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Guide: How To Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Guide: How To Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing


Many people are starting their online business and making passive income with affiliate marketing. Passive income is the means of earning income without having to be tied up to a 9-to-5 job. Even as you sit, or sleep, you are earning money or passive income. Additionally, affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting goods and services on your website or blog and make money online.

Here is a guide on how to make passive income with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing and Hard Work

Yes, affiliate marketing is a type of passive income, but before you can start to earn money, you need hard work and effort. Don’t forget that affiliate marketing is a business. Without hard work, you can not succeed.

Affiliate Promotion

One of the most common ways to become an affiliate marketer is to promote products and services on your social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

If it isn’t your forte to post videos of yourself, you can go for other ways instead, such as by writing on your website about these products (Article Marketing). Other than that, you can also choose to send emails to your followers or subscribers about products that you are reviewing (Email Marketing).

Also, interacting with your viewers on a very personal level and build relationships, makes you more effective as an affiliate marketer.

Also, you can work in the field of affiliate marketing as a digital agency. What you do instead is to act as the middleman of the affiliate marketer and the company by connecting these two together.

Apart from the salary that you may receive, you might also get commissions. (Earn extra income)

Niches – Topics

As much as you would like to cover a wide range of products to talk about or promote on your site, it is still to your advantage if you are more specific. That way, your viewers and followers know what to expect from your website or social media account.

When choosing a particular niche for your affiliate marketing site, experts recommend keeping in mind the following pointers:

Choose the niche that is profitable and in high-demand
Choose the niche that you are most comfortable talking or writing about, and selling

Research – Knowledge

First, research the product before you promote or review it. There is no use in promoting a product or a service that is foreign to you. In-depth knowledge is vital for you to also provide a comprehensive review or write-up about the product, aside from the honest feedback that you are going to give.

Apart from studying the details of the product, you should also take the time to study the current demand for them. You might just end up wasting all your effort in promoting products that no longer even have a strong demand.

As much as possible, work with products and companies that really are in demand, whether in the present or in the next couple of months.

High-Quality Content is King

Just like other websites, posting excellent and relevant content is key for you to drive more traffic to your site. For example, one of the basic tricks for you to remember is to always incorporate keywords into your content.

This is one of the evergreen SEO techniques that will stay effective for many years to come. When you have these keywords, you are increasing your page ranking as you will start to land on the top pages of search results.

Don’t forget that search engines, Google, love fresh and high-quality content. So you can achieve higher rankings and increase your targeted traffic.

This means that you have a greater audience. Hence, brands will learn to trust you even more because you have a steady following of viewers who can purchase their products as well.

Make your research to discover profitable niches and products. Then start creating high-quality content to promote your affiliate marketing business.


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Passive Income Business: 3 Tips You Need to Know About

It’s very simple. If you want to have a business, you need something to sell. The best way to do that is to have a product or service that you can sell.


It’s very simple. If you want to have a business, you need something to sell. The best way to do that is to have a product or service that you can sell. That’s the first key ingredient to your successful passive income business.

1. A Great Product

It doesn’t matter if the product is yours or an affiliate product. The product needs to be of high quality, and it really needs to solve a problem for your target market. If you don’t already have a great product, concentrate on this element first. A great product that your market really wants and needs will be the single greatest asset in your passive income business.

2. Automated Systems

Now that you’ve got a great product to sell, you need to set up the systems to sell it. In order to make this a passive activity, you need to set it up so you don’t have to be present for the sales process to run. It needs to run completely on autopilot.

These systems should be automated enough to operate independently of you. These systems can then generate detailed processes to become your passive income sales machine.

The core processes you need is prospect attraction, sales, and product delivery. In other words, generating traffic, a sales funnel, and a product delivery system. These are also the main elements of your product website.

These systems and processes turn your product website into a selling machine.

3. Technology and Mobility

There are many very easy to use software packages that can make this a breeze. In fact, they take care of your systems and processes for you, without you even having to worry about the what and how of setting them up.

The last piece is the mobility and freedom this passive income business provides. Technology like smartphones and tablets allow you to keep an eye on these sales systems from anywhere. As long as you can get an Internet connection, you can run your business.

The Famous “Give-To-Get” Marketing Principle

Have you ever wondered why so few blogs or websites get all the success while most of them fail? Some of these big guys have thousands of subscribers while most of the others don’t even get into thousands. The answer to these questions lies in a very basic principle.

