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Blogging: 7 Tips for New Bloggers In 2021 – How to Succeed

Blogging: 7 Tips for New Bloggers In 2021 – How to Succeed

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. A blog and email list are two essential tools that you own and have control over. If you have a blog You can post what you want when you want, and also you can grow your social media channels through your blog.

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers In 2021

Blogging is not just about getting more traffic or getting more page views. Blogging is about making people stick around and keep reading your blog again and again.

If you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and create a connection on an emotional level with your target audience, you will become a successful blogger.

All the bloggers want more traffic. When you have more views it means that people care about your blog content. Also, it means that you can sell more (your products, affiliate links, or sponsored posts).

Here are some interesting tips about blogging and new bloggers. How to succeed in 2021.

  1. Use Stories

Look at other bloggers that you find interesting and engaging. What tips or trends they share on their blogs and social media and what sparks interest for you? Don’t forget to reach out to them and establish a relationship with them.

Many bloggers are writing great content, but there’s no story behind it. If you know why you’re writing and you’re following others you find inspirational then don’t forget to put a story behind what you share.

Stories create connections and make you relatable and endearing to your readers.

Stories can turn your readers into followers. These are people that buy your products, follow you on Instagram or Twitter, or share your blog posts to their friends, family, social media platforms, etc.

  1. Use Social Media

You have created an awesome blog post. Now it’s time to share it! It’s essential to use social media! The trick is simple. You put 20% of your effort to create your blog content and 80% into sharing it.

You need to get people to follow you on social media and engage with your blog. You can focus on 3 social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Twitter and LinkedIn because you can drive traffic to your blog and Instagram because it’s the best place to establish a connection with your readers. But you can use any other social media platform you like or you have many followers.

  1. You Need an SEO Strategy

You need an SEO strategy if you want to rank on Google. But you need to know that SEO is a long-term strategy. If you’re a new blogger keep in mind that it takes about 6 months or even a year for Google to index your site. So focus on creating high-quality content always.

  1. Monetize Your Blog – Use Affiliate Marketing

You can make money online with your blog. The easiest way is affiliate marketing. The world of marketing has changed over the past years. People are looking to bloggers and content creators to make decisions and purchases.

It’s a part of your role as a blogger to make recommendations and to promote quality products or services to your readers. Start thinking about programs, products, or services that will improve the life of your readers or provide solutions for their problems.

Also, you can monetize your blog through advertising (Display Ads). These are ads on your blog and within your content. But keep in mind that your ads must not be a distraction from your blog posts.

Sponsored posts are also an effective way for bloggers to earn money. Instead of getting an affiliate commission, you can work with a company and be paid a fee to review or include a product or service on your blog.

  1. Backlinks

A backlink is a powerful tool that is a link from your website to an external site. If you have a high domain authority and link to a website, Google will improve your rankings. A backlink is like a vote.

Building backlinks is essential if you want to create a successful blog.

  1. Voice Search

It’s no secret that writing for ‘voice search’ is now at the top of the Google algorithm. Many bloggers are writing broad posts, to attract Google and other search engines. Writing for voice search is pretty effective.

Having a popular niche on your blog is essential. Writing quality posts within your niche will help you to succeed as a blogger in 2021. As they say, riches are in the niches.

  1. Important Tip! Don’t Over-Trust Social Media

Many bloggers over-use and over-trust social media. But the things are different. You don’t own Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. You don’t own any social media platform and the rules that go with it. A blog or website is something that is yours. It can’t be taken away from you.

Every post you write you can be sure that it will be around for 10 years or more.

We can’t determine the future of social media. Conclusion. Don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Blogging is a lot of work. But it gives you a place to create, share, and connect with other people unlike anything else. You own it, it’s yours. It’s like you have your online magazine or online store.

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Blogs: 9 Effective Writing Trends for Bloggers

Blogs: 9 Effective Writing Trends for Bloggers

If you want to create an effective content marketing strategy for your business you need to have a blog. Also, you need to know the effective writing trends for bloggers. So you know how to create a successful and profitable blog.

  1. Long-Form Content

Long-form, information articles, between 1,000 – 5,000 words long are becoming very popular. Blog posts that are over 3,000 words in length tend to receive the most traffic.

These blog posts (easy-to-read articles) are almost like mini e-books.

Long-form blog posts are informative and reward readers with high-quality valuable material!

A quality long-form piece of writing will keep readers on the page – and your website – for longer and will help them relate your brand to being a helpful source of information.

Next time readers are looking for similar advice, they’ll turn to your brand for more knowledge.

Also, there’s another reason for the popularity of long-form content.

Google favors long-form blog posts, with the average word count of a blog post on the first page of search results coming in at 1,890 words. That means in 2020, shorter posts won’t cut it when it comes to hitting the top spot in Google’s search results.

