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Small Business Tips: How Chatbots Can Improve and Grow Your Business

As you know time is business money, and chatbots can save your business a lot of time by automating various operations, like customer service, marketing, and improving the customer experience.

Also, chatbots can improve your business, increase sales, and grow your brand. Here are some tips you need to know about chatbots and businesses.

Millennials (your new target audience) like to use a chatbot that provides a personalized shopping experience. The benefits of chatbots are also not limited to any industry. Stats show that many businesses have benefitted from chatbots. Businesses like, real estate, travel, education, healthcare, and finance. Chatbots have become a necessity for businesses and industries.

Benefits and Advantages of Chatbots

  1. Automation

Automation in customer service is a great advantage for your businesses. Reports show that 30% of customer service positions in the US can be automated through chatbots, saving businesses a lot of money annually.

You need to know that chatbots can be trained to answer repetitive queries without human involvement. Chatbots can also engage multiple customers at a time, increasing your support team’s productivity.

Chatbots can complete more tasks at no cost and increase your profits. Pretty awesome!

  1. Chatbots and Customer Service

Speed and efficiency are very important for successful customer service. Chatbots can provide immediate customer service 24 hours/every day.

Stats show that 85% of buyers expect you to respond to their queries in 10 minutes or less. Many of your customers also feel frustrated if they have to wait too long for answers. Chatbots can help your business and customers by answering up to 83% of routine queries instantly.

Also, chatbots can generate leads for your business. Chatbots can take the necessary details from visitors when interacting with them.

  1. Chatbots are Patient (Never Complain)

Chatbots do not have emotions (yet) and don’t feel frustrated or complain even when asked the same question a thousand times.

  1. Chatbots and Personalization Marketing

Customers are expecting businesses to provide them customized recommendations and offers. Chatbots can help you to provide personalized shopping experiences for your customers by analyzing their browsing data and give them relevant offers or discounts. Chatbots can improve engagement and sales by helping your site visitors.

A chatbot can ask your visitors what they are looking for and can suggest interesting options to make the overall experience effective and time-saving.

  1. Grow Your Business with Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots have changed and improved a lot of customer service. Chatbots make it easier for your business to meet customer expectations and fill their needs. The chatbot is your best, little, helper.

Important Tip! The best thing about chatbots is that they improve with usage. The more your customers interact with your chatbot, the better it will understand them and guide them to the right decision. They have the best solutions for your customer problems!

Chatbots are Amazing!

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Digital Marketing: Virtual Reality in Marketing – The Future

Digital Marketing: Virtual Reality in Marketing – The Future

Virtual Reality is still a new concept, and many business owners don’t know how to create a marketing campaign based on this innovative technology. However, it is the future, so you need to know about it.

Branding and online videos are very important tools to promote your business. Discover the future of virtual reality and how it will change the digital marketing world and online businesses.

Virtual Reality – New Interaction

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that is based on a 3D system and a computer-generated simulated environment that can be explored and interacted with by a person. Once the individual goes into the virtual environment, they can interact with the system in a real way that gives them the illusion of actually being there.

They can manipulate objects and interact with the system to find information, shop, or perform tasks that would be impossible in the real world.

Virtual reality, itself, is the technology and computer system that allows the simulation to occur.

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality(AR) technology is quickly gaining popularity. This latest technical innovation adds layers of computer-generated enhancement on top of existing virtual reality to make to look more meaningful and realistic, giving users an ability to interact with it.

AR is used to pop out 3D emails, photos and even text messages on mobile devices. Augmented Reality is all set to revolutionize the marketing world.

Virtual reality has been used in some different fields of industry.

Space exploration
The Arts and Entertainment

Google Glass was an invention that attempted to use VR to a greater degree and make the technology available to a wider audience. While Google Glass was not as successful as Google had hoped it would be, it may have set the ball rolling toward the invention of other similar objects and devices that promise to take the future of virtual marketing to new levels.

The Human-Machine Interface

When we talk about virtual reality, we need to know about the human-machine interface. The ability to enter the computer world and be a part of the digital environment is a revolutionary act.

There have been other ways that humans interacted with computers in the past such as virtual chatbots, simulated military operations, and interactive voices and characters, but never before have we had so many different ways to live, interact, and perform in the virtual environment.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing – The Future

No one knows the future exactly. But we can see a trend toward using virtual reality on a higher level shortly. Here are what most experts think we will see in augmented reality marketing strategy soon.

