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How To Make Money With Pinterest: Effective Tips You Need To Know


Pinterest is a very popular social media platform. Also, it’s work like a huge search engine. Kind of like Google images. People go to Google images looking for search terms that are visual related. For example, birds, nature, etc.

People don’t use Google images for terms like, “how to fix your car.” This is more of a reading or video related search term. Google and YouTube are the most popular search engines for that.

You can pin any images you want on Pinterest. It can be a car or it can be your favorite author. It doesn’t matter. Just use popular topics that people will want to pin on their own Pinterest boards.

When someone takes your pin and repins it, the hosting website responsible for this is made into a link from the image. So if someone clicks on the image, they are taken to your website.

So if you wanted visitors to come to your site related to your niche, you want to find images to host on your site related to your niche. When people in Pinterest click on the image, they will be taken to your site. You Have Instant traffic.

Once you’ve hosted your images, you can simply go to Pinterest and pin it. Once you’ve pinned it and it’s a popular subject, you will get followers. Those followers will pin your image and your website will be mentioned. This turns into traffic on your website.

Now that you have traffic on your website, you need to make money from it. You can do this with some simple ways forms of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very simple and popular way to make money online.

Some popular affiliate networks include Clickbank, commission junction,, and even Google AdSense. Just make sure to keep in mind that affiliate marketing needs to be worth your effort.

A good affiliate marketing program should have leveraged income. When people you sign up have others sign up, you can make money from those sales as well.

Pinterest – Effective Marketing Tips

How To Make Money With Pinterest: Effective Tips You Need To Know

Pinterest. This social media website is fast-growing, very popular and addictive. It’s image-focused, so it’s perfect for advertising.

The site’s very easy to use, so you can use it to promote your business.

If you haven’t done so already, add Pinterest buttons and widgets to your own website, so that your customers can “pin” your images. Then, get acquainted with the site, and use it as part of your marketing strategy.

Here are the effective tips you need to know about Pinterest.

1. Create Boards for Your Products, and for Your Customers’ Interests

Check out what other companies are doing. As you click through other companies’ boards, make notes of clever ideas you can use.

2. Get Social – Interaction

Follow others, and pin others’ pins. Others will see your activity in their streams and notifications, and they’ll discover your boards and will follow you.

3. Comment on Popular Pins (Because These Pins Are Seen More Often)

Pinterest’s “Popular” category consists of pins which are pinned most often and commented on most often. When you comment on pins in this category, more users will see your comments.

As with blog commenting, be sincere and specific in your comments. Say what you like about the pin and why, rather than simply “I like it.” Be careful not to over-do the commenting; don’t comment-spam.

4. Promote Your Pinterest Boards to Your Customers, and on Your Other Social Media Accounts

Let your customers know that you’re active on Pinterest, and encourage them to check out your boards, and interact with you. Contests are popular, so consider running one.

You can also find your friends on other social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. To do this, click on your business name on the home page. Choose Find Friends from the drop-down list.

5. Create a Pinterest Marketing Plan

As you create more boards and add pins to those boards, starting promoting individual boards, rather than your entire account. Create a plan, focusing on one or two boards a week.

As you see it’s easy to promote your business or products on Pinterest. The first step to success is only one. Take Action Now.

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