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Email Marketing: The Effective Way to Generate Leads

Email Marketing: The Effective Way to Generate Leads


Email marketing has many benefits and still, it’s very effective for businesses. From building credibility to improving visibility and increasing sales.

Email marketing is a very effective way to generate leads and grow your profits.

But sending the wrong types of emails can send away your prospects.

What you need to know about email marketing. Here are some tips.

Nurture your market!

There is nothing that we humans like more than to receive affection from those that surround us.

Affection means, that we know someone cares for us. Enough to put forth an act of kindness to make us feel good. And that is the message you want to send to your market.

You want your prospects to know that “hey, I care about your problems. And I want to help you overcome your issues and become better than before.”

How do you nurture your audience? The answer to that is: with information, education, and entertainment.

Let people know what is going on within your industry. Are there any policies or regulations that the public should be aware of? Let them know! Be transparent. Your prospects will appreciate that you are looking after their best interest.

Also, teach them the basics of what you do. Educate people and, if possible, give them some DIY tips for them to take care of simple issues. That way, when an advanced problem presents itself, you know who they are going to call.

And finally, let them know you have personality. Have fun. Share something you feel your market will find interesting and spark a conversation.

3 Email Formats That Can Generate Leads for Your Business

There are three types of email that you can send to turn your target audience into leads.

Newsletters/Ezines: This is the most common email marketing practice. Weekly or monthly, send out an email with valuable tips and information about your company, offers, or discounts.

Autoresponders: These are a series of five-to-seven follow-up emails used to create customer relationships. You can also use autoresponders to drive follow-up purchases.

Stand-alone Emails: Marketers use this type of email to improve the business/customer relationship. These emails are meant to reach out and grow sales with special promotions, webinars, event invitations, and more.

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

The recent introduction of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) has had a direct impact on marketing practices, including email marketing. Is email marketing still one of the most effective marketing tools for your business?

The answer is yes, email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for driving sales in your business, but you need to know what to do.


Personal privacy is a major concern today when it comes to email marketing. So is the way you use the data you collect. Read over your current privacy policy and terms of service for your website to ensure you are up to date.

Mobile Devices and Emails

Your email should be readable on any device that your subscriber decides to read it on. You can check out how your emails and website look on free tools such as to view your content on a range of simulated screens.

Email Services

There’s a similar problem with the way emails appear in different email services. Check the overall look of your emails at Yahoo! mail, Gmail, Hotmail etc to be sure it doesn’t look wrong.

Check Codes

Some marketers prefer HTML coded emails, while others opt for plain text. Any HTML coding mistakes could ruin the look and feel of the email, or even prevent some or all of it from being seen. Check your code at a site like Dirty Markup and clean any errors.

Check and Test

Be sure to carefully check any email before you send it. Look for typing errors and ensure that the link clicks through to the correct page. Make sure that things like the date and time of an event are correct.

People are very busy and don’t have time for you to send two or three emails on the same subject, trying to correct basic errors you should have found in the first place.

High-Quality Information, Not Just Sales

Be certain all your emails are relevant and interesting to your target audience. Do more than just try to sell them stuff, and they will continue being on your list, look forward to your emails and open them, and even forward the emails to other people.

Make It Easy For People To Unsubscribe

If your subscriber doesn’t want to get any more emails from you, make it possible for them to easily unsubscribe. If you make it difficult, they will ignore your emails and will certainly never buy from you.

They may also report you as spam, which will cause you complications in the future.

Email marketing is the perfect way to generate leads and increase sales with a structured marketing funnel.