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Social Media Strategies: 7 Tips on How to Influence and Inspire Your Followers

Social Media Strategies: 7 Tips on How to Influence and Inspire Your Followers

Many businesses and marketers are using social media because their target audience spends their time on social media and talking with their friends, family, co-workers, etc.

But there is a little problem if you decide to use social media platforms to influence and inspire your followers or customers.

You will need to create something very interesting to grab their attention. So you will need to create a new social media strategy.

Social Media Strategies: How to Influence Your Followers

Here are some interesting tips about how to influence and inspire your followers and customers on social media.

  1. Discover What Your Customers Love and like

There are thousands of posts on every popular social media platform. But not all of them can influence or inspire people.

Some posts sink and other posts become trending and reach many people. The question is: “What does your audience love or like?”

There is an analytic tool for each social media platform you can use. You can use Insights to find trending posts and more details like the most engaging content types for a specific time.

  1. Create Quality Content – Promote Solutions

People are not interested in generic content. They don’t have the time to read text or watch dull videos.

If you want to influence your customers, you have to create quality content. The better the content resonates with them, the more engagement you will get.

Your customers or followers have many pain points. So your posts don’t have to revolve around your products, services, and business exclusively.

You should research and discover specific pain points.

Create content around these, and help your customers resolve them. It’s essential – Help Your Customers or Followers!

Promote only products or services that will improve the life of your customers. Promote Solutions!

  1. Use Interesting Facts

There are many social media profiles (accounts) with a huge follower base that only share interesting facts.

People love short posts that wow and impress them. It takes only a couple of seconds to read them and they are fun and engaging. The trick is to keep it relevant to your customers and your niche or topic.

Use interesting trends, shopping tips, customer service, and support.

Share your interesting facts and your customers will like and comment.

  1. Use “How-to” Posts

It is a good sign if your posts generate a lot of shares. The trick is to identify which posts generate the most shares. Reports show that “how-to” posts drive most of the social shares.

You should start writing high-quality how-to posts. Customers love advice from their brands. You can leverage this to strengthen the relationship and build more trust.

You can use step-by-step guides, tutorials, or even online courses.

  1. Share Interesting Quizzes

Staying on top of the comments on your social media profiles can be a tricky thing to do. You can share content that sends feedback to each one of your followers. The tip is to share quizzes.

You can create knowledge quizzes to engage your audience. Make sure to introduce quizzes with compelling headlines to drive more engagement.

Quizzes also will help you to gather valuable data from your followers and learn what they want, what engages them the most, what inspires them, and what they would like to see on your social media page.

  1. Use FAQ Type Posts

Many people use social media to get informed. This is exactly why many managers of political campaigns invest time and money in social media marketing.

You can share interesting information and tips that your customers want to find.

You can search for inspiration in their comments and posts. You can discover what your customers think or searching for.

Do this every week and write elaborate FAQ posts to engage them and attract more followers.

  1. Inspire your Customers – Use Positive Stories

These days bad news is all over the internet.

You can offer something different to your customers – positive success stories.

If you post encouraging and inspiring stories with customers as your main focus, be sure that they will recognize it.

For inspiration, look at your customers, successful business owners, or famous people. Feature one of these stories every once in a while to remind your customers about the bright side of life.

You can inspire your followers and make their day better.

To engage and influence your customers on social media, you will have to discover what type of content and information they love. You need to help them, inspire them, and provide solutions.

Important Tip! Social media is relationship, engagement, value, and inspiration. Avoid hard-sales and fake stories.

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Social Media: Tips on How to Get More Followers on TikTok [Infographic]

There are over 800 million monthly active TikTok users worldwide. So there is a great opportunity to get more followers and promote your business. TikTok is a very popular and pretty engaging social media platform.

Here are some effective tips about how to get more followers on TikTok.

  1. Content Is King

Unlike Instagram or YouTube, even accounts with zero followers can get thousands or millions of views on a new video. Content is king on TikTok. The TikTok audience is changing and is continuing to grow in popularity. So even if your target audience is not teens, you can get many new followers on TikTok.

  1. Build A Community

For brands and businesses on social media, growing your following usually means more sales opportunities. But on TikTok, your need to build a community.

So growing your TikTok following is not a fast way to make more sales. But it is a way to build up a community that loves and supports your brand.

  1. Use TikTok Trends

TikTok allowing users to combine sound clips and music with their original video content. Viral trends pop up every day. That’s why there are multiple variations of the same video.

  1. Create Your Trends

If the current trends don’t fit your brand’s messaging another effective way to grow your following is to create your trends.

  1. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags act the same way on TikTok as they do on other social media platforms.

There’s no guide to which hashtags are the most effective on this platform, but you can use a combination of content-specific hashtags, and general hashtags related to the platform. So you can make your content easy to discover.

Remember that these general hashtags can be saturated, making your content harder to find. So you need to add more unique and niche hashtags.

