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How to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business

How to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business


If you want to create an effective video marketing strategy for your online business, first you need to think about your viewers and not your product. It’s useless to create a great video and not having the right target viewers (audience) for it.

There are many videos that talk about the functions of a product or service and overlook the real benefits for the viewer. You need to know your target audience, their needs or problems, and give them a solution.

Giving solutions it’s the sure way to succeed. You will gain trust, followers, will grow your business and make money.

Here are some tips you need to know about how to create an effective video marketing strategy for your online business.

1. The Goals of The Video

These goals can be: viewers reach, engagement, shares, leads captured, click through rates, sales, etc.

2. Target Viewer Profile

We need to first create a target viewer profile. This would also help you identify what type of video should be created, tonality and attention span.

3. Your Message

Write down all relevant key messages and then choose what is relevant to your prospects. First, create a short video that explains and introduces the product or service and write about the benefits for your audience.

4. How to Promote Your Video

How you are going to drive traffic to your video. That can be through paid advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, organic search, referral marketing, remarketing, social media marketing, forums, etc.

5. The call-to-action/s of Your Video

This depends on what are the desired actions you want your viewers to take after watching your video content. It’s better to produce the same video ending with different call-to-actions.

It’s very effective to end the video with a call-to-action that inspires the viewer to try out the product or the service today.

6. Measure Engagement (Video analytics)

Video marketers do not just measure video views. It would be very irresponsible to take strategic decisions based on just view count. Professional video marketers are more interested in overall engagement rates, actions taken before, during or after the video has been played, who watched their videos, how much of each video they’ve watched, etc.

7. Capture Leads with Your Video

Every business wants new leads. There are 4 ways to capture leads using video:

A. Capture a lead from the video itself: Advanced video platforms allow you to display a contact form known as the turnstile at any time before, during or after the video is played.

B. Contact form sitting next to the video on your landing page: This is the most common form that digital marketers use to capture a lead; the video on the left and a contact form next to it on the right.

C. Show clickable annotations on the video itself: These would normally lead viewers to a contact form or another sales funnel page.

D. Email gates: These are used normally for high-value content where viewers are asked to give their email address to be able to watch the video.

Video marketing is a very effective way to grow your online business, your brand and increase sales.