  1. Virtual assistance – Chatbots

Online chatbots will be even more helpful and integrated within the entire online eCommerce shopping experience soon. With VR components that will aid in the immersive shopping experience, virtual reality will be more customer-friendly, high-tech, and effective in finding the customer what they want.

This may increase the level of conversions for eCommerce businesses in the future because the experience is so immersive that the customer is more likely to purchase.

  1. Shopping with VR glasses

Future computer and internet platforms will embrace the virtual reality experience and the use of external optics and add-ons such as virtual reality glasses and many other technologies we will see in the future.

  1. Developing content for VR users

With the increased level of VR use that is set to come down the road in the future, advertisers and business owners will need to improve their content that will be appropriate for virtual reality users.

Some content will stay the same, but the interactive components such as finding items in your store, making lists, communicating with others on the platform, and similar tasks will need to be developed in a way that will work with the virtual platform.

  1. A Greater level of immersion

One of the advantages that most business owners see regarding virtual reality is the potential for a higher level of immersion in their content. Immersion is the act of becoming more involved and engaged in the content that users see or interact with.

When they are actually in the environment itself and interacting with people and things within that environment, they are more likely to become immersed in the experience.

This will usually lead to more actions that customers will perform, including an increase in conversions.

  1. More 3D content

There will be a need for more 3D content since this is the format that virtual reality thrives in. Content creators and business site owners will have to be aware of how to interact with and present material for online users in a world that is based on digital reality.

  1. New VR standards

You will see new standards being created regarding the concepts and application of virtual reality in the future to fit the growing need for adaptation to the new technology.

Many methods and trends in digital marketing will change. But the content will still be a necessary component of reaching customers in a personal way. Virtual reality is a great tool, but it is not something that your customers will always be on or will use all of the time.

While some believe this, it will likely not happen since people have a limit to how much they want to immerse themselves in this fascinating but “unreal” environment.

The human experience and human connection are what people most value.

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Useful Online Tools to Grow Your Business [Infographic]

Online tools for your business in this infographic. How to grow your business effectively with useful online tools. Discover the secrets now…

artificial intelligence Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google marketing profits Starting a Business Startups

Chatbots: A Very Effective Solution for Your Business

Chatbots: A Very Effective Solution for Your Business


Chatbots. They are a very effective solution and a great opportunity to grow your business. The chatbot is a program that is powered mainly by the rules. Also, a chatbot can be powered by artificial intelligence. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are the future of the online world.

If you want to buy something online, then you go to a website and browse through till you find what you want so as to make the purchase.

If the website has a bot, all you have to do is chat with the bot where you describe what you want and Instead of browsing hundreds of items, you will only have a conversation with the bot making it more like what happens at the retail shops.

Buying items isn’t the only place bots can be applied. There are areas such as weather, grocery, news, life advice, finance, scheduling and so on where you can use them. There are so many possibilities when it comes to bots.

Effective and Useful

You may be wondering why anyone should use a bot. It is cool and the new technology (Artificial Intelligence) is quite advanced and it is worth the effort. Chatbots are quite a great opportunity today.

The reason why it is so effective and useful to use chatbots is due to the fact that many people today prefer using messenger apps than social networks. This makes messaging apps future platforms and they will be important in the further development of bots.

Chatbots are a very effective solution for your business. They are available 24 hours a day to help your customers and visitors to find what they want. They work for you with no complaints!

How they work

The chatbots are able to interact and answer questions using artificial intelligence. Usually, they are chatbots that can be able to respond to very specific things. However, there are yet others that don’t require one to be too specific. This chatbot can understand the commands and the language as well. Chatbots are the little automated helper of your business website!

7 Reasons Why You Need A ChatBot Today

1. No Delay

If the video on your website takes more than 10 seconds to play, you may lose half of the viewers to your competitor. The same applies to your website visitors as well. Just imagine losing half of your prospective customers because you failed to respond to their queries in time. With a chatbot, you can answer most of the questions your customers may ask without any delay.

2. Personalization

Personalization can help you convert your prospects into customers. With conversational chatbots, you can make your customers feel like they are interacting with a real person, not a machine. Moreover, they offer the desired information or services right away.

For your retail online store, the chatbot will function like a salesperson that can help customers find the required info about what you offer.