  1. Post Original Content

You can use TikTok’s editing features and creating your original content regularly. This tip will increase your chances to get more TikTok followers.

Like most social platforms, the TikTok algorithm rewards posts that have a lot of engagement and interaction. So the more you post, the more people will see your posts.

  1. Post at Peak Times

It’s very important to know when your audience is most active. If you use TikTok Analytics with a Pro Account, you can find out the specific days and hours your audience is most active.

Attention! TikTok displays all analytics in UTC. That means you’ll have to do a timezone conversion to find out when your audience is most active in the location that they’re in.

  1. Cross-promote

It’s very easy to download videos from any profile on TikTok and repost it to other social media channels. If you have many followers on another platform, you can invite these followers to TikTok.

  1. Find Influencers – Influencer Marketing

Many influencers from other platforms have migrated their followers to TikTok. Just like on Instagram, brands can build collaboration with an influencer or content creator. Influencer marketing on TikTok is still new, so it’s a great opportunity to use influencer marketing.

  1. Use Call-To-Action

People or marketers who use a call-to-action at the end of their videos can boost their following because a lot of people need help to take the next step.

You need to make your CTA as exciting and enticing as your content. This can come in the form of simple text additions on your video or you can even host a giveaway, survey, etc.


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Social Media: Tips on How to Get More Followers on Twitter [Infographic]

Twitter is a powerful social media platform for businesses and marketers. It can help you to generate engagement, get more followers, grow your business, and build relationships, with your target audience.

These days, growing more Twitter followers with genuine fans takes concentrated efforts.

Here are some effective tips about how to get more followers on Twitter.

  1. Tweet often because it offers relevancy to your followers to get engaged.
  2. Be consistent because tweeting many times in a day can help you get more Twitter followers.
  3. Many people are active on both weekends and weekdays. But before tweeting, ensure to check the analytics to determine the best times to tweet.
  4. Use relevant hashtags in your tweets. With hashtags, you can get more engagements and will help you attract new followers who are searching for those hashtags. While using hashtags in your tweets, it is better to keep them to a maximum of three. Don’t overdo it!
  5. Search and follow people that have keywords or hashtags related to your business. You have to search for a relevant business word such as words relevant to your industry or niche.
  6. Follow the people from the Twitter chat, who has replied in your answers as they’re likely interested to follow you back.
  7. Tweet about others who have mentioned you or your brand or business in their post. It will help you grow your number of followers.
  8. Adding keywords to your Twitter bio can help in showing up in Twitter’s search results. But ensure the keywords are relevant. So, be specific and mention about your business in the bio.
  9. It is important to be informative when posting on Twitter. 80% of the content should be about your business and the rest 20% should be related to you. So, make sure you’re not just tweeting about your brand the whole time.
  10. Be original. This simply means to post content that is useful to the general audience or tweet original content to attract good followers.
  11. Add images, videos, and Gif’s to your tweets for increasing your Twitter followers.
  12. Add a strong call to action in your tweets. It’s a very effective way to engage more Twitter followers.
  13. Become a trusted source of information for your followers. You need to provide useful, quality, content, and solutions to your followers.
  14. Use a Twitter search to find people with the same interest. Try to engage with their content for increasing your Twitter traffic.
  15. Engage your followers by telling a story. Use simple and practical language to narrate your content as they will find your post more engaging than others.
  16. Try to promote your Twitter account on all marketing platforms. The marketing platforms include both online as well as offline, such as on business cards, on the websites, and more.
  17. You need to help others and don’t just promoting your content. Become known as someone who puts the needs of others first. This will help you organically grow your followers.
  18. Run your Twitter contests regularly to gain momentum. So your followers will check your account regularly to find new interesting contests.
  19. It’s very important to reward your followers who took part in the contests or discussions. Use a giveaway method and offer your followers a chance to win prizes, gifts, even discounts.
  20. Promote the same post at different times in a day. It’s very smart and useful to share your same post multiple times in a day and for that, you can use Twitter automation tools for easy sharing.

Growing a Twitter following takes time and effort. You can follow these tips to increase your Twitter followers.

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Social Media: Free Services to Increase Followers and Boost Your Business

Social Media: Free Services to Increase Followers and Boost Your Business

Increasing your social media followers is a very effective tip to boost your business. But you need to invest time and effort. Fortunately, there are some free services, that can help you to save time, increase social media followers, and boost your business.

  1. Gremln

If you have a busy schedule, creating new posts can be a hassle or an interruption. Gremln has a single platform to schedule updates. Gremln does have paid upgrades for those interested in integrating more profiles and usernames into the system. But the basic service is free and very effective.

  1. Social Mention

Social Mention is a completely free service that allows you to see who is talking about your business and what they’re saying. Aggregating over 100 social media sites, Social Mention is a great way to improve your business and increase followers.

