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Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers – How to Succeed

Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers – How to Succeed


SEO is important for all the blogs and websites but you need to work if you want to succeed. Here are some effective SEO tips that will help you to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

1. Create High-Quality and Authentic Content

Many bloggers fail to create content that attracts and grab the attention of visitors. Make sure that your content is original, high-quality and informative. Give value to your readers.

2. Have Links That Point to Other Resources – Outbound Links

Pointing users to other resources from other websites that may be helpful for them is always a great idea. It’a very effective tip for your readers and also for the search engines. The outbound links help you to gain trust and increase your traffic.

3. Keywords in Your Articles

A keyword is a term for a phrase or a word that people will be searching for on search engines. Once that you have identified a keyword for your article, be positive to use that keyword repeatedly across your article. But only do this in small portions.

Using your keyword too much may mark you as a spammer. Very simple use the right keywords but don’t overdo it.

4. Title and Keyword

A powerful and effective way to get higher ranking for a searched term is by using the keyword in your title. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that keyword stuffing should be avoided.

The quality of your content is very important and should not be sacrificed just to implement this tip or any of the other SEO tips as well

5. Add Images to Your Posts – Infographics

Readers like more the images than text. Using artwork or photography that can help illustrate the idea of your articles would more likely attract readers to your content. A very effective tip is to use infographics in your posts.

But it is also important to be mindful of image titles and image alt tags that describe that image, and the article’s content as well.

6. Link Related Posts – Inbound Links

This is a wonderful method of guiding your visitors to your other articles of similar and related topics, and it is also a great way of guiding search engines through your page. You readers staying longer on your blog and discover other interesting articles.

They will love your blog and search engines too!

5 SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO is a never-ending topic for blogger, the more you learn the better you get. You can learn new SEO tips from other blog sites. But what if you have just started, you cannot be very technical in the early stages. Here are some basic SEO tips that every beginner should learn right away.

1) Catchy Post Titles

This is a very easy to learn SEO tip, make sure whenever you write a new post make the title of the post very catchy and attractive. People would never like to see a post which has a very boring or common title.

Use your imagination to create effective and attracting post titles. You can search on Google to find useful free articles on how to create effective post titles.

2) Use Social Media

The secret for SEO for beginners is in Social Media. It’s not a very complex task and anyone can do this. Use social media, each and everyone you like. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Google+.

With the increase in the population on social media platforms, you can reach easily your target audience. It can bring huge traffic to your site and will increase your rankings on Search Engines.

3) Linking Pages

The biggest example you can see is Wikipedia. Have you seen how they interlink each and every post on their site within the related posts? That’s why their site has such a less bounce rate.

So, connect your posts within one another and see the results yourself. This tip will keep your audience for more time on your site and will keep the flow on. Include a popular post widget below each and every post of your site or in the sidebar so that people can see it clearly.

People will love your blog if you have many interesting, quality, and informative articles. They will come back again and they will advertise your blog for Free!

4) Use SiteMaps

Using sitemap can help a lot as it just gives the search engines a map so that they can easily navigate and index each and every page of your site. There are many popular plugins available for WordPress Platform which can help you do this task easily.

One of the most popular is SiteMap XML. So create a sitemap for your site and submit it to Google through the Webmasters Tools Page.

5) Write Guest Posts

This can help you both in getting traffic to your site as well as building some backlinks. The main reason for doing so is since you have just started out you might not get a lot of views and visitors.

So if you write Guest Posts for some big sites you will surely get a backlink through that post and the second is that people might visit your own site from the guest post if they like it.

Make your research and you will find more tips about SEO. The first step to success is just One. Take action now and never give up!