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Psychological Tricks & Tactics To Increase Your Sales [Infographic]

Psychological Tricks & Tactics To Increase Your Sales [Infographic]

These days the online people are bombarded with marketing tactics and tricks without even realizing it. Businesses are using these psychological tricks, tactics, and methods to increase their sales.

You can have the best product in the world. You can market it at the right time for your ideal customer. But if you don’t understand the psychology of buying, you can not increase your sales.

Here are some effective psychological marketing tricks and tactics you need to use to increase your sales.

Social proof – People can easily be influenced by peer groups. This is why successful online retailers use the social proof technique.

Pricing – certain pricing triggers can generate sales. But not all target audiences are the same. So you need to find what does and doesn’t work for the different audiences.

Scarcity – fear of missing out (FOMO). In nature, scarcity means the difference between life and death. As an online business or marketer, you can take advantage of this psychological factor.

Attractive Photographs and images – the problem with online shopping is that you can’t touch or smell the product. But you can recreate that sense of ‘real-world shopping’.

Use reviews and testimonials. Ask customers for reviews and testimonials and strategically place them around your website to let potential buyers know you’re a trusted source.

The price-saving tip. To highlight what great value a customer is getting, put the old price next to the new price, and include the percentage of saving.

Use urgency. Knowing there are only a few left of an item adds urgency to purchase and makes customers think that if they don’t act now they’ll miss their chance.

Use color psychology. If your target market is male, use red CTA buttons. But for a mixed audience, neutral colors like orange are much better.

Use the less-is-more technique. Don’t overload prospective customers with too many options as it can have a paralyzing effect on their decision making. Instead, help them narrow their choice.

Use video. You can boost your sales by featuring videos of your products. People need the onscreen product to match up with the actual receiving of it. The best way to do this is to show a video of someone using the product.

Give people a free trial. By giving a free trial, you tap into people’s innate sense of wanting to commit to something.

Create quality content. Share high-quality content that provides needed information to people searching. From a psychological point of view, this is a form of bonding, and they’ll be more likely to buy your product.

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Instagram Hacks: How to Increase Engagement and Traffic

Instagram Hacks: How to Increase Engagement and Traffic

As you know Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Also, Instagram engagement is a very important benefit and advantage for social media marketers and business owners.

Here are some effective hacks you need to know about how to increase engagement and traffic on Instagram.

  1. Use the features of Instagram

Create a business account. These accounts give you analytics, a more professional aesthetic, and access to ads.

Also, You can include links in stories, and a “contact” button on your profile. So if you want to drive traffic from Instagram to your site or products, this is a very important tip.

Test and Use different types of content

You can use stories, videos, carousel posts, ads, and highlights. Instagram robots want to see you use the whole app!

An effective hack you need to know: video posts have higher engagement rates than image or carousel posts.

Check out Instagram’s analytics

Analytics are very effective and useful. With analytics, you can improve your Instagram performance.

  1. It’s Better to Use Instagram Stories Every Day

With stories, you can promote your content pretty fast. Instagram’s algorithm loves and prefers stories!

Also, many users like viewing Stories. So you can attract more followers and interested people to your business website.

Use videos. Videos will be searchable, and it’s very important to include hashtags to help users find them. So you need to create high-value videos

Attention! Stories disappear after 24 hours. So you don’t need to post video Stories if you won’t stick to around longer.

  1. Learn the Peak Times of Instagram

You can use tools like Buffer and HubSpot to schedule your posts ahead of time. So you can share killer content at the best possible moment!

Getting the time right is more important than you might think. The Instagram algorithm responds positively to posts that get quick engagement. If your audience engages early with your content, there’s a better chance that that post will appear in more people’s feeds.

  1. The Right Number of Posts

Test and find the right balance. Golden rule. Not too many or too low. Look at your overall engagement for one week, and figure out what’s best for you.

  1. Use Influencer Marketing

A very popular strategy. You can bring new followers into your community and also grow your business. You need to find the influencers with the biggest, numbers of followers.

Already, influencer marketing has become synonymous with Instagram. The market keeps growing every month.

  1. Listen to Your Followers or Community

It’s very important to know what your followers need or what’s their problems. So you can help them and provide solutions. This way you can build long-term relationships and gain their trust!

Don’t forget that trust is a necessity for all businesses.

Make your research to discover more hacks, trends, and tips about Instagram. So you can create an effective marketing strategy.

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Social Selling: How to Increase Trust and Sales

Social Selling: How to Increase Trust and Sales

Social selling is a tool that professionals use to establish trust and rapport with their target audience. Also, sales professionals who use social selling are more successful than those who don’t use social selling.

What is Social Selling

Many people think that social selling is social media marketing or social media advertising. But Social selling is neither of these things, it’s about building relationships.

