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Search Engines: Tips to Improve Your Rankings and A Surprise!

Search rankings can generate revenue growth. To achieve this, you need to know the 2021 SEO trends and tips. Search engines continue to change their algorithms. The old SEO practices are constantly being replaced by new ones.

  1. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for online businesses. No matter what is your niche or target market, the competition is pretty high. If you’re looking for a product or service on Google (or another search engine), thousands of websites will appear on your search results (SERPs).

Users rarely view the second page. Even on the first page, only the first three or four results are viewed.

So if you don’t optimize your site, it will not get visits, and your business will not generate leads and sales via organic traffic.

It’s important to know the latest trends in search engine optimization (SEO). The parameters and algorithms of search engines (Ranking Factors) are changing pretty fast. It’s a big headache for websites and businesses.

  1. Core Web Vitals (New Ranking Factor in 2021)

Google announced a new change in its search algorithm (Again!). In 2021, a new ranking factor (Core Web Vitals) will measure the health of a website and especially the user experience (page experience).

Google is trying to provide the best possible experience for users. (Google is trying to generate more problems for websites and businesses).

Google focuses on ranking signals that reward owners of websites that offer a better user experience. To help homeowners achieve this “best web” goal, Google has introduced a new way to evaluate the page experience in the form of essential web signals.

Core Web Vitals is a way to measure the quality of the user experience.

Surprise! If you want to avoid SEO troubles and Google headaches, it’s better to use paid ads, forums, and sites like Quora, to generate traffic and probably sales.

  1. Voice Search

These days many people are using voice search. Voice search means to search by pronouncing words instead of typing them. Stats show that more than 33 million voice searches were conducted in 2017. Also, reports show that more than 25% of queries via a mobile device are voice searches.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing keeps growing. Reports show that many companies and brands are using (pay) influencers to improve their SEO. The trend (influencer marketing) is very important for brands dealing with beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and e-commerce.

Many online users like and want authentic information from reliable sources. They don’t like boring ads and promotions. Influencers are considered credible and reliable.

Influencers will help you to increase your online presence and generate traffic. The backlinks you get from influencer sites also show authority over Google and improve your SEO efforts.

But you need a budget and effective planning to ensure maximum return on your investment. Influencer marketing is pretty expensive for small businesses.

  1. Video Content

These days video content is very important for your SEO strategy (and digital marketing). Google loves video content. Videos have more possibilities to appear on the first page of search engines.

Stats show that the probability of videos appearing on the first page of SERP is 50 times higher than that of text web pages.

Google says that video is a good sign of quality content. Important! Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube. (It’s not very innocent the love for the video!)

It’s very useful to use video content to complement existing content on your website. Free, higher, targeted traffic is guaranteed when Google indexes your video content.

  1. Long and Quality Articles

High-quality content is a necessity for your website if you want to achieve higher rankings. But quality alone is not enough. The amount of your content also can help your rankings.

You need to create content with quality and proper length. Many SEO experts say that the minimum length of your content should be about 2000 words.

So you need to create long, high-quality content. Make sure your articles can answer the most likely questions your audience is supposed to ask. (It’s better to become a Prophet or a Magician than a website owner!)

High-quality content will keep visitors on your page for a long time. Google values this factor because the time you stay represents how much users appreciate your content.

  1. Mobile Optimization

The majority of people are mobile users. Smartphone users to be precise. Stats show that 88% of Internet users use mobile phones to access the web. Many transactions these days are done via smartphones.

Google has switched to mobile-first indexing. The Mobile-First will become widespread for all websites around the world in March 2021.

Google and other search engines are “promoting” the mobile search experience. Mobile optimization is crucial if you want to improve your rankings in 2021.

When optimizing voice search, you also need to optimize mobile searches.

Surprise! Google probably thinks that website owners are Super-Heroes and they can change their websites every day or month. Many business owners and website owners are bored with Google’s algorithm changes. Already many people are using social media as search engines. Pretty soon many people will avoid using Google and their Freakin’ algorithms!

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TikTok Trends: How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2021 [Infographic]

TikTok these days it’s an amazing goldmine of opportunities for businesses and marketers. You can reach many people worldwide, promote your business, and generate sales. So it’s time to start using TikTok.

Here are some effective TikTok trends you need to know. Discover how to create an effective, successful, marketing strategy in 2021.

  1. Influencers Are Loving TikTok

More and more, influencers are loving and using TikTok. It’s the fastest-growing social media platform. Not only has TikTok become a popular platform for influencers, but businesses are also starting to using it. Stats show that 37% of brands that have an influencer marketing strategy are focusing on TikTok influencer marketing.