Social Mention you can build relationships with your fans and also, can help you to market effectively and boost your business.

  1. Addictomatic

If you know what’s the trends on social media you can build an effective and attractive social media presence. Addictomatic makes it easy by presenting the most followed, shared, and watched content on the web.

Simply enter a topic and watch Addictomatic spit out a list of content that can help you form posts, share information with followers, or start a discussion. Addictomatic makes it easy to keep your feeds interesting and also, very popular.

  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts are very popular and pretty effective. Google Alerts can keep you up to date on trending information and content within your business. Unlike Addictomatic, Google Updates focuses on news stories. These stories can be quickly shared with followers or developed into original content based on up-to-date news stories.

  1. Antavo

User engagement is a necessity to market successfully your brand. Online promotions are a very effective way to create user engagement. Creating a promotion can help you gain new followers, engage current followers, and generate interest in your brand.

Antavo is a website devoted to viral promotions through contests, quizzes, polls, and giveaways across multiple social media sites. Antavo offers a free trial for business owners. Antavo is a great way to improve your social media presence and social media marketing.

  1. Reachli

Reach out to new users on visual media platforms can be challenging. Pinterest or Instagram can be a fantastic way to build a fan base, but without the proper tools, it’s impossible to spread your message.

Reachli is a service that can help your business to increase following on visual media sites.

  1. How Sociable

With the variety of social media sites available, it’s hard to determine which is best for your business. How Sociable clears up the confusion by providing a list of the social media sites that are talking about your business.

The free service allows you to track 12 metrics over Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Creating a strong social media presence does take some time and effort, but learning to work smarter is the key to create an effective presence and business promotion. Make your research and decide whats is best for your business.

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Social Media: How to Grow Your Followers – Generate Engagement

Social Media: How to Grow Your Followers – Generate Engagement

Growing your audience (Followers) can be a slow game. But remember that it isn’t the size of the audience that matters most – instead, you need to have a highly engaged audience that is a meaningful community for your niche.

It’s better to become a micro-influencer with engaged followers than a famous influencer with fake followers (Not Engaged).

Even big brands like to work with micro-influencers, knowing that the true power is in the authentic connections. Make sure you’re growing in a meaningful way and don’t chase the numbers.

Here are the effective tips you need to know.

  1. Be Authentic

These days online audiences are sophisticated and smart. You can not give them anything but the real deal. The closer that your ‘online voice’ is to your real voice, the more compelling it will be.

You need to talk about the things you’re passionate about and also, you need to respond to people in the same way you would offline.

  1. Be Active

Working with other individuals, businesses, and brands is a great way to grow your audience in a meaningful way. As you know, you need to share each other’s content and help each other grow. That can mean anything from following them, liking their posts and writing encouraging comments, to sharing their content in your Stories.

You need to be active and help your followers. Get creative and useful.

  1. Create Original and Useful Content

The best way to get people to want to keep returning to you is to create something that helps them. Think about ways your content can be useful to those who see it. Can you create informative videos? Have you got advice, tips or stories on a specific topic? Does your expertise mean you could create a downloadable resource to help others in your field?

  1. User-Generated Content

Once you’re following others in your community, you might notice them posting content that is directly relevant to your niche or topic. Don’t be afraid to re-share it! Sharing their content (UGC) will help create more of a community feel. This is awesome and makes others want in.

You don’t have to sell a product to make this approach work. Does your niche center around an activity? Perhaps a specific location or geography. You can always find like-minded people.

  1. Engagement – Talking

Talk to your followers! Responding to the community’s questions is a great way to be out there and helpful to others. Go get social by replying to your followers’ comments, ask for their opinions, try polls in Stories to get to know them better and encourage them to follow you across your other platforms.

  1. Use tags

Tags are a great way to tap into potential followers who care about the same topics, places, and brands as you. There are three tag types you need:

Hashtags – do your research here for the most relevant hashtag in your community, with the highest amount of followers. The more specific you go, the more targeted those viewers will be. And create your hashtag, to help with your UGC and grow a sense of ‘tribe’.

Geotag – use location tags on your posts and in your Stories. It will make you discoverable to people searching for those places and to others in your neighborhood.

Tag other accounts – tag other people to credit their work, to draw their attention to things they’ll like and to make the products in your imagery discoverable.

  1. Be consistent

Being consistent with publishing interesting content is the best way to grow your audience. If Thursday or Monday is the day you publish your newsletter, stick to it. If you take a lighthearted approach to Stories on Sundays, make it regular.

It helps your audience know what they’re getting and where to find it.

Also, you need to monitor which type of posts ‘convert’ best. So you know what your audience likes or need.

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for Businesses have some neat follower analytics that you can use to make a note of growth week-to-week. An Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet is a good way of tracking this.

You can make your research to find more tips about social media engagement. First Step. Take action and help people to gain their trust!

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