Social Selling Generate More Sales

When you master social selling in your business you’ll increase sales. According to LinkedIn, 76 percent of buyers are ready to connect with sellers through conversation over social media channels.

And that percentage goes up even higher when you’re an industry thought leader. The reputation of being an industry thought leader is something you can establish by hosting relevant and thoughtful content consistently on social media.

How to Use Social Selling in Your Business

A lot of people are using shortcuts when they first discover social selling. There are places where you can automate, as well as places where you should never automate.

Automation is great for developing a reputation as a thought leader by posting regular content to your social media platforms. You can use one of the many automation platforms help you manage and post content regularly.

Attention. you should never automate your interactions with real people.

The problem is that automated like and commenting tools don’t build relationships.

Instead, engage, interact, and show up. You want to make yourself more approachable and human.

Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

When you’re creating your profiles for your social media platforms, make sure that you’re looking at them from your customer point.

Tailor your profiles to present yourself in the best possible way. And make sure your profiles are consistent across all social media channels.

Use The Art of Listening

Very Important Tip. Your customers are telling you exactly what they need and exactly what they want every day across social media channels. If you take the time to listen, then you are a winner. You can provide them the best solution for their problems. Pretty Awesome and effective!

You can even find out what people are saying about you directly using tools like HootSuite Streams.

Pay attention to where people are having trouble with your product or services, as well as to what they want in the marketplace.

When you’re reaching out to new contacts be sure to take a look at their contact list to see if there are any mutual connections between you.

Give Value and Help

It’s important to remember that social media is not a place to pitch all the time. (Not Hard Sales)

The main idea is to create and provide valuable information that can help create your authority as an expert in the field that you’re in. The easiest way to do this is to write posts and share posts that are relevant to your field.

The idea here is to establish yourself as an authority that people trust.

People Do Business With People They Trust

It’s very important to gain trust. Be sure to pay attention and stay in touch over time. If somebody posts a question, then try to post a helpful answer. It doesn’t have to be directly related to the product that you represent.

The idea here is to establish yourself as a go-to person within your industry. (The Expert)

Don’t forget liking and commenting on smart things they say as well.

Social Media Platforms for Social Selling

There are several platforms for social selling. LinkedIn is the most popular. You can also use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but LinkedIn is the powerhouse in this area.

On LinkedIn, it’s very effective to showcase your skills in a way that shows how your customers have reached their goals with your help.

Also, it’s important to maintain good relationships. Because these relationships become future referrals.

Another great feature of LinkedIn is the Groups feature. Groups allow you to join professional associations within LinkedIn to be able to find new people to network with.

If you have high ticket products or are in the business-to-business space, then social selling is one of the best ways to sell your products and grow your business. It allows you to develop useful, long-term, relationships you need before you make a pitch.

Relationships are a necessity for all businesses.

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Social Media: Free Services to Increase Followers and Boost Your Business

Social Media: Free Services to Increase Followers and Boost Your Business

Increasing your social media followers is a very effective tip to boost your business. But you need to invest time and effort. Fortunately, there are some free services, that can help you to save time, increase social media followers, and boost your business.

  1. Gremln

If you have a busy schedule, creating new posts can be a hassle or an interruption. Gremln has a single platform to schedule updates. Gremln does have paid upgrades for those interested in integrating more profiles and usernames into the system. But the basic service is free and very effective.

  1. Social Mention

Social Mention is a completely free service that allows you to see who is talking about your business and what they’re saying. Aggregating over 100 social media sites, Social Mention is a great way to improve your business and increase followers.

Social Mention you can build relationships with your fans and also, can help you to market effectively and boost your business.

  1. Addictomatic

If you know what’s the trends on social media you can build an effective and attractive social media presence. Addictomatic makes it easy by presenting the most followed, shared, and watched content on the web.

Simply enter a topic and watch Addictomatic spit out a list of content that can help you form posts, share information with followers, or start a discussion. Addictomatic makes it easy to keep your feeds interesting and also, very popular.

  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts are very popular and pretty effective. Google Alerts can keep you up to date on trending information and content within your business. Unlike Addictomatic, Google Updates focuses on news stories. These stories can be quickly shared with followers or developed into original content based on up-to-date news stories.

  1. Antavo

User engagement is a necessity to market successfully your brand. Online promotions are a very effective way to create user engagement. Creating a promotion can help you gain new followers, engage current followers, and generate interest in your brand.

Antavo is a website devoted to viral promotions through contests, quizzes, polls, and giveaways across multiple social media sites. Antavo offers a free trial for business owners. Antavo is a great way to improve your social media presence and social media marketing.

  1. Reachli

Reach out to new users on visual media platforms can be challenging. Pinterest or Instagram can be a fantastic way to build a fan base, but without the proper tools, it’s impossible to spread your message.