The law of reciprocity and the give to get the principle.

Failure to follow these principles will almost ensure that you won’t get any long-term success.

All truly successful entrepreneurs understand this fundamental principle of giving to others without expectation. What you give may be information, enthusiasm, or inspiration it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you give something to the community before you start to expect anything from it. Doing this in a right and honest manner is important too. The fact is, this principle not just applies to blog, it applies to all areas of life.

Take your job for example, when you start to give more to your company, the people around you start to see you differently. You suddenly become an inspiration to many. People start to look up to you to get important work done.

They start to trust you. And before you know, you start getting things back. Maybe a promotion, a bonus, etc.

It’s your attitude towards others and willingness to help without expecting anything in return that makes you attractive.

So, how can you use this principle in blogging?

1. Write top quality posts with an intention of providing your readers with the best information.

2. Be consistent. Get into a habit of making posts every day.

3. Take negative comments positively. It’s going to vanish pretty soon. Use those negative comments to make your blog and yourself better.

4. Make improvements to your blog monthly, weekly or even daily. Do it with an intention to make it healthy. Beauty will be a by-product of it.

The proper application of giving to get principle will inevitably lead to the principle of reciprocity. When you reach a stage of getting back to things, you would not just get the success but it will stay with you for a long time.

Use this awesome marketing principle in your online business and you will understand how effective is. But don’t forget that you need hard work to succeed online. Only a marketing principle is not enough to create a successful business.

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3 Tips on How to Create Passive Income


Do you want to create a passive income but you do not have the knowledge on how to get started? If so, there are easy ways that can help you to create the passive income you need. Here are the 3 effective and helpful tips on how to create passive income.

1. Create membership sites

If this is your first time to hear about membership sites, they are the places where people pay a monthly fee to view their sites. Compared to other ideas that will help you have a smart passive income, they are far different because you will receive a payment in a monthly basis. When you are able to simply sign up over 500 members at $10 in a month, you will have the opportunity to earn $5000. So, you will get an amazing passive income that you never expect to have through creating membership sites.

After you create a membership site, you have to think about a niche or a subject including your hobbies, special skills, business startup, health, sports, etc. It is up to you what you are going to choose. There is also a need to offer tips, tutorials, trainings and other things that are valuable to all your members.

Once you offer something useful, you will have the capacity to increase your revenues in just easy and simple ways that you can totally enjoy and love.

2. Create a down line

There are negative issues about internet marketing that greatly affect a broad range of genuine and reliable internet marketing opportunities. As a matter of fact, these chances can provide truly affordable and easy way to make a passive income.

When you have a business and you offer high quality products, you can achieve all your dreams in an easy way as possible. The success when it comes to online marketing depends on your front and backend product.

When you have a front end product that is available at a fair and reasonable cost and it really works, selling your business in a larger phase will be very easy. However, you have to make certain that you get the trust among your target market and you have build relationships.

3. Make an information service or product

A majority of the people rely on the internet. When they have questions or they need a solution relevant to their lives, they take advantage of it.

If you are eager to have a passive online income, internet is one of the greatest help towards achieving your dreams. One of the things that you can do is to create an information product or service.

Nevertheless, you have to make certain that it is totally beneficial to lots of individuals out there. You have to offer solutions for their problems or desires.

Indeed, if you want to create a passive income, you can achieve it by following these 3 tips. Surely, you will be amazed with the result as great revenues are already within your reach.

Create Passive Income Easily With Membership Sites

You can use PLR (private label rights) or RR (Resell Rights) content to build your business on the internet. PLR is content that has been written by an author who was paid for their time. You may never use this content as your own, and it is never alright to submit private label rights material to an article directory.

Instead, use PLR as eBooks, videos, audios, and reports to sell on the internet. You can then repurpose this content into many different streams of online income.

One way is by using the PLR content to add to a membership site. It is just so simple to set up a membership site these days with a simple WordPress plugin. There is a great opportunity to take advantage of this revenue stream.

You can also repurpose this writing by rewriting it, adding a few appropriate affiliate links, and then selling or giving it away to your list, your friends on Facebook, and your Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram followers.

Over time you will make money and get your name recognized as someone who provides valuable information on your topic. Encourage the people you give it to by allowing them to share the information with others. This is how many people built their lists quickly.

