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Guide: 9 Tips On How to Become Successful Freelancer and Make Money Online

Today you will find many freelancers that they work from the comfort of their home. From writers, designers, editors, publishers, programmers, content managers, SEO experts, can easily find freelance jobs to earn a steady income.


1. Know Your Niche

Today you will find many freelancers that they work from the comfort of their home. From writers, designers, editors, publishers, programmers, content managers, SEO experts, can easily find freelance jobs to earn a steady income. The key to success is to choose a niche you are knowledgeable about and experienced in.

2. Create Your Portfolio

As a freelancer, you have to create a portfolio. It’s a basic step for a successful career. It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for a career change with freelancing or simply want to become your own boss, the only way you can get great job prospects is to prove to potential clients why they should hire your services. Create a sample personal project and make sure that it highlights your skills in the best possible way.

3. Start Small

You have to prove your skills. Every small project you undertake is a step towards achieving your final goal – bigger and more lucrative projects. Also, it helps build connections with clients, who might be so impressed with your dedication and passion that they might come back and they advertise your work.

4. Generate Your Leads

You have to generate your own work leads. Simple, through networking on social media sites! Let your old friends, associates, colleagues, and acquaintances know that you are available as a private contractor. Having an impressive profile on networking sites means more people can find you online and it also adds credibility to your name.

5. Start A Blog

Today, anyone and everyone own a blog. It’s very easy and a blog gives you a free website that your clients can refer to. It allows you to update your projects, add snippets of your work, and show off your professional skills. It’s an investment of your time that will greatly pay off in the long run. Plus, it also gives you and your work more exposure and helps create more opportunities for you.

Your blog is the best way to advertise your skills and your work.

6. Do Your Research – Learn the Market

So you have decided that you want to make freelancing your full-time career. But how are you going to charge your clients? Bear in mind that freelancing is very different from a regular job. You want to be justly paid for your efforts. Do a little research and find out what a professional like you can expect to be paid in the freelance industry, and then make your own adjustments based on your educational background, work experience, and additional skills.

7. Don’t Forget. Now You Are A Pro!

As a freelancer, you need to constantly work on building your reputation. And that means you have to take every work commitment you make very seriously. Never under-bid to get a project, and then quit half-way through because you realized you might be incurring a loss. Don’t promise to meet unrealistic deadlines and do not commit to a job you aren’t fully qualified to complete. Every client you work with is a potential connection that can bring in consistent work, so make sure that you treat every business opportunity with 100% professionalism and seriousness.

8. Working Hours

The secret to being a successful freelancer lies in being able to balance out your working hours and personal time. Try and keep regular working hours, much like you did when you had a regular job. This also helps you analyze exactly how much time a project will demand, and quote a fee accordingly.

9. Always Work With Reliable Freelancing Portals

You have to work with a reputable freelancing website It gives you a great platform where you can meet with clients, discuss your contract terms, and undertake any project that appeals to you. Without freelance portals, freelancers had to wait for clients to approach them and sometimes went for months without a paying job. However, today these freelancing websites are the perfect platform where you can meet hundreds of clients and choose from a plethora of interesting projects to add to your portfolio.


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