach more users on Instagram. Instagram stories display your content in just 24 hours (it will automatically disappear after 24 hours).

With Instagram highlights, you can save your stories as long as you want.

Tips on how to add your Instagram stories to a highlight:

Open the Instagram app.
Go to the profile page and click story highlights below the bio section.
Tap the + icon and select the story you want to highlight, and click next.
Click edit cover and choose a cover photo.
Click done to move to the next page.
Enter a story name for your highlight and click the done option.

Last Tip

Instagram stories can help you to promote your business by postings your company’s photos, videos, and even your blog. Connect with more people, use influencers, and create compelling content and interesting stories to attract more followers.

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TikTok 2021: Stats and Facts You Need to Know [Infographic]

TikTok 2021: Stats and Facts You Need to Know [Infographic]

TikTok has explosive growth and popularity as a social media platform. Also, it gets brands’ attention as an effective advertising platform.

TikTok 2021: Stats and Facts You Need to Know

Here are some stats and facts you need to know about TikTok in 2021.

With the TikTok app, you can make and share short-form mobile videos. TikTok videos are up to 15 seconds long, but now you can put together up to four 15-second segments and create a 60-second video.

Also, if you upload a video that was created elsewhere, it can be longer than 60 seconds.

Stats show that on TikTok there are 805 million monthly active users worldwide who view an average of 185 billion videos per month on their mobile devices.

The US population using TikTok has grown to more than 25% and is expected to surpass 28% by 2025.

Stats show that US consumers spend more time on TikTok per month than Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Social Entertainment

People use TikTok differently than other social media platforms. They use TikTok more as an entertainment platform than as a way to connect with family and friends.

Other social media apps have mimic TikTok because “social entertainment” might be the next big thing for social content and communication.

Similar Apps.

YouTube’s Shorts

Instagram’s Reels

Snapchat’s Sounds and Triller.

  1. TikTok Ads

TikTok has many options for ads and continues to expand, including:

Targeting options (demographics, content engagement, interests, and behaviors)

Variety of ad formats align with different outcomes

Creator Marketplace offers brands access to influencers

New eCommerce features like Dynamic Product Ads and Collection Ads to drive in-app purchases for brands

  1. TikTok New Algorithm

New algorithm drives engagement

TikTok has two main user modes, ‘Following’ and ‘For You.’

The Following mode includes all the videos of TikTok creators you follow.

The For You mode is built on TikTok’s new algorithm which employs user interaction, information about the video, and account/device settings such as location, language preference, device type, etc.

  1. Facts of TikTok

It changed entertainment and music videos

Shaped shopping behavior (especially clothing trends)

Offered a view of the front lines, giving users a glimpse of service and healthcare workers’ lives

Helped people organize and speak out

Helped people stay connected—schoolmates, teachers, friends, parents, etc.

  1. TikTok User Stats

TikTok already has up to 689 million monthly active users and about 2.6 billion downloads globally. 47.4% of TikTok users in the US are below 30.

  1. Only 22% of American millennials and the GenZ population use TikTok.

The majority of TikTok users are teenagers within the age bracket of 13-16 years old. Only one in five millennials use the TikTok app.

  1. 47.4% of TikTok users are younger than 30.

21.7% of users are between 30 and 39, and 20.3% fall in the 40-49 category. Also, 11% of TikTok users are over 50.

  1. TikTok users in the US make use of the app at least 8 times a day.

US TikTok users open their apps frequently, with each session lasting below 5 minutes (4.9 minutes). When compared to the average time spent on Facebook (4.7min), Snapchat (1.6 minutes), and Instagram (3.1 min) per session, you will find that users spend more time on TikTok than on other social networks.

  1. 51% of TikTok users are male.

According to TikTok stats, 5 out of 10 users on the app are male. Even though there are slightly fewer ladies on the app, they still create most videos.

  1. TikTok users worldwide spend an average of 52 minutes on the app each day.

Algorithm-backed video content ensures that new videos are consistently offered to users based on their interests. As such, they get easily carried away, thus making the platform addictive.

  1. 9 of 10 TikTok users open the app multiple times a day.

Users tend to revisit the app many times daily (addictive app).

  1. 49% of US teenagers have used the TikTok app at least once.

TikTok’s design appeals more to Generation Z and young people.

TikTok is here to stay and it keeps growing.

It’s becoming more and more popular among teenagers globally. It is a great source of entertainment for people of all ages and interests.