You can also use some of this content as your free giveaway on an optin page. The content is usually very good and requires almost no rewriting or editing. Not all private label content is created equal, so be sure to read it word for word before repurposing it as your own.

Finally, you can do some serious editing and then sell this content in the form of an eBook or short report. This is done by simply setting up a site and letting it bring you income on autopilot. It may not earn you much money right away, but over time you will be amazed with the results.


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Passive Income from Home Business: How to Make Money Online


The passive income from home business is very popular because it only involves little time and effort. Anyone can still have their day job and still earn something from this home business.

There are different ways to have a passive income home business. One of these is to create a website that can generate income from its content. But how to create a successful passive income business

•Create a blog. It has to be about a profitable niche.

•Add clickable ads. You can make money out of those ads when your visitors will click on those links. Even though the money is just a small amount, it will grow as soon as the number of your visitors will increase.

•Place ads directly from companies. This residual income home business option allows you to receive a commission for every sale of a product coming from your blog or website.

•Sell eBooks or photos. You can earn money from selling rights to your products. The income here is big, especially if you are a well-known writer or photographer.

For instance, if you are selling photos online, you can charge your buyers a certain percentage. You can also sell them the license to sell your products for a certain period of time.

Then, when they renew their license, you can again generate income out of it. In fact, you can sell the same rights to various people at the same time. This passive income home business option allows you to earn more at no added cost.

•Join an affiliate program. By becoming a member, you are required to promote a product or a service to earn a commission. A two-tier affiliate program lets you earn from your personal sales and from the sales of other affiliates.

It works like networking in which you will earn more by bringing more people to the arena.

4 Tips to Make Money From Home

1. One easy way to start making money from home is to get involved with a network marketing company. There are many companies who want to distribute their products by word of mouth.

Most of these companies offer training programs that will teach you everything you need to know to help you succeed. Some offer motivational programs and seminars to become a better marketer make your life easier.

2. Writing is another easy way to make money from home. Let’s assume you have a way with words, and are interested in pursuing this avenue of income potential.

You can search online for writing services, to see who handles freelance writers and can put you in touch with people who have writing projects.

3. The best way by far to start making money from home, and have a continuous stream of income, is to sell products online.

You can do this via e-bay, or other online auction sites, or you can sell from your own website or blog. If you don’t have any products to sell, you can seek them out online.

Now you will need to decide if you want to sell physical products, or digital products like e-books, audios, and videos. There are sites that will allow you to sell other people’s products for a commission, or you can develop your own product.

The internet is abundant with training courses that will teach you everything you need to know about developing an online business.

4. You can join a resell rights membership website. There are many opportunities in membership websites to make money from home. Make your research to find the more profitable resell rights websites and choose the best for you.


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How to Create Passive Income with Membership Sites

Membership sites are is one of the most popular types of websites on the web. A membership site is a website that requires people to sign up as members in order to have full access to the site’s content and tools.


Membership sites are is one of the most popular types of websites on the web. A membership site is a website that requires people to sign up as members in order to have full access to the site’s content and tools. Membership sites are built around a common issue or theme.

Membership sites are popular because they offer something of value to their members that can’t necessarily be found elsewhere. With membership sites that focus on social aspects, the members are able to experience a sense of community and belonging that they may not be able to find on other sites online.

For members of content based sites, having a ready supply of information at their fingertips is the reason they choose to pay membership access fees. Online information is still one of the biggest reasons people are attracted to the internet.

Today, people are building membership sites as a way to bring them a lasting passive and residual income. The members of these sites pay a monthly fee to keep accessing the information.

If you build a membership site around a subject people are interested in, and you provide quality content, you will find that many people will find it far easier to pay you a monthly fee to access this information, rather than spending many hours searching the web for the information.

Of course, you do not have to limit this “content” or “information” to strictly text. You can get creative and offer your subscribers videos, software, and other forms of information.

A product seller could also build a membership site. Let’s say that you create and sell ebooks. You could offer a new ebook each month to your members.

While the paid membership site is a great business model, it is important to note that the membership site model can vary widely. Not all membership sites are paid sites. There are many sites that offer free membership.

There are many ways to start and grow a membership site. Over time, they have the potential to bring you a very healthy, passive, and residual income.


Create passive income with a membership site