While you should strive to write content that’s longer than 1,000 words, you must do so with direction. There’s no point rushing to write a 3,000-word article if the content isn’t going to be well-organized, relevant, or useful for the reader.

  1. You Need to Spend More Time on Content

Brands are no longer happy with quick and poorly researched content. Instead, companies are happier to invest in quality research and writing that will result in a longer, more informative blog piece that will provide real value to consumers.

A survey has revealed that 56% of bloggers receive better results from spending over six hours writing a post. While it may sound like a long time, an evergreen, piece of writing is worth the investment if it ranks highly in search engines and draws readers to a company blog.

As well as spending time on research and writing a blog article, time will need to be spent analyzing the audience of a blog to determine the audience their blog posts will need to attract.

Brands will need to work with buyer personas and psychographic targeting to personalize content to cater to the right audience.

  1. Snippet Reads

While long-form content is king, you shouldn’t leave short-form content out of your editorial calendar.

With many people skimming through content on their mobile devices, short-form content that can be quickly absorbed is also a popular content marketing trend.

Snippet reads should range between 300 – 1,000 words and should provide quick, to-the-point material. While readers will appreciate such posts, don’t expect these blog posts to rank well on Google.

Add value to such posts with quick videos and attention-grabbing graphics which can be as easily consumed. Visual content is very effective!

  1. Post Regularly

Once you’re creating both long and short-form content for your blog, it’s important to keep up the momentum and frequency of posts. If you post regularly – daily if possible – expect higher traffic to the website.

If you post content regularly, you’ll soon become a recognizable source of valuable information within your niche or topic.

With time, consumers will become more dependant on your brand for providing them with the information they’re seeking.

Becoming a regular source of information to consumers puts you ahead of your competitors that aren’t posting as frequently.

Likewise, many internet users are interested in time-relevant topics and seek everyday access to update-to-date news and information.

It’s important to stick to a routine when it comes to posting content too. If you plan to post weekly, it isn’t wise to stop posting for a couple of weeks. If you have loyal readers that return to the blog weekly for new content, they may look elsewhere for a more consistent brand if you decide to stop posting as usual.

  1. Outsourcing Writers – Freelancers

Many companies can’t afford a full-time in-house copywriter, and even if they could a lot of the time they wouldn’t have enough writing work to provide a full-timer.

That’s where the popularity of outsourcing freelance writers comes in for 2020. Brands can save time and money when it comes to keyword research, topic generation, content creation, and social media marketing by outsourcing writers that do all the hard work.

  1. Blogs and Mobile-Optimization

Writing blog posts with mobile viewers in mind is more important than ever.

In 2020, blog posts viewed on a mobile device are expected to be structured in simple, easy-to-read formats featuring bite-sized chapters so people can read posts anywhere.

Also, plenty of white space is important for the mobile-responsive blog post design so the writing can be absorbed from a small screen.

  1. Video Content

Many marketers are already using video in their marketing strategies. Plus, mobile consumption of video content has been rising by a whopping 100 percent annually.

If you don’t create visual content like videos, then you’re being left behind in the world of blogging.

While written content is still crucial to communicate with your audience, video is becoming one of the most popular ways to engage browsers and build an audience.

The inclusion of a video with a blog post helps to deliver ideas more successfully in a quicker amount of time whilst striking the viewer’s emotions through visual and auditory elements. Paired with organized and informative written content, your blog piece is on to be a winner.

All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera and you’ve got your filming equipment. From how-to-videos to product reviews to comedic material, all these work wonders merged into a blog post. Not only will videos entertain your readers, but it will also add some variety to the blog piece.

  1. Interactive Content and Engagement

Interactivity increases engagement. So more brands and marketers will create interactive content.

Interactive content can include anything that can get the reader involved in the post. For example, quizzes, surveys, and infographics.

Fun activities like these can keep the reader engaged and can help them understand the topic better.

  1. Marketing Your Blog

Writing blog posts is half the work. If you aren’t marketing your blog articles, then they’re only going to be viewed by those that happen to be browsing your website.

To gain real traffic, you need to engage with readers. You need a successful marketing strategy to promote your blog.

Social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, this is a great place to start.

Post your blog articles regularly across these platforms to entice readers to read your posts.

This way, you can encourage new interested people to visit your website and view your content. And if they like what they see, maybe you’ll build relationships and generate new followers and trusted readers.
— An investment in knowledge pays the best interest- Benjamin Franklin

Good news. You can get access to a range of free courses as well as paid courses.

Discover any interesting topic that you want to learn.

Learn when you want to how you want to and anywhere you want to.