Reachli is a service that can help your business to increase following on visual media sites.

  1. How Sociable

With the variety of social media sites available, it’s hard to determine which is best for your business. How Sociable clears up the confusion by providing a list of the social media sites that are talking about your business.

The free service allows you to track 12 metrics over Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Creating a strong social media presence does take some time and effort, but learning to work smarter is the key to create an effective presence and business promotion. Make your research and decide whats is best for your business.

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Blogging Tips: How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free

Blogging Tips: How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free

Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. Without targeted traffic, your blog will never achieve high rankings on search engines and success. Here are some blogging tips about how to increase blog traffic for free.


Share your expertise with people asking questions about your industry. In return, you’ll get a steady flow of traffic to your blog. You will become an expert.

Important Tip. Your signature tells other forum members who you are and how to read more about you.

Blog Commenting

Very similar to forum marketing, blog commenting only differs in the platform it uses. Instead of being in a public forum, the commenting takes place within an individual blog.

The linkback works very simply. In almost all blog platforms (Word Press, Blogger, etc) there is a field to enter your URL (your site address). If your comment catches a reader’s attention, they’ll click on the link and visit your site.

Be careful not to post spams. There is a need for caution when sharing links in the comment itself.

The other benefit to blogging commenting, even if you don’t get many direct visitors, is that the search engines see the link and your site gets a small boost. If you post enough comments on unique blogs (different domains) then you’ll see a significant boost in traffic.

Twitter and Instagram

When most users first sign up and start using Twitter it can be hard to see how it could ever bring significant traffic. Over time and with regularity Twitter quickly becomes a principal source of traffic.

Many blogs use automation tools to feed links and past posts to their Twitter account. Many blogs generate hundreds, even thousands of new visitors every month using a simple WordPress plug-in.

Also, many bloggers use Instagram to promote their posts. Instagram is very popular and effective, but you need to use images and stories to achieve success and targeted traffic.

eBay and Amazon

Using eBay as a sales platform is very simple. Post a product to generate attention and post your URL in the description as a source for more information about the product. Low-cost or discounts are very effective tips.

Because of the size and traffic on eBay, you’ll reach thousands of new prospects. Also, you can use Amazon to generate traffic and sales.


One of the fastest ways to generate free traffic is to have a contest. It is a great way to generate hundreds of inbound links, as bloggers love to share relevant contests with their readers. Many site owners have found it most effective to give away one very large prize, rather than numerous smaller ones.

Everyone loves to dream about that huge trip to Europe, rather than the free song download. Big prizes create big results. In addition to the boost of traffic, be sure to require something of the visitors to enter.

You can have a simple newsletter subscription. That way you have their contact information should they win, and you also can keep them informed about new content and contests. Also, you build your email list!

Blog Design

Tweaking your site just a little can make huge differences to your traffic over time. Effective cross-linking, for example, will help Google to index your content, and help your human readers to see what other relevant content you have.

These changes will also make a better visitor experience and keep your readers on your site longer. You need to learn the new trends and tips about effective blogging design.

Content Aggregators

Getting your site (and posts) listed with a top content aggregator can send a flood of traffic. The benefit of an aggregator (a site that aggregates, or collects blog posts) is that they have a larger and broader readership than you do.

By placing links to your content on these popular platforms, you can generate more traffic. But there’s a catch: they don’t accept just any site. While this is great for you when you are accepted, it can be hard to get accepted when your site is still new.

Content Syndication – RSS Feed

This is most simply done via an RSS feed. This not only makes it easy for readers to follow your site but also notifies readers immediately upon publishing new content. It’s a great way to bring readers back to your site every time you publish a new piece of content.

A popular tool to manage RSS feeds is FeedBurner (by Google).

Write High-Quality Content

Nothing will build your traffic better than great content. Regardless of if it is blog posts, video or audio, you need to consistently produce great content. High-quality content encourages visitors to share your posts – via social media and links on their sites and blogs.

Guest Blogging

This is a very popular tip. A guest post should only be done on a popular site (more popular than yours). And it should be your best stuff. A mediocre post will bring mediocre results.

Post a compelling piece that adds real value to the site you are contributing to. This will help you get another opportunity to post.

And give a lot of thought to your bio line. A well-written bio will help motivate readers to click through to your site. In addition to publishing great guest posts, it’s also important to accept guest posts.

This helps widen your base of content and takes some writing pressure off of you. Be sure to publish a clear set of blogging guidelines – this will help reduce the number of low-quality posts that you will receive.


WordPress has a great feature called trackbacks. What are Trackbacks? When you mention another blog on your site, their blog (if it is also on a supporting platform) will get a notification that they have been mentioned.

It creates a link back for readers to follow. It is an easy and effective way to both share great content and get contextual linkbacks.

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