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YouTube Video Marketing: Effective Ranking Tools You Need to Know

YouTube is the best video platform to upload and promote your video content. But uploading great video content on YouTube is only half the battle.

If you want your videos to rank well you need to know how to find the best keywords, how to create attractive titles and descriptions, and also spy your competitors. The competition in video marketing is very high.

Here are some of the most effective and useful ranking tools for YouTube videos.

  1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is the most effective and popular tool for tracking YouTube video rankings. Their software platform integrates right into YouTube’s website and provides a variety of tools that helps marketers to make their videos more engaging.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a great digital marketing tool that offers more than 40 different tools and reports to help you monitor and optimize your site for search engine rankings. You can track traffic, rankings, domain authority, and backlinks.

  1. VidIQ

VidIQ is a very effective tool. It helps you to grow your channel by delivering YouTube analytics. Also, it helps you to create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags using vidIQ’s SEO feature.

  1. YTCockpit

YTCockpit is a very useful online platform where you can find top keywords and publish videos on YouTube. You can get data from YouTube Suggest and Google Ads. Also, YTCockptit can analyze hundreds of videos each minute and generate the top 20 ranking videos instantly.

  1. AccuRanker

If you need to grow your organic traffic and win your competitors then you need to use AccuRanker. It can help you to filter your data in various ways and track your keywords.

  1. GeoRanker

GeoRanker is an effective tool that allows users to research, collect, and track local SEO across many locations. You can monitor where and how your page ranks in Google.

  1. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger takes custom SEO and analytic data to a new level. Rank Ranger aligns with your company’s specific needs and preferences. It helps you to create a better SEO strategy and improve your video rankings.

  1. YouTube SEO – Chrome Extension

YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet. A Curated Collection Of SEO Ranking Factors & Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

You can optimize your YouTube Videos to get higher search engine rankings and also get more traffic. You learn how to optimize your YouTube video titles, description, and tags for search engine traffic (and suggested video optimization).

You’ll discover some extra CTR (click-through rate) optimization tips and techniques to improve click-through rates from Google and YouTube.

These ranking tools will help you to improve your video rankings, increase your traffic, and reach your target audience.

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Small Business Tips: How to Promote Your Business for Free

Promoting a small business is not very easy but it’s not impossible. Here are some effective techniques and tips about how to promote your small business for free and boost traffic and sales.

  1. Use Social Media

Social networking for business is very popular and profitable. You can share stories, events, product benefits, user reviews, and many more.

You need to find people in your niche, connect with them, build relationships, and then promote your products or services. Attention! Don’t use social media only to promote your business (avoid hard-sales) you will fail. You need to provide value and help to your followers (Target Audience).

  1. Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is the classic way to promote your small business. You can create and share blog posts, videos, infographics, articles, reports, to generate interest and attract more people and followers to your website.

Important Tip. You need to create quality and informative content to gain the trust of your target audience. If you become a trustworthy source of information then you can generate more sales.

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  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective and useful tool. Many businesses and marketers are using it to build their email lists and grow their sales. You need to generate leads (subscribers) and then you can send them weekly updates, discounts, offers, etc.

Important! Email marketing services are not free, but you can find low-cost or even free solutions.

  1. SEO Strategy

SEO (search engine optimization) it’s very important for your business. Organic search traffic can boost your business. It can help you to grow your target audience and improve your brand recognition.

But you need to know that SEO is a long-term process. You cannot achieve higher rankings and increase targeted traffic right away. Also, you need to know the last tips and trends of SEO. (How to find keywords, how to build an effective website, etc.)

  1. Use Forums

There are many forums and groups that you can use to promote your business. You don’t need to sell your service or product directly to the people but you can help people by showing your expertise in the field. Answer their questions, educate people, and solve their problems. Then you can drive them to your website for more information (and promotion).

With forums, you can generate targeted traffic, build relationships, grow your online community, and increase sales. Very Simple!

  1. Use Youtube – Video Channel

Video is a very effective and profitable tool. Many stats show that video marketing is the best tool to promote your business. YouTube is the second largest search engine. (Google owns YouTube).

These days are very easy to create videos. You can use your mobile phone or you can use free edit tools. You don’t need to be a professional. You can create simple educational or entertainment videos.

Don’t forget that people and search engines love videos.

  1. Blogging

Blogging has indeed helped many businesses and brands to increase their sales. Many stats show that businesses without a blog are losing traffic, branding, and sales.

Blogging will help you to reach your target audience worldwide, generate targeted traffic, achieve higher rankings, grow your sales and business.

You can start a blog for free, but it’s better and more professional to buy a domain name and also pay a hosting company.

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SMS Marketing: Tips and Advantages You Need to Know [Infographic]

If you have a business and you want to promote it successfully then you need to use effective SMS marketing. Through SMS marketing, you can send a short text message to your customers and include a link to your website where they can find offers, giveaways, or discounts.

Many people (if not all) are checking their mobile phones pretty often. Stats show that 15% of people are checking their phones more than 20 times an hour.

These days mobile phones and SMS marketing are the ideal solutions for marketers and businesses. Text messaging can open an effective line of communication with customers, clients, and your target audience.

Why SMS Marketing is Pretty Effective for Your Business?

  1. SMS Marketing – Engagement and Sales

SMS marketing is a pretty fast solution to generate engagement and increase your sales.

Text messages get opened and read almost immediately after they’re sent. People read 98% of all SMS messages, but only 20% of emails. People love the SMS but not the emails. (They don’t like to get tons of unuseful or junk emails)

On the contrary, mobile messaging lets you get instant feedback from customers.

If your offers are attractive enough for your customers, they will buy your products or services. SMS marketing is a very profitable and useful investment for your business.