  1. TikTok and e-Commerce

TikTok has announced a partnership with the eCommerce platform Shopify. TikTok will help Shopify merchants’ to boost sales. Social eCommerce will be one of the top TikTok trends in 2021. Pretty soon many eCommerce platforms will start using TikTok. The market is Huge!

  1. Hashtag Challenge

A hashtag challenge is when consumers are asked to do a particular task. They record themselves doing it and posting it on social media with a specified hashtag. Hashtag challenges are common on many platforms, but TikTok makes it very popular.

Because of its potential to go viral and boost brand awareness, many businesses have started using it.

  1. Video Ads

Many businesses and marketers are using video marketing because it’s popular and effective. Stats show that the number of businesses engaging in video marketing has reached 85% in 2020.

TikTok is encouraging and help brands advertise on its platform. TikTok has a new e-learning center to host guides, resources, and tips on running video ads on TikTok. (everything a business needs to succeed with video marketing on TikTok)

TikTok helps businesses and entrepreneurs, that is a pretty smart move!

  1. Memes

Memes are fun, engaging, and extremely shareable. Memes are amazingly popular. Stats show that the #memes hashtag has been used 34.4 billion times on the TikTok platform. All the people and businesses are using memes.

  1. Remixing (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) is not a new tactic. But with TikTok, users now have new ways to mix this content (known as “remixing”).

TikTok has new editing features and tools. So users can be more creative with the type of content they produce. Adding music to their videos is just a first step. TikTok also offers AR effects for content creators to add interactive and engaging special visual effects to their videos.

Remixing will become very popular and probably many platforms will copy it.

  1. Celebrities Love TikTok

Many celebrities have started using TikTok. It’s more popular among the younger generation (Gen Z). Celebrities know the power of TikTok and they want to increase their popularity to young people.

  1. Music Promotion – Stitch

TikTok has a brand new feature, Stitch. It’s a new editing feature that allows users to reuse content from fellow TikTokers. Selecting chunks of up to five seconds. Users can integrate these video snippets into their content. Users will use Stitch to mix their content.

So we’ll see more artists (musicians) start using TikTok to advertise their music and events.

  1. Brand Promotion and Raw Content

Publishing raw and authentic content is one of the biggest TikTok trends. Unique content like “behind the scenes” videos is very popular and effective for brands on TikTok.

It provides viewers with a real look at what the brand is about, the people behind it, and in a way, a direct view of the brand’s identity.

Last Tip

TikTok has 800 million users and keeps growing. So it’s time to start using TikTok and promote your business. Create an effective marketing strategy and begin your journey to the amazing world of the TikTok platform.

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Social Media Trends: How to Grow Your Business in 2021 [Infographic]

Social media marketing is a very important and effective marketing strategy to grow your business. But you need to understand the new social media trends and how to improve your marketing techniques.

Here are some new social media trends you need to know about if you want to grow your business in 2021.

  1. Social Media and Pandemic – New Trends

The pandemic has changed online businesses but also has changed people’s behavior. Many people (worldwide) are spending more time at home and on social networks. These days three trends have grown: gaming, YouTube, home-based niches, and hobbies.

There are many opportunities for businesses and marketers that know how to produce relevant and engaging content around these new trends.

  1. Social Media Video

Videos were popular before the pandemic, now are even more popular and keep growing. These days many social media platforms are offering more video features for businesses.

In 2021 we will see more video features and apps. Video already is a classic marketing strategy, and not only a trend.

  1. Popular Niche Platforms – TikTok and Reddit

TikTok is a very popular platform. Stats show that time spent on TikTok grew 210% in 2019. Also, 44% of TikTok’s total downloads happened in 2019.

Another niche platform that keeps growing in popularity is Reddit. The number of monthly active users on Reddit are 430 million

  1. Social Media Content – Increase Sales

Stats show that 55.4 percent of Gen Z internet users in the US say that their fashion purchases were inspired by social media content.

The millennial generation follows with 50.7% say that purchasing a fashion item online after browsing through social media. So more than half of all internet users between the ages of 14 and 34 have bought a fashion item online as a result of social media content.

  1. Authenticity and Social Media Marketing

Many people say that authenticity is an important factor in determining which brands they like and support. Stats show that 90% of consumers today prioritize authenticity in brands.

Important Tip. More than 90% of marketers believe that they are creating authentic content. But 51% of consumers believe that fewer than half of all brands are creating truly authentic content.

Many people don’t trust the brands’ content. Because they only advertise their products and they don’t provide value. People don’t like ads and promotional content. They searching for solutions and help. That’s the reason why many people before buy something read reviews or ask their friends.

