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WordPress Hosting: How to Choose an Effective Web Hosting Company for 2021

If you have a WordPress site or blog it’s very important to choose an effective web hosting company. You should compare different services and select the most effective company. Here are some tips on how to choose an effective web hosting company for 2021.

Most web hosting packages will contain a large number of features. When you are analyzing different web hosting companies, compare the different levels of service so you know you are getting the right features you need for your website. One company may offer lower prices, but you need to pay for updates. So you will spend more money.

You should take the time to search and read many reviews of potential web hosting companies. If you only find a few, you don’t have many insights for making the right decision.

You need to choose a web hosting provider that has minimal downtime and no outages. Companies that have a lot of outages aren’t reliable and it is obvious that they are not trustworthy. Frequent outages are an indicator of an unprofessional service. Avoid them.

It is better to choose a web hosting company that is headquartered in your target audience’s country. If your target audience is located in the U.K., ensure that your hosting provider has a data center in the U.K. or you can choose a CDN provider. (CDN are more effective and fast)

Also, you need to know what type of security system they have to protect your website. There are many potential threats today targeting websites. Choose a hosting company with a security system against DDoS attacks.

Attention! Avoid free web hosts. Free hosts won’t back up your website, so it’ll be up to you to ensure that everything you upload is also backed up on your computer. If your site goes down or has some problems they will not help you.

Important! You need to choose a hosting company that will offer you excellent customer service. If you are a beginner, you will have many questions, like how to utilize certain features of the web hosting package or how to use FTP, etc.

You can use forums to find and discuss a web host with its current customers. One of the most effective ways to know if a web hosting company is effective or not is to speak to other current customers.

Are you interested in a hosting provider that uses Windows, or one that uses Linux? Each platform comes with its features and requirements. Linux is usually a much cheaper option compared to Windows.

Before choosing a hosting plan, search their website carefully. A good hosting company website contains information about the features offered and how you can use them to make your website more effective and useful. Search for additional tutorial content for subscribers.

Your host must have many connections to the web. If they only have one Internet connection, you go offline when they go offline, and that is pretty bad for your business. Ensure that your site will have sufficient bandwidth with this web host.

If you plan to upload a lot of information, investigate the uploading methods they have. In some cases, it may be necessary to use an FTP server.

If you have no experience with FTP servers, make sure you can use software to manage your uploads.

Maybe it’s better to choose a host that provides a VPS (virtual private server) plan. A VPS plan grants you extensive administrative rights over your webspace. This will enable you to create accounts or alter software, making it ideal for people with complex needs.

But this kind of server is not simple, it requires you to learn how to administer it.

Determine your needs and wants and check how well each web hosting company meets those needs. This will assist you in making a decision just on a single factor, such as the price, instead of discovering the very best deal possible.

Look for a web hosting company with a good reputation. Look at review and comparison websites to find the web host with the best reputation in the industry.

Be sure that the company has been around for a long time and has a reputable history. Don’t choose a web hosting company only because is cheap.

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Look for a web host that offers 24/7 support via email, live chat, or phone, then it is sure that they have very reliable customer service.

Finding the best deal is a common practice, but choosing a web host solely because of affordability is a mistake. You will sacrifice support, quality, or both when choosing a low-cost web hosting company.

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WordPress Tips: How to Find an Effective Hosting Company [Infographic]

Web hosting is very important if you want to build a successful WordPress website or blog. Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve your SEO, increase traffic, and sales.

Here are some useful tips about how to find an effective hosting company for your WordPress website.

  1. Performance

Performance is the most important factor you need to know when you choose WordPress hosting.

WordPress Tips: How to Find an Effective Hosting Company [Infographic]

If you choose shared hosting, you need to install software and optimize your website along with the server to get effective speed and performance.

Managed hosting, takes care of speed and performance for you. You don’t need to install anything, because it is done all ready for you.

  1. Server Technologies

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) powered by PHP, (the most used online language) for dynamic websites, blogs, or structured portal websites. WordPress also needs a database to save all the content you upload to your website or blog.

So WordPress hosting need to have a PHP version 5.7 or higher and MySQL version 5.6 or higher

  1. Scalable Server

Another important factor is the server Scalability. If your server can’t work with high traffic, your website will crash. If something goes viral on your site (a blog post or video) you need to handle the viral traffic.

So you must choose a hosting that allows you to scale your servers either manually or automatically.

  1. Uptime

A website cannot achieve higher rankings when it’s not accessible. (it don’t work) Downtimes are a disaster. Your website drives away customers, visitors, and it affects your Google rankings.

You need to choose a web host that guarantees at least 99.9% uptime. Remember that downtimes can be the difference between success and failure.

  1. CDN Integration

Many people don’t know the importance of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It speeds up the loading speed of your website.

A CDN is made up of different servers. These servers are distributed in many places around the world. CDN optimizes the delivery of content, including web applications and streaming media content. CDN helps your website to become much faster!