  1. SMS Marketing and Personalization.

People feel overwhelmed with all the information, content, or marketing messages that they receive, especially those that aren’t relevant to them.

SMS marketing allows you to reach customers directly on their mobile devices (there is a personal touch). But you need to customize your message based on what you know about them, including the links they’ve clicked, where they’re located, their past purchases, their interests, etc.

  1. SMS Marketing and Fast Delivery Messages.

SMS marketing campaigns are pretty straightforward. After creating your message and choosing your contacts, your message gets pushed and delivered to customers straight on their mobile devices.

You’ll have sent your message about your brand, product, or service to your target audience right away.

Tips for Effective SMS Marketing

Grow Your List of Customers

Important! you need to give customers a way to opt-in to or opt-out of your SMS campaigns. (like subscribe or unsubscribe)

Include your company’s name in text messages

The messages you send out will typically show a number code or shortcode assigned to your business. Or you can have your company name within your text.

Track your campaigns

The platform that SMS marketing service providers use allows you to track how many of your messages have been received, who’s clicking your links, what links they clicked, response rates, and so on.

You can use these insights to determine if your messages are effective or if your campaigns are not successful. You need to know how to improve your campaigns and your messages.

Advantage of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a pretty effective digital marketing strategy. It works great for many businesses that want to communicate with customers in a fast, easy, and personal manner.

These days more and more companies using it to generate sales and grow their business.

In 2018, the market size of SMS marketing in the United States was valued at $3.5 billion (the annual growth rate of SMS marketing is estimated at 20.3% from 2019 to 2025).

Forecasts and reports for 2023 estimate that there will be 3.5 trillion SMS business messages sent during this period.

It’s your turn to start using SMS marketing to reach your target audience and grow your business.

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Outsourcing Social Media: Tips and Benefits You Need to Know [Infographic]

These days many businesses and brands are creating a social media marketing strategy. They know that social media is a pretty effective marketing tool. Stats show that up to 3.8 billion people in the world make use of social media every day.

Also, many businesses prefer to outsource their social media marketing strategy because they have not the time or expertise to achieve great results.

Here are some benefits and tips about why your business needs to outsource your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing is a business process that needs a higher degree of creativity and expertise to execute successfully. It would be a great advantage to have expert social media marketers to handle your strategy.

Social media marketing requires a lot of time that your regular staff members may not have.

An outsourced social media marketing strategy can provide you the right marketing mix that can help you to generate more leads and sales.

  1. How to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Freelancers and Influencers

If you plan to find freelancers or influencers, select those who have experience in Social Media Management.

Social Media Agency

Agencies have a more established team that can support and help your social media marketing needs. This includes creating content, planning, and executing social media marketing campaigns, monitoring, and analysis of results.

  1. Establish a Social Media Marketing Plan with Your Partner

After you’ve identified who your outsourcing partner will be, it’s time to establish a social media marketing plan. Your partner should first have a clear understanding of your business, your goals, the messages you want to send to your targeted audience.

  1. Brand Voice

Each brand voice needs to be unique and effective too. So avoid the usual calls-to-actions to sell your products or services. Your outsourcing partner should help you identify this voice and talk to your target audience about the benefits of your business.

  1. You Need High-Quality Content

The success of any social media marketing strategy is about how to create original, high-quality, and relevant content. Content is the king and your partner needs to create high-quality content to promote your business successfully.

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Video Marketing: Stats and Benefits for 2020 [Infographic]

Video marketing is a pretty effective and profitable tool for business promotion. Here are some video marketing stats and benefits you need to know.

People watch a lot of videos and share them with their family and friends. The types of video content vary from funny to tutorials and promotions. There is a great opportunity to use your creativity and spread a word about your brand through videos. It’s time for you to start creating informative videos to promote effectively your business.

These days are a necessity to create amazing videos about your business and share it with your target audience. You can make explainer videos, promotional videos, or animations. The style of your videos depends on your goals and your target audience.

Stats show that 80% of business owners got more traffic to their website after using videos. Besides, 73% of them claimed that thanks to videos the average time on their website has increased. Also, 72% of users generated more leads with the help of video content, and 55% of users increased their sales.

  1. Benefits of Video Content for Your Business

70% of businesses say that videos boost brand awareness.
51% of businesses agree that videos increase traffic.
Videos help businesses get 66% more qualified leads.
44% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
85% of businesses use video in marketing.
88% of businesses that use video report a positive ROI.

Types of Video Content

Explainers are the most common types of marketing videos. 62% of businesses use explainer videos. 82% of B2B businesses use explainer videos.
46% use logo animations in their videos.
38% use video advertisements.
33% create demo videos.
Promotional videos receive the least engagement online. 44% of businesses say informative videos perform the best, while 37% find entertaining videos to be the most effective.
80% of major brands use stories on social media.
Consumers say video ads are #1 way they discover new brands to buy from.
94% of people watch explainer videos to understand a product or service better.
58% of B2B businesses use logo animations in their videos.
93% of millennials watch how-to videos on YouTube.

Videos on Social Media

81% of users say they prefer videos on social media over other content types. Images come next, with 68% preference, and text posts come third (31%).
75% of people are more likely to follow a brand’s social media page if it has video content.
74% of businesses say that videos receive the most engagement on social media.
56% of businesses post up to 5 videos to social media every month, 30% post more.
90% of people watch videos on YouTube, 51% watch videos on Facebook, 38% on Instagram.

Video Length

47% of businesses say that 1-2 minute videos perform best on social media.
65% of people are more likely to watch a long video than read a long article.
30 seconds is the best length for Instagram videos, 45 seconds for Twitter videos, and 1 minute for Facebook. Longer videos perform best on YouTube.

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