“Knowledge is Power”

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Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers – How to Succeed

Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers – How to Succeed


SEO is important for all the blogs and websites but you need to work if you want to succeed. Here are some effective SEO tips that will help you to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

1. Create High-Quality and Authentic Content

Many bloggers fail to create content that attracts and grab the attention of visitors. Make sure that your content is original, high-quality and informative. Give value to your readers.

2. Have Links That Point to Other Resources – Outbound Links

Pointing users to other resources from other websites that may be helpful for them is always a great idea. It’a very effective tip for your readers and also for the search engines. The outbound links help you to gain trust and increase your traffic.

3. Keywords in Your Articles

A keyword is a term for a phrase or a word that people will be searching for on search engines. Once that you have identified a keyword for your article, be positive to use that keyword repeatedly across your article. But only do this in small portions.

Using your keyword too much may mark you as a spammer. Very simple use the right keywords but don’t overdo it.

4. Title and Keyword

A powerful and effective way to get higher ranking for a searched term is by using the keyword in your title. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that keyword stuffing should be avoided.

The quality of your content is very important and should not be sacrificed just to implement this tip or any of the other SEO tips as well

5. Add Images to Your Posts – Infographics

Readers like more the images than text. Using artwork or photography that can help illustrate the idea of your articles would more likely attract readers to your content. A very effective tip is to use infographics in your posts.

But it is also important to be mindful of image titles and image alt tags that describe that image, and the article’s content as well.

6. Link Related Posts – Inbound Links

This is a wonderful method of guiding your visitors to your other articles of similar and related topics, and it is also a great way of guiding search engines through your page. You readers staying longer on your blog and discover other interesting articles.

They will love your blog and search engines too!

5 SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO is a never-ending topic for blogger, the more you learn the better you get. You can learn new SEO tips from other blog sites. But what if you have just started, you cannot be very technical in the early stages. Here are some basic SEO tips that every beginner should learn right away.

1) Catchy Post Titles

This is a very easy to learn SEO tip, make sure whenever you write a new post make the title of the post very catchy and attractive. People would never like to see a post which has a very boring or common title.

Use your imagination to create effective and attracting post titles. You can search on Google to find useful free articles on how to create effective post titles.

2) Use Social Media

The secret for SEO for beginners is in Social Media. It’s not a very complex task and anyone can do this. Use social media, each and everyone you like. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Google+.

With the increase in the population on social media platforms, you can reach easily your target audience. It can bring huge traffic to your site and will increase your rankings on Search Engines.

3) Linking Pages

The biggest example you can see is Wikipedia. Have you seen how they interlink each and every post on their site within the related posts? That’s why their site has such a less bounce rate.

So, connect your posts within one another and see the results yourself. This tip will keep your audience for more time on your site and will keep the flow on. Include a popular post widget below each and every post of your site or in the sidebar so that people can see it clearly.

People will love your blog if you have many interesting, quality, and informative articles. They will come back again and they will advertise your blog for Free!

4) Use SiteMaps

Using sitemap can help a lot as it just gives the search engines a map so that they can easily navigate and index each and every page of your site. There are many popular plugins available for WordPress Platform which can help you do this task easily.

One of the most popular is SiteMap XML. So create a sitemap for your site and submit it to Google through the Webmasters Tools Page.

5) Write Guest Posts

This can help you both in getting traffic to your site as well as building some backlinks. The main reason for doing so is since you have just started out you might not get a lot of views and visitors.

So if you write Guest Posts for some big sites you will surely get a backlink through that post and the second is that people might visit your own site from the guest post if they like it.

Make your research and you will find more tips about SEO. The first step to success is just One. Take action now and never give up!


Google Guide for Bloggers: How to Succeed – High-Quality Blog Posts

The internet has come a long way since the first days when you had a few websites to browse and chat services to talk to people in other parts of the world. Now there are actually hundreds of thousands of people who are making full-time income and creating a large amount of wealth by using the internet to conduct business. There is no doubt that anyone can start to make some great money online as long as they know what they are doing. The problem is that with this “gold rush” there are tons of people who are trying their luck at internet marketing.

Competition is Fierce

There are many people who claim that they can get you on the first page of Google by creating backlinks or optimizing your website content, but this is not going to have any serious impact in your ranking. There are way too many active websites that are also getting hundreds of high-quality backlinks made for their websites and they are paying highly professional web designers and marketers to optimize their websites, but there is only a handful of spaces available on the first page results and a huge number of people trying got get there.

The Only True Method

There is only one way to truly be able to grow in the competitive world of today. That way is called content marketing and what means is that you need to produce high-quality blog posts that are actually useful to people. The modern buyers expect to get something in return for choosing you as the provider of products and services they need. The best way to make them feel that you have earned their investment is to provide high-quality free content that they can use.