  1. Security

Security is very important for your website. In shared hosting providers don’t use the best security measures to protect you from hacking or malware attacks. If there’s an attack and you lose data, it’s very difficult to fix it.

The best WordPress hosts have the best security to protect your servers and your website. They also provide support if you need help.

  1. Support

Support service too often is underestimated by people. They don’t know that many times they will need support from their hosting company.

Very important is the method of communication. Usually hosting providers offer a support system via live chat, email, or through a ticket. You may find the availability of a telephone number of technical assistance, less common, but many times is the best method to solve an urgent matter.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

Do not read only the hosting provider’s home page: it has been optimized to be fast and to generate paying customers.

The reviews of customers are proof that will make you understand the quality of the hosting company. Search on Google for that particular hosting provider, or search on Twitter. (see what their customers say)

  1. Free Backups

You need to have frequent and regular backups. It is the only guarantee that allows you to save your work from an unexpected disaster. Although the best hosting service for WordPress guarantees maximum security and reliability.

So it is better to choose a provider who offers you a free and automated backup service.

  1. Make A Detailed Research

Searching the phrase or keywords “best hosting for WordPress” on Google, you will find many websites. Some also provide you with an in-depth analysis explaining what really is the best hosting for your WordPress site.

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Website Hosting Tips: Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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It’s very important to choose the best host company on your website. It’s one of the more important decisions you need to make, but it can be one of the most difficult if you don’t know the secrets and tips of successful website hosting.

Here are some common website hosting mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. You Don’t Know Your Options

The first step is to research and understand the choices you have before you choose your website hosting company. Don’t make the mistake of not researching your website hosting options.

You need to know that the elements of your website are stored in and hosted by a server that is controlled by a hosting company but it’s important to understand that there are many servers and a range of website hosting options to choose from.

From shared to dedicated hosting to virtual private server and cloud hosting, you need to understand the difference between these main types to determine which choice is the best for your business’ website.

Also, you need to know the security level of your website or the number of visitors you’re likely to get.

  1. You Choose Free Hosting

It’s very important to know that nothing is free. All of these free host options are not true. You have to pay for the service if you continue to use it long term, or to customize your website, etc. Because free hosting means that you can only access limited services.

So, the free website hosting option is not as effective or useful as the paid hosting. To avoid spending money and time in the long run, choose the paid option.

  1. You Don’t Know About Security

You need to be sure that your website hosting provider should always provide security. It’s very important not to overlook the importance of security when selecting your website’s hosting company. (without security, you run the risk of being hacked)

These days there are many identity thefts, hackers, and cybercriminals that want to steal your information and hack your website. You need to be prepared for that possibility. Pretty bad but true.

You need to be sure that your website host offers your website protection. There are various levels of security, so making the right choice when it comes to selecting your website host is very important.

  1. Selecting an Unreliable Host Company

The reliability of your website host is also highly important. You need to look for a reliable uptime percentage. It’s the length of time the company’s system has been running successfully.

You need to do your research into the uptime versus downtime percentage of your potential website host because the moment the loading speed of your host goes down your website will not be live.

The reliability of your website host also depends on their backup policy. In the case of a website crash, for instance, you can avoid losing your website’s data by selecting a website host that has a reliable backup policy.

  1. SEO and Hosting

Important! Don’t make the mistake to choose an unreliable website hosting company.

The main focus or the main reason for your website is to communicate information and attract visitors. Your website can reach your target audience, driving traffic, and optimizing your content, with the help of SEO. (search engine optimization)

SEO is linked to your website service provider in various ways: Very important is the running speed of your website and the potential errors when it comes to connecting to the database and your bandwidth limit.

Choosing the wrong website host provider can lead to less quality, less reliability, and also less traffic directed to your website.

Selecting your website hosting company wisely, you will avoid these potential issues. You can make your choice more easily by avoiding free website hosts, prioritizing the security of your website, and don’t select an unreliable hosting company.

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WordPress: The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

WordPress: The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

WordPress is a very popular and easy way to create a website. With over 38% of websites using it, WordPress is free and easily accessible to anyone. But a great website builder needs an amazing web host. Discover why you need a cloud hosting for your WordPress website or blog

What is a Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses multiple virtual servers instead of using just one server. This is to help balance the traffic load that your website is receiving, and maximize your site’s uptime.

Instead of using a single server, your website uses a “cluster” of servers that takes its resources from a central area.

Your cloud hosting provider also takes care of everything from managing the setup, security, and keeping up with the maintenance of your website backend.

Unlike with shared hosting, which is a shared space between multiple customers on one server, cloud hosting is a set of multiple servers for one customer. It also differs from VPS (Virtual Private Server), which is a separate dedicated space for each customer, but on one underlying server.

