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Guide: How to Make Money With Your Blog – Effective Tips

Guide: How to Make Money With Your Blog – Effective Tips


Creating a blog is pretty effective for any marketer today. Once you have your blog set up, in order to make money blogging, you have an awesome tool to generate traffic to your site.

One of the blogging tips is to take advantage of social media. Getting on the different social networks where people are going to talk and visit.

Here are some effective tips you need to know.

1) How to drive traffic to your blog.

Driving targeted traffic to your blog will ensure that you make money blogging. One way to increase your blog traffic is to learn how to optimize it for the different search engines and using an SEO plugin will make the job very easy for you.

Using article marketing, forum posting and commenting on other blogs are three blogging tips that you need to implement immediately. This creates backlinks and helps to rank higher on search engines like Google.

2) Optimize your blog name

When you choose a domain name for your blog, be sure that the name contains your keywords and that the domain name is easy to spell. The name must tell the prospect what your blog is about. You only have 30 seconds to get a prospect’s attention.

3) Placing advertising on your blog is another way to make money

Google offers a program called ad sense where you get paid each time someone visits your site and clicks on an ad that might interest them.

Amazon and Clickbank are other companies that will pay you a commission but only if someone buys something.

4) Link Building – Exchange Links

You can activity offer to exchange links with other blogs that are involved in the same topic or niche as you. This blogging tip has been used by some of the top bloggers because they know that search engines will increase your rank based on the number and the quality of links pointing back to your blog.

5) Write Reviews

Check out other sites for programs that are being promoted or new startups and write a review on those services. People love to read “how to” or “reviews” to get information before they make a purchase.

6) Update your blog on a regular basis!

You need to update your blog at least 2 or 3 times a week so that your readers have constant new content to keep them involved.

Post a new article or make a new video and post it to your blog. This blogging tip will keep your customers actively reading and re-reading your blog on a weekly basis.

7) Check your blog post for grammar and spelling.

In order to make money blogging and look like a professional doing it, prospects will not accept bad grammar or spelling errors.

8) Be Original

Prospects and readers love to read new valuable, informative articles. So you have to give them something new and refreshing. Allow your personality to come through as you write your post, some people say that you should write as you talk.

If you’re new and want to make money blogging, use these blogging tips as a guide to help you grow your blog, practice your writing skills daily, and soon your income will grow.

Blogging Tips and Tutorials

It’s important to make a research to find interesting and effective blogging tips and tutorials to get the basic knowledge about how you can successfully start a blog.

How to Start

One advantage of looking for tips and tutorials about blogging is the fact that it is found absolutely anywhere online! You can just type “blogging tips and tutorials” in search engines and voila you have it!

YouTube is also one nice place to go and see videos that talk profoundly about how you can go through with blogging (you can use the same phrase here too).

You can also go to forums and meet people who talk about their own experiences in blogging. Some pro bloggers are giving out their personal tips and ideas without asking for anything in return.

Blogging tutorials also come in many forms, like in e-books, long article posts, videos, etc. But you cannot really detect if it’s helpful enough unless you find out for yourself by reading it and then putting it into action.

Go ahead and explore to find out what these tutorials have in store for you. Although you might encounter a number of paid tutorials, so I suggest that you search for some reviews to make sure that they’re worth your money.

You should get some basic information about the author before purchasing the material.

Learn to filter the information you get

The truth is, not everything we find, see and read over the internet is credible and/or applicable. And when it comes to finding blogging tips and tutorials, all the information that you are able to gather will not necessarily be a useful, advice that can help you in your blogging endeavor.

Some experts said that blogging is a passion while others said that it’s something you can easily learn and make money from. The truth is that it’s better to have a real passion for blogging. You love it and you will never Quit!

Finding your own voice is one great thing to achieve. So don’t just depend on every tutorial you stumble upon because you have your own brain to use.

These tips and tutorials are simply meant to stimulate you. It’s for the main purpose of inspiring you to be more consistently probing, innovative and wise.

You need to learn new trends, methods, and blogging tips. How to promote your blog, how to get targeted traffic, how to increase sales. It’s all about writing and marketing!

That’s Online Business! Act Now and Never Give Up!