There is a whole new phenomenon called inbound marketing and what this means is that you create content that encourages people to purchase your products or services without directly selling them. You provide people with quality information and they will be more likely to trust your brand and become your customers.

Consistency is a Key Factor

When you consider the high number of websites and blogs that are competing to get a good position in Google, you need to make sure that you are able to be consistent and produce as any blog posts with quality content as you can on a weekly basis. Remember that your competitors are not resting and some of them are also producing quality content every day.

Quality over Quantity

A Golden rule of proper blogging methods is to never sacrifice quality just to have quantity. If you feel that one day you are not able to produce a good quality blog post, you need to avoid posting it. A single post that is not useful is going to ruin your reputation with your audience. Always consider this to be a Golden rule for your business. When you post something that is not of the same quality as your usual posts, this could cost you a lot of followers and you don’t want to make that sacrifice.


If you want to be able to make the most out of your online efforts, you need to be consistent with the blog posts, but the quality has to be the main priority. When you create great and useful content, people are more likely to share it with others and this is going to give you that boost that you need in order to succeed. Quality blogging is the ultimate method to gain popularity and climb the search result ranks in the modern world. – Google

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5 Effective Marketing Tips For Bloggers

The digital marketing has become easier and faster. Here are a few tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing.


Digital Marketing is a great tool for businesses but a lot of companies and marketers don’t know how to use it effectively. So, here are effective tips you need to know.. It is easy if you apply common sense and go for it with a proper strategy.

In fact, it doesn’t require you to pay to somebody else for it. If you just acquire some basic understanding, you can do it yourself.

The digital marketing has become easier and faster. Here are a few tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing.

1. Online Presence

You need to know how your readers perceive your blog and posts. So, just imagine why someone would like to spend the time to read your post.

While your blog is obviously your home ground, but you also need to play on various social media platforms. How do you make your presence on various social media platforms?

How do ensure every new post you write that is worth mentioning through various platforms reaches your followers. Mind it that it is not only your followers that would get to know about your new post. There are people who keep a track on new posts on the basis of keywords or hashtags. Understanding your niche is quite important.

2. Invest Time

You have to invest time. You need to spend the time to research well and understand well your target market. You will become an expert only if you practice on a daily basis. This way you will know very well what to do and what your readers need.

3. Your Blog Post is Your Marketing Campaign

When you share your new post on social media platforms does it fetch some interest? Do you get organic reshares, likes, and comments? If not, there is something wrong with your marketing strategy.

Learn about the concept of relevant hashtags, keywords, and context to attract more people. Use some tools to find out which social media brings more traffic to your blog. Try to post in some engaging manner. It has to be a perfect mix of the right post with the right pitch.

4. Test and Analyze Your Posts

Keep an eye on your posts. Some posts will always do better than others. Definitely, there was something in those that could attract more visitors. Similarly, if comments are not something happening regularly on your posts, some posts attracting comments means there is a reason behind it.

Try to analyze. Spend time on these posts to understand what attract more people and how to use it to grow your business.

5. Learn The Marketing Secrets

Remember that your blog and posts are yours. If you are not convinced, you will never be able to convince anybody else. Take these tips for bloggers to leverage the digital marketing. Discover and learn the marketing secrets. Once you are on the right track, you will become a successful blogger.

Tips for Content Curation

Content curation is a quick way to produce helpful content for your target audience. It’s a shortcut to adding valuable content to your blog or website because you’re not producing it from scratch. But you are offering value why it’s useful, beneficial or relevant to your audience.

It’s the process of locating, arranging, and spreading online the best and most relevant content about the niche you are working in.

You Need a Strategy

How much-curated content do you want on your blog? A good blend could be 70% original content, 30% curated.

Where Will You Get The Content?

Make a checklist of the most important websites and blogs you visit on a regular basis. Read the headlines to find the content you find helpful and think your target audience will appreciate.

Give Your Opinion on the Curated Content

Many entrepreneurs who curate content just put up the subject material without saying why it’s important or what the context is. Talk about the issues, why the content shows a development about the specific issue, and so on.

Help Your Target Audience

What are the problems of your target audience and what can help them fix those problems? You have to give solutions and help your target audience. If you want to gain their trust and be an expert.

Answer Their Common Questions

Frequently asked questions need an answer. If you don’t have time to answer them all, use curated content to assist you. Remark on the content, such as why the strategy is good, bad, or could be better in some way. This will carry on demonstrating your knowledge and that you are worth paying attention to.

Pick Out the Best Content from the Best Sources

Think of yourself as the professional editor of a popular magazine. Only let the top content reach your pages.

The content curation will help you to reach and grow your target audience. Also, this way you will grow your business. Very simple but you need to work every day to create a successful business blog.