Cloud hosting offers out-of-box solutions to automatically handle servers management routine and is more efficient for your business website.

Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Hosting.

  1. Reliability of Cloud Hosting

Meantime between failure, or MTBF for short, is used to predict the expected time between two failures of a system or machine.

Cloud hosting combines the resources of many servers, so, the problem of your resources being overused, on a single server, is gone. If one server in the cloud is no longer working, the other servers are available to help you and ensure the flow and continuity. This creates less downtime for your website.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

For immediate needs or the growth of your website over time, the high scalability of cloud hosting makes it the ideal hosting solution for WordPress users.

Cloud hosting is good for websites with less predictable traffic numbers. If your website’s resource demand grows, you can easily increase your resources instantaneously.

There may be times where an increase in traffic happens. In other hosting options, a single server might become overwhelmed from such a surge. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, provides stability and is a practical solution.

Using cloud hosting for your WordPress site, you can easily increase your compute power or storage by expanding your cloud resources.

In comparison to traditional web hosting, scalability appears to be one of cloud hosting’s biggest advantages. With numerous servers on standby, and the ability to monitor their usage and scale up or down as needed, cloud hosting seems like the best choice.

  1. Security

Protection against hackers trying to steal your data and security against information loss.

Cloud hosting provides an excellent solution against data infringement on your website called data segmentation. How does it work? Let’s say one of your servers is hacked. Data segmentation gives the cloud hosting the flexibility to separate this infiltration from the rest of your website before anything else is affected.

It is essential to pick a reliable web host with a solid reputation to ensure a highly secure server configuration for your WordPress site.

An extension to your site’s safety, cloud hosting helps safeguard against information loss with a powerful feature called data replication. This utilizes a network of interlinked servers making your website’s data available to be cloned and stored into as many servers as necessary.

  1. Cloud Hosting Costs

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of cloud hosting with WordPress is its cost implication.

In other standard hosting options, pricing is usually fixed, and this can be bad for new websites with little traffic. When starting, you may not meet the resources you have already paid for, ultimately incurring a loss.

In cloud hosting, you only pay for the services obtained, rather than settling for a certain amount of resources that may or may not be used.

Also, if your traffic demand shifts, you will be able to easily adjust it in real-time.

WordPress has proven to be one of the easiest website builders and it’s important to have an effective web hosting provider.

Cloud hosting stands out with its unique server-network method. It boasts superb performance and reliability, high scalability and security.

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SEO and Web Hosting: What You Need To Know

SEO and Web Hosting: What You Need To Know

Every business needs to know the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and also, how to create an effective SEO strategy. Ranking high on SERPs will improve the searchability, visibility, and credibility of your business.

Your business needs a reliable web host if you want to achieve higher rankings on Google and other search engines. Without careful consideration, choosing a wrong hosting provider may do more harm than good.

Here are the reasons why you need to choose the right web host and improve your site’s SEO:

  1. Server Uptime and Downtime

Search engines put a lot of emphasis on the reliability of a website, which is based on the server’s uptime and downtime. This measure is crucial to maintain the quality of the search results.

Downtime refers to the amount of time that the website is inaccessible due to server problems. If a site is always down when search engine robots try to crawl it, the site will be flagged as unreliable and will lower its ranking.

So, it’s crucial to choose an excellent web host. It ensures that your website will be running 99.9% of all the time. If a site experiences downtime regularly, then it is a clear sign to change hosting providers.

  1. Loading Speed

Google has highlighted the importance of page loading speed when determining search rankings. Furthermore, it clearly states that two seconds is the threshold for eCommerce sites.

The reason? The faster the site, the better the user experience.

From a business standpoint, a good page loading speed stands to gain far more in terms of sales and visibility. According to Amazon, a one-second slowdown in their page loading can cost them $1.6 Billion in sales per year!

A reliable provider can support a website’s loading time with the latest technologies and infrastructure to handle a high volume of traffic. If a web page takes more than two seconds to load, it is a clear sign that a web host evaluation is required.

  1. Server location

The server location is closely related to the speed of your site.

It is recommended to host your website in a data center that is located near your visitors. The shorter the distance, the quicker it takes for the data to travel.

For that reason, Google prefers to show results based on the location of the user. So if your visitors are primarily based in the US, choose a web host that has a data center in the US. That way, you’ll have a higher chance to rank well.

Alternatively, if you’re a global business, you can also choose a hosting company with a network of geographically-distributed servers. So, wherever your customers are, your website will always reach the top of Google SERPs.

  1. You Need to Select the Right Web Host

It is very important to ensure that your web host has excellent customer support, security features, and upgrade options.

For instance, select a web hosting with 24/7 customer support, so you can contact them anytime an issue arises.

In terms of security, pick a web host that offers various security measures like regular backups and updates, malware detection and removal, and DDoS protection.
The right web host will help to grow your brand and also, improve your SEO strategy. Very Simple!

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