  1. Search Products via Social Media – New Search Engines

Stats show that 43% of consumers research products online through social media platforms. Many people prefer to search for products on social media because they are using social media many times every day. People pretty often are using social media as a search engine.

  1. Messaging Apps

Stats show that 90% of all smartphone users are using at least one messaging app (a huge market for businesses). Also, most consumers prefer to communicate with companies via messaging apps. The mobile apps market will keep growing in 2021.

Last Tips

These social media trends will help you understand how your customers engage with social media and how you can grow your business with the right plan. You can search for more trends and tips but don’t forget that you need to work hard. The first step to success. Take Action Now!

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Graphic Design Trends: How Designers Will Change The World in 2021 [Infographic]

Graphic design trends are changing pretty fast and we see new styles every year. These days you can see the changes and upcoming trends. Also, you can understand what influence designers and how they want to change the world.

  1. Graphic Design and Nature

It seems that the more digitized our daily life becomes, people are searching for nature. There is a growing trend in graphic design about nature-inspired shapes and colors. Many designs remind us of landscapes, trees, or animals.

  1. Abstract Graphic Design

After many years of clear shapes and lines, these days more designers are enjoying abstract shapes. They love to create a deliberate contrast with a strict layout. The abstract shapes quickly catch the viewer’s eye. Abstract graphic design uses a visual language of shapes, colors, and lines in various compositions.

  1. Color Combinations and Blurring Effects

In 2021 many more graphic designers will love to add blurred color transitions to their work. This trend enables design elements, typography, or images to stand out against the background.

  1. 3D Typography

3D typography is going big in 2021. The three-dimensional letters in different shapes, colors, and sizes are pretty effective. You can see them everywhere—on websites, billboards, or in printed publications. Many people love 3D shapes.

  1. Symbols

Symbols were already used in prehistoric times. It’s classic! In today’s graphic design, symbols can be marks, icons, or words that indicate and represent an idea or object. Symbols have the power to overcome the barrier of different languages through the use of generally understandable symbols.

  1. Emojis

Social media influences our daily life. So it has a significant impact on current graphic design trends. Most of us like to use funny emojis to visualize different states of mind and clever designers now create websites or packaging based on fun and playful emojis to show certain emotions.

  1. Monochromatic Color Schemes

A simple monochromatic color scheme can create an eye-catching visual experience. Monochromatic backgrounds are especially well suited for text overlays or in combination with graphics, symbols, or images.

After an explosion of colors in the past few years, 2021 can become the year of monochrome designs.

Life influences designers and designers influence our lives and our way of thinking. These sad days of pandemic many people and designers want to change the negativity and they like to add a more pessimistic option to our lives and future. 2021 is coming and all the world want and need a better future!

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The Future of Mobile Apps: Tips and Trends

These days a smartphone has many mobile apps installed on the device. But many of them are not useful, their performance is not good, or users don’t like them. Mobile apps are very popular and the mobile industry continues to grow.

Many businesses and brands are using mobile apps because they know that they can reach pretty fast their target audience and increase sales with the help of mobile apps.

Here are some tips and trends about the future of mobile apps.

  1. 5G Technology – Mobile Apps and Business

5G technology can transfer and download video content very fast. This technology will help mobile apps to become more effective.

Also, soon we will see the widespread of voice control. This will open up more opportunities for marketers and businesses to communicate with their customers.

  1. Effectiveness of Applications

• Speed and effectiveness

Mobile applications are faster than the mobile network. This speed allows users to quickly access content, which increases the chance to satisfy a particular need. They can find faster what they need.

65% of Millennial generation users prefer to buy products or view products through the application because of their effective personalization and the speed of the transaction.

• Data – Information – New Technologies

Applications are using new technologies such as geolocation and voice search. Applications can collect data (information) about the user’s interests and hobbies: what they do and what they like.

• Relevant Content

Many users install mobile apps on their devices because they want to get pretty fast relevant content.

  1. Personalization and Location

These days many mobile developers are more focused on consumer requirements. Users now expect more personalization and adaptation to their location.

Location-based service is a growing and profitable category that allows businesses and marketers to create more targeted ads. Defining our destinations, hobbies, and interests, marketers can select suitable commercial offers for us.

Also, mobile payment technology is growing, which allows you to quickly perform various transactions “on the go”.

  1. Native apps and Responsive Web

Create an application for mobile devices (native) or create an app that suits any device (responsive web)? The general recommendation is to have both.

But if you have only recurrent users, the best option is a native app.

The Future of Mobile Apps: Tips and Trends
  1. Proactive Apps – The Next Step

The great challenge is the proactive application. It’s the next step of modern apps. It will notify user only data of interest. The secret is to discover what people are looking for.

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