3. Better Customer Service

Personalized chatbots powered by NLP can process the natural language at various levels, such as discourse, semantics, and syntax. So, the chatbot gets a deeper insight into human psychology in order to respond to the visitors with the right service and information. The info is provided instantly regardless of the number of questioners.

4. User Engagement

As far as developing the right UX is concerned, designers and developers have to bear extreme pressure. Since there is no limit to the customer expectation, improving the UX is very important for your business. If designed well, chatbots can help a business makes its customers happy.

5. Social Media Audience

Social media platforms like Facebook messenger, Slack, Telegram and Skype work with a chatbot. So, it has become a lot easier to target a much wider audience and grow your business effectively with the help of a chatbot.

6. Business Intelligence

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning make this virtual assistant more powerful. So, it can collect and process a good deal of conversational data for researchers so that they can get a deeper insight into the minds of buyers. For any business, it is very important.

With the help of chatbots, businesses can improve and innovate their products and services. Also, they understand what their customers searching and need. Now it’s very easy to create a solution for their problems. Pretty Effective!

7. Surveys and Engagement

A chatbot can get a better idea of the customer experience when they buy a product or service. The problem is that the survey system via emails and websites is not very successful as most visitors are apathetic due to lack of time and many other reasons.

Chatbots engage customers in a real-time conversation making the survey brief and customers.

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7 Popular Types of Online Businesses: Trends and Criteria

Every year thousands of online businesses get started. Some of them gonna be successful and others gonna fail. There are some trends and criteria that can predict which type of businesses will continue to grow and succeed in the future.

  1. A popular type of online businesses is online security. Security and hacking problems have heightened consumer awareness of the need for proper security for all online transactions.

The online businesses spend billions of dollars on companies that specialize in security, including encryption services, site surveillance, data backup, secure database storage, secure server transactions and much more.

The identity thieves and hackers always improving their techniques, and online security will continue to grow.

  1. Gourmet foods and regional foods are very popular. It’s the trend of the modern lifestyle. It can be Southern, Cajun, French, Chinese, or anything else. Online businesses such as specialty bakeries, chocolate shops, and gourmet cheese shops are meeting the need.

Also popular are herbal teas, specialty coffees, and small wineries and microbreweries.

  1. With more and more professionals working from home, there is an increased need for virtual assistants. These are an interesting combination of personal assistant and executive secretary that can do anything from scheduling appointments to preparing complex documents, all while being in a remote location. In fact, most virtual assistants work for several employers at once.

All that is needed is a high-powered organizer program, a good software package, high-speed modem, VoIP, headset and an office space in your home where there are no distractions.

  1. Now many people are remodeling and redecorating their homes like never before. Home decor is one of the most popular businesses online. Shoppers love the amazing selection of furniture and outdoor accessories that can be found online.

There are many online stores that specialize in items like high-end fixtures, affordable art reproductions or leather furniture. It means that today’s homeowners can decorate their homes in styles that are uniquely their own without driving all over the country to shop or limiting themselves to a small, local selection of furnishings.

  1. The online businesses need the web designers to create the websites. Shoppers today are savvy; they expect sophisticated websites that have professional content and graphics. Gone are the days of do-it-yourself sites.

To compete in a marketplace that’s heavy with competition you have to look reliable, venerable and cutting edge – and web designers can give you that look.

  1. Booking reservations online is very popular and effective for online customers. In fact, travel sites are growing in popularity pretty fast. The most popular by far are those that serve multiple purposes: booking airfare, hotel reservations, and a car rental, for instance.

Consumers also like to compare airfares between multiple carriers and negotiate for the best rates. The most recent entries into the online travel business are sites that not only allow you to compare the airfare and hotel accommodations but suggest various package deals for entire vacations, complete with itineraries, suggested activities, etc.

These popular online businesses are changing the face of the travel industry for good.

  1. Diets, Exercise, and Vitamins are all aspects of the Health and Fitness industry. This is one incredibly popular type of online business. The business that selling a proven system, a healthy or fitness related product can quickly turn into a successful and profitable online business.

For those who try to turn too quick a profit by trading on customers’ dreams of a miracle cure, the result can be a disaster with a multitude of legal problems

The most popular types of business online may not interest you. Take into consideration what you’re passionate about and what you’re knowledgeable about as well as what customers are interested in.

Take action and create an online business from your passions and interests. Attention! Your business needs a target market to succeed. No Customers, No